"Why should Tottenham accept a low offer for Harry Kane?!" | Michael Bridges' rant on Kane saga

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Michael Bridges shares a passionate point on why Tottenham shouldn't sell Kane to Manchester City for anything less than his true value. #GoodMorningTransfers

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Yang Inhyeok
Yang Inhyeok:
Next up in sky sports: possible breakfast menus Kane might eat for the upcoming weekend
Matthew Woodham
Matthew Woodham:
If only there were 25 hours in a day, then Sky Sports could report on this story for a bit longer.
Imagine getting laughed at by your colleagues for actually being good at your job
London Dazza
London Dazza:
How dare they laugh n mock Michael Bridges for being the only one with a real passionate take on the situation from an actual spurs fan
Hasan Ameeri
Hasan Ameeri:
Sky has officially become agent for harry Kane
sean j
sean j:
Breaking News: because city are refusing to buy kane, sky news has decided to bid for kane themselves
Hee Hee
Hee Hee:
Get more people with actual passion for the game like this guy. It’s refreshing
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
Wow. A Sky pundit actually showing some passion and giving their true opinion.
"Wow ... Michael Bridges has had his weetabix this morning"

What's that presenter on about? God forbid someone shows a bit of passion on Sky Sports.
le kloon
le kloon:
Well done Michael, making the rest of the sky sports presenters look like the predictable robots they tend to be. Very condescending from your colleagues
Why the hell are these other highly forgettable presenters mocking Michael Bridge for showing a bit of passion and frustration towards the way his colleagues in the media are spinning this story? Embarrassing broadcasting, the main presenter is slouched on his seat with one too many buttons awkwardly undone and not a comment. We need more Michael Bridges on TV
That guy is so passionate. Got more love for football and knowledge than the other 2 blokes combined.
Well said Michael. Said the truth. Refreshing to hear especially on SKY
Radboudt L
Radboudt L:
This man speaking straight FACTS
Top Hattington
Top Hattington:
Unfortunately, the point being made doesn't suit Sky's agenda, which has been (for several years now) that Harry Kane should leave Tottenham. It is too big of a news story for it not to happen, which is why they have spent so much of this transfer window pushing this story even when nothing was actually happening. It's why Harry's agent gave them the inside scoop on him not turning up to training (unless anyone honestly thinks there just happened to be a Sky journalist ready outside the training ground ahead of the story coming out) and gave them the golf course interview. Kane's camp knew Sky are invested in seeing this deal happen.
They want Kane to go to City, the pundits at Sky (most of whom played for or support Spurs' rivals) want him to go to City and they've done their best to ensure all of us want it to happen as well.
I'm not a Spurs supporter, but the way Sky have acted here is just sad and it's good to see someone at Sky challenge this idea that Tottenham are the bad guys for not just rolling over and letting another PL club take their best player.
Jack Lewis Bill
Jack Lewis Bill:
Sky sports milking as much videos as possible of kane leaving
Honestly the agenda sky sports have against Kane and Tottenham is unreal, next we will get updates on what Kane has eaten for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Jackie Treehorn
Jackie Treehorn:
Can you imagine the uproar if a man was sniggering about the Passion of a woman behind her back?
The Spurs fan is the only one worth listening to, the other presenters are cringeworthy robots. Kane will stay at Tottenham probably but honestly its boring at this point
I don’t love tortnam but I have to respect Bridgey’s passion when talking about the Harry Kane situation. He sums the situation up very succinctly and his cohosts want to laugh but really sky just want him to help improvise more inane and speculative banter to keep the non stop chatter about it up to eat up as much air time as possible. And he’s not having it, he’s just telling it like it is leaving them little to talk about until new details emerge tha could indicate one way or another if he will actually move.
James Hunter
James Hunter:
This guy is talking a whole load of sense. Almost a first considering the tripe the likes of GNev comes out of
Naim Iman
Naim Iman:
We need more passionate fans and honest opinions from sky sports. This is brilliant 👍.
Kimberli Artist
Kimberli Artist :
Viewer: Clapping emoji - standing ovation

Bridges: I don't do it for that _proceeds to burst of laughing_

What a guy! Love to see it
Textured Music.
Textured Music.:
Sky this is the best video I’ve seen of your in a while, honestly congratulations. I’ve given you stock lately I think we all have. This guy speaking complete sense!
gotta respect the passion. Sometimes they just have bland personalities.
Carlos Tony
Carlos Tony:
He’s right though
Daniel doesn’t need accept a cheaper price to what he values Kane. At the end of the day Man City want him
Totspur 63
Totspur 63:
Michael is 100% correct. If I were Levy I would add £1000000 to the asking price every day until the right offer arrives.
MHS. Sunshine
MHS. Sunshine:
I loves that, it’s showed passion about football
Lost Liberty 99
Lost Liberty 99:
I like that guy. Bring him back IMO.
Tune23k Kganyago
Tune23k Kganyago:
There is a great chance that Man City wont bid that amount of money for him, reason being there's a younger version of him in the Bundesliga( Erling Haaland) with a big room for development that Man city can bid for in the year to come. Man city has more than enough of a squad to manage one more year without a striker.
Gregg w
Gregg w:
A pundit comes out and speaks the truth about the situation and all the other little sky melts just giggle and laugh.
Levy has zero pressure right now to sell Kane, we're stable financially, Kane has a long term contract and City are frankly being insulting with their bids.
Bhasty 1
Bhasty 1:
Well said! I honestly wish him well. He deserves to be in a winning team but I honestly don't think, sadly enough that Spurs are going to win any big silverware with or without him!
This guy sounds like he's giving you a stern lecture 2 inches from your face.
He's 100% right. From a United fan
If city spent 100 million on Jack Grealish to spend more time at the hair solon then scoring goals then Spurs can demand 200 Million for Kane.
This is the only person so far thats actually had a decent opinion on the Harry Kane move
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
Kane or his agent fault for not adding release clause etc.. Sky should just give the extra 40mil to City since its "not much", they make it sound like 100mil is little money
Rashid Conteh
Rashid Conteh:
As for me, Kane can stay in Spurs and end up his career there. He is a good striker and I think spurs can keep him. City already have a plan B and I think it's going to help City a lot....
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson:
I think city should spend anything. Would massively help Grealish as well. Would take the pressure off him
Olayinka Giwa
Olayinka Giwa:
Is Michael Bridge running for Prime Minister? Love the passion.
Sashah Soheili
Sashah Soheili:
When Gareth Bale, Dimitar Berbatov and Luka Modric all wanted to leave, Chelsea would have liked to buy them, but we Spurs don't deal with Major London Rivals. So levy kept them for another year, and he sold them to Real Madrid and Manchester United for a higher transfer fee.
Not sure why there were laughing at him. Refreshing to see some actual passion as opposed to the same cookie-cutter lines we hear every day
Bob Klee
Bob Klee:
Depends on the financial situation for Spurs. Man City can go elsewhere, Who else will be in the market at £100m + ? Daniel Levy has to keep the club afloat, he needs to sell in next week if he’s going to sell him and maximise the price.
kearnsy kearnsy
kearnsy kearnsy:
Go on Michael you tell them son loved that
Enrico Awe
Enrico Awe:
Sky sports thinks levy will budge but he ain't until he gets what he wants..
HTO Half Time Oranges Football Podcast
HTO Half Time Oranges Football Podcast:
Absolutely NOT! He signed that 6 year deal knowing EXACTLY What could happen to Spurs over that time. He has completely done this to himself and now he is throwing his toys out the pram. Spurs should milk every drop of sterling they can get for him and send him there without being match fit.
Wow a sky reporter sticking up for spurs for once
nest face
nest face:
Go on bridge. Top man good to see u doing well
Mahlatse Mashile
Mahlatse Mashile:
City must pay what Spurs wants
E Jaganjac
E Jaganjac:
Sky going through AFTV rant route I see. Dude even gave us screwface 😆😆🙄
Sky Sports; we've milked Grealish and got the transfer through, now let's move onto Kane
thomas owen
thomas owen:
Kane getting punished for thinking spurs were actually going to invest and win trophies 😂 😂
He should have known better 😂
Zac Sayer
Zac Sayer:
Fair play Michael Bridge, fair words spoken assertively. A balance to all of these embarrassingly biased comments from his Sky Sports Football colleagues who are posing as honest, professional journalists! What a joke too many of them have been through this Harry Kane saga!
Jude Chauhan
Jude Chauhan:
Bullying Mike man leave it he's passionate XD
Thomas Boyles
Thomas Boyles:
I am 34 years old and made my first $150k profit few months ago, currently working towards another $150k! Just being smart and frugal with my money. Thanks to my dad for letting me know the benefits of taking risks now I'm looking forward in becoming a millionaire just by investing in crypto
Greg Krojac
Greg Krojac:
Michael Bridges - Nail. On. Head! 👏👏👏
Feels like they are "taking inspiration" from the kick off how this is set up and the way they talk
R M:
The guy with the red shirt just said they might be looking into other places to strengthen ... Like central defender ..🤔
Terminator Scfi Collector 87
Terminator Scfi Collector 87:
Let’s be honest 30 million is enough anything more it’s just ludicrous,Look at City who just spent 100 million on grelish is just stupid he’s not worth that
No photo found
No photo found:
It’s like watching a scripted reality show.
Pj Mathison
Pj Mathison:
finally someone on sky sports making sense
My Ob
My Ob:
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor:
If you have to say “how good a player is” 4 times then he’s not very valuable around the world.. aka outside of England
Tottenham needs to fight for everything they can get. Don't do Man City a favor.
Damion Thompson
Damion Thompson:
What a professional 👏 👌
City won’t buy Kane, this isn’t the first time city abandoned a big player Cus they think he’s overpriced. Dias Koulibaly deal last year is an example. Sanchez deal is another
Josh Jordan
Josh Jordan:
He looks livid. Has he bet his house on Kane staying??
Well said, Man City need to pay up or go away.
goalgerd phoenix
goalgerd phoenix:
These guys are the ones keeping this non story going
Chip Marley
Chip Marley:
Kane signed a long contract basically a gents agreement on paper.
So why should an alleged verbal gents agreement supersede the one he signed.
Willy Skallz
Willy Skallz:
epic backfire: now the only silverware harry's seeing is knives out from spurs fans
Matt Majcan
Matt Majcan:
15 seconds in. "we understand there has been no fresh bid" cheers, now i dont have to watch the rest
Barry Boother
Barry Boother:
Yes bridge we like your passion
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
I can't bloody wait until the transfer window is closed.
Spurs know that if they keep a player that is not happy then it is very hard for them to get him to play at is best if he is not in the right frame of mind.
J W:
"Wait youtubers get more views than us for rants, yea let's do rants"
Matey going for an Oscar
Creus Anthony Rodrigues-Rodney
Creus Anthony Rodrigues-Rodney:
Pep should've bought kane before they even considered grealish. But he so obsessed with midfielders that he paid 100 mil for grealish and I don't blame levy for wanting 175mil for kane.
The guy in the brown jacket really is upset ain't he . Kinda mad how football gets into people heads and turns them crazy and insane 😳
Corrie Douse
Corrie Douse:
Why would you want to keep a player who doesn’t want to stay. Toxic
Dave bayside
Dave bayside:
This was intense 🤣
shikhar govil
shikhar govil:
have'nt seen even one second of video and i wo'nt. seems like SKY is doing more work than what kane's agent will be doing regarding transfer. i am pretty sure that his agent is also watching sky's videos to decide what to do and what not to do.
Matti Acraman
Matti Acraman:
Can we confirm Harry Kane is breathing!? Big news
Spurs have always maintained "Kane is not for sale" which part of this is hard to understand 🤣 Listetning to this rubbish everday is making me want to crush my gonads in a vice.
Balik Supper
Balik Supper:
Good to see the white T shirt ,suit jacket look making a comeback!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
Big up Michael Bridges✊🏿
Leon Charite
Leon Charite:
Next year Harry's only worth 50 if haarlands 65 🤷‍♂️
Joe Barnes
Joe Barnes:
Damn someone finally talking sense about it.
Johnny Cotton
Johnny Cotton:
He's not going anywhere the club holds all the cards
Craig Wythe
Craig Wythe:
This whole transfer window has been about unsettling Harry Kane, so the end game was always to get Kane for less money. Levy does not have to sell. In 3 years time he will be going on a free to Burnley
Sly sports pushing this transfer more than Man city are
Bill Bob
Bill Bob:
About time someone at sky talks sense 👏🏼👏🏼
Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface:
He's getting pretty wound up there... I think he's the only one by this time.
City need to just go get Vlahovic, he's 21, build solid, still improving, cheaper, less drama and very similar skill set to Kane
Sotiris Patrikios
Sotiris Patrikios:
Daniel Levi, the name speaks for himself
Noah Obansa
Noah Obansa:
Wait till next season u guys gonna know he's not worth that money as a striker
Pj Mathison
Pj Mathison:
theyve even had breakfast together. im done with sky sports. theyll be reporting on whether he had a shower or a bath in the morning
Sir Blessed
Sir Blessed:
City have already entered the race to sign Vlahovic as a potential Harry kane replacement as levy is in no mood to sell him.
Acc to Italian media outlets, city have an 80 mill bid ready for Vlahovic which is the highest bid that has come for Vlahovic so far.
Danny din
Danny din:
NO player is bigger than a club. We will sell him only for 150mil pounds or more