Winona Ryder Accuses Mel Gibson Of Making Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Comments

An old Hollywood feud has re-ignited after Winona Ryder recalled Mel Gibson's alleged anti-semitic and homophobic comments made in the mid-90s in a new interview with the 'Sunday Times'.

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100+ komentarze:

Oh pls, you’re just part of the machine to tear
Him down because he is honest about how he feels about hollywood.
Half of Hollywood is on Epsteins pedophile island list so Mel Gibson wasn't wrong.
Graham D
Graham D:
The PM if Israel got caught for rape in the news today. Cover that news
Ten years ago he was warning of the pedo culture in Hollywood...assuming she is one of them.
Mercy Torres
Mercy Torres:
She just need attention. Mel Gibson is a great man
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
The iew cries out in pain as it strikes you
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
Okay. Am I missing something?? When did this happen?? What made her remember??
Mark 5150
Mark 5150:
Tough to believe a known thief
She's a shoplifter, never trust a thief
Lemon Ye11ow
Lemon Ye11ow:
I've always liked Mel.
Grounded Human
Grounded Human:
I don't like her aura
Did he not already go on an apology tour years back? what's the point of bringing it up again?
I'd watch Mel's movies hands down! Bring on the remake of passion of the Christ !! Morons are still sour over that amazing movie...
GiVer GiVer
GiVer GiVer:
She is so sad her career is in the toilet so she needs to stir controversies that she claims happened decades ago. Hollywood actresses are mental that's why many play characters so well.
Benjamin Bottom Wobbles
Benjamin Bottom Wobbles:
Winoa go back to stealing, that's what you are only good at..
florin preda
florin preda:
Sue her
Mel should've said: "Winona's here....check for your wallets, everyone"
Ayesha Jamshad
Ayesha Jamshad:
It's so easy to say he said she said now. Grow up get a life. More important things happening in this world. Mel Gibson has money of course he's going to be in the news. Why on earth would people leave him alone. People are nosy and just want gossip.
Why was this brought up again? Did the interviewer bring up her bad decisions in the past? Her shoplifting incident? Who she dated in the 90s? If it happened exactly the way she framed it, that's bad, but also 25 years ago is a long time. People can change if they are given the opportunity to change (and if they want to change). Is Winona the same person she was 25 years ago?
Cotswold Cuckoo
Cotswold Cuckoo:
Because of social distancing it's obvious Winona's brain and mouth are keeping well apart. ( Any clothing, goods or money missing after she left, by the way ?
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
Mel Gibson is unreal. He's done so much good. I don't believe her
Enduro Clutch N Shift
Enduro Clutch N Shift:
Just look at that dislike bar, people are finally waking up to the mainstream media’s BS
G M:
Winona Ryder took the stand today..... Now the stand is missing.
Mel I can’t wait to see you back... make your own movies... do it with a simple camera... call it “calling out the truth” 💎💎💎💎💎❤️
through my eyes
through my eyes:
he looks like an old out of control drunk, oh WAIT
Did that happen at the time when she was stealing stuff from shops? Can we really trust a kleptomaniac under mental control? #pizzagate
Caroline Chaffee
Caroline Chaffee:
Wynona, aren't you about due to steal something? A ketchup bottle maybe? Stick to what you know.
Adi Bosanac
Adi Bosanac:
It was real in my mind.
Mom Scoot
Mom Scoot:
I want her canceled
Bad energy coming off of her.
Meta Occultist
Meta Occultist:
shes a liar this is a lie lol he exposes hollywood and now they wanna cancel him
Omar Saleh
Omar Saleh:
Makes me love him more
chomp chomp
chomp chomp:
Leave Mel Gibson alone!
Zach Jones
Zach Jones:
Bro who cares y’all to soft
I hope he said those things, as it's what a man would consider based.
Silent Groyper
Silent Groyper:
2020 and this is still talked about lol
Why are medias acting as if this is new? She already said that in 2010 and that already made the headlines back then...
Liantuang Hawlhang
Liantuang Hawlhang:
Hes Homophobic, and Anti-Semitic? Ok thats based
Jessica McKa
Jessica McKa:
Didn't Whine-onna walk out of a department store with like $5000 worth of blouses tucked under her shirt? She was convicted of that
Ash Og
Ash Og:
Melvin Gibson was right about who is responsible for wars
GOOD. Gibson is one of the few decent people in Hollywood
Robert Eaves
Robert Eaves:
Wait...the has-been kleptomaniac Jewess is looking for a bit of relevance?
Cosmo Gamer
Cosmo Gamer:
this exact story was a news event ten years ago. why is this coming up again
Mel Gibson needs to be protected at all costs.
Mel Gibson sounds right up my alley. 10/10 would have a beer with him when talking about how hollywood is overrun with pedokikes.
Exotic Beatz
Exotic Beatz:
How about you talk about how he exposed Hollywood instead of trying to make people hate him? This the same shit hollywood did all those years ago when they realized he wasn't part of their weird, sick cult.
Rj Ryen
Rj Ryen:
Whatever! It is time for Wynona Ryder to be herself & quit trying to please powerful people.
Winona is a thief so, yeah you can trust her. I Like Mel Gibson a lot, Danny Glover was one of the few that refused to spit on him, nasty Hollywood !
Milo Garcia
Milo Garcia:
"Look over there!"
William F. Buckley Jr
William F. Buckley Jr:
And the last time this dirty little strumpet worked was.....???

'Ya. I can't remember either.
Cosmic .Hammer
Cosmic .Hammer:
I am so happy and empowered by what Wynona is doing here. She is bringing to everyone’s attention the things that happened many years ago when she was still relevant and people knew who she was. This is a great opportunity for her to crawl out from underneath the rock she was living under and to steal some fame from people let who still have careers. I would like to see her apologize again for the shoplifting incident she was involved in many years ago, I think that was a very offensive to all shoplifters!! she may need to be CANCELED for a few more years until everyone “feels” she is sorry.
Jay H
Jay H:
They give him corona or is that a smoke screen to many epsteins happening 🤗
Liam Static
Liam Static:
What was her best movie, Beetlejuice? Lmao!
Eisen Dieter
Eisen Dieter:
The first bad thing about Keanu i have ever heard ;-)
Flower Uruguay
Flower Uruguay:
1:39 Keanu 😇
Martin Conta Gets Banned
Martin Conta Gets Banned:
Watch the video on yt called "Fall of The Cabal".... he exposes how messed up hollywood is.... Its a video just under 3 hours long.... Watch it all.... You will learn a lot of truth you will never get from any mainstream sources.
Coming from a rich girl that was caught stealing years ago , who cares what she's been paid to think . Mel is a hero . Truth is truth .
James Hsu
James Hsu:
He is based af
Just leave mel Gibson alone for God sake.🤕
Adrian Davidson
Adrian Davidson:
Winona shoplifting Ryder!
Aubrianne Marie
Aubrianne Marie:
Same with people in Washington just fact
David Wahlstrom
David Wahlstrom:
So an anti-semite and a thief walk into a party.......
J Hoover
J Hoover:
Lol she even had him sitting there with a cigar like a cartoon villain, you know, just sayin all the 'bad stuff'.. please.. go steal something...
I had no idea I could like Mel even more
Sara Hesham
Sara Hesham:
She just want to continue putting children blood in her skin to look younger
Tony X
Tony X:
She shoplifts and ignores the antics of Weinstein and Epstein ! Need I say more ?
Jessica McKa
Jessica McKa:
I used to work at universal studios in Orlando. I've met many many celebrities because I worked in the bar. When they're in a bar just hanging out is when you learn a true persons personality.

Mel Gibson is by far the nicest most genuine celebrity I've ever met. Acted like a real person and treated us staff like real people. Very few celebrities I can say that about
Kris Butler
Kris Butler:
stay away keanu, your too good for her
fern Haloo
fern Haloo:
Winona Ryder Jewess.
robert jones
robert jones:
Leave Mel alone!
Mel Gibson has been right about what's been going on in Hollywood and the world. And yes they are Jews. Judaism is communism.
Bridget McGuire
Bridget McGuire:
Winona Ryder is such a has been she will do anything to get attention!! She can just keep her kleptomaniac/lying behavior to her self!! Give me a break I don't trust her at all!!
Albert Graham
Albert Graham:
Evidence and proof?
J London
J London:
Winona .. both Ego & Klepto Maniac. Add sociopathic liar ? Most actors are.
John Parr
John Parr:
Trust me, I'm a shoplifter
jo jo
jo jo:
She's a liar..she refused to talk to him about it ?? LIAR !!!
Sean McGowan
Sean McGowan:
Mel Gibson is a legend I don't care what anyone says 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 freedom
Kimberly Lenahan
Kimberly Lenahan:
Love Mel Gibson❤
Martin Conta Gets Banned
Martin Conta Gets Banned:
they keep attacking him because he exposed hollywood pedophiles... don't be surprised if he is murdered, and the media coveres it up as a suicide....
So the director got the cast to shout at her to get her to cry for the scene. Darling just act.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Is she still shoplifting stuff she can afford to buy ?
Nobel Heretic
Nobel Heretic:
Based Mel
Mel the Goat
James Flynn
James Flynn:
Yep. BS.
Winonas big brown beaver
Khalid G
Khalid G:
I love them both but I love Mel Gibson honest more
Mel gibson was and is right!!!
Loool 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake:
Hey! 😁
Scooter Mcgavin
Scooter Mcgavin:
Funny when he's trying to shed a little bit of late on the perversion and death cult that Hollywood is that par for the course some b******* allegations from some transvestite actress pretty sure America's starting to realize Mel Gibson's speaking from truth and from the heart and pretty sure America sees that the demons in Hollywood Lake Winona are desperate to hide truth
I L:
Even if this were true. It was just jokes
tony villani
tony villani:
Winona Ryder is a schoolyard child and understands nothing of privacy or decency
Wasn’t she jailed for stealing? Sounds like a klepto psycho pathological liar 😂
the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta
the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta:
What's wrong with her brain, Man!
Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner: She talked about the cast shouting negative things to her to make her cry..what a victim..sniff sniff
Han Solo
Han Solo:
I love Ryder and Gibson.... however, Ryder has a lot of history with mental quite strange she bringing her old statement up again.... questionable. Mel has had crazy moments, but fueled with excessive booze and also a gold-digger's betrayal on a national exposure.... That said, I believe Mel is more together than EVER before.... however, if he proved to be back into crazy drinking and nutty rants, I would be surprised and quit being a fan.... Likewise, Ryder picking out Gibson on old shit is pretty douchy....
david fasterer
david fasterer:
Looks like she's been on the diet water.
Faith 33
Faith 33:
I don’t believe her!
bale cruz
bale cruz:
She got a Michael Jackson nose