Why Timothée Chalamet Is So Bad At Being Famous? | ⭐OSSA

After Timothée Chalamet gave everyone something new to talk about (his outfit) at the recent Oscars 2020, we’re even more intrigued by the sometimes-shy Beautiful Boy actor!

It seems one half of the world is obsessed with how talented he is, calling him a young Leonardo DiCaprio (his best acting awards prove this), while the other half just can’t get enough of Timothee Chalamet of The King being cute and adorable!

His take on growing up in an artistic family? On Kid Cudi saving his acting career? Timothee Chalamet and Ansel Elgort their friendship! We share all the details with you in this video. Like which role Timothee Chalamet's parents played in his career?

And a hilarious accident that Timothee shared on the Ellen DeGeneres show! And a recap of one incident he'll never live down. (Hint: it’s to do with rapping). Keep watching!

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100+ komentarze:

What is your favorite Timothée Chalamet Movie?
Timothée Chalamet is not the new Leonardo Dicaprio, he’s the first Timothée Chalamet
Person Person
Person Person:
He is not “bad” at it. He is just genuine.
karolina król
karolina król:
I saw the combination of words “Timothée Chalamet” and “bad” on my notification and I was like OH HELLL NO
Symphony Olvera
Symphony Olvera:
He’s not bad at being famous he’s just awkward
Timothee isn't "bad at being famous". He's just wholesome! '-' .
Dilara Yurdakul
Dilara Yurdakul:
I didnt know ‘being famous’ meant being a douchebag and Timothee is bad because he is not a douchebag? Hahah
yaoi hub
yaoi hub:
Statistics statistics statistics statistics, Miss Lawton miss Lawton miss Lawton miss Lawton
Savannah Boyer
Savannah Boyer:
He’s the Leonardo DiCaprio of our generation
I'm obsessed with him it's unhealthy..
Emi 221
Emi 221:
That like the best part of him lol
I actually think he might be a bit too good at being famous. His looks and character literally make people obsessed with him...
Timmy: doesn't believe in being famous.
Harry Styles: yasss boi
ava harris
ava harris:
he isn't "bad" at being famous. he is an amazing, humble, genuine, and awkward person. he gets nervous which is understandable.. let him be.
paige :P
paige :P:
no. he’s just genuine and REAL. it’s weird for people to see someone so real now a days because so many people are so fake.
O O O:
Hes the "good" awkward. Not the one that cant talk to people. The one who is charming, goofy, and stumbles because hes too excited awkward.
And I
And I:
He isn’t bad at being famous AT ALL. He recognized that he is just a human being like everyone else instead of an idealized “celebrity”.
my granny: he's skinny
but I totally love him he's so cute💞
Kehlani castillo
Kehlani castillo:
I legit thought he was 17 like me😭 but 24¿¿
bad at being famous? most people who are “good” at being famous are so full of themselves, when one genuine happy guy comes around you say he’s bad?!? 🙄
Soft Ice Cream
Soft Ice Cream:
he is not "bad" he is awkward and has insecurities like normal people which makes him more down to earth and even cuter
Lauryn S.
Lauryn S.:
Timotheé isn’t ‘bad’ at being famous, he is just real, down to earth, kind, genuine, humble, and doesn’t come across to be on a whole other planet like some other celebrities. People become obsessed with him, and like him so much because he is actually genuine. People also see him as ‘not good a being famous’ because he doesn’t follow all of the other stereotypes of your average celebrity. Timmy Tim doesn’t put himself higher than the general population, and doesn’t make everyone think that he’s some sort of higher being. So, no, he’s not ‘bad a being famous’, people think he might be because he acts differently than most celebrities.
"Why Timothee Chalamet is so bad ass at being famous?" There, fixed the title for you.
you ugly rat
you ugly rat:
All his characteristics are the best parts of him ! 😗😁
Shaeleigh Abrahams
Shaeleigh Abrahams:
I'm obsessed with this guy. Just looking at him melts my heart 🤧😍🤗
melina 123
melina 123:
He's not the second Leonardo diCaprio he's the first Timothée Chalamet
Luna Svendsen
Luna Svendsen:
I dont know why people say he is a “bad” at being famous I love his personality his personality make him so special
F. Harris
F. Harris:
Why is this the title? It doesn't fit. It should be "Why Timotheè is too good for you" lmao I'm sorry
JoanMarie Rodriguez
JoanMarie Rodriguez:
Janet my dear, timothèe isn’t bad at anything he’s just a genuine wholesome dude we all love 😌
Timothee is one of the most genuine, honest and goofiest acteurs there is. Don’t take that away from him, hes one of the last left. And hes not bad at it, hes himself, hes just a guy doing what he loves and trying to life his live. I adore his awkwardness because it makes him relatable and Unique.
Jessica H xo
Jessica H xo:
He’s not bad he is is humble. There’s a difference 😤😤
kevin jaden
kevin jaden:
He's too awesome
How can 1 human being be so perfect
Maylena Marie
Maylena Marie:
he isn’t “bad” just because he doesn’t flash his fame doesn’t mean anything.
justanothergirl withacrazymind
justanothergirl withacrazymind:
I don't think he is bad at being faces but he is not the tipical famous guy and that is amazing because we are in a world were we are diferent.
Sara Munir
Sara Munir:
i didn't read the full title and all i saw was "why timothee chalamet is so bad" and i actually got pissed off.
Shveta Singh
Shveta Singh:
He is not bad, he is just being real. 👍 Love his innocence. I hope he never changes. ☺️
He’s not bad he’s just a new yorker
Im mad at him because he made me miss my period for 9 months
Silvia Ramadhanty
Silvia Ramadhanty:
Because he doesnt care about being famous💫 and because he is awesome enough
Nicole chalamet
Nicole chalamet:
Its Okay. He is just nervous/ awkward and it's okay because he is still so cute.🥺✨🤩💗
katie rowland
katie rowland:
Okay that’s ride. Don’t say he’s “bad” lol
arianna avitia
arianna avitia:
that’s why i like him he’s so genuine and awkward 🥺🥺🥺
Dazn he lucky to be touched by margot robbie
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta:
Hes not bad he has a normal reaction to being quickly hyped and hes sooo adorable when hes awkward
Nur Değirmenci
Nur Değirmenci:
He is not. Stop judging him so bad. He is very good at acting and doing his job very well. Also he is taking care of his fans. He is succesful. And if we love him we should prould of with him. I love you timmy❤
Bruh this video offended me like hes perfect just the way he is.
He just made some bad choices with his new gf eiza
Lana's Moonshine
Lana's Moonshine:
*the person who once get to marry him wins at life.*
emma roy
emma roy:
wth like dude timmy is perfect why would u even come at him he can end ur career in less than a second luv
Michelle_ SAMUEL
Michelle_ SAMUEL:
He is “bad” at it...

He’s very modest
Kassandra Stevenson
Kassandra Stevenson:
Hes perfect in every single way ...that's why
Lola B
Lola B:
He’s just nice and isn’t full of himself
me myself and I .
me myself and I .:
*Because he's just himself,and people want him to be like they want,but guys I mean you share him with 9.6 milion guys on instagram,what make u believe you own him?*
Let him be.
he's not "bad" he's just humble and has anxiety check yourself girly 💅
laojz zmjzjj
laojz zmjzjj:
timothée is awkward and that is sosososo adorable
.....................whatever he is just the best! i wanna marry him so bad omg
laura xdd¿
laura xdd¿:
17:15 - and here’s the whole point
Susan Lehnen
Susan Lehnen:
Modest, extremely literate, super talented, engaging, interested and interesting. How can you not love this guy.
Yeah Okay
Yeah Okay:
Timmy isn’t bad at being famous he’s just actually himself 👁👄👁
compassionate one
compassionate one:
He's just unique.
Parishma Rayamajhi
Parishma Rayamajhi:
He is grounded.❤️
O O O:
He was a popular kid in school. Most u guys in the comments wouldnt dare talk to him.
The title should be "this is why u should marry timothée chalamet"
iampearl _
iampearl _:
timmy's all in my recommendation list 😀
Michaela Greenlee
Michaela Greenlee:
“Bad” oh heckkkk noo. It’s that he’s bad, he’s just such a genuine and amazing person☺️☺️
Jenna McMichael
Jenna McMichael:
he is not “bad” he is just humble and genuine
Hello Bye
Hello Bye:
I’m in love with himmm💗💗😭😭😂🥵🥵
jiselle is bored
jiselle is bored:
how is he bad at being famous because he's in it for the right reasons- that makes him good a being famous- but go off ig
Aracely P
Aracely P:
Troom troom? Dat you?

Lol I’m jk loved the video 😌🌸❤️
Me: was born in French country
Also me : eh whatever
Timothee: exists

I love him for that
Jaeya Grewal
Jaeya Grewal:
If being humble, genuine and a good person makes him being "bad" at being famous, then who needs fame?
Reem Ezzat
Reem Ezzat:
As i see, all of people here putting timmy pct, i think he is really take our heart, not our mind, that mean he really geniune 🙂
Sophia Chacon
Sophia Chacon:
His name is actually pronounced Timot”AY” Chalam”AY”
Julia :
Julia ::
OH HELLLL NOO He's not "Bad" in being famous🤨He's just a little bit awkward but that is one of so many reasons why i love him so much.
I usually skip these things, but this one is good: smart and accurate.
rosalie storteboom
rosalie storteboom:
he isn't "bad" he is just another human and he didn't change for fame
Ingi Magagula
Ingi Magagula:
um...he's just genuine jAnEt
Zia van Niekerk
Zia van Niekerk:
He is such a fresh breath of air from all these Hollywood actors because he is so so real. As much as I can see he presents himself publicly exactly how he is in private. Ugh I just love him he is my favourite actor and person on earth
Rina Baby
Rina Baby:
He's famous now😍
Hye Won Han
Hye Won Han:
Ahh yes... the man whom i fell in love with... lol
moonlit heaven
moonlit heaven:
he’s just an introvert lol get over it
Akniet Z
Akniet Z:
1:21 wow, he is definitely got mainly mom genes
aubrey williams
aubrey williams:
you guys know a few years from now timmy might be a father of somebodys child?
Abi St
Abi St:
When I find out Timmy is 24 so it's a hundred percent not creepy for me to crush on him: *whew sigh*
Binge Flix
Binge Flix:
Lololol @ falling chair
Reseñando Belleza
Reseñando Belleza:
He's got the talent to smash anyone on the industry and, yet, he's extremely humble.
Sarah Jayne
Sarah Jayne:
he’s just gorgeous and awkward and it’s ok we love him and we don’t want him to be full of himself like those other celebrities
Wilson's Experience
Wilson's Experience:
I looked this kid up just to see who he was, and now my recommended is filled with Timothée.
Natty 27
Natty 27:
He's a kind of .. artist. 💁
María I Vidal
María I Vidal:
Why do I love him so much
ArnaldoLuis NarvaezCuevas
ArnaldoLuis NarvaezCuevas:
He is very Humble! That is why he is the best.
compassionate one
compassionate one:
Andrea Buccat
Andrea Buccat:
the title really 😪
Grace Murphy
Grace Murphy:
hes just wholesom
Nicole chalamet
Nicole chalamet:
I really said oh he looks like he is around 19 or 20 But then........ I found out he is 24!! Its Okay though he is still adorable and cute.
Lorna Phillips
Lorna Phillips:
From what I’ve noticed so far, he is genuinely enjoying the attention he gets and is super grateful and attentive to his fans. Does working hard at staying grounded and making his craft the priority mean that he’s “bad at being famous”? Not in my humble opinion ☺️💕
God you put it so right, thanks 🙏
Wilman Bare
Wilman Bare:
You know what he is cute but not like oh my god oh my god cute
Suzette Bautista
Suzette Bautista:
he's just shy