Windy Radar now shows current lightning strikes

🔥 NEW FEATURE: Windy's radar layer now shows current lightning strikes:

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Not Today
Not Today:
just wow.. this is probably the best weather app anyone could ever have. I’m surprised that this isn’t popular..
Aerox ⁣
Aerox ⁣:
Do this radar include data measured with doppler? 🤔 I'm a beginner at meteorology, but I know that the Doppler-radar measures the velocity of wind moving towards and away from a weather station in 2 different colors. Are such data available in the Windy app? If so, is it only available in the US, or does Europeans like me also get a chance to detect and avoid being blown away like a glove by tornados? 😂
Mohammad Shahzain
Mohammad Shahzain:
Is the lightning feature available worldwide or just the us?