Winona Ryder on Stranger Things

Winona talks about the popularity of her Netflix show “Stranger Things” and she explains how she inadvertently became the face of the Netflix price hike.

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Winona Ryder on Stranger Things

100+ komentarze:

Ando G
Ando G:
She's so underrated.. She's seriously one of the great actresses of our time!
• Katia_Solano •
• Katia_Solano •:
her and Johnny Depp should've married and had children. those children would've been beautiful
She's 45 years old in this video? I can't believe it 😱
She looks beautiful for that age
Gianna Alosi
Gianna Alosi:
Wasn’t she in Heathers, Beetlejuice, and every Tim Burton movie ever made, too?
Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Molly Ringwald, Micheal j fox - 80s - 90s best movies stars. Happy that the first 3 actors are still acting now
how could you not love winona? she's so sweet, shy, and down to earth its refreshing. in the new age of garbage reality shows and internet success she's a throwback to the good ole days of the 80's and 90's.
Elizabeth Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds:
She is such a delicate and kind soul. In 1993 as a 6 year old, I idolized her even back then. She's always been too kind for Hollywood. Will always love her.
i like her voice...she's like this small petite woman but on the show she is this force of nature that would do ANYTHING to protect her children
All my life I loved this woman.. literally grew up with her. She feels so familiar that I sometimes forget she doesn't know me back.. :D
Kate H
Kate H:
I love how the people who work for Netflix have to pay for Netflix 😂
bleu 007
bleu 007:
She even talks like Johnny Depp 😂💔
Ashfar Azfar
Ashfar Azfar:
I've had a crush on this woman since the 90's.
Still do, she is fire.
Master Hades
Master Hades:
man her acting was hand down incredible
Cak Redi
Cak Redi:
Winona Ryder owned the 90's.
Remember that.
Dylan MacKinnon
Dylan MacKinnon:
Give that women an emmy. Her performance was spectacular in Stranger Things.
i simply want to be loved
i simply want to be loved:
She’s so precious like I need her protected please
lily Rose
lily Rose:
Ah i give her all respect, she stand with Johnny in his case with amber that's so sweet 🌹 she seems like she has a very kind heart
Lexter John Sapuay
Lexter John Sapuay:
Even though she's in her 40's, Winona still so gorgeously beautiful..
v wins
v wins:
she’s so stunning. i love her so so so so much.
Ron Josh Ytem
Ron Josh Ytem:
Her crying scenes i felt were just so powerful though
Halle Browning
Halle Browning:
she literally has the same personality as joyce awww
Adoreska Jo
Adoreska Jo:
She's so awkward, I'm so in love with her 💘
pas des problèmes
pas des problèmes:
I can't look at her without thinking about how Gwyneth Paltrow stole the script from Shakespeare in love from her and my blood boils. It could have saved her career at the time
Sergio Lobato
Sergio Lobato:
I always had a major crush on Winona Ryder, and still do!
I like it how she has kept her face looking beautiful natural and normal, not full of botox (wax museum-like) and those strange stuff most celebrities like to have done nowadays killing their original facial features. Glad Winona Ryder is the same beauty as she was before! And she is surely proud of ageing, still looking great as well as more mature. Bravo! ! She is a great actress. Glad to see her back too!
California Queen
California Queen:
I love her, I’m so glad she’s back 💓
Mande Loo
Mande Loo:
Love Winona Ryder so much. She was one of THE icons of my childhood/adolescence
I remembered watching her in Lucas and her hair on that movie inspired me to cut mine. I also LOVE her in Heathers and Edward Scissorhands ❤ I just absolutely love Winona
Jake R. Sanderson
Jake R. Sanderson:
She is such an underrated actress. Absolutely phenomenal performance in Stranger Things.
When you look into the past and see the mental breakdown and depression Winona sufered for a really long period and compare it to her present (and possible future) it makes you feel happy to know that her life had such a positive change :)
KT Al:
She has such a beautiful face, prettiest nose
Bughead Fan
Bughead Fan:
Give the woman an Emmy! Even though she deserves ten Emmys.
Adline Writes
Adline Writes:
Her scenes when her son went missing broke my heart, she is so good.
It seems like Winona was about to cry in the beginning when jimmy said thank you for coming. He's just so sweet and underrated. He doesn't deserve all the hate he gets. He has a kind and happy and beautiful soul and society is too stupid to realize those things.
___1901 1999
___1901 1999:
Finally she's getting back out there...
I have had such a crush on Winona Ryder ever since I saw the movie "Reality Bites"! She is just so perfect in every way and has gotten more beautiful with each passing day! #IAdoreHer
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace:
Lol I just realized I'm way too obsessed to where I can't even hear Winona Ryder and can only hear Joyce Byers XD
Justin Time
Justin Time:
I actually like when she says "yeah"...I've been crushing on her forever. Kinda weird how her ex-BF is Kimmel's Butt Buddy.
Its Mee
Its Mee:
She's so cute
Philippe Parle Peu
Philippe Parle Peu:
Winona forever.
Winona Ryder: So it's all your fault for Netflix putting up the price of my subscription. Lol. I would have paid all the money on Earth to watch Stranger Things, knowing that Winona was the main character. Well done Winona, you did so well. Love from a fan in the UK :-)
Larry Lee Moniz
Larry Lee Moniz:
Winona Ryder is back, and better than ever!
she is so down to earth and so adorable 😭💕
Maya Burchfield
Maya Burchfield:
she's so wholesome ahgg 🥺🥺
Ashleigh McLeish
Ashleigh McLeish:
Lydiah Santi Von D
Lydiah Santi Von D:
she looks the same she looks so young stunning woman my gawd
Grammatical Erorr
Grammatical Erorr:
I'm in love with her since Mermaid. She's so freakin beautiful.
oolon colluphid
oolon colluphid:
The scene where she's begging for an advance from her boss in the grocery store. That's when I said, "YEP, Winona's back!"
Ferra Joachim
Ferra Joachim:
Everytime shes on she STEALS the scene 😂😂😂
She is such an amazing actress, every scene she was in you literally felt all of her emotion. Especially the scene when she first discovered the lights flickering. You saw her 'craziness' progress from the start to end of the series. Just outstanding.
She seems to struggle to find the words to express her thoughts. Im still a huge fan though!
I love her voice so much.
She is adorable.
Her voice sounds so different than usual. Bit high pitched and older. She looks great though 😉
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy:
damn she doesnt age
Glendina Ingram
Glendina Ingram:
I'm 14: My Celebrity Crush

Winnona Ryder

Millie Bobby Brown

Sadie Sink
Naromen Longchar
Naromen Longchar:
Winona Ryder has one the prettiest smiles. She looks even more beautiful when she smiles. I just love her 😍.
Even at 46, she makes me feel so warm inside. Her voice is soothing. She’s so adorable haha.
David Mason
David Mason:
I grew up watching Heather's and Edward Scissor Hands. She is an amazing actress and still looks exactly the same. Still as beautiful as ever. She always seemed like a private person who hates doing the interviews and award shows. It's nice that she's remained a humble person and hasn't destroyed herself with plastic surgery like a lot of people her age. Whatever she's doing Hollywood needs to find out. This woman hasn't aged a bit.
Anik Alam
Anik Alam:
Such a genuine and nice women, where was she all these years out of the movies.
The Executer
The Executer:
She's amazing, honest, no need to be Kardashian.
She's just perfect.
I love her personality so much she is still so cute and awkward
Oliver Mercer
Oliver Mercer:
I love winona ryder she's such a lovley beautiful lady , Very sweet and humble. have most of her collection
madi bendy
madi bendy:
She's so down to earth, favorite actress ever. ❤️
Noni is back! Coupled with the fact she married Kennau Reeves.
sabbath greystoke
sabbath greystoke:
:) You are still very charming Winona....
she's the sweetest and cutest ever!
Noelle Christie
Noelle Christie:
she looks absolutely amazing and totally natural , two best looking 45 year old...J Lo and Wynona
Evie Matavelli
Evie Matavelli:
"Winona forever" like johnn's old tattoo. She's fantastic. No fillers, all natural and her face moves and moves. She's real.
Shreya K
Shreya K:
She is the 90s icon even after all these years I always fond of her 90s aesthetic or rather than say her style
Bettina Mauri
Bettina Mauri:
I want more recent interviews of her
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau:
Winona Ryder forever.
46 years old and still beautiful. Also, great actress.
Lxucid シ
Lxucid シ:
2019 person here but im a bit concerned because an magnet fell off my fridge a few mins before while I was watching stranger things...and um should I be concerned?..Also Joyce is my fav character because she is funny smart and she needs more love ❤
Abigail Barraza
Abigail Barraza:
She's adorable
Seç gamers sen
Seç gamers sen:
She’s so beautiful , johnny and winona perfect relationship but ended relationship im soryyyy 😭😭
WeShould SaveOurselves
WeShould SaveOurselves:
She is such a good actor. Bless her heart. She's baeeeeee
Grew up watching her in everything. She really ruled the 80s and 90s! I wish her and Depp would have lasted
János Zsigus
János Zsigus:
I love Winona! Heathers is my favourite movie. I also love her in Girl, Interrupted, Edward Scissorhands and Mermaids, etc. ♡
i was very obsessed with her when I was a teenager. she is still got it.
D Heard
D Heard:
I have just watched heathers.
Lucy 13
Lucy 13:
Anna Armfield
Anna Armfield:
All I can see when I look at her is Veronica Sawyer from Heathers
Ange Alexiel
Ange Alexiel:
I loved her on some many roles, and yet she wasn't on my top 30 actresses , thx for the reminder, i love the fact that she seem's so humble and somewhat weird , in a good way
Greta Höjer
Greta Höjer:
Joyce is my absolute favourite character💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
#JOPPER Joyce&Hopper
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison:
Stress level: Winona Ryder in every single scene in Stranger Things.
rachel mckenzie
rachel mckenzie:
She needs to react to the Heathers 2018 remake. I really want to see her cringe 😂
Most beautiful woman of the 90s. (And even now, tbh)
I freakin love her in Stranger Things❤️
Jess Zorn
Jess Zorn:
Winona really didn’t get the “bikes” joke😂😂😂 Love her
nilanjana ghosh dastidar
nilanjana ghosh dastidar:
I was afraid she was gonna scream “WILL?!!” , in the middle of the interview. 😬♥️
Macie Nicholas
Macie Nicholas:
It blows my mind that this woman is a smoker and still has that flawless complexion
Winona still looking hella bae.
Edward Scissorhands. That's what she means to me! One of my favorite films of all time 🙏
Kitty Ellis
Kitty Ellis:
She’s so amazing I love her so much ❤️❤️
Marianna Angel
Marianna Angel:
I hope Winona will be with Johnny at the end
Love Her! Wino Forever.
I'm so happy good things are happening for Winona! We LOVE YOU!!!
Anjali Johnny Depp Sritharan
Anjali Johnny Depp Sritharan:
Winona is change look but she always beautiful
Hadeel Al-Shamari
Hadeel Al-Shamari:
She is so pretty omg