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About Wonder Woman 1984:
From visionary director Patty Jenkins comes the second iteration of the Wonder Woman saga. Seventy years after the events of the first film, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman has settled in America at the height of Reaganomics. One of the beacons of America's prosperity is billionaire Maxwell Lord, who claims he can fulfill man's deepest desires. While it seems to good to be true, his mysterious abilites do seem to resurrect Diana's lost love Steve Trevor from the dead. While Diana is thrilled to have Steve back in her life, will the price for his return be too high for Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman 1984 | Young Diana Takes on The Amazon Games | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Warner Bros. Entertainment
Warner Bros. Entertainment:
Learn More about the iconic legacy of Wonder Woman here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BDT2EpOb3g
If she hadn’t looked back like five times she would have won
Mason Finley
Mason Finley:
I remember absoluely smiling my head off during this scene. It showed a beautiful tale of competition within the Amazons. Loving one another yet pushing them to be the best they can be.
Carson Hutcherson
Carson Hutcherson:
I love how hitting those tiny targets while on horseback is just a basic part of the competition. Like if you can’t do that incredibly difficult task multiple times in a row, you’ve lost before you even start the race.
Ruth Adams
Ruth Adams:
Hermosa elección LIKEXXX.UNO
de los mejores conciertos ❤

2:30 Ariana Marie
3:40 Brenna Sparks
3:50 Natalia Starr
4:45 Keisha Grey
4:53 Aria Michaels
6:10 Mia Martinez
6:40 Carmen Valentina
6:50 Riley Reid
8:30 Gabriella Lane
9:12 Cece Cappella
10:15 Vicki Chase
13:28 August Ames
15:31 Cameron Canela

22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente zifn 🖤 15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Sus Rock
Sus Rock:
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with her content💚
Alessi Hermes
Alessi Hermes:
Moral of the story: when you are winning, don't look back 😉
Love the scene, I have watched it so many times with my daughters, that we noticed nine competitors at the start, but only seven color selector. As well, as discrepancies with the amount of bows and horses.
ام محمدحامد لم محمدحامد
ام محمدحامد لم محمدحامد:
This scene is absolutely amazing
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow:
yes young Diana has more realistic expressions and body language than any other amazon
Captain Charek
Captain Charek:
yes young Diana has more realistic expressions and body language than any other amazon
Garrett Ederer 세찬
Garrett Ederer 세찬:
I think her weakness was worrying about the other competitors. If she had kept her eyes up she wouldn’t have been knocked off by that branch.
BloodySweet Zombiegirl
BloodySweet Zombiegirl:
She didn’t hit the target before heading down the hill. She had plenty of time to grab her bow, hit the target, then slide. I think that’s why she was held back. 🤷‍♀️
SMToon en Français
SMToon en Français:
This scene was definitely breathtaking... so much emotions in it ,.......
Primary Purpose
Primary Purpose:
What a beautiful scene for young girls to watch and be inspired by.
everyone thinking that they were wrong for telling Diana off remember the amazons are an elite warrior squad with years of resilience and consistent training. Antiope was right in the way she taught Diana that lesson, you can’t always cheat in life.
If they had this in the Olympics, I'd watch it.
Mateus Aguiar
Mateus Aguiar:
Esse filme tinha tudo pra ser melhor só esse começo arrebatou!
Imagine training 20 years for this one moment and then getting owned by a 7yo girl with half the muscle mass, half the height, and way less training.
iHave NoName
iHave NoName:
So many times when I listen to a noteworthy tune in a film and look it up to see who's written it I find out it's Hans Zimmer, he's the greatest film composer of our times and it's not even close I have to say, and I'm a musician too, classically trained for what it's worth.
I fell in love with little Diana from the opening scene of the first WW movie and I love her now what an awesome little actor!
Mr. Luck
Mr. Luck:
She made one tiny error and got a big lecture on how she's not ready. She was leading the entire race for crying out loud.
vero peps
vero peps:
There is a discrepancy.
In the first film Hippolyta did not want Diana to train, but when she found out she was much older than she is here. And to participate in such a competition without training would be impossible.
Melhor do que minhas aulas de educação física
Kathelin Teoriman
Kathelin Teoriman:
I show this scene to my eldest son , so he knows no heroes come from a lie or cheated🙂
Absolutely amazing ❤️
Ahad Malik
Ahad Malik:
This is how my Grand Parents went To School.
The Monke King
The Monke King:
I’ve had a problem with using my brain in certain challenges, this scene inspired me to stop! Thank you 🙏
الجلاد executioner
الجلاد executioner:
A woman is a double-edged sword, and the man who enters her heart determines which weapon she deals with, either with her passion and motherhood, or with the other face that can never be defeated, no matter what he does, when she is angry, she can never be defeated. . .
This is a certified “Back in my day” classic.
Red Marine 708
Red Marine 708:
Hippolyta and Antiope are like the most important figures from Wonder Woman's life of guidance prior to adulthood. I hope those sisters will get a prequel movie in the Golden Age.
I love how they immediately excluded the possibility of Diana missing her last shot, as if that was just physically impossible.
Best scene and dialogues,very close reality ❤️
That is why Hollywood rules the world cinema. 👍
these DCU scenes are beautiful to watch and is in the same level as MCU
i wish DCU had more like these than dark sad themed batman inspired scenes.
Vishnu Ravi
Vishnu Ravi:
i loved this movie....much more than the 1st one
Debbie Foster
Debbie Foster:
Moral of the story: when you are winning, don't look back 😉
The fact that Lilly Aspell (young Diana) did all of these stunts is amazing. She has a really bright future!
Vania Maria
Vania Maria:
Muito bom
anoki sans
anoki sans:
I would really like to see a movie where the whole story take place in the wonder woman amazon world.
Arpa Roy
Arpa Roy:
I love this part of the movie 🔥🤩
That was exciting! I was like, "Go Little Diana!"
It's funny how trained, adult Amazon warriors with long legs can't even overrun her.
3:39 I was wondering why she is jumping off a cliff then the next scene shows that she is on the other side of the cliff. The lighting and lack of shadow on the other side indicate that there is a huge distance between the two cliffs and the one she is jumping from is also much lower. The horse has already past its peak before they cut to the next scene so there is no way it is getting across lol
Julian Romano
Julian Romano:
This was an amazing scene, WW3 with Diana returning to Themyscira, would be cool while she fights Circe
Everyday Is Special
Everyday Is Special:
Amazing!. Amazon's were lucky that diana was not transformed into villain due to the frustration.. 👍
I don't understand why there are people saying "I didn't get the point of this scene"... It's basic, it's all about messages and life lessons. She cheated to win, even though she knew she had already lost the competition. You cannot cheat in your life. Always win on your own merit. For your effort. For your dedication in any area of ​​life. Never try to speed up time. Your time will come. It's all about time. That's the point. Nothing. 😉 Wonderful movie.
So this is the scene that conflicts with the scenes of young Diana in the 1st movie, where Diana is forbidden from training, yet here she's risking her life.
BEN  12
BEN 12:
It's june 2022, let's see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece ♡♡
Even though Diana literally did much harder things than the contestants she was obviously ready
Shibasish Biswas
Shibasish Biswas:
Beautiful movie. My most favourite DC movie. What a message this film gives us. i watch it many times. i have original DVD of this Film.
wonder woman 2017: i will only allow my daughter to be trained in combat when she is old enough, she is too young to do dangerous stuff.
woke woman 84: i'll have her do this dangerous olympic thing.
Lucky Moon joy
Lucky Moon joy:
She should be on ninja warriors, she’d win pretty quickly.
Shame that they totally changed her childhood from the first movie, you know the movie that was actually awesome!
best scene of the entire movie
Morango Fofa
Morango Fofa:
Só ele cura os de coração quebrantado e cuida das suas feridas.
Salmos 147:3
97 Hunter
97 Hunter:
This is a fiction but the stunts are real , salute to This little girl🙋‍♂️
Dominik Hemeli
Dominik Hemeli:
The crowd just ignoring what's happened at the end. so realistic
I love this video because Diana is a wonderful girl
How many times I see this video also again and again I will see
I am very sad she lost and there politics went on
Everywhere this is going on present days also
This is a successful story that everyone can inspire and motivate others.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore:
Thank you for being respectful of my new identity. Strong women like us need to fight the stigma that women with PTSD are victims!! We are warriors!!
Savez Amir Butt
Savez Amir Butt:
This scene is Canon breaking
👽Ezequiel  java👽
👽Ezequiel java👽:
Incrível cena
The first Wonder Woman film was amazing but this sequel was so disappointing. In the original young Diana trained hard for years to develop her skills and abilities, but now the sequel has re-written that and made it out that she always had her abilities even as a child. This diminishes the integrity of the character.
Блэкрэйн Чёрный Дождь
Блэкрэйн Чёрный Дождь:
Вот самая классная часть фильма)))
Oww her reaction is cute haha
I was rooting for the black Amazonian woman from the beginning 😎❤️
Evelyn Carrion
Evelyn Carrion:
This little girl did all of her own stunts. Amazing and true little Wonder Girl.
menda anish
menda anish:
the arrows entered the ring , but not gone out , magic!!! 6:05
jeremy holbein
jeremy holbein:
The ending gives me memories of Koopa the Quick from Super Mario 64 because if you take a shortcut during the race,he will say you cheated and will not give you the star
Tara Wiselove
Tara Wiselove:
Watch this on mute, and the impact is just as strong. This movie is gold.
Collins Eban
Collins Eban:
moral of the story: don't swim on Amazon beaches, you'd never know of a javelin is aiming at ya.
Natalie Marotzek
Natalie Marotzek:
I was very impressed that Diana was able to keep her lead for so long despite her competitors having years of experience ahead of her
Hugo Barrón
Hugo Barrón:
the best scene of the entire movie
"There is nothing to be ashamed of"
Obviously never knew my dad after losing a hockey game!
Scorpio Girl
Scorpio Girl:
This scene sequence itself is better than the rest of the film, I love gal and wonderwoman character, but must to admit ww2 was painful lol
WB destroyed all the character development of Diana from the first movie on the first ten minutes of the movie. It was easily one of the worst DC movies.
P.S Gal is always great. Even with such horrible script, she is amazing.
A Colón
A Colón:
What a truly inspiring scene! I wish all parents could see the amazing potential of their children and encourage them like this.
karen franco
karen franco:
Moral of the story: don't look back when your winning
She took the short path only, because she was fallen of the horse. The only mistake she made was to look back, and worry about others. The worst mistake a warrior could possibly make.
Even in the action scenes I'm falling asleep
Rebe GM
Rebe GM:
Yo ya me hubiera muerto en el primer paso jajaaj🤣
This scene was definitely breathtaking... so much emotions in it. And the soundtrack was so inspiring I even watched the whole credit scenes with it.
Jorge Bersabe
Jorge Bersabe:
Antiope's lecture can be also be applied to both Max Lord and Barbara Minerva as well: Instead of working hard in order to achieve their goals, they decided to use the Dreamstone, basically cheating their way to the goal.
I felt disappointed they didn’t let her win
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos:
Eu ameiiiu muito
Cynthia Salazar
Cynthia Salazar:
Real truth they didn’t want her to win let’s be honest, that could have been her villain arc she is great and in the original show they banish her for helping because super man and the others went to the planet to help save them. 😂😂
Chris Pl
Chris Pl:
nobody comments on the fact that she's superpowered ,the rest are normal humans so they're evenly matched even if she's a baby
kai xiang
kai xiang:
Imagine this many women excited about sports 😂
Stacy zapien
Stacy zapien:
My favorite movie is Wonder Woman I love this movie a lot a lot
Joey V.
Joey V.:
Best scene of the movie
bro i feel bad for Diana bc i know how it feels😭
Lord Byron
Lord Byron:
They picked the perfect little girl for the part of young Diana!
Lauren Keegan
Lauren Keegan:
Totally should be in the Olympics.
Walaa Elsayed32
Walaa Elsayed32:
The small girl is amazing love from Egypt❤️❤️
Morango Fofa
Morango Fofa:
Él sana a los quebrantados de corazón, y venda sus heridas.
Salmos 147:3
Donald Cummings
Donald Cummings:
What are the odds more people watched this clip on youtube than they did the entire movie when it was in theaters
Moral of the story: never use your brain, just give up! What a wonderful message!
gostei muito de ver este filme atraves desta menina💕💞💓❤👏🤜💪🤟
ADA Aniban
ADA Aniban:
That kid has some skills!
Backbenchers of Ruppur
Backbenchers of Ruppur:
if this was the scene of Wonder Woman 2017 then it would have been a billion dollar crossing cinema.
Al's Tool Chest
Al's Tool Chest:
Amazing start to this Movie, shame they had Kristen Wiig and a terrible script after these scenes. Hans Zimmer score is epic 😎