Will Smith - Men In Black (Video Version)

"Men In Black" by Will Smith
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Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
Galaxy defenders (oooh, oooh, oooh)
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
They won't let you remember (won't let you remember)

#MenInBlack #WillSmith #OfficialVideo

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Taco Stacks
Taco Stacks:
This song slaps
*If ur listening in 2021 thumbs up 👍 this song never dies*
Franssua Calix Ponce
Franssua Calix Ponce:
Kids nowadays will not know the feeling this song cause on your feet’s when you were dancing it in the living room alone at the end of The movie haha love it
Alessio Minervini
Alessio Minervini:
for a secret organization having such memorable theme song is kinda contradictory
Dan Bull
Dan Bull:
Press 5 repeatedly to frighten children.
D Mac
D Mac:
Idc what anyone says about Will Smith he had corny rhymes sometimes but his flow is so smooth.
I trust the MIB more than most politicians, thats for sure!!!
tifanny Ferreira
tifanny Ferreira:
Just imagine how many people came here everyday.
He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly he’s the man in black.
Tony C
Tony C:
The Original Original Guardians of the Galaxy
Jay_ gov
Jay_ gov:
I'm 15 years old born in 2005 but this movie has to have one of my favorite sound tracks
Angelita Black
Angelita Black:
Dislikes are from deported aliens
Jeremiah Boddy
Jeremiah Boddy:
I can’t be the only one has been having 90s nostalgia.
Lucy Anna Nixon
Lucy Anna Nixon:
Adrian Muhammad Abimanyu XII IPA 4
Adrian Muhammad Abimanyu XII IPA 4:
1997 : rapping men in black
2019 : singing Aladdin
If someone asks me what the 90s were like, I'm just going to show them the clip of Will and the CGI alien singing and line dancing together.
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes:
Will Smith can neuralyze me as many times as he wants, I will never forget this song
KC Lawrence
KC Lawrence:
1997: rappin men in black

2019: singng aladdin
Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth Cruz:
This song means a lot to me. I was in kinder when my older brother was in fifth grade and I remember for the school talent show he performed this song with his friends. I wish we could’ve recorded it lol this was like in the late 90s like in 97. Anyway it would’ve been cool to have that recorded cause my brother passed 7 years ago in a motorcycle accident. The only memories of it are forever recorded in my mind 💗
back when Will Smith was untouchable in terms of coolness.
Susie Tricia Hopkins
Susie Tricia Hopkins:
You know the difference between you and me
I make this look good

Best quote ever
Tavo Gil
Tavo Gil:
ahra si podras decir aqui agregandole masa muscular a mi cuerpo en tonificacion..
D Kid
D Kid:
I was so obsessed with this song and dance as a child
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright:
I’m more addicted to this song now then I was as a kid.
The MIB was in avengers...we just don't remember them.
Nate S
Nate S:
Will Smith was the single coolest guy on the planet when this came out. Still top 5 23 years on
Crogy 92
Crogy 92:
I miss the days when Will Smith would sing a theme song for his movies and shows...would've been cool to see a Suicide Squad theme song
Bryan Braun
Bryan Braun:
The point when you realize, after so many years of hearing, singing, and loving this song, that there is a line dance element to it.
spyshot gaming
spyshot gaming:
This song is lit I like men in the black movies
Chass Luva
Chass Luva:
damn. I wish rap nowadays was like this. I'd totally listen.
Stephen Watler
Stephen Watler:
It’s not just about gangsta. Will Smith, old school professor, showing full talent......Lyrics to kill
I remember when this was top of the line, AAA CGI.
Kaan Demiral
Kaan Demiral:
2020 and this is timeless... 90s i hope we see us in the next live for ever.
Isabella Bella
Isabella Bella:
best song EVERRRRR!
Putera Nadim
Putera Nadim:
The men in black will never be the same without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

I edited it since you guys keep telling me in the reply
Fermina Leyba
Fermina Leyba:
Algun hispano por aqui?
Cryin Kanye
Cryin Kanye:
MJ12 whenever a UFO crashes ion Earth
Accessible Travels & Vacations
Accessible Travels & Vacations:
always wondered why Coko from SWV was never credited for singing the chorus, anyone know?
lay lover
lay lover:
This was the best part of the movie, and the movie was already so good.
Mdumiseni Njeza
Mdumiseni Njeza:
Making movies and music. Will is high class skilled human being..
Rouven Schuler
Rouven Schuler:
These are the guys who we need today
Brett Alt
Brett Alt:
Who's still listening to this awesome track in late 2020, and in 2021?
Pia Bustos
Pia Bustos:
La primera vez que me enamore... Will ❤️
This song can't die and the movie too
Ricardo Marin
Ricardo Marin:
it's amazing people attacked him just because he didn't want to rap about the thug life
A Hobbit
A Hobbit:
Who else really wishes Tommy Lee Jones was one of the dancers? 😂
Gaston Gatuno
Gaston Gatuno:
2021, who's still listening?
Desiree Beardy
Desiree Beardy:
90/20's dance moves were better back then. Today's is just wtf?!
Stephan P
Stephan P:
If you were a kid, teen, or young adult in the 90s, this song is definitely at the top of your best party/dance songs.
A brick
A brick:
Who’s jamming to this while in quarantine ?
The Music playlist channel
The Music playlist channel:
Anybody remember what we’re doing here 🤨
Doctor Virtual
Doctor Virtual:
I can`t remember what I just watched
Take me back to my childhood. Who remembers when cereal boxes had toys in them. Wish I still had my MIB cereal toy 😂😂.
Embry Milo
Embry Milo:
My youth group had a “guess the spooky theme song” game for Halloween. They played this. They said “here come the men in black” like 40 TIMES BEFORE THEY RECOGNIZED IT. I have never been more disappointed in the chirren.
I always forget that will Smith is also a rapper
ada wong
ada wong:
Will es el mejor!!!! Gran talento y carisma 😘💓💓💓
This guy used to pump out hit after hit, miss you will smith!
EvG Hallzyy
EvG Hallzyy:
2020 is the year the men in black flash our memories away try remember that when the year ends 😂
Jason Marone
Jason Marone:
Watching this as a kid was both terrifying and exciting.
_comment removed by Men In Black_
Barta Sparta!!!
Barta Sparta!!!:
Whenever I watch to the end, I forget the whole song.
thankful bruh
thankful bruh:
This is Will Smith’s peak
Dondi Smith
Dondi Smith:
None of these comments acknowledge the alien’s moves or vocals! Y’all don’t remember this the way I do. 😂
Anthony Vaughan
Anthony Vaughan:
marlon herran
marlon herran:
tremenda voz la que se trae el pinshi alien
Karpie Rolling
Karpie Rolling:
1990's and his rap flow and dance style is so 21st century.
Beth Ivey
Beth Ivey:
1:25 speed ......u welcome
P T:
I wish Will would stop ageing...
I want him to do more movies like this..
I miss the old days
Robert Olmstead
Robert Olmstead:
Anybody else miss it when Will Smith did a song for every movie he did?
foresmallcs t
foresmallcs t:
Que tiempos recuerdo los domingos lavando el carro de mi mama con esta cancion en la radio mi hermano y yo cantando aquella tarde de los 90s
Meta Man
Meta Man:
“But yo we ain’t on no government list we straight don’t exist no names and no fingerprints.”
Water Witch
Water Witch:
You gotta admit, he makes it look good, lol
Thomas Bagel
Thomas Bagel:
1982 Patrice Rushen "Forget me nots"
1997 Will Smith "Men in Black"
everybody gangsta till the alien starts dancin' with will smith
Alonzo Tanner
Alonzo Tanner:
Damn I remember I was in like 6th grade when this video dropped. My god it was on MTV like 5-6 times a day. Used to drive me crazy plus a lot of kids in Harlem would dance to this on the streets too, but now that I watch it again as an adult, I miss it a lot. Great song. Loved how Will Smith incorporated his rap talents into some of his movies like this.
John Santos
John Santos:
ainda amo os filmes
helmut erik rønnow rosendal
helmut erik rønnow rosendal:
so glad i grew up with this in my childhood god i feel bad for the kids today
Angellina produções
Angellina produções:
O cara alem de ser um excelente ator, cata demasiado bem.
Andrew Bond
Andrew Bond:
This sucks, I keep watching this video but I can never remember what happens in it...
Annus Andras
Annus Andras:
Me at the end of the video:

What did i watch again?
I remember watching VHS even after dvds came out to see this
S G:
Mufasa brought me here.
Fils de Jean Noir
Fils de Jean Noir:
0:01 I don't need men in black! I just need the black men! Don't care what they wear or if they wear nothin' at all!!
Mr. Bombastic Autistic
Mr. Bombastic Autistic:
1997: Men In Black
2019: Yeaah, it's rewind time.
luke papas
luke papas:
-how the fires starts?
- I don’t know I was on my room listed will smith’s music songs 😜😜😜😜
D Mac
D Mac:
This song is so fuckin sick. Even still. Funky as hell.
Bako Andras
Bako Andras:
Men in forget-me-nots! One of the most coolest songs of Planet Earth.
amit limaye
amit limaye:
Dude why is will old 😭😭😭 such an amazing actor 🥺🥺
Arkadiusz Buczek
Arkadiusz Buczek:
2019 Men In Black without Will it is not the same :(
Autobot film productions
Autobot film productions:
3:41What was I listening to again?
Ahmed Eissa
Ahmed Eissa:
Beautiful old days i'm missing ❤️
Angelo Zone
Angelo Zone:
Omg we have to line dance at school to this song 😂
Jeff The Killer
Jeff The Killer:
This movie started my belief in aliens
Nick Robles
Nick Robles:
I swear the 90s was the best decade in history!!
Othella Young
Othella Young:
This song never gets old 🥰repeat please 🙃just saying......🤭 May the force be with you😎
This is right up there with Ghostbusters for best theme songs for a movie.
Shannon Ren
Shannon Ren:
Everyone on TikTok doing a mib challenge and they aren't even doing the dance right LMAO
Sean Truth
Sean Truth:
My dog will I remember when this came out me and lil bro went to the movies to go see it
Straightedge Savior
Straightedge Savior:
Song still holds up 23 years later.
Relaciones de pareja, polaridad
Relaciones de pareja, polaridad:
La atracción no es una elección racional 💕🔥(es instintiva por parte de las mujeres)♡♥💕😘
#RelacionesdeParejaPolaridad #Atraccion #Enamorada 🎆🎆🎆¥¥¥¥×××