Woman saves scorched koala in Australian bushfire

A woman rescued a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire on Tuesday (November 19).

The marsupial was spotted crossing a road amongst the flames near Long Flat in New South Wales (NSW).

A local woman, who told Australia's Nine News her name was Toni, rushed to the koala's aid, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it.

She said she would transport the injured koala to the nearby Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Heartbreaking image of burnt koala mum shielding her baby as wildfires rip through Australia:

Hundreds of koalas burned alive after breeding ground is wiped out by bushfires ravaging parts of south east Australia:

Koalas are now ‘functionally’ extinct with tiny remaining wild population ‘unable to support the next generation’:

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100+ komentarze:

Poor little guy, he's in a world of pain . How can anyone dream of hurting animals after hearing his little cries it breaks my heart
C. B.
C. B.:
Instead of saying “ we need more people like her”, say “ I’m gonna be like her”.
A Mead
A Mead:
This is so sad. He’s crying and there’s blood.
Imagine if everyone had a heart like that woman this world wouldn't be such a scary place.
This women has done more then people on Instagram trying to “spread awareness”
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram:
God , koala was crying like human, this woman is an angel
Галина Бандура
Галина Бандура:
Я думаю, что все пишущие комментарии ( так же как и я ) ВОСХИЩАЮТСЯ поступком этой женщины. Спасибо ей за человечность.
Normally animated
Normally animated:
When it started crying it killed me
Anastasia Mavromatis
Anastasia Mavromatis:
This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have seen. God bless these people for helping this poor koala. His cries of pain are so sad to hear 💔🙏
This woman and others like her are heroes. I wish I could of helped.
ashuu ashu
ashuu ashu:
It makes me happy that people like her exist on this planet.
Avril Stacy
Avril Stacy:
That situation in Australia makes me want to cry. I've always loved little Koala bears.
Him crying like that broke my heart god bless that koala and thank god the lady rescued him!
This honestly broke my heart 💔 😢
That broke my heart seeing that little fella in pain
Mythical Reid
Mythical Reid:
I had no idea that koalas made noises... and I didn't want to find out this way.
Callan Stevenson
Callan Stevenson:
She was a legend and she should be give the top medal. I don’t know why people don’t pay attention to such self sacrifice
Stevenray Castro
Stevenray Castro:
Man that poor koala 😟😞
Tht really made my heart feel heavy
I love koalas that I can’t resist they are the cutest congrats for saving them ur the best
Bree Stone
Bree Stone:
Poor baby literally walking on fire 🔥 oh my god please take this baby with you😢😔❤️
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup:
Compassion is a trait not in all humans sadly. This lady is what’s good about humans.
Absolutely breaks my heart to see this poor little fella going through that.
I sold my kids in Vietnam
I sold my kids in Vietnam:
I almost never cry and this is one of the few times I did 😭
Contractor's Work Network
Contractor's Work Network:
Omg this breaks my heart 😢. Thank you so much to those brave people.
michelle richardson
michelle richardson:
Omg my heart is breaking hearing his cries of pain
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill:
Makes you think how many animals didn't make it out like this one.
one day i want to be like tarzan saving animals in jungles such as koalas..
soya milk
soya milk:
Poor little guys, he's crys so Pain, thats break my heart 😭
Кира Пластинина
Кира Пластинина:
Какие вы молодцы.Я вас люблю.Спасибо что помогли лапулечкам.
Rob Langer
Rob Langer:
I absolutely sobbed my heart out watching this
wildlife nature lady
wildlife nature lady:
Poor guy. This brought tear to my eyes I love all animals and it hurts me to see them hurt by wildfire.😥😢
james Jameson
james Jameson:
It's extremely heartbreaking to see these beautiful creatures suffer in this way.
Lady, if I ever see you in the street I'm going to give you all of my money, I hope you know how much of a hero you are 👍
Tonya Antony
Tonya Antony:
Truly heartbreaking. Did he survive? And do these people eat meat?
XxYoloboyxX Μαειος
XxYoloboyxX Μαειος:
This desperate voice of this little innocent animal makes me cry
Shayla Calaf
Shayla Calaf:
Omg that broke my heart ❤️
Poor thing , broke my heart.
Izzy Bella
Izzy Bella:
My God Bless everyone rescuing the animals 🙏🏻
sunil kumar
sunil kumar:
If every people have hart like yours every day in my life becomes happier
God bless u
Juliane Cartaino
Juliane Cartaino:
When they cry, it’s so heartbreaking.
This is so horrible.
aloix _x
aloix _x:
These peoples are so nice!😭
And the sound koala makes so cute!
Just imagine being on australia's animal place,you just see fire around you and you can't save yourself😭
Karen Feeney
Karen Feeney:
😭 God bless 🙏😢❤️
*surprised cat face*
*surprised cat face*:
This is so sad omg I'm gonna cry
This breaks my heart
Jon H
Jon H:
The lady's name that saved the Koala from the fire is Toni, bless her.
Randall Wright
Randall Wright:
Damn. I'm a tuff guy and I cried watching this
This just brings tears to my eyes to watch and hear!!!!
Liam Barnett
Liam Barnett:
I Can’t Believe we’ve got to one Point where Koalas and Austraillian Kangaroos Populations could rise down rapidly
P Pow
P Pow:
Bless your heart!
That lady has a pure heart, she didn't care if she was topless, all she cared about was saving the innocent koala.
Madu Shetty
Madu Shetty:
God will bless them this is speech less moment only 🙏
Helen Brashow
Helen Brashow:
Que Gran Heroína por Personas como ella
Es que Aún Este Planeta sigue en pie
Gran Persona
Chxrry Blossom
Chxrry Blossom:
Poor little guy 😢 so much blood on the blanket 😥😥😥☹️
_ Skittles _
_ Skittles _:
Those cries made it seem more heartbreaking. He says thank you for saving him.
Her actions say everything about her. Imagine if everyone was like that.
Lilly :
Lilly ::
Then: no dinosaurs
Today: turtle extinction 😥
Now: turtle 🐢 and koala 🐨 extinction 😢😢😢 and people putting fire on trees to contaminate our environment
I'm crying right now... This sound 😭😭😭 how could anyone dislike this??
Ram Gaylord Cowurine Drinker
Ram Gaylord Cowurine Drinker:
There is a special place in Heaven for this women❤❤❤❤❤
Firme y Felíz Por La Unión.
Firme y Felíz Por La Unión.:

Esto me hace llorar..
This make me cry!!
Mr. Spade
Mr. Spade:
The sound of that poor thing..hes clearly hurting
simun trbuk
simun trbuk:
What happened at the end with koala, did it survive and become happy?
Emilian Butoi
Emilian Butoi:
1 of the thing I learned from GOD is that he warns First it's the animals then the humans. Watch your soul from ww3 also. JESUS SAVES. No other.
Thank you for saving him 😭
Ronoc TheBarbarian
Ronoc TheBarbarian:
Man made meaning started intentionally, not “climate change”.
graf orlock
graf orlock:
This brought tears to my eyes. Poor little guy. That lady is a real hero
mirror talk
mirror talk:
Lady you are a hero!! That was an act of unconditional LOVE...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I HOPE THE KOALAS MADE IT ...OK🥰
Meu Deus que triste, graças a Deus que puderam socorre-lo 😭😭😭😭
Crystal Priddy
Crystal Priddy:
That's so sad it breaks my heart wish I can come there and help save them
Pyjama Kid
Pyjama Kid:
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the State kept balance between the AboTribes and the civilized world. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
Red King
Red King:
Bless this women’s soul literally the shirt off her back.
Tyler Floyd
Tyler Floyd:
I just want to say big thank you to this hero woman and I love how u saving life’s your da best
I’m glad someone took action instead of just recording it
Thank you for helping ❤️
Emerald star wolf
Emerald star wolf:
Sossososo sad it breaks my heart to see the animals in Australia suffer😞😞😢😭
#sunny cloud
#sunny cloud:
These people like this woman are the true heroes
Phips Wolf
Phips Wolf:
thank you so much for saving him! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻
Abdi Rahman
Abdi Rahman:
This is so sad :,(
It'sYourBoy_ Dan
It'sYourBoy_ Dan:
Poor koalas i hope they were better now 😢 this was heartbreaking all their sounds make me sad and their feelings and pain 😭😭
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person:
I’m crying. I want to be there saving them.
yoonie joonie 2oonie
yoonie joonie 2oonie:
this brought me to tears i’m so happy that people like her exist
สุนีย์ เชี่ยวไพบูลย์สกุล
สุนีย์ เชี่ยวไพบูลย์สกุล:
Ashutosh Kailkhura
Ashutosh Kailkhura:
0:59 his nail was broken
· Autumn Z Wølf · X3
· Autumn Z Wølf · X3:
This just melts my heart 💔💔
Star dust :3
Star dust :3:
When the koala started to panic my heart shattered
A hero doesn't need a cape.
Just a bra.
Bless these people. Real life heroes. 😢♥️
Арзу Меремкулова
Арзу Меремкулова:
Kool Man
Kool Man:
My Allah i have tears in my eyes....Ya Allah help everyone including these poor animals......
RainbowAnd Unicorns
RainbowAnd Unicorns:
My heart is crying for poor koala 🐨 😢 I would definitely do the same! Would never leave an animal to burn or die ,if i could save it.
Only with wildfires need to be careful to not get killed yourself.
That woman has done more than the Prime Minister already.
Charli_ luv
Charli_ luv:
This melt my heart😭ow
éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion
éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion:
😭😭😭😭😭😭ont à plus de nouvelles ça me fend le coeur 💔 d'entendre leur cris de douleur 😢

Le coronavirus. !
James 815
James 815:
Aww "poor little sweetheart😕"
to see that helpless little animal try to crawl out of the fire broke my heart
Raji Casas
Raji Casas:
I started holding back tears when the koala started crying.
Arief Budiman
Arief Budiman:
This video make me cry..thank you for all people who help the beautiful animals..God Bless you all

Save the Animals
LOVE YOU ALL from Indonesia
Thank You
Thank You:
It’s so hard to watch stuff like this
Nasim Gill
Nasim Gill:
This so pain full for animals 😭
Koala World
Koala World:
No, the poor koalas!!!! 😭😞😢 If someone knows how, can you tell me how I can save them?! They're such wonderful animals, and I want to help them 🐨🐨🐨❤️❤️❤️
Lara Sanchez
Lara Sanchez:
This lady, have to be nominated for the recognition as Australian of the year. It is so nice to watch this act of humanity!