Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01y17gc Will Smith treats Graham to a star-studded rap medley. With Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro.


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that awkward moment when your dad 聽is cooler than you
First Last
First Last:
The moment you realize your dad will always be cooler than you will ever be.
Tania Crowe
Tania Crowe:
That audience didn鈥檛 know they were getting a Fresh Prince reunion and a Will Smith Concert all in one day!
goku son
goku son:
The only one that can really do the Carlton, is Carlton.
Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant:
I know I wasn鈥檛 the only one who smiled the whole time while watching this
Polo Gamero
Polo Gamero:
That uncomfortable moment when you realize your father and his friends are way WAY cooler than you.
Jaden looks like the last puppy in the pound, that someone just had to take home.
Brett Lee
Brett Lee:
That awkward moment when Bradley Cooper doesn鈥檛 move a muscle during this awesome moment.
Is just me or was it Disrespectful that they didn't have Alfonso come back to the couch
Ciki Mac
Ciki Mac:
Sit down Jaden and learn from the Master.
My childhood.聽
My favourite video ever!
Do Bich Hanh
Do Bich Hanh:
No one can dance like Carlton. He's awesome.
Rachael B
Rachael B:
Will Smith is so freaking talented and his son is adorable. This was the most epic mash up ever!
Rachael S
Rachael S:
Will Smith is surely the most likable human that has ever existed
Is it weird that I鈥檓 focused on whatever hair thing is going on with the woman... I was worried, confused, bemused, numb... everything
I don't think people understand, really how big the Fresh prince show was back then..
sneaker bot
sneaker bot:
I bet James Avery is proud of what will accomplished

Nevaeh Chanski
Nevaeh Chanski:
The only rapper without a single swear in his songs 馃憣 original
Harish 2607
Harish 2607:
I wanted to see will and jazz greet with their "psshhhh" clap
Heather Graham: I'm a star!
Bradley Cooper: I'm a superstar!
Will Smith: Hold my beer...
Bro we need season 7
Urooj Arif
Urooj Arif:
You can totally see in Bradley's eyes just how starstruck he was with Will, it's amazing
So can anyone tell me: How much of this "surprise" was real and how much is just TV Magic? It just feels like it would be impossible to smuggle in a DJ-table, Jazz and Ribero without Norton knowing about this at all.
Why can't we have shows like this in America?!
mark ans
mark ans:
jayden's embarrassment has reached a far star in a distant galaxy
I love how Will Smith is a big Hollywood Star, but is still close with his fresh prince family.
It's crazy how well Will and Alphonso have aged
travis graham
travis graham:
That awkward moment when Carlton is cooler than Jaden
charlie aitken
charlie aitken:
It鈥檚 crazy to think how much Jayden has developed as a musician since this
Joanna Paixao
Joanna Paixao:
OK now I can continue living in 2020 馃槀
Serpent Eve
Serpent Eve:
Will Smith is hella entertainer and a good man.
Star T
Star T:
When you realize you're only famous cause who your dad is 馃ぃ definitely didn't get his dads talent lol
I bet James Avery is proud of what will accomplished

Are we gonna let slide the fact that Will left Carlton's handshake hanging AGAIN??? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ 5:26
Who else had the biggest smile on their face the entire time while watching this
4getmenot 123
4getmenot 123:
"Like hello" I pissed myself why is it so awkward 馃ぃ
That awkward moment when you realize the entire comment section is is just "that awkward moment"
Shawn Waldrop
Shawn Waldrop:
This makes me so happy I can鈥檛 even stand it.
Caitlin Cushing
Caitlin Cushing:
I love their friendship! They鈥檝e been friends since their late teens/early 20s and now they鈥檙e both in their late 40s/early 50s with kids of their own. I hope their friendship remains constant for years to come
i'm convinced alfonso ins't carlton, carlton is alfonso.
Nicola Ankers
Nicola Ankers:
No matter how many times I watch this it always puts a smile on my face. Will and charlton are the best. X
Sarah G
Sarah G:
Alfonso can _dance._ I could watch him forever.
Chosen Fallen
Chosen Fallen:
I still come back and watch this from time to time.

That man put on a whole show for audience that day.
julian wright
julian wright:
That moment when your weird son is realizing everyone is cooler than him
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g:
That crowd 1000% got their moneys worth.
Pajama Play with Marley & Gia
Pajama Play with Marley & Gia:
This makes me wanna watch Fresh Prince now
Jacky Daniels
Jacky Daniels:
I'm sure Will is not just a great human being, but also a great father, but I feel like it is hard for Jaden to get out of his shadow.
Man, Will is sooooo charismatic! I really love his style
Cristian Suarez
Cristian Suarez:
His son must be out, I don't feel he is doing good there. His father is cooler, definitely.
celeste matthews
celeste matthews:
When Alfonso does his dance he looks like he gets into the Carlton mood.
Rocket: I'm gonna need that guy's turntables.
Derek Rose
Derek Rose:
You can tell they still have so much love towards each other.
Bernadette Bodnar-Elston
Bernadette Bodnar-Elston:
To jam with your dad...a superstar in his own right.. how freaking cool!!
umar younis
umar younis:
I remembering watching this when it had no more than a few thousand views ! Now we on 86M ! Wow
Waleed Arif
Waleed Arif:
I agree, Will Smith is not just a celebrity, he's an important person. I hope he lives a long healthy life.
Jadens ego was brought down a peg or two.
The last one had 8 million views, this now has 85 million.
Guess I'm not the only one using it to get rid of the Corona blues
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson:
I've got some serious man love for Will Smith, mega talented and seems a good genuine guy as well. Some harsh comments on here about his son, he was a young lad at the time and imagine having to grow up in the shadow of his Dad. There's not a person on here that wouldn't struggle a bit with that. All round brilliant TV!
Chris. M
Chris. M:
The fresh prince full of energy.
All we needed was Uncle Phil showing up and throwing DJ Jazzy Jeff off the stage :) RIP James Avery
Mike Mangieri
Mike Mangieri:
Carlton it's just the same as the alarm Fresh Prince didn't look like he aged a bit
Rumel Ahmed
Rumel Ahmed:
Theres just 1 too many Hellos in that segment. Ffs.
Kayla Fuller
Kayla Fuller:
I love how Will and Alphonso made the same faces they did on the fresh prince for jump on it.
Mohammed Ashraf
Mohammed Ashraf:
The moment when the stage is cooler than jayden smith 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Ally Alizo
Ally Alizo:
Uncle Phil must be proud now
Frankie Gunnz
Frankie Gunnz:
What great memories from the 90's this bought me!
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor:
One of my absolute most favorite scenes from this show. Never gets old.
Akseli H盲m盲l盲inen
Akseli H盲m盲l盲inen:
Jaden: Hello
Will Smith is such a great entertainer. This is probably one of the best shows at the Graham Norton Show.
I am Chris
I am Chris:
Aren't mystery comments interesting?
I want Will smith鈥檚 energy in my life馃槶鈾ワ笍
Draco Tension yaj
Draco Tension yaj:
You know ain't shit when you're on a talk show with yo dad rapping his famous theme song with him
Jon Weiss
Jon Weiss:
Will - "Excellent!" I'm a Fan. "Welcome to Miami." Jonny Weiss "Back to Phoenix." 馃幎
Aww this made me so happy it brought tears to my eyes!!! This is so refreshing to watch!! 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tardis Time
Tardis Time:
It鈥檚 impossible not to like Will Smith
Nobody Important
Nobody Important:
The throaty 鈥淓EEEEEEAAAAAAHHH鈥 thooooooo
Emmet 1860
Emmet 1860:
7 years later and I think this is still my favourite video on YouTube! Will Smith is just such an entertaining man!
True Grit
True Grit:
brings a smile to my face everytime.
Francis Serra
Francis Serra:
Jaden is just like that guy in the subway that talks to himself and walks up and down the car. You just gotta ignore him.
i don't know
i don't know:
will smith made fun of carlton's height too much his son became like him
I wonder if the the other guests knew this was going to happen lol
This time around, Jaden at least looks like he's having fun. I like this Jaden. Last time Jaden looked like he was completely zoned out and was so uncharismatic
Watchthisspace82 Watchthisspace82
Watchthisspace82 Watchthisspace82:
Fresh prince was such a huge show and I think the song has a part to play in that! Everyone recognises it and knows all the words. Love it!
Roddy _501
Roddy _501:
The Exaggerated Swagger of the Fresh Prince...
No one can dance like Carlton. He's awesome.
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane:
Loved this. Brought back good kid feelings and reminded me of the things I liked about Will Smith.
Peter File
Peter File:
Loool 鈥渉old up Graham!鈥
Poor Will, trying over and over again to make his toddler got some carisma, but man!
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins:
Sooo cute how young he was an how he changed sooo much.
Faith Bell
Faith Bell:
No one can ever perfect the Carlton like Alfonso does.
Dxjcc Fmbbb
Dxjcc Fmbbb:
Don鈥檛 recommend this again thank you.
Jon Weiss
Jon Weiss:
Wow Will! "Excellent!" I'm going to Miami Beach.
Baby Doll
Baby Doll:
Loved this! Brought back A LOT of GOOD, HAPPY memories!
Gillian Delledonne
Gillian Delledonne:
There are nights when insomnia can be wonderful and this is one of them......so much good stuff to seek out and watch.
That awkward moment when you're the one making it awkward and not your dad.
Kyng Saber
Kyng Saber:
Who's here after fresh Prince had a reunion
Yvonne Talamantes
Yvonne Talamantes:
That was wonderful to watch I enjoyed watching it so much it was so inspirational everybody was going they were reminiscing with the prince of ballet it was wonderful man it just made my day 馃グ馃憤
Theresa Waide
Theresa Waide:
Will, Jazz, Alfonzo taking us back to those days. Love it. I'm not sure what Jaden had to do with that.
Lisa dtn
Lisa dtn:
That's amazing all of them oh my goodness I would love just to get one chance to meet Will Smith and alfonzo馃槝馃馃槉鉂
David Dagnaisser
David Dagnaisser:
I'm a simple man. I see Carlton dancing, I like.