Woman saves scorched koala in Australian bushfire

A woman rescued a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire on Tuesday (November 19).

The marsupial was spotted crossing a road amongst the flames near Long Flat in New South Wales (NSW).

A local woman, who told Australia's Nine News her name was Toni, rushed to the koala's aid, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it.

She said she would transport the injured koala to the nearby Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Heartbreaking image of burnt koala mum shielding her baby as wildfires rip through Australia:

Hundreds of koalas burned alive after breeding ground is wiped out by bushfires ravaging parts of south east Australia:

Koalas are now ‘functionally’ extinct with tiny remaining wild population ‘unable to support the next generation’:

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Holly Harrison
Holly Harrison:
The koala was literally crying in pain. Broke my heart
This woman is still a huge hero! Her bravery and kindness are inspiring.
Сердце плачет, спасибо этой паре и всей команде спасателей! Храни вас Бог!
Heartbreaking, this brings tears to my eyes even as a strong man. This poor koala is litterly crying in pain because of it's burning wounds.
this truly made me cry:(( she deserves a medal!!! God bless the rescuers and the koalas
Poor little guy, he's in a world of pain . How can anyone dream of hurting animals after hearing his little cries it breaks my heart
Vem V Alê
Vem V Alê:
O meu Deus! Graças dou por este salvamento! Pensem em tantos q não sobreviveram à essa catástrofe. Tomara q esse anjo tenha sido recuperado e q esteja protegido.
Alex Aldea
Alex Aldea:
Koala cried almost like a little kid for mommy!
I think that the reaction of this woman is the most authentic reaction and link between humans and animals.Things should be this way!Incredible clip for posterity!
Mari Suerte
Mari Suerte:
бедные звери... душа и сердце на части ... на это не возможно смотреть без слез .
Ricardo Polanco
Ricardo Polanco:
We need more people like her the world 🌎 needs more people like them 😢
Poor little guy, heart breaking seeing animals suffer like this. They do NOT deserve this. Pray the little fella gets better. Makes me cry.
Heartbreaking seeing him run to home that is on fire!! This woman is wonderful!
Fran Ferreira
Fran Ferreira:
Obrigada por colocar sua vida em risco pelo coala (sei q já tem tempo isso, mas agradeço mesmo assim).
Deus lhe abençoe e proteja 🙌🌹
Cristiana Lima
Cristiana Lima:
Imagina a dor que ele sentiu! 😭😭😭
Mariane Boldori
Mariane Boldori:
Doeu, doeu muito ver a dor desse ser inocente, assustado, machucado. Graças a Deus essa grande mulher apareceu para salvá-lo ❤️
Muppet Chops
Muppet Chops:
Someone give that woman a medal. This made me cry
Kanav Kaushal
Kanav Kaushal:
Lots and lots of Respect for the lady. Thanks for keeping humanity alive.
Paulo Sergio
Paulo Sergio:
Eu te amo moça que salvou o coala ❤️
Chris F
Chris F:
OMG, that is so heartbreaking. I hope he recovered well!!
Luiz Souza
Luiz Souza:
Ato de grande heroísmo e coragem! Parabéns!!!
His little cries broke my heart and I’m sitting here crying. These people have good hearts and I hope that baby is ok
João Souza
João Souza:
Meu Deus
Por favor Deus querido socorra todos os animais ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez:
Por esta clase de vídeos realmente pago el internet. Me da ánimos y fuerzas, levantandome el espíritu para poder salvar y ayudar a los que lo necesiten, sea hombre o animal. 🌱
Angelica Jacobs
Angelica Jacobs:
Always breaks my heart seeing this poor animal suffer like that. I hope it survived. Thanks to the Aussies who helped.
Валера Боров
Валера Боров:
Дай бог этим людям здоровья!... 🙏
That lady has a pure heart, she didn't care if she was topless, all she cared about was saving the innocent koala.
Marisa Geraldi
Marisa Geraldi:
Meu Deus!!guarde nossos animais🙏🙏❤️
Man Playing Outside
Man Playing Outside:
My ❤️ just broke 💔 ... Poor little Creature 😥 ... MASSIVE RESPECT to that Lady xxx Hope he recovers 👍
Marta Castellanos
Marta Castellanos:
So a sad and glorious moment at the sametime. It broke my heart when I heard that poor Koala crying of pains, but what a great woman to have the courage to saved this precious little animal that was been burned alive. She even TOOKED her shirt off to covered him. This gives me now more TRUST in HUMANITY great Hero she its.
Project Soft
Project Soft:
Жареная коала, я как представил её на сковородке, даже слюньки потекли. 🤤
Ol 59 Kafer
Ol 59 Kafer:
The fact this woman took her shirt off her back to save this poor crying koala bear is remarkable. She didnt care what it took to save this poor guy. We need more unselfish people like her in this world. God bless you wonder woman your the best. Thank you
Светлана Лаврентьева
Светлана Лаврентьева:
Спасибо,добрые люди
Huge love and respect to the women who has shown her best ❤️
he was in so much pain but he still went inside the forest that was burning. that was his home. it breaks my heart knowing little animals suffer so much from our wrongdoings.
Wow... I'm speechless. Hearing that poor thing literally crying in pain brought tears, especially the superb caring this fine Lady portrayed is heart felt. May God bless her, hope the little guy is okay.
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram:
God , koala was crying like human, this woman is an angel
chevy vega
chevy vega:
it humbles me to see there are still beautiful people out in the world. I wish her and family the best of health!!
This made me cry so much, poor baby had to suffer this. I'm so glad there's people out there to help him😿
Nicholas Selvaggi
Nicholas Selvaggi:
Beautiful. 😔 May you be blessed for caring and helping this little one.
Michael Payne
Michael Payne:
That is so 😭 it literally breaks my heart I thank God that lady and gentleman were there to rescue that poor little fella..🙏👍
veronica martinez
veronica martinez:
Hearing the cries broke my heart. This is so so sad.

Thank you to the people that saved them.
I love how she’s in her brazier running not caring cuz she was saving a baby koala 🐨 poor baby :( what a hero🥲🤧
My heart broke into two watching this. Literally wept into tears when hearing his/her cries. God bless this lady for saving him/her. 💔😭 Hope this precious koala is doing betr & survived.
man that hurts, tears me up. bless her for helping him out
Juliane Stolberg
Juliane Stolberg:
Oh my gosh, it's so sad to see him crying 💔😢 God bless those people for what they've done 💕
yoonie joonie 2oonie
yoonie joonie 2oonie:
this brought me to tears i’m so happy that people like her exist
عهد الوفاء
عهد الوفاء:
Thank you so much for saving this animal.
I M:
That woman has the most wonderful heart in this world :)
Tim Quitzau
Tim Quitzau:
It still brings tears to my eyes😢
Саид Джарар
Саид Джарар:
Дай бог малышу здоровья спасибо вам ❤🙏🏼
It’s heartbreaking to see an animal suffer like that with no idea what’s happening to it. It’s even more so to know how many animals weren’t so lucky to survive during these fires at the time. Haven’t had this many tears in a while.
Bless this woman ❤
Keith Moody
Keith Moody:
Watching that lady save that poor helpless creature showed me that there are still good people on this earth and gave me hope when my life had almost no meaning ....Thank you lady God works through heros like you ...not only did she save that animal's life but she gave mine meaning 🙏💕🙂
Thiago shelby
Thiago shelby:
Bom trabalho! 👏👏👏👏
Oliveira Munim
Oliveira Munim:
Tristeza, aja lágrimas de ver tanto sofrimento dos bichinhos neste momento 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hans XYZ
Hans XYZ:
She is jumping right into action to save a Little Wounded Angel Bear
God bless her
More humans like her, please ❤
This is so sad, the koala make me cry
Peter Peter
Peter Peter:
It's heartbreaking! Save every animal you can.
Nata Vohmyakova
Nata Vohmyakova:
Спасибо за спасение,молодцы.
That cry was heartbreaking
That was not just an animal’s cry but the cry of nature
Honey crisp pineapple Kathrine 🍍😋
Honey crisp pineapple Kathrine 🍍😋:
God bless her and everyone who raced to save those animals
Stan King
Stan King:
That's was heart breaking 😢♥️
derek blake
derek blake:
Heartbreak to see, I have tears in my eyes listening to that poor little darling in pain
Lady Vostok
Lady Vostok:
, большое уважение этой женщине ❤️👍
Youtube why would you recommend this video to me it’s truly heartbreaking i can literally feel my heart just in pain from every cry, that poor koala i hope he recovers
Juliane Cartaino
Juliane Cartaino:
When they cry, it’s so heartbreaking.
This is so horrible.
Stephen Keefer
Stephen Keefer:
Oh it just breaks my heart to hear it. No animal should suffer.
Wow it's heartbreaking to hear that poor little guy screeching in pain/agony. I wish there was an update on this little feller. I hope he's living his best life now.
xoxMiss Christine
xoxMiss Christine:
So sad to see but … what an amazing couple to help the animals 💕
Christopher Brizius
Christopher Brizius:
That poor koala oh my goodness it breaks my heart ....thank you for caring enough to help it.
Lynsea Lemon
Lynsea Lemon:
Seriously God bless this woman and the firefighters and people who love animals.
Oh my gosh! So heartbreaking to see that precious little guy in so much pain and crying. I'm glad the woman toik the time to stop and rescue him! She was wonderful to do that.
Heart breaking. Hope the little fella is back hanging around in trees again. Bless you kind lady X
Thiago Dutra
Thiago Dutra:
Mulher de coração enorme! Que Deus abençoe ela e a natureza! Temos que preservar a natureza, pois a nossa essência vem do Amor de Deus através dela!
Joy Learner
Joy Learner:
Hats of to the women & lots of love & respect ❤️
Gamer Instinct
Gamer Instinct:
We need more people like this.
Also yea, that’s the worst part, seeing how animals suffer and such but they barely have any idea of what’s happening or even why it’s happening to them.
Massive respect mam!! Respect ♥️
Silvio Cesar
Silvio Cesar:
parabéns a essa senhora 👏
наталья гущина
наталья гущина:
Дай Бог здоровья и долгих лет жизни этой женщине и не только ей👍💐
Denise C.
Denise C.:
I instantly cried! That woman is a hero! Poor koala was scared, in pain and hopefully she saved its life! Not many woman would take off their shirts, run into area still with active fire to save an animal! Still have tears streaming down my face!!
Bojan Kis
Bojan Kis:
That is not a women, that is superhero. We need more people like that!
Ss art
Ss art:
Its so heartbreaking to watch this god bless that girl and god bless Australia
Большое Вам спасибо. Пожарникам здоровья и благополучия желаю. РБ, г. Минск, Юрий
Divyam Deep
Divyam Deep:
These things restore faith in humanity. 🖤
As long as there are people like her, there is hope in this world❤️
Salve! Salve! As pessoas de bom coração 😍 amo ver isso 💞
Atasha Leigh
Atasha Leigh:
Heartbreaking moment😭😭😭 thank you people for saving the animals. god bless you all More and more and more 🙏🙏🙏
Jennifer .K.
Jennifer .K.:
😭poor baby!! We need more people like this!❤️❤️🙏
Pobres animalitos, nos cargamos el planeta, bueno mejor dicho los ricos se cargan el planeta, y esa gente que a salvado al koala se merece todo lo mejor en sus vidas❤️❤️
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill:
Makes you think how many animals didn't make it out like this one.
Vindya Venkie
Vindya Venkie:
This is so heartbreaking 💔
Alzira de Oliveira Sá
Alzira de Oliveira Sá:
Meu Deus precisamos cuidar do planeta. Muito triste ver as florestas queimando e os animais perecendo vivos. Muito triste.
Храни тебя господь, помогайте животным.
When I see humans saving animal when its not staged, its heart warming❤️
Andrea D
Andrea D:
This baby’s cries kill me. So many animals die this way with no one to save them. I can’t stand it if my hair straightener touches my skin, let alone these animals running around literally on fire. This planet is in a lot of trouble. Thank God for the good rescuers and thank God for these good people.
ابوابراهيم حفيدالامام مالك
ابوابراهيم حفيدالامام مالك:
A huge respect to this wonderful kind lady.
Юрий Васильев
Юрий Васильев:
Отважная женщина, как у Некрасова в стихотворении. Коня на скаку остановит, в горящюю избу войдёт.
😭😭 Oh what heaven sent woman. May God bless you for saving them!
Michelly Barrett
Michelly Barrett:
Meu deus do ceu.. Chorei😭😭😭 tadinho. 😭😭 graças a deus ele conseguiu ser salvo😭😭😭