WitcherCon Stream 1 | The Witcher | Netflix

WitcherCon is a global virtual celebration of The Witcher! This digital convention will be streamed on both Netflix and CD PROJEKT RED’s YouTube and Twitch channels and will be available for co-streaming.

Check out our panel schedule for Stream 1 below:

The Witcher Season 2: Deck of Destiny: 10:06am PT/6:06pm BST
Destinies collide when the cast and showrunner of Netflix's The Witcher draw cards from an enigmatic deck of fan questions that will determine the path of the panel and the immediate fate of the guests. But these are no ordinary cards - prepare for surprise reveals, backstage insights, and a dash of chaos as our panelists take us through their journey of filming Season 2.

CD Projekt Red’s Memories from the Path: Stories Behind The Witcher Games 10:44am PT/6:44pm BST
For over 13 years, the Witcher series of games has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide. Now, the developers behind the games discuss how they brought their immersive stories to life — before revisiting old memories, uncovering forgotten artefacts, and reminiscing about their favorite moments from the franchise.

CD Projekt Red’s Memories from the Path: Devs React 11:03am PT/7:03pm BST
Geralt of T-Rivia 11:22am PT/7:22pm BST
It’s a meeting of the Witcher masterminds as key creators of the Witcher games and The Witcher Netflix series team up to test their knowledge of the wider Witcher universe. In this pub quiz-style game, behind-the-scenes tidbits and spoilery sneak peeks are prized just as much as the correct answers.

Tales from the White Wolf: A Conversation With Henry Cavill: 12:08pm PST/8:08pm BST
To close out WitcherCon, fans will hear from Geralt of Rivia himself, Henry Cavill, who will sit down with moderator Josh Horowitz (MTV & Comedy Central host) for an in-depth conversation about fantasy, destiny, and the wider Witcher Universe. The White Wolf may even have a surprise or two in store…

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7

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WitcherCon Stream 1 | The Witcher | Netflix

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Percival Schuttenbach
Percival Schuttenbach:
Thank you to everyone who watched, it is a real privilege to share our music and culture with you.
Thank CDP RED for the opportunity to work together again. NETFLIX we hope that we will be able to work with you in the future.
Marcin Przybyłowicz, it's an honor, to work together again.
2:12 Silver For Monsters (PERCIVAL Title: SARGON)
1:17:10 Cloak and Dagger
1:55:09 Ladies of the Woods (PERCIVAL Title: SAGA)
2:03:33 Wolven Storm
2:53:03 Jomsborg (PERCIVAL Title: Jomsborg)
“You smell good”
“Geralt we are at a funeral”
“You smell good at this funeral”
Powerwolf Official
Powerwolf Official:
Exciting 🐺
6:36 Lauren: “So much of what we talk about in The Witcher is family”

Vin Diesel bursts onto stage.
Henry Cavill owns a 3090 and knows what a 40K Blackstone Fortress is?
He deserves internet points for that one
Para bellum
Para bellum:
Henry : Lambert, Lambert, what a jolly nice chap
Me : I see what u did there
The Witcher 3 soundtrack just gives me so many chills. One of my favorites
Lv. 5000 Godot
Lv. 5000 Godot:
"Lambert, Lambert what a prick!"

"Not bad."
I actually really enjoyed this.

One if the few events with no cringe. Well done everyone involved!
Vjeran Janeš
Vjeran Janeš:
Netflix and CDPR: yeah we're doing a WitcherCon
GTX 1050Ti Gameplays
GTX 1050Ti Gameplays:
"That chandelier looks like a blackstone fortress"

Jeez Henry, you're a nerd. I love it. xD
Big Sta457
Big Sta457:
Henry: "Lambert, Lambert, what a jolly nice chap"

we were this close to greatness
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad:
They really should incorporate the game's great music into netflix series.
Ariel Oldenburg
Ariel Oldenburg:
Nightmare of the wolf release date: August 23
The witcher S2 release date: December 17

I'm HYPED for these!
Kronos camron
Kronos camron:
I have to say Henry cavil played Geralt perfectly, the guy is amazing, many fans doubted superman would make a good geralt, but by the beginning of season 1, We could barely remember he was superman, henry cavill became Geralt in our mind forever. amazing actor and modest person, the fans love him.
The Blackarrow
The Blackarrow:
"Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling... makes no difference. ... If I'm to choose between one evil and another, I'd rather not choose at all." - Geralt of Rivia
You Must Watch
You Must Watch:
Play this theme song when you win and leaving arena
J Mae
J Mae:
I'm just glad they showed a preview of Jaskier. Thought they forgot about him.
Pretty smart of them to hold off on Henry Cavill with the early set questions with the cast. He draws way too much attention (at the fault of no one, he's charisma stat is just maxed out), and the one on one was fantastic
WhoIzzy ?
WhoIzzy ?:
I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a season 2 before in any series. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!
Lauren talks about a "very emotional scene" when Geralt and Ciri meets at the end of s1 when they literally massacred the most beautiful part of the books so that the scene only consists of "wHo'S yEnnEFeR?" Jeez
Soul Stitches
Soul Stitches:
I hope they talk about how they're adapting blood of elves :D I'm so excited for season 2
Neel Zala
Neel Zala:
i had watched netflix witcher without any background knowledge of game or books, then i bought PS4 and played witcher 3. waiting for season 2
If we don't get a scene ith Ciri practising while wearing a blind-fold....it's a riot.
Henry hasn't played the expansions? Lucky bastard, he gets that experience for the first time!
OMG!!! THE LIVE PERFORMANCES!! IM CRYING! It’s the most incredible feeling in the world, being able to listen to something and be instantly transported to a specific moment in time! I EFFIN LOVE THE WITCHER SO MUCH!!
m sadeqniat
m sadeqniat:
We don't deserve Henry. All around amazing person. He even references game dialogue, how much more perfect can he get?
cameron mathis
cameron mathis:
Hoping they announce next generation Witcher update
Seeing CD Projekt Red and Netflix partner with this makes me hope that after they finish adapting the novels, they move on to the plots of the games to truly finish off the series.
The chill soundtracks really makes me cry everytime I hear it again, its like unlocking a locked memory, I really treasure my witcher gaming days
Shakun Relhan
Shakun Relhan:
*When a humble bard*
*Graced a ride along*
*With Geralt of Rivia*
*Along came this song*

*From when the White Wolf fought*
*A silver-tongued devil*
*His army of elves*
*At his hooves did they revel*

*They came after me*
*With masterful deceit*
*Broke down my lute*
*And they kicked in my teeth*

*While the devil's horns*
*Minced our tender meat*
*And so cried the Witcher*
*He can't be bleat*

*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*O' Valley of Plenty*
*O' Valley of Plenty, oh*
*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*O' Valley of Plenty*

*At the edge of the world*
*Fight the mighty horde*
*That bashes and breaks you*
*And brings you to mourn*

*He thrust every elf*
*Far back on the shelf*
*High up on the mountain*
*From whence it came*

*He wiped out your pest*
*Got kicked in his chest*
*He's a friend of humanity*
*So give him the rest*

*That's my epic tale*
*Our champion prevailed*
*Defeated the villain*
*Now pour him some ale*

*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*O' Valley of Plenty*
*O' Valley of Plenty, oh*
*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*A friend of humanity*

*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*O' Valley of Plenty*
*O' Valley of Plenty, oh*
*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*A friend of humanity*

*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*O' Valley of Plenty*
*O' Valley of Plenty, a-oh*
*Toss a coin to your Witcher*
*A friend of humanity*
I'm loving this, a Witcher anime? Loving it. The mobile game, I'm down to try it. The music, absolutely divine. There's so many negative people out there saying no and it sucks, but they haven't even given it a try. Like for all we know it might even be as awesome as Castlevania, we don't know yet.
Hearing the game soundtracks played live is so amazing. Like...I wanna fight some monsters all of a sudden.
Miroslav Piller
Miroslav Piller:
What an actor ! So professional, really shows he loves and understands the material !
Reggie Bradshaw
Reggie Bradshaw:
I love this series, and have really been looking forward to the first WitcherCon! This is very informative, and was glad to see some of the actors talk about their characters.
Francesco Della Segna
Francesco Della Segna:
All the books, all the games, the first season. And I still need more.
Angelique Janssen
Angelique Janssen:
I feel so sorry for thr blonde interviewer eho worked so hard to set the tone for this whole thing and clearly is a big fan, and then doesn't get to interview Henry at the end
Man it just feels like the Franchise of the Witcher is just getting bigger and bigger... and I am here for it! 🙌
Running with scissors
Running with scissors:
Okay... that was freaking awesome. Can't believe I watched the whole thing! REALLY hope the Monsters and FX are greatly improved... looking at you Gold Dragon.
Amazing Con...love Henry's gaming references hopefully we get more then 3 seasons
Tyger Royal
Tyger Royal:
Release date for season 2 is December 17th, 2021. 7 episode titles were made, with the last one being censored. I presume that means there will be 8 episodes in season 2.
J Aji
J Aji:
Toss a coin to your Witcher
Esther Benavente
Esther Benavente:
I am so excited to see Henry, I want to tell him that his work is excellent and impeccable in the witcher. Congratulations!!! 😘👏👏
They care. They actually care about lore and source material this is blowing my mind. Didn't think studio's did this anymore.
Keera DeLiarett
Keera DeLiarett:
"That chandelier looks like a blackstone fortress" <3 Talk nerdy to me Mr Cavill!
dorota likecats
dorota likecats:
Waiting for Yennefer, the queen
Łukasz Olszyna
Łukasz Olszyna:
'Verily I say unto you, the era of the sword and axe is nigh, the era of the wolf's blizzard. The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh, the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt: Tedd Deireádh, the Time of End. The world will die amidst frost and be reborn with the new sun. It will be reborn of Elder Blood, of Hen Ichaer, of the seed that has been sown. A seed which will not sprout but burst into flame.
Ess'tuath esse! Thus it shall be! Watch for the signs! What signs these shall be, I say unto you: first the earth will flow with the blood of Aen Seidhe, the Blood of Elves...'
Excited for this. I need more Henry/Geralt in my life
I read the books many years ago, in fact my grandson has them all now. The first season was damn fine entertainment and I firmly believe the second season will be better. We will all be entertained once again.
Thanks everyone for the show, thank you Julia for being such a nice host and much love to Henry for bringing Geralt to life!
Diana Lower
Diana Lower:
"Physically you remind me of a scalpel."
True friends.
Schroedinger's Cat
Schroedinger's Cat:
00:50:33 You wrote Regis so lovely. He is really likeable in the books too. But the Blood and Wine DLC shows me how much love you put in the characters and the game. I love the interactions of Geralt and Regis so much as well.
Haven't finished the expansions yet? Boy you slacking! 😜
Joey really did go from a pretty, 20-something boy to a woodsman, huh?
Osheen Dari
Osheen Dari:
Any music from Witcher clouds my mind with the whole journey I had throughout the game.
Okay! This was so good! I love that the Witcher universe is expanding and this means there will be more to come. This is just fantastic…
I also came here to say: Lauren is just beautifull and hot and so funny. If She wasnt so tremendous producer and showrunner She should be an actor in series ❤️
It was the game of the year 2015, and the best game of the decade, let's hope, the series makes such achievements 😁
James Squid
James Squid:
for CD PROJEKT RED you guys nailed it with the quests though i think everyone can agree . very unique and well planned and so much depth and variety it makes for a much deeper playing experience (coming from someone who read the books and wanted to continue the story so bought a xbox, you did so well !) i Have full faith in you wizards
Lechtim Alazul
Lechtim Alazul:
I love how everytime you finish a segment of this convention, you finish a quest.
Love that they gave us a little digital bundle that includes, The Witcher 3 Concert! So excited for Season 2!
this show is getting me excited to play Euthia: Torment of Resurrection when it arrives this August =D
Really hope you guys do this again. Loved every bit. Super excited for season 2 and for the Witcher 3 Upgrade and added content. Got to make sure I finish Blood of Elves too.
Artur Sandwich
Artur Sandwich:
I'm so happy to have been among the first 30k or so people to read the first Witcher story in "Fantastyka" magazine. I read it and reread it immediately. I couldn't wait to read more.. It was so different from other Polish writers who usually gave sci-fi (of the highest quality). I think we had been waiting for it to come, we just didn't know it.
I love how humble Henry is, I get the feeling he's either not a fan or just not comfortable with people telling him how amazing he is, most of the interviews I've seen when the interviewer says something like, your so amazing in this role, or anything a long those lines, he seems to get a little, bashful, or even just kind of dismisses it as a passing comment, I really feel like he's just a regular dude, who got these amazing opportunities to play great characters, but at the end of the day, he's just a normal person.
Shubham Bhatt
Shubham Bhatt:
Can't wait to see the trio of geralt, Lambert and eskel.
Silver for Monsters always gives me chills. Straight banger 🔥
Shit, I need to get back into the game again. I've finished it 3 times and was half way though my fourth before I stopped. Always different ending and different build. But going into something you left midway through and try to remember what you were doing: What I was going for? What build I had? All the names, what every potion did? What's worth it and what's not? What are good/bad/pointless stats? Where in the story am I? What was the order of things I was going with? What effect did choices have again?... So many questions!!! It's what I hate the most about getting back into games with so much to relearn, remember and get back on track with again.
Der Sebbler
Der Sebbler:
The passion of Henry Cavil gives me hope that season two will be even better!
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
the music soundtrack from the witcher games are hands down one of the best soundtracks in any series ever. and of course its thanks to those talented and awesome musicians!
Jenny M.
Jenny M.:
That was awesome. So great to see also the producers of the games. The interviews were hilarious.
Everyone on this show is so beautiful.
Beazinha do pop melody 3d
Beazinha do pop melody 3d:
they're going to announce the date of season two, i'm feeling
Great conference for the fans... Thank you... I would just underline that Marcin Przybytowicz and Percival musicians are all just amazing probably one of the best music ever made for a game and for the universe of the witcher. Many Thanks to the group.... It would be REALLY nice to hire them for the series and movies... Witcher fans
Dean Bartolo
Dean Bartolo:
2:03:44 loved the hell out of this scene in the Witcher 3. Amazing performance!
Funny enough, started watched the Netflix adaptation :3 Got inspired to play the games. At that point I was hooked. Read all eight of the books. Loved it. I'm a witcher fanboy now💕✌️😺

Horse Hunter
Horse Hunter:
We want Percival in the Witcher series 🥰
Laura Bogar
Laura Bogar:
The musicians and singers were absolutely amazing!
Thank you, I cannot wait for season 2!
Deirdre Oh
Deirdre Oh:
Hearing Doug Cockle again as Geralt made me restart Witcher 3 for the 10000th time
Izabela Salamon
Izabela Salamon:
I'm loving it!!!! Well done guys! Such a entertaining, enthusiastic show! Huge thanks 😊
I'm just so happy that they've uploaded this video though the long duration of almost 2 and a half hours with the inclusion of Subtitles!!!!! It's like watching witchercon on Netflix! ❣️😍
Amber Howard
Amber Howard:
This is literally my birthday present! I will be watching The Witcher!
Ain't gonna lie, I'm looking forward to this. It be a great chance to catch up with some gameplay and story.
wolven storm!! beautiful wow - thank you for setting this amazing conference up!
Dtzy Dtzy
Dtzy Dtzy:
Will all due respect to Doug Cockle who did an amazing job, I still want a Henry Cavil voice pack for the Witcher 3.
Theodore Bear
Theodore Bear:
(Yo Henry. The chandelier does look like a Blackstone fortress. I bet that's how Kaer Morhen has been so well defended.)
I hope Ciri gets lots of hugs! :]
Biswanath Saha
Biswanath Saha:
The concept of the choices between lesser evil is the key point in the Witcher world and CDPR nailed in this concept in the games that's why its so good to play Witcher. The choices rippling through the world. No matter which choice you take its not good or bad, its always bad or more bad.
Tyger Royal
Tyger Royal:
They hinted around 1:15:00 that we MIGHT see Geralt in a higher resolution and there's still lots to do with the character
Giles Nathan
Giles Nathan:
the sequence with the two quest writers was so great!
Can't believe he's a nerd!! He just leveled up in my eyes!
Aman Syan
Aman Syan:
Love the witcher 3 soundtracks so much. And as well as series.
Tony rhodes
Tony rhodes:
Well done, Netflix. Love the Witcher and there wasn't a lot of cringe (looking at you, E3)
Mateusz Rutkowski
Mateusz Rutkowski:
Henry is such a wholesome man ;) 2:15:45 - that moment showed how humble that man is.
Awoken Sheep
Awoken Sheep:
Henry. As a 40k veteran. I know what a Black Stone Fortress is ;) What I would do to be able to have a 40k tabletop match against Mr. Cavil :P Glorious!
I’m a casual Witcher fan, seen the series, never read the books and currently playing Witcher 3... that opening performance gave me chills!
Lee Jay
Lee Jay:
This cast is exceptionally beautiful.
Joonas S
Joonas S:
Oh damn... Henry is up for a treat in the expansions...

Either way - this was great.
Owen Clamor
Owen Clamor:
Watching live chat go bonkers when they performed Wolven Storm just makes me feel so warm and happy that so many people are as obsessed with this franchise as i am
Still get chills when I am listening to the music.
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington:
OMFG! Are they THĒ actual official screaming LeLele LADIES?!?!? That’s like everyone’s favorite Witcher character bunch!!!