🔴 WITCHERCON - Co-Livestream - 1st Edition (The Witcher S2 Reveal Trailer & Game Announcements)

Join the Co-Livestream for the 1st Edition of #WitcherCon to catch the latest news about the Netflix THE WITCHER tv show and CD Projekt Red game announcements, new projects and many more! (fingers crossed for The Witcher Season 2 Reveal Trailer)

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Let the #WitcherCon begin!

From Deck of Destiny to Tales of the White Wolf, together with @WitcherNetflix we have prepared for you an exciting line-up of panels, behind-the-scenes tidbits, news, and announcements!

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12 komentarze:

i was so upset at covid for pausing production of my favorite show cant wait for next season :)
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor:
I think this was better than E3 especially for the first one, GOOD WORK
Freeme EDM Music
Freeme EDM Music:
I clicked subscribe to your channel because it's really good. Very relaxing combination of soothing music and great visuals
Thank you for sharing my friend. Have a great day and see you soon 🌺🤗💖👍
...so nice of the actors and other Witcher folk taking pity on those who wait, giving us something to help shorten the wait.
That trailer was one of the best Netflix trailers
Epic Club
Epic Club:
Through action,a man becomes a hero.
Through death,a hero becomes a legend.
Through time,a legend becomes a Myth.
And by learning from the Myth,a man takes action.
Reinaldo Ballestero
Reinaldo Ballestero:
Never imagined I was going to hear Game music combined with Netflix Series Music!!!!
disagree about "boils" on a witchers feet. a withers feet are the best protected part of a witchers body.. and boils are a neglected infection... a witcher would never allow his feet to become that infected.. if he cannot move he is bead.
Ethan Leahy
Ethan Leahy:
Impossible to wait till december
Black fringilla hmm a bit off from the books but i will accept it
mini Paluten 2.
mini Paluten 2.:
Dead End
Dead End:
so much lag