Why Is Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor Chris Evans Still Alone? | Rumour Juice

Why Is Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor Chris Evans Still Alone? | Rumour Juice

Have you ever wondered why Chris Evans is yet to settle down? The 39-year-old A-lister revealed recently that he wants to have a family of his own more than anything else, and this fact makes his bachelor’s lifestyle even more contradictive. Is it possible that women are not interested in such a kind-hearted, talented and handsome guy? Or maybe the problem is that Chris’s expectations are too high? Let’s figure out.

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89 komentarze:

Liliana Isabel
Liliana Isabel:
I thought the pressure to marry and have kids was exclusive to women. guess not.....leave the man alone. if he wants to be single, LET HIM.
Rocky S
Rocky S:
What’s wrong with being alone? There are people out there that want to be alone and don’t want to be settled down.
Moon Kitten
Moon Kitten:
He's waiting for me 😂
Daydreamer 1234
Daydreamer 1234:
With his profession, its hard to find someone genuine and with good intentions with a good heart.
Laura Nunes
Laura Nunes:
Aww... I hope Chris eventually finds someone. He is a good person and deserves a chance to get married and have kids. Honestly, he would make a great husband and a great dad
G dawg S
G dawg S:
So... reading between the lines of this vapid fluff piece: he's a loner with anxiety issues.
Min Kim
Min Kim:
He has no problem with getting a woman! It is keeping a woman is the problem!
Angela D
Angela D:
I'm ready now, Chris. Lets do it. My egg cells are yours! 😂😂
SoCo Nes
SoCo Nes:
It's easy to fall for Chris through his interviews and appearances.. I mean, he has no idea how many wives, husbands, gfs/bfs/bms he actually has..I'm constantly meeting them online!
am therese
am therese:
So, I still have my chance. 😂 Chris is still single and very available. 😍❤
Double OREO
Double OREO:
Poor Chris. He wants someone who loves him and gives him children for building a family like his co-stars. That proves the success and beauty aren’t always the key 🔑 for finding someone and keep a good relationship boyfriend girlfriend
Maria Garcia de Quevedo
Maria Garcia de Quevedo:
Im too waiting ....for him 😍 In my Dreams 🤷‍♀️
Suni Glow
Suni Glow:
He wants to single that's his bizz let the man do him let him be I'm single and I'm doing great it good to get some you time b4 u settle it's good 4 u
you call me fan you call me army
you call me fan you call me army:
Since 2008, this men stole my heart. My first and longest crush. He has the most genuine heart and i truely hope that whoever he marry, keeps him happy at all cost because that's what he deserves.
Edward Chapel
Edward Chapel:
Not everyman wants someone in their life
Marcello Bomfim
Marcello Bomfim:
It is okay to be single and happy. There is nothing with that. Leave him alone...
Miss Daydreams
Miss Daydreams:
This was a really good video, trying to identify reasons he's single. I enjoyed this. No clickbait.
Chino's Corner
Chino's Corner:
This is one of the main disadvantages when you’re handsome/beautiful is hard to find the right one ☝️
Nj Pro
Nj Pro:
Too expensive and bad for getting married, having kid then comes nightmare that is being divorce r#ped in court, that is why famous, handsome and rich Hollywood stars avoid signing marriage contract, because it rewards women more in breaking divorce than keeping marriage . though these young, handsome, rich men have cracked the code of bs of family laws but can't say anything because they are public influencer you need another example, our boy jack from titanic 😉.
Paul Drapiewski
Paul Drapiewski:
Would love to think he's gay like his twin brother. I Can Dream can't I?
He’s waiting for me😂
Mangica 05
Mangica 05:
Finding someone thats genuine nowadays is pretty hard and staying single for too long makes the situation a bit harder. He will meet someone when the time is right 🤞
Yadla geetha
Yadla geetha:
Lel simps are filled In this comment section

What ever u do u will never have him Like come on let the man choose Anyone or he'll be single
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus:
The man is rich and famous.....................why have one girl when you can have many.
Cindy June
Cindy June:
come on look at George Clooney took him forever
That’s why he’s so perfect for Captain America. I hope he finds a nice calm traditional gal to settle down with. Harder to find these days.
Imani Culver
Imani Culver:
Yes, thank you for making this. I'm so happy
elliot edixon
elliot edixon:
Wtf he's really really charming on the thumbnail 😭❤️
Hmm the fact that he can relate to the "narcissistic drug addict" is a red flag
He said he wants to get married because it's just the right, PC-est, thing to say. He once said that staying married is tough for people of his profession because they'll be away from their partner and might become close with their co-stars on set. I think he wants to be single but keep seeing women. So hopefully people will just stop pressuring him.
Raj Kittur
Raj Kittur:
He don't want to be in a relationship!!
Di Ce
Di Ce:
Even happily married , you can get anxious and hurt from beloved one . Its something you have to decide to take the risk on or not .
Bilbobagins K
Bilbobagins K:
Maybe to find his River Song..he needs his Rose followed by his Donna first.
Juliet Healy
Juliet Healy:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
L. Fernando R.
L. Fernando R.:
How dare you, Moon kitten? I saw him first, he’s mine and waiting to marry me!
Theresa Roque
Theresa Roque:
Large number of women would be gladly to marry Chris Evans wholeheartedly. I am just 19 but undeniably have a crush on him. I wish him the best of everything that this world could ever give specially a happy family he's been longing for. 🥺💗
0:10 🤣🤣🤣👏🏽🤣 that’s gotta be a New Yorker...
Leigh Ribo
Leigh Ribo:
I can definitely relate with the presumed reasons given here (these are all inferred to a degree). Only speaking from my own experience, having your parents divorce can be extremely difficult whether it is expected or not. I also understand finding someone that can be independent and be okay on their own sometimes as I also share that need and value. Sending positive vibes he’ll find that special person that makes him the happiest :)
Happy Belle
Happy Belle:
Coz we haven't meet yet.. But very soon
It's quite simple...He hasnt met me yet ;)
Zquad Cevans
Zquad Cevans:
Guys, alone and single are two completely different things.
miley bartolome
miley bartolome:
Hes probably waiting for me...
I am Levi
I am Levi:
Can we leave him alone? Leave him alonnneeee
landak hitam
landak hitam:
He is actually my first crush way back then i saw him in cellular
Ryan Yamba
Ryan Yamba:
I'm right here, Chris! Take your time. 😁
Dean Albert
Dean Albert:
He's waiting for me.😍
claude lamothe
claude lamothe:
WAIT..he knows that once he has kids (and maybe get married) his girl will eventually leave him and be set for life. he understands how it works. he just can't say it because he will get destroyed by (almost) every woman out there. ps...and they say that MEN are toxic.
Mrs. kim
Mrs. kim:
Wait till he sees me😉
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts:

I'm having lots of fun with lots of people and I'm gonna MILK MY FAME as long as this party lasts.

You know he's been in the gym for 1000 hours...
Jose Paredes
Jose Paredes:
he's too real
satnam sandhu
satnam sandhu:
henry cavill and chris evans clearly enjoying freedom !. Being single is most addicted drug in your life which u can't let it go !
Gigi R
Gigi R:
My Husband will be okay he's just waiting on me to hurry up and grow up ;)
josh jordan
josh jordan:
He doesn't know I exist yet....that's why.😌💍
He's just too very so picky!
kashvi chopra
kashvi chopra:
May God bless him and 18 year old in love and then is cheated us so painful
abc C
abc C:
Gosh he is gorgeous.
abc C
abc C:
Jenny. She’s ok looking. You know just simple looking. Not like super Hollywood hot. The fact that she dated him, makes me feel that I have a chance. Bahahaha.
Beverly Ritter
Beverly Ritter:
Soooooooo, does anyone, besides me, think he's dating Lily James?
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson:
He didn't sky drive with Jessica that was deceptive that picture was him on his own sky diving
cause he's smart
ELI ***
ELI ***:
Im right here Mr.Evans!
ok let me change his mind
joshua gonzales
joshua gonzales:
He is waiting to meet me
Cathryn Hutchens
Cathryn Hutchens:
I really like him.
Christ evans
Christ evans:
Andorinha Jy
Andorinha Jy:
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson:
Stop trying to figure his business out he'll settle when he's ready or when he finds what he wants and maybe he don't want anyone to knock what he's doing in that part of his life
Maria Lindeth
Maria Lindeth:
you are never alone dear😍😍😍💕💕💕
K C:
Nobody is couple goals 😅
Gregory Ivan Rangel-Soria
Gregory Ivan Rangel-Soria:
Why can't he be gay
Buff Guitarist
Buff Guitarist:
his mentor is his mother, that explains a lot. Means he is old school. I don't think he'll be able to find "that woman" among the materialistic hoes surround us today. I get the feeling that he has the 50s mentality no matter how much he wants to run away from Cpt. He is the Cpt.
If he stops chasing married women and women who are in long term relationships then maybe he can find the right one lol.
Laven TM
Laven TM:
Kris Ivans
Bryce Cote
Bryce Cote:
Is Haley Attwell single? Those two are awesome on and off the screen
Vaishali Verma
Vaishali Verma:
Dude..the video is boring.. becoz , 💯 already seen..so plzZZ.😊💜😁🌷
Xena Be
Xena Be:
Pfft. Let Chris fly his ace/aro flag if that's what he wants. Ofc, if he ever showed up to an ace pride march I'm attending, I might just have to picture myself and Jessica Biel standing naked together while Dodger lifts his wee leg and pees on me before I could take my own advice and stop creeping all over him in my mind... and then I might just have to hurt myself a little... and if he comes close enough for me to smell him, I just won't be able to stop myself from taking a taste of that tall sweet drink of red white and blue... so I'd have to hurt myself again... lol maybe ppl want Chris to stop being so durn unattached bc they want to stop lusting after him, too ;D
Maria Lindeth
Maria Lindeth:
Cool Story Bro
Cool Story Bro:
He was born to be Captain America
Love you2
Love you2:
Who cares really
I'm surprised they haven't accused him of being "gay." Most people jump to that kind of judgment of anyone who's been alone that long.
Penya AOV168
Penya AOV168:
rowena cervera
rowena cervera:
he is dating lily james....
lor de may maneja
lor de may maneja:
Selena Gomez said he is cute
Dianne Wines
Dianne Wines:
Coz he is waiting for scarlet Johansson there chemistry is off the charts
Angele Babin
Angele Babin:
Lol 😂 if he wanted to have a relationship he would have done it long time ago. He love his freedom and Hollywood.
sh- -an
sh- -an:
Are we going to ignore the Lily James thing?
Jerly Mayen
Jerly Mayen:
Yeah, I wish he finds someone who loves him and is prettier than his las girlfriend 🥰
Rosemary Berlanga
Rosemary Berlanga:
I think he should ask out selena Gomez. Make a cute couple babies will be beautiful
kashvi chopra
kashvi chopra:
Chris Evans is the Hollywood salman khan.