Why Does The Gaming Community Respect CD Projekt Red So Much?

Today we talk about an interesting trend in the gaming community regarding developers and the relationships gamers have with them.

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Most publishers: Make DLC's. Call them new games.
CDPR: Makes new game. Calls it DLC.
Łukasz Rybkowski
Łukasz Rybkowski:
CD Project: Treats clients with respect and not like trash.
Media: Wow, such an innovative business model.
jai singh
jai singh:
so basically CD Projeckt Red is Opposite of what EA is🤔
I pirated their game once, the witcher 3, I felt so guilty and couldn't sleep at night then I went to gog to buy their game
Because they believe that microtransactions in a single player game are nuts and because they release their games when they’re ready.

Never change, CD Projekt Red.
Corona Virus
Corona Virus:
People who said Witcher 3 overrated are just either people who haven’t played the game or just people that hate RPG so much
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma:
Also they get Keanu Reeves to play a character in their game <3
Kermit 5
Kermit 5:
We don't respect CD Projeckt Red.

We *respeckt* CD Projeckt Red
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
When you win over the hearts of gamers they will literally throw their money at you ! This is something EA just doesnt understand.
Elson Silveira
Elson Silveira:
I work in IT in Poland for 2 years now. I am always impressed with their technical skills, how honest and clean-fingered they are. It is a pleasure to work with Polish people. Maybe that reflects in CDPR.
Berk Çelik
Berk Çelik:
EA: we do everything for money.
Me:(play ea games as pirate.)

CDPR: we dont do this for money.
Cody Abarientos
Cody Abarientos:
Hey you in the comment section!

Care for a round of gwent?
Vishnu V S
Vishnu V S:
Some companies just release the same game with just upgraded graphics.

Assassin's Creed: sweats
" They don't follow trends, they create them "
Well said.
Other game publishers: You’re only known for The Witcher 3. Cyberpunk is too ambitious and will fail
CDPR: So as I was saying, when Keanu Reeves came on the stage, it was louder than when we won game of the year

Santa Monica Games: Yeah, that shit looked reminiscent
General Alduin
General Alduin:
Because they don’t have micro-transactions, and aren’t involved in any shady business like everyone else these days.

And they didn’t make fallout 76.
Witcher 3 is still a masterpiece to this day . ❤️ CD Projekt
Stavros Koul
Stavros Koul:
Simple: They respect their fans, we respect them.
Shivendra Chaudhary
Shivendra Chaudhary:
The answer is simple:

They made WITCHER 3 the best game ever!!❤️
CDPR are good people but the way the community treats them is so bad.
Matt McNicholas
Matt McNicholas:
Answer: The Witcher 3 the best fantasy role playing video game EVER made.
Gosia Malaczek
Gosia Malaczek:
I am Polish 🤗 (so are the CD PR founders)
And reading YOUR comments made me shed a tear! it is so wonderful to see all the love and support!! I'd love for Poland to appreciate the treasure CD PR is, just as much as all of YOU guys do ☺️
Bethesda-19.99 for Santa outfit for your character
CDPR-19.99 DLC with 20+ hours worth of gamplay with new quests, characters, items and map. Not to mention a great story.
Lucas Ezy
Lucas Ezy:
A company that produces a game aiming at its quality, durability, fun, immersion, interaction and not just profit from the first year sale.
-A company that makes a game with side missions as complete and long as whole games,
-A company that invests its full potential in creating a vast, immersive, living world, with NPCs that react to rain, to their actions, among them in a beautiful way and just remember that all this was done in 2015 and see that they were ahead of its time a singleplayer game even today has more than 20 thousand simultaneous players taking advantage of everything it has to offer, a game with free DLC'S and DLC'S so big that they compare to complete whole games for such a low price that many would pay 2x for pure sadisfaction and gratitude, for these and other reasons that the CD is so respected by everyone, respect for consumers and fans, which many companies no longer care about.
I just learned of CDPR a week ago when I bought the Witcher 3: wild hunt. Since it was so expensive I had a moment of should I buy this, and I even asked the person at the register before I bought it as I been majorly disappointed with games... And I have to say I am glad I did. I been playing this game for a week straight and I love it and not even half way into the game. I find they have a lot more stuff than most games out now, as I can complete games that cost around the same price I two days and I feel cheated..

I highly appreciate what CDPR is doing and to ask me even if they have done anything wrong I would not care, heck I see glitches in the game I have all the time, such as the game had an error and will exit out, but I do not mind playing anything over again as usually even if you have not saved yourself it's not much that to have to go back and do. Also the gwent games having a small glitch here and there, as well as some weirdly stretched out limbs. But I say the quality of the game by far makes up for any glitch.
Pranshu Sahu
Pranshu Sahu:
Witcher 3 was the best game I ever played in all aspects possible! 😊
Torva Messorem
Torva Messorem:
"We will release the game WHEN IT'S READY".
At first we were all like: "goddammit gimme the goddamn game already for fu-"
And a few seconds later we were like: "god bless you CDPR."
Just started witcher 3 about a month ago. It's an absolute beauty.
Deus Ex: *exists*
CDPR: "I'm about to make it even better"
bloody crip
bloody crip:
I dont know when it's coming out but I got my 60 dollars save.
Noodle Monster
Noodle Monster:
CD project is the complete opposite of EA...
Because CDPR really respects the gaming community.
Helen Line
Helen Line:
Because they put effort into their games and respect gamers wallets. That's why.
Yusuf Nugraha
Yusuf Nugraha:
"It's one formula just change a little bit"
I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed.
CDPR and Rockstar are the two best gaming companies around right now.
Light Treason
Light Treason:
If you’re a gamer, you don’t even have to ask.
Ubisoft:Oh AC Origins man, my Anubis DLC, man, oh such mamma mia
CDPR: Hold my beer
Im a simple man, I see CDPR, I give a like.
Let me tell you why we respect this gaming company with four words: They aren’t greedy hacks.
B Fo
B Fo:
I really love CDPR and Cyberpunk is looking amazing so far, there is just one thing I want to know. I do not want to play a fantastic game and enjoy myself at the costs of others so I would really like to know how their employees are being treated in terms of pressure etc. Being in the industry myself I want to know if they are paying well, to what extent they have crunch, how they are avoiding it and if they would for example support a union for Game Workers. We players should not just respect the company with our words but also the people who make it with action.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out 4 years ago and today the complete edition (including all DLCs) is 11 dollars. Skyrim came out 8 years ago, and the game alone with upgraded graphics still goes for 40 dollars today. That pretty much sums up why CD Projekt Red is respected. Skyrim is a good game, but Bethesda has gotten greedy.
the accent tho
the way u pronounce the "R" is legendary xD
EA and CD PR are at the two ends of the spectrum.
Dan _Sampson77
Dan _Sampson77:
What I thought was so unique and amazing was when I bought the Witcher three was they had a thank you letter in the case of the game and they also included the first two DLC’s for free as well and ever since that day I’ve had mad respect for Them.
Dutch Plan der Linde
Dutch Plan der Linde:
CDPR and Rockstar are my favorite devs, Naughty dog used to be on that list until now lol
And CDPR is what we, people from Poland, can be proud of ❤
Cd p r is the ONLY games company i still have respect for.
Bestia z Wadowic
Bestia z Wadowic:
easy, because
>full games without cut content added later as DLC
>oldschool expansions adding actual game time instead of shitty visuals only
thats enough to get respect as DEV today...
Akshay Kamble
Akshay Kamble:
CDPR is like keanu reeves JUST BEATHTAKING !
Trevor Houff
Trevor Houff:
I thought 2077 looked pretty good and after just finishing the Witcher 3 Im that much more sure it will be
Game Play
Game Play:
when you release the witcher 3, your dam sure gonna get some respect
Debu Neko
Debu Neko:
I finished The Witcher 3 for fourth time on pirated version i downloaded , then out of respect i bought the game via steam !
jefferson tello
jefferson tello:
I remember a time when there was another company that do give some love to the people
i remember every nerd around the wolrd loving them for it even the employees
i remember the name BLIZZARD
Jover GameVlogs
Jover GameVlogs:
I still remember that red card from cd project red that card made me cry when they said that is the last game that theyre making.
Because CD Projekt Red respects the gaming community.
King David
King David:
Simple ... Witcher 3. That was the first game I bought of theirs. Full game, communicated with the public. And promised additional DLC for free and paid DLC that simple adds to the story instead of completing it.

CDPR doesn't come off as money hungry. That's why I hope they add to this game because I know we getting a masterpiece and I hope they continue to build this game. I don't mind paying more if it's a CDPR game.
Arsalan Ahmed
Arsalan Ahmed:
It's simple, CD Projekt Red cares about their customers.
gonçalo Baia
gonçalo Baia:
Also one very good reason I REALLY love CDPR is that being so loved and supported they might eventually cause other companies to envy them and do the same
Aditya Patel
Aditya Patel:
This was recommended after cd announced free console upgrade for a game released 6 years ago. They are mvp, even yt algo respects them.
King's Bane Crew
King's Bane Crew:
They are the best at what they do, that is being a real leader in the gaming community instead of being leechers like most of the other developers.
Adi Adrian
Adi Adrian:
Because CD Projekt Red respects Gaming Community
I will always respect creators that prioritize the quality of their work as well as the loyalty and value of their fan base. CDPR not only abides by these qualities, they embody these qualities 💯%, which is why I will always respect them, and why I have been waiting for CP2077 for the last 6 years.
"CDPR when you will make multiplayer games ?"
Gwent Standalone : am i a joke to you
CDPR makes me proud of my country :3
It's legal to think
It's legal to think:
CD Project Red, the last real game company IMO <3
Pavan Raj
Pavan Raj:
Assassin's Creed Odyssey looked like a dlc to Assassin's Creed Origins
Kenneth Barthold
Kenneth Barthold:
CD Project Red has replaced Bethesda as my favorite game developer.
Fellow Templar
Fellow Templar:
They deliver on their promises.

CDPR filled the void that Bethesda left when I lost respect for them
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar:
EA: We present you anoth...
Cd Projekt red: Where's my pencil, Where's the damn pencil
EA: Ah shit.. run..
CDPR. I mean "PR" is in their name ;)
Jazz Espinosa
Jazz Espinosa:
What CDPR does right:
Makes enjoyable content
Makes fun of their own mistakes
Takes feedback and uses it
And most importantly...
Without watching the video.. "Why Does The Gaming Community Respect CD Projekt Red So Much?" while playing witcher 3 in the background.. Witcher 3 is the answer, u dont need to make a video, lol
the Librarian
the Librarian:
damn, never thought that witcher 1and 2 has that kind of graphics quality. damnnn! im really impressed
"welcome to my laboratory where safety is #1 priority" - wait, sorry, wrong channel...
okay I have to admit
witcher 3 hit me hard man
i started it on tuesday and now i can't stop, like for real
never thought i would love it so much, but it's just so good
everything fits together so well
best fucking 15 euros ever spend
im honestly rethinking my way of spending money in the game industry because of this game
Lσfι Lιƒe
Lσfι Lιƒe:
When was the last time a developer said
"It will be out when it's ready"
And that's why I like CDPR
cez kor
cez kor:
when the witcher 3 is on sale on steam, you should wait till the sale is over to pay the full prize. id pay twice what they charge for GOTY Edition, the best game ever.
Never played the Witcher 3. Just bought it because I'm so hyped for 2077 and I'd rather support them then say...ea
Василий Гак
Василий Гак:
Me: understanding.
Me too: forgeting all 5 seconds after.
DapperDanMan 84
DapperDanMan 84:
I think it's because they actually care, that's something you never see in triple a company's
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor:
You want to know why I respect CDPR.

When I bought the witches 3 collectors edition. The first thing you see when you open the box is every team members signature. And a thank you card. That basically said.

Thank you for purchasing our game out of all of them. This is the final installment of a franchise we poured our hearts and soul.... Hope you have as much fun playing as we have creating the witcher world.

It genuinely felt like a team of people built this out of passion. Not a company churning out their next profit margin.

As someone who played a save file from the first witches game through the whole series. There just havnt been many franchises that have consistently delivered such quality.

I can list a million other reasons. But that's the one that made me respect them.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor:
You want to know why I respect CDPR.

When I bought the witches 3 collectors edition. The first thing you see when you open the box is every team members signature. And a thank you card. That basically said.

Thank you for purchasing our game out of all of them. This is the final installment of a franchise we poured our hearts and soul.... Hope you have as much fun playing as we have creating the witcher world.

It genuinely felt like a team of people built this out of passion. Not a company churning out their next profit margin.

I can list a million other reasons. But that's the one that made me respect them.
Charlie ?
Charlie ?:
This russian accent ahhh I'm obsessed with your vids now
Shikhar Singh
Shikhar Singh:
0:18 that rhymes, so it must be true.
Ori Klein
Ori Klein:
Blizzard is dead.
Hail CD Projekt Red.
Gwn. Chef
Gwn. Chef:
I love you’re accent 🤣🤘🏼
Ogórek cyfrowy W dupie kota
Ogórek cyfrowy W dupie kota:
Answer: beacuse they are AWESOME (youtube recomendation brough me here)
I love CDPR for the fact that in every copy of the witcher 3 they include a note thanking you for purchasing the game and too look forward to free future dlc.
Your slavic acent betrays you brother ^^
titanfall fun!
titanfall fun!:
"they never released something that's not finished" that is so rare
They didn’t even do anything new or different. They just stayed true to themselves. That’s all.
Kedrick Duran
Kedrick Duran:
One title: Witcher 3
iTz Olie
iTz Olie:
All I’m gonna say is Witcher 3 was the most AIDS controls I’ve ever played. Like just make adjustable control mapping. But it still was a fantastic game.
Amogh Pathak
Amogh Pathak:
I am playing witcher 3 right now I have completed half of the story and I must say I just forgot about other games after seeing it's beauty..hats off to CDPR
Well they are a company so not everything is not out of the goodness of their heart
Ritesh Nahavre
Ritesh Nahavre:
I can proudly Say that The witcher 3 changed my perspective of "Sidequests" coz they had good story and made sense instead of fetching some shit for a peasant and the DLC omg I thought i was playing a sequel to it i just love these guys
Eric Voss
Eric Voss:
I actually think that CD Projekt Red is one, or the only "big" non greedy gaming company out there and I love them for that
Mitch Deloria
Mitch Deloria:
Other game companies: Single player games are dead.

CDPR: Hold my Spunky Monkey