Why Chelsea Wants Rennes Goalkeeper Edouard Mendy

▶ Why Chelsea Wants Rennes Goalkeeper Edouard Mendy
▶ Édouard Mendy
▶ Stade Rennes 2019/2020
▶ Welcome to Chelsea FC 2020/2021
▶ Best Goalkeeper Saves
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🚨Please check out my new video from today😊 🆕 https://youtu.be/dXZNjQVSBKo
To be fair, look at the last GK we got from Rennes!!!! #CechWonItAll
Ameer Annuar
Ameer Annuar:
even kepa look good on youtube
Legendary Fish
Legendary Fish:
The only thing about him is that he clearly doesn’t like to catch the ball
Would prefer Donnarumma but this would be a good cheaper option
Shola Coker
Shola Coker:
I wanna see highlights of catching crosses/corners lol.
Abin Abraham
Abin Abraham:
Remember he can speak French and hence can communicate with Thiago Silva and Zouma
Honour Egba
Honour Egba:
Kepa videos were just like this.
Ian Hoffman-Jin
Ian Hoffman-Jin:
Decent reaction time. Don’t think I saw a single catch though 🤔
daneil ryan
daneil ryan:
Please show the all mistakes by Mendy🤩
the conveyor
the conveyor:
His reaction time is incredible! Saves with his feet like they are hands!
And what an excellent athleticism! This guy has great potential! He commands the box and guards his post like his life depended on it!
Ole Trafford
Ole Trafford:
He reminds me of Shaka Hislop.
Amin azmin
Amin azmin:
Christope lollichon has been scouting for him because of his height and his also good with his feet that can give the competition for kepa.maybe chelsea have to start recruit a better goalkeeping coach as hilario training method not high as standard .kepa was good under massimo nenci(sarri gk coach) .
Bryan Ugwudike
Bryan Ugwudike:
Good Gk to add competition
Needs to work on his parrying
Faraz Abid
Faraz Abid:
What a keeper👏🏽 Sign him then get Donna on a free next year!
Petr Kay
Petr Kay:
Am sorry, Even David de gea looks good on Youtube 😅
Austin Muli
Austin Muli:
Is this guy preventing the ball from going in or are the balls just hitting him ? 😅
Jawo Lamin
Jawo Lamin:
He will become a world class goalkeeper if Chelsea strengthen there defense like Liverpool did.
I would 100% prefer Donnarumma. The guy is in his early 20s with already 5 years of experience in the Serie A. He has all the attributes a GK should have, plus we could make so much money off him if we would sell him in the future. The operation would be difficult, yes, but in this transfer market we are seeing what our beloved football club can do. We have approximately 5 weeks left to start talks with him and his agent, and then turn our attention to the club, to which Gigi has 1 year left on his contract. He would also gain a lot of experience from national team, as he would be n.1 choice gk for Italy. He is the last piece of the puzzle for our, so far, impeccable transfer window.
If CECH rates him. I trust his judgement
medhanie fekadu
medhanie fekadu:
That's how Kepa was, when he was with Athletic Bilbao 🙁
Amartya Chatterjee
Amartya Chatterjee:
Your background music is so awesome i just fall in love with your videos. If it is possible plz mention the song name
Arowolo Michael
Arowolo Michael:
Who's here after Mendy's Sevilla and krasnodar clean sheet.
4 clean sheets in 5 games for Mendy.
Abdul-Wahab Latif
Abdul-Wahab Latif:
PEOPLE:Mendy this, Mendy that 🙄
ME: don't care what you do, just keep the ball out of the net😎😎🤓
Baye lahat Kébé
Baye lahat Kébé:
Muhammad Rizqi Azis
Muhammad Rizqi Azis:
I recommended goal keeper from Benfica vlachidimos
Luke Mills
Luke Mills:
Definitely has the save with feet trait anyways 😋
alekh Prakash
alekh Prakash:
With him our Chelsea defence will be scoring tons of own goal 😂😂
Here we go..... Chelsea get this Goalie💪
W. A.B
W. A.B:
i had bad feeling about this man
aa 7
aa 7:
We are waiting for the change of the goalkeeper
Malama Richard
Malama Richard:
Mahir Zain
Mahir Zain:
Welcome to CHELSEA 😍💙
Nick Pope 🔥
suntij 47
suntij 47:
i am surprise by that information when I have see
Will Kelly
Will Kelly:
He looks a decent GK but I would have Nick Pope!!
Eisz davisiozo
Eisz davisiozo:
Even kepa looks like prime casillas on YouTube 👍
Trying to make highlights from the keeper and the saves he’s making aint incredibly tbh a lot of keepers could do the same
James Le fellic
James Le fellic:
with Edouard Mendy last
season Stade Rennais finished 2nd best defense equality with PSG
Frederico Marcius
Frederico Marcius:
Makes a video about :
Chelsea , the perfect end for 42 years old Buffon
IR Football HD
IR Football HD:
Chelsea FC TBIL
Chelsea FC TBIL:
My opinion: why Chelsea not just sign Rennes GK coach instead?
Maybe the coach will help Kepa.
Sylle Pogba
Sylle Pogba:
Arman Sarkar
Arman Sarkar:
This is ligue 1 and it's on YouTube
Name of the track please🙏🙏🙏
DN Tino
DN Tino:
Donnarumma 🔥🔥🔥💯💙
Abdullah Alazam
Abdullah Alazam:
nothing special
Chaedir Dwiantara
Chaedir Dwiantara:
첼시팬들 설레하겠누 ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱ
sohaib fazal
sohaib fazal:
I think his punching is weak which was the same problem with kepa but he is good with his legs so playing out from back will be good
SMS• Yadh
SMS• Yadh:
Stefan Morgen
Stefan Morgen:
Really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to see these prospective players talked about for our club. 10/10
Babacar Ndiaye
Babacar Ndiaye:
Best option
Amirul Afifi
Amirul Afifi:
wow that CGI long hand really work. kudos to editing team, hope chelsea buy him. #CFC
Mr chelsea Fc
Mr chelsea Fc:
Yes please 👌 havertz and declan rice too .
Maru One
Maru One:
No thanks
Mr Charles Parker
Mr Charles Parker:
Reminds me of Arizabalaga 😂. Another package in stock. Both Chelsea Gk scout and Gk trainer should get the sack asap.
Hooman and Rocky
Hooman and Rocky:
Manuel Nunez
Manuel Nunez:
if chelsea want to become the real deal why not go for a Nick Pope or Andre Onana ? Seem to have tightened up at the back they just need a solid keeper and they have the Top 4 easy peasy.
ina deheyeh
ina deheyeh:
Really he remembers me cesh how he safe whit his legs the ball
Ange Ridolf KOFFI
Ange Ridolf KOFFI:
David Dutton
David Dutton:
I imagined Kepa in front of these shots, and saw 2/3 go in.
Byakatonda Patrick
Byakatonda Patrick:
Well......atleast he can dive
waleed bahgat
waleed bahgat:
Good keeper
Dope Break
Dope Break:
Noooo, get Maignan or Donnarumma
Tony A
Tony A:
Our these meant to make him seem good?
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo:
What's the name this music ?
Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael
Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael:
Every player looks good on YouTube
Stanford Nwosu
Stanford Nwosu:
An In form Kepa saves any of those easily
Sam Sule
Sam Sule:
Seems good keeper
Pelumi Davies
Pelumi Davies:
Why no go for the Croatia keeper he’s amazing and considering his club he would be cheap and believe me he’s amazing
Why wouldn’t Chelsea consider Onana ? He isn’t going to be expensive and is proven. Mendy looks decent on YouTube but surely he is not at Onana level
Ariq Marwan
Ariq Marwan:
Yesss we need this tall GK
Chris Hanssen
Chris Hanssen:
Because as we've seen with Kepa, their keeper scouting management doesn't know wtf they're doing.
Leo Gurning
Leo Gurning:
i mean they finish 3rd last season in ligue 1 so maybe yes ?
mEmE b0I
mEmE b0I:
I think he could develop a lot with Cech’s training and he’s already great, would be a great signing to give Kepa some competition
Kamara Ali Kesuma
Kamara Ali Kesuma:
Foot keeper
Muhd Wazini
Muhd Wazini:
TheYoung#YW Young Channel Entertainment
TheYoung#YW Young Channel Entertainment:
He reminds me well of peter Cech... His timing is perfect
Fikri Cahyanto
Fikri Cahyanto:
Kayak kodok kalo nepis bola wkwk
Ok Then
Ok Then:
For a giant he looks like he has good reflexes
Semir Ferej
Semir Ferej:
Don't do the same mistake we want a keeper from the epl i like pope
Newbie Nub Gaming
Newbie Nub Gaming:
everytime chelsea went to buy a player, the price will go up in a blink of an eye.
Give kepa another chance 😕
Thomas Edward Wilson
Thomas Edward Wilson:
A lot of over the top saves here a few already going out. And very basic saves he should making
kabar bola news
kabar bola news:
Eduard Mendy👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
John Wick
John Wick:
Coach Kepa would sub him
Jay Jung
Jay Jung:
G Glodz
G Glodz:
Can he it do it on a rough rainy day at West Bromwich??
Ihima Dylord
Ihima Dylord:
I just looked him up because I saw his incredible performance against Manchester United . He practically saved Chelsea tfrom defeat today.
Even Kepa would make most of these saves lol
Tomo CFC
Tomo CFC:
Easy to make any gk look good.... or any player... just pick a few good moments and KAPOW...
June Mozzat
June Mozzat:
Not that impressive!!!🙄
Chelsea will continue with kepa
Badara Gueye
Badara Gueye:
He looks like kepa with height, which can be good.
Milan jotva
Milan jotva:
At 2:51 , That Reaction time!😮😮
mudno_ jr
mudno_ jr:
Kepa better🔵
Mike Brookes
Mike Brookes:
palms every save back out to the striker.. its a no from me
Tajuddin Mohamad
Tajuddin Mohamad:
Also kepa like that before