Why the Lexus LFA Failed…Or Did It? | Bumper 2 Bumper

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The Lexus LFA is the super car that was meant to rule them all … powered by a v10 engine, an F1 exhaust note, carbon fiber everything … so what happened? We are going Bumper to Bumper on the Lexus LFA.

Watch! Lexus RCF Bumper 2 Bumper

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100+ komentarze:

_"The LFA is so good, not even the people who made it, know how to make it again"_
Jeremy Clarkson
The LFA is a timeless design in my eyes.

To me it looks like it was released a year ago.
One of the best sounding cars ever built.
Dan Odden
Dan Odden:
> *Spends 10 years making the best car they could possibly imagine*
> *Only makes 500*
If you ever feel useless, remember:

LFA comes with an audio system
We raid Lexus’ headquarters if they don’t make the 2021 LFA

Whos with me?
OES 25
OES 25:
One of the best cars ever made IMO. Jeremy Clarkson once said it's without a doubt the best car he has ever driven. I'd call that some sort of a success... ;)
The only annoying thing about this car is the price, THAT IS LITERALLY IT!
Strictly Come Driving
Strictly Come Driving:
I don't think anyone hated the LFA. It was just really really expensive.
Christyandi K
Christyandi K:
"Why lexus LFA failed.....
Or did it ?"
Vsauce music plays.
Bo Malo
Bo Malo:
I could actually see Jeremy Clarkson being James' dad haha
Yamaha: somehow went from making church organs to car engines and jetskis.

In the beginning when he said no one wanted one

Me: 🤨 I've always wanted one I am just broke is all
Invidious Ignoramus
Invidious Ignoramus:
Reminder that the LFA's V10 is literally an auditory orgasm
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns:
“God’s greatest gift to man... the wave runner”

Yamaha M1: “Am I a joke to you?”
Two Seasons
Two Seasons:
To me, this is the true successor to the last generation Supra. Although way more expensive, this is what the Supra should've been.

Wait, I just said it is the true, Supra! Lexus Supra!
3:36 that feeling when you stand up too fast
9:52 ,thank me later. Can't get enough of it.

Play it in 0.75x, 0.5x or even slower speeds.
The LFA didn't fail me, I failed the LFA.
Luke Wood
Luke Wood:
Some V10s are so tasteless that Inline-5s are more exciting. But not this one. This is the best, even better inside. Damn, Yamaha.
Fun fact
When the LFA is reversing at 2200 RPM it sounds like a semi passing
You can hear that in the musical road clip from topgear at the end
taco meat
taco meat:
Id love to own a LFA but they're so rare and expensive
It didn't failed, it's just that no one can afford it.
9:54 his face when that first rev hits is like the sweet relief on Christmas morning as a kid when you realize Santa didn't see any of the awful shit you did all year and you skirted by onto the nice list....again
El Camino
El Camino:
4:39 is that a man, sitting in a wheelchair, holding a camera while he is beeing pushed by an other man? LMAO
2:18 what I said to my girlfriend.
4:55 Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how amazing the transitions are in this video? 👏
Boris & Chen
Boris & Chen:
Didn't exactly fail. It was just too expensive to buy.
Patryk Bastrykin
Patryk Bastrykin:
The LFA is my dream car, the only dream car I have.
It's something I won't be able to acquire, but jesus it's such a beautiful car.
Ai -L
Ai -L:
I had eargasm when the LFA appeared in Dimension W Anime.
The MC lives in a future where everyone uses quiet electric cars while he screams at them with that V10 symphony.
Andy hoff
Andy hoff:
So Toyota couldn't put this LFA engine in the 2019 Supra?
4:35 they use a wheelchair for theese shots
Welaa Elrafie
Welaa Elrafie:
1:40 start after advertisement
Anthony Wolf
Anthony Wolf:
4:40 wheelchair cameraman?
Chidori 723
Chidori 723:
"This is, the fastest car, pause, in the world..." - Jeremy Clarkson
3:53 this made me have a weird feeling up my back and it’s funny at the same time
v Lata
v Lata:
Everyone wanted to like, but no one bought. Why didn’t it work?

Cause I couldn’t afford it fam
Michael Glassmoyer
Michael Glassmoyer:
Ayyyy I drove an LS400 for a while!

Considering that it had 300K miles on it when I got it, it was pretty good, even 20 years after it was new!
Francesco Urso
Francesco Urso:
The best sounding road car of all time!!! 😱 🔝
Big H
Big H:
When I saw his mouth and eyes show up in the Exhaust pipes, I swore this was an episode of Spongebob. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Prince Á
Prince Á:
I melted when it screamed off at the start🤤
Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur
Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur:
You know it's a really good car when Jeremy Clarkson loves it.
And you know they took it seriously when they got a Luthier to make it sound GOOD.
Wither Storm ST1
Wither Storm ST1:
0:02 That's my new Ringtone
80s gamr
80s gamr:
I've loved it since I first saw it at the CLE Auto Show.
I forgot that this car is one of my top three favorite cars i like
Prayan Pulido
Prayan Pulido:
the LFA born perfect no need of aftermarket, they just needed to make more than 500 to get it cheaper
Jan B
Jan B:
could have came out in 2020 and still wuld have looked modern
Gaurav Nayak
Gaurav Nayak:
I watched this video when it was uploaded. But whenever it come in suggestion, i can't resist myself to listen to the sweet sweet V10 music
Bryce Arnold
Bryce Arnold:
4:25 Is that a Cup Gang sticker?
Pop up up and down spoilers?
Asking for a friend
The best exotic super car ever made❤️❤️❤️!!!!
Giuseppe Di Serio
Giuseppe Di Serio:
I love the LFA so much
when it came out it blew my freaking mind
dream car right there
Nurburgring edition in orange is my dream spec
Om Gojare
Om Gojare:
I'm just here to look at editing 😂🔥
Alec Fortin
Alec Fortin:
The LFA has been my favorite car since it came out when i was like 11
Lexus: How much carbon fiber do you need?

LFA: Yes.
Ginger VikingJesus
Ginger VikingJesus:
I kriffin LOVE that beast!! The SOUND of this car is like listening to a symphony, THANKS to the tuning of Yamaha!!😁💓
New change unlisted_viewer
New change unlisted_viewer:
Thank you to the person who edited this. This was hilarious
Delete this Account
Delete this Account:
always love the transitions of his face morphing cracks me up every time
da niel
da niel:
4:55 how's the title of this song?
The Ike
The Ike:
The title should be "Why the LFA goes RRrrmmmmmmnnnnn!!!"
Please do a Up to Speed on LFA; just so we can keep listening to the sound
Billy Curtis
Billy Curtis:
The LFA is my all time favorite car. It is beautiful. Everything about it is amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a more stunning car in person. I want one.
I remember when it came out, I was amazed by this car, and I didn't understand how why anyone would criticise it. Why would you even care about the price when it freaking sounds like the F1 from golden years of V10.
slam zamillion
slam zamillion:
"More than you can afford pal, ferrar- O wait. Never mind"
4EverTrip #420
4EverTrip #420:
Seriously I respect your content so freaking Amazing....you just make everything funny yet deeply interesting, no one has the personality you have...✌✨🤙
Elouaer Ayed
Elouaer Ayed:
Jeremy clarkson : the LFA was so good, not even the people who made it, knew how yo make it again
daniel kovač
daniel kovač:
That editing tho i mean y'all are cool and doing great job but editing is on point boi good job
9:54 James' mini-blink, reaction and eargasm.
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles:
The most amazing intro. Mmmmmm sueeet sound
I didn't buy this car,just because I was 4 yo.And still didn't buy because i'm 12)
Muhamad Ubaied
Muhamad Ubaied:
There are 2 engine sound That i like in this world.
1. LFA
2. Mazda 787B
James: How can it rev so high? It has Forged Conrods, Aluminum Pistons etc

Me: Well maybe also because it was made by *Yamaha*

But on a serious note, Yamaha didn’t get enough recognitiom for the LFA or the MK4 Supra’s 2JZ
Man, i just discovered your channel and i find it amazing! The way you present things and say, the way your videos are edited. This is what a call QUALITY! Thank you for this AMAZING content!
Striker Alpha One
Striker Alpha One:
Not gonna lie, the outro music sounds sick AF. I need the title. 😍
Jerry_ SiR-G
Jerry_ SiR-G:
8:36 car is on figueroa just passed under the 405 fwy then passing I&I paintball store next to the 110 frwy.
GORE illa
GORE illa:
The LFA is a masterpiece of engineering.

Just imagine how valuable it'll be in 30 yrs, the engine sound!
Austin Smiley
Austin Smiley:
This has literally been my dream car since it came out. Looks so good in yellow. Who would geussed it was gonna be so hard to get.......
Dragan Agatic
Dragan Agatic:
What if Toyota took LFA and name it Supra 🤔
Is this guy like Rutledge Wood's wanna-be little brother or something?
Nick Vernice
Nick Vernice:
A V10 with itbs' in a road car?
Must be something special.
( laughs in BMW S85)
mjolnir, but pronounced Jonathan
mjolnir, but pronounced Jonathan:
Famous person exists
James: *dad* ?
*they won’t make another cause there’s still 5 sitting in a Lexus dealer*
Jeremy Clarkson being James' dad would explain a lot. (I'm not sure if I mean this as a compliment or not)
Abdulrahman Alshammeri
Abdulrahman Alshammeri:
The best sounding car ever ♥️♥️
clash guy
clash guy:
Since i cant afford it ..LFA stands for 'look for another'
Honda gave us the NSX
Nissan gave us the GTR
Toyota gave us the LFA
The three true sports cars to come out of Japan
The holy trinity
LFA and CGT are def my top 2 favorite supercars! 🙌🏼
The LFA sounds soo good! I recently bought a SC430 V8 lexus :D
Bro... I am so sad that I will never own a LFA :( it sounds so god damn goooooooooood
Dilo Mingo
Dilo Mingo:
7:45 got me dead 😂
The best sounding production car ever made.
Ali Alkoot
Ali Alkoot:
YouTube automatic captions know what’s good music
Engine revving:
Ken Norcott
Ken Norcott:
4:50 Nah, it should be : "Pop pop pop pop up pop and down spoileeeeer"
Creeping Edge
Creeping Edge:
9:44 never really seen a car just take off like that. The change of speed looks insane especially since no boost.
If I had the money, I would own one. Literally my dream car.
It works i mean i left the nürnburg ring with a time of 7:14 and it's from 2009
Valentino Sz
Valentino Sz:
4:39 nice improv
Niceeguyleo 12
Niceeguyleo 12:
I have seen 2 in my lifetime one was the special Nurburgring one and the othere was at a dealer in yellow I fell in love with
Bela Skoflek
Bela Skoflek:
When you popped up in the exhaust I lost my marbles
Nicholas Zizzo
Nicholas Zizzo:
the cinematography keeps getting better, those transitions and cuts are absolutely awesome and hilarious