Woody Allen - Songs from Woody Allen's Films

Woody Allen - Songs from Woody Allen's Films

From “Blue Jasmine” to “Stardust Memories”, from “Midnight in Paris” to “Hannah and her sisters”, from “Radio Days” to “Mighty Aphrodite”, from “Annie Hall” to “Bullets over Broadway”, Woody Allen has always used jazz in his films. The music underlines the storyline and merges beautifully with each scene. Some of the greatest names in jazz and many of the greatest big bands have featured in his creations: Tommy Dorsey, Billie Holiday, Harry James, Django Reinhardt, Glenn Miller, Bix Beiderbecke, Ben Webster, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Chick Webb, Lester Young, Erroll Garner, Artie Shaw, King Oliver, Red Garland, Jelly Roll Morton, and many more …

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1 - Sidney Bechet “Si tu vois ma mère” (from Midnight in Paris)
2 - Josephine Baker “La Conga Blicoti“ (from Midnight in Paris)
3 - Lizzie Miles “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” (from Blue Jasmine)
4 - King Oliver “West End Blues” (from Blue Jasmine)
5 - Louis Armstrong “Back O’ Town Blues (from Blue Jasmine)
6 - The Ink Spots “If I Didn’t Care (from Radio Days) 7 - The Mairy Macs “Mairzy Doats” (from Radio Days)
8 - Tommy Dorsey “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” (from Radio Days)
9 - Glenn Miller “In the Mood” (from Radio Days) ["In the Mood" Written by Joseph Garland - Used by Permission of Shaprio, Bernstein & Co.,Inc. (ASCAP)]
10- Red Garland “Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year” (from Whatever Works)
11 - Chick Webb “If Dreams Come True” (from Stardust Memories)
12 - Louis Armstrong “Stardust” (from Stardust Memories)
13 - Harry James & Helen Forrest “I’ve Heard That Song Before” (from Hannah & Her Sisters)
14 - Harry James “You Made Me Love You” (from Hannah & Her Sisters)
15 - Artie Shaw “Moonglow” (from Annie Hall)
16 - Fred Astaire “Cheek to Cheek” (from The Purple Rose of Cairo)
17 - Tommy Dorsey “Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now” (from Interiors)
18 - Jelly Roll Morton “Wolverine Blues” (from Interiors)
19 - Benny Goodman “Whispering” (from Mighty Aphrodite)
20 - Erroll Garner “Penthouse Serenade” (from Mighty Aphrodite)
21 - Dooley Wilson “As Time Goes By” (from Play It Again Sam)
22 - Lester Young “I Can’t Get Started” (from Anything Else)
23 - Billie Holiday “Easy to Love” (from Anything Else)
24 - Django Reinhardt “Nagasaki” (from Bullets Over Broadway)
25 - Bix Beiderbecke “At the Jazz Band Ball” (from Bullets Over Broadway)
26 - Glenn Miller “Sunrise Serenade” (from the Curse of the Jade Scorpion)
27 - Duke Ellington “Sophisticated Lady” (from the Curse of the Jade Scorpion)
28 - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli “Liebstraum # 3” (from Sweet & Lowdown)
29- Ben Webster “My Ideal” (from September)
30 -Teddy Wilson “I Got Rhythm” (from Celebrity)
31 - Coleman Hawkins “Out of Nowhere” (from Deconstructing Harry)
32 - Benny Goodman “Sing Sing Sing” (from Deconstructing Harry)
33 - Benny Goodman “If I Had You” (from You’ll Meet a Tall Dark Stranger)
34 - Duke Ellington “I let a Song Out of My Heart” (Melinda &Melinda)
35 - Artie Shaw “Moonglow” (from Alice)
36 - Erroll Garner “The Way You Look Tonight” (from Alice)
37 - Tommy Dorsey “Opus n°1” (from Radio Days)
38 - Glenn Miller “American Patrol (from Radio Days)
39 - Artie Shaw “Frenesi” (from Radio Days)
40 - The Mills Brothers “Paper Doll” (from Radio Days)

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Raya Ilieva
Raya Ilieva:
00:01 - Sidney Bechet "Si tu vois ma mère" (from Midnight in Paris)
03:14 - Josephine Baker "La Conga Blicoti" (from Midnight in Paris)
05:40 - Lizzie Miles "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" (from Blue Jasmine)
08:29 - King Oliver "West End Blues" (from Blue Jasmine)
12:05 - Louis Armstrong "Back O' Town Blues (from Blue Jasmine)
17:26 - The Ink Spots "If I Didn't Care (from Radio Days)
20:33 - The Mairy Macs "Mairzy Doats" (from Radio Days)
23:18 - Tommy Dorsey "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (from Radio Days)
26:55 - Glenn Miller "In the Mood" (from Radio Days)
30:29 - Red Garland "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year" (from Whatever Works)
36:05 - Chick Webb "If Dreams Come True" (from Stardust Memories)
39:27 - Louis Armstrong "Stardust" (from Stardust Memories)
43:00 - Harry James & Helen Forrest "I've Heard That Song Before" (from Hannah & Her Sisters)
45:59 - Harry James "You Made Me Love You" (from Hannah & Her Sisters)
49:07 - Artie Shaw "Moonglow" (from Annie Hall)
52:34 - Fred Astaire "Cheek to Cheek" (from The Purple Rose of Cairo)
55:57 - Tommy Dorsey "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" (from Interiors)
58:43 - Jelly Roll Morton "Wolverine Blues" (from Interiors)
1:02:01 - Benny Goodman "Whispering" (from Mighty Aphrodite)
1:04:49 - Erroll Garner "Penthouse Serenade" (from Mighty Aphrodite)
1:07:51 - Dooley Wilson "As Time Goes By" (from Play It Again Sam)
1:10:36 - Lester Young "I Can't Get Started" (from Anything Else)
1:14:16 - Billie Holiday "Easy to Love" (from Anything Else)
1:17:29 - Django Reinhardt "Nagasaki" (from Bullets Over Broadway)
1:20:20 - Bix Beiderbecke "At the Jazz Band Ball" (from Bullets Over Broadway)
1:23:18 - Glenn Miller "Sunrise Serenade" (from the Curse of the Jade Scorpion)
1:26:44 - Duke Ellington "Sophisticated Lady" (from the Curse of the Jade Scorpion)
1:29:25 - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli "Liebstraum # 3" (from Sweet & Lowdown)
1:32:44 - Ben Webster "My Ideal" (from September)
1:40:00 -Teddy Wilson "I Got Rhythm" (from Celebrity)
1:43:29 - Coleman Hawkins "Out of Nowhere" (from Deconstructing Harry)
1:46:47 - Benny Goodman "Sing Sing Sing" (from Deconstructing Harry)
1:50:56 - Benny Goodman "If I Had You" (from You'll Meet a Tall Dark Stranger)
1:54:00 - Duke Ellington "I let a Song Out of My Heart" (Melinda &Melinda)
1:57:05 - Artie Shaw "Moonglow" (from Alice)
2:00:32 - Erroll Garner "The Way You Look Tonight" (from Alice)
2:04:19 - Tommy Dorsey "Opus n°1" (from Radio Days)
2:07:15 - Glenn Miller "American Patrol (from Radio Days)
2:10:33 - Artie Shaw "Frenesi" (from Radio Days)
2:13:40 - The Mills Brothers "Paper Doll" (from Radio Days)
Sourav Roy
Sourav Roy:
I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbed, sold me this watch.
- Woody Allen
Andrea F.
Andrea F.:
Esse cara tem um mega bom gosto! Seleção incrível!
Valery Dekov
Valery Dekov:
Вуди Аллен удивительно умный, тонкий и ироничный (что особенно ценно) художник.
Aleksey Speransky
Aleksey Speransky:
Это просто замечательная музыка !!! Спасибо !
Agnus Oliveira Horta
Agnus Oliveira Horta:
Tudo que falar é pouco, excelente gosto.
This is why i love his movies.
Misha Sandro
Misha Sandro:
Absolute genius....  
Gustavo Mezcala
Gustavo Mezcala:
This music takes me back, even though I was born in the 50s, somehow I feel right at home.
Lily Pauker
Lily Pauker:
Woody Allen knows how to choose MUSIC . Listening to his movie soundtracks enables me to relax, puts me in the right mood in order to go on with my work, I appreciate his artistic understanding on how to achieve the appropriate effect by using the music not only as background but as a statement.
Kaz Dav
Kaz Dav:
Didnt know i was lookin' for this till i found it, ta.
Stoyan Ivanov
Stoyan Ivanov:
Love it
Claudia Tarazona
Claudia Tarazona:
awesome choice of songs....... WA makes us feel in NYC..... though I´m so far away from there!!
RevDick. Norsworthy
RevDick. Norsworthy:
This is the REAL thing!  I could listen for hours to this and be alive again in those times the music brings to mind so vividly.
Ksenija Lea Ronai
Ksenija Lea Ronai:
love this songs! thanks :-)
Filippo Patti
Filippo Patti:
Wondeful! Woody is simply the best.
Nomadic Brian
Nomadic Brian:
One of the best things about Woody Allen films. His selection of music. I'd like to sit down with him for a couple of hours and pick his brains about his selections. This music combined with his talent for making cities like New York and Paris look so charming and romantic. I left New York City years ago but films like Manhattan have always brought me back if nothing but for just a moment.
Mahmoud Sayed
Mahmoud Sayed:
Romantic...Cheerful...Timeless...Awesome for ever...Woody Allen 3> 3>
Ron Shvartsman
Ron Shvartsman:
The idea that a man could create such pure genius makes you appreciate his work so much more, adding to the already wonderful music.
Carmen Zammit
Carmen Zammit:
My favourite Woody Allen film Radio Days has most tunes in this list!
Cynthia Fernandes
Cynthia Fernandes:
This is amazing! Thank you so much.
Susanna Kay
Susanna Kay:
For me, the first song presented here, Sidney Bechet's unforgettable "Si Tu Vois Ma Mère," will be forever linked with the beautiful opening scene of "Midnight In Paris." Merci Woody, merci.
Lilian Hayball
Lilian Hayball:
Fantastic , I listen again and again, such marvellous choices of music !! Well done Woody !! xx
Marijka Tilton
Marijka Tilton:
The best kind of music. Legendary music. Legendary films. Have to say, my favorite is 43:00 "I've Heard that Song Before". It completely transports you. I wish I could be slow dancing in a late night jazz bar or something of the sort. So beautiful.
Cammie Sizemore
Cammie Sizemore:
thank you so very much for posting this! I have always wondered why there was not such a collection. I have not only enjoyed this all day, but had the delicious pleasure of annoying my co-workers
Gladiola Gladrags
Gladiola Gladrags:
Every one of Wood Allen's films is a masterpiece, thank you for sharing all of this beautiful music from them.  Bravo!
Belén Gómez
Belén Gómez:
Thanks from Argentina for bringing all this songs together. They are making me travel through different scenes, different places, different emotions.
Carolina Marchesano
Carolina Marchesano:
Un compendio de hermosa música de antaño, melancólica y chispeante. Para disfrutar!
Fátima Rodrigues
Fátima Rodrigues:
Woody Allen really has a good ear for music
Athanasia Karam
Athanasia Karam:
The best music for travelling thoughts.
Vicente Albayay Rodríguez
Vicente Albayay Rodríguez:
Amazing songs... So many memories...
Saw this right after " A rainy day in new york ". It's wonderful how these songs can bring indescribable feeling. Love it !
Geoff Strum
Geoff Strum:
Woody’s movies have given me joy
and their wonderful soundtracks have led to an appreciation and love
For American jazz from the 1920’s
through to the 60’s:
Lou Maresca
Lou Maresca:
What a good idea this compilation is! Good stuff!!
Lu Leeya
Lu Leeya:
Back in the good old days I would buy Woody's soundtracks and tape them on cassette (the reel to reel just wasn't working out in the car) and play them as i drove around. It was all to impress the ladies... it worked! (and I never had to buy Woody's again!) (rimshot!)
Looking forward to Magic in the Moonlight and more good jazz!
Elizabeth Duppa
Elizabeth Duppa:
Me encanta tu música woody,
Karol Walczak
Karol Walczak:
Świetny muzyk !!!
Ana Renée
Ana Renée:
Wow! Thanks for this jewelry-like compilation! What a treasure!
Gorica Cankovic
Gorica Cankovic:
this is really amazing. Thank you for this upload.
Emily Joy Simms
Emily Joy Simms:
this is splendid. a fine bouquet of favourities! thank you.
Lady C
Lady C:
Bellísimo!!! Amo esta música!!!
Max Hustwick
Max Hustwick:
Thank you for helping me study!
Tigre & Lapine
Tigre & Lapine:
1:46:47 - Benny Goodman "Sing Sing Sing" (from Deconstructing Harry) was also in Manhattan Murder Mystery!
Angélica Vega
Angélica Vega:
Woody makes my life less miserable.
What a joy to see him on the screen.
J .Gerber
J .Gerber:
perfect selection.... it made my day, it will make my week... 
Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to actually list all the songs/artists. Really cool, man; appreciated. 
nathan smith
nathan smith:
Absolutely brilliant
Mike Valjean
Mike Valjean:
I love youtube recommendations...Thank you guys, who made this algorithm.
Yiannis Marakas
Yiannis Marakas:
Excellent!!! Very good idea.  
Antonio de Pádua Cruz
Antonio de Pádua Cruz:
The choices of Woody,,,,,absolutely fantastics.
Anna P Eklöf
Anna P Eklöf:
Wonderful!  thanks! Curing myself from a flu listening  to this. Best way!
Elena Fernández
Elena Fernández:
¡¡Ay, mi Woody!! Siempre enamorada de él, desde "Sueños de Seductor"
Antxon R. C.
Antxon R. C.:
musica para pensar y sentir el cuerpo de una mujer en tus brazos bailando de verdad,no como esta juventud que no puede sentir nada un abuelete
JUST LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Enrique Zurita
Enrique Zurita:
Hermosìsimo. Un placer inmenso al escuchar, y un recuerdo emocionado de las pelìculas de Woody...casi todas, inolvidables
Felhek Lehrian
Felhek Lehrian:
This puts my inner demons to sleep. Thank you.
Ismael Ochoa
Ismael Ochoa:
Paris at midnight in the rain, great!!!!
Martha Liliana
Martha Liliana:
Feliz Cumpleaños Woody... celebro su Existencia escuchando esta delicia de música!!
Cindy Ngai
Cindy Ngai:
thank you so much for sharing these soundtracks!
Василиса Лихолитова
Василиса Лихолитова:
how much i love woody's films & soundtracks to his films... the playlist is just great.
Yazan Marmash
Yazan Marmash:
Great stuff!! Thank you
diana obregon huaman
diana obregon huaman:
Perfect for a night of love ! *_*
Captain Pugwash
Captain Pugwash:
Woody Allen is one of a kind. God bless him... the world is just a little bit richer for his presence here.
Deborah Cook
Deborah Cook:
Didn't seen many of the movies...but I do remember my parents dancing off most of this music while I watched in wonder, thank you for playlist, even at 70 y/o, brought back memories and happy tears to my eyes
Thanks for sharing this .... great piece of collection indeed
Carlos Fernando Gutierrez Canales.
Carlos Fernando Gutierrez Canales.:
Amazing :3333333
Eliane Pastorello
Eliane Pastorello:
That´s it! He is what he is, and we who love him, all we gotta do is love him!
Irena Raczkowska
Irena Raczkowska:
thank you so much, it's wonderfull songs
Bram Wijler
Bram Wijler:
so far so GOOD...
_ll_ Amaral
_ll_ Amaral:
Agora, pirei mesmo!!! D++++
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro:
Hermosa selecciòn musical, llena de buen gusto y delicadeza jazzìstica !!!!!!
Rogelio Ramallo
Rogelio Ramallo:
Wonderful mr. Allen!
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez:
Como para pasarse horas y horas escuchando y disfrutando.
Alvaro Monsalve
Alvaro Monsalve:
Excelente coleccion,eso es sublime....
Manuel Molina Gómez
Manuel Molina Gómez:
Gracias, una selección maravillosa
Wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you very much :-)
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
We love you, Woody. You're the greatest! Keep creating! Your art makes life better. #WeLoveWoodyAllen
José Baeta
José Baeta:
Thanks for your irreproachable good taste Mr. Konigsberg .
pablo beltaco
pablo beltaco:
excelente,gracias dsd bsas
¡¡ Vamos, vamos, muchachos !!   Doña Paca y La Conga Blicoti. Guay del Paraguay a más no poder.
Amarylis Fisher
Amarylis Fisher:
Midnight in Paris was my favorite then came Blue Jasmine. I am just a fickle romantic.
I am not married to anything unless it asked me to marry it and I say yes!
Laura Juliana Rodriguez
Laura Juliana Rodriguez:
I love his taste in music for his movies,the best music 
Brahmadas Byron
Brahmadas Byron:
Great jazz!
Susi Lumi Farina
Susi Lumi Farina:
Hermoso hallazgo!
final reconfortante para un día más que complicado.
Y Qué buen gusto el de Woody.
Gracias por la compilación y por la lista.
FedericaChannel ***FEDERICA RIVA***
FedericaChannel ***FEDERICA RIVA***:
Adorabile!!! Woody é geniale e la musica amazing!!
María Inés Fadel
María Inés Fadel:
Maravilloso poder escuchar esta musica!!!
Amazing upload!!!
Mercedes Pando
Mercedes Pando:
¡¡ Maravilloso !! Gracias !!!!! <3
celia hilda busciglio
celia hilda busciglio:
genial toda la musica que pone mi querido woody en suspeliculas
Nelson Ruiz Bórquez
Nelson Ruiz Bórquez:
para quienes gozamos de las pelis de W A ...la música es también un regalo!!!!
i hate youtube sometimes
i hate youtube sometimes:
How do you call the type of music @ 1:40:00 ? Swing Jazz ? When the bass solo drops, looking for it for a long time :/
Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
Rafaella Pontes
Rafaella Pontes:
Jiwon Kim
Jiwon Kim:
Vahan Nisanian
Vahan Nisanian:
It is 2014. Woody Allen is still making films, and they are films that will be remembered, even after he is dead and buried.

Mia Farrow on the other hand: Out of work, no money left, and desperately trying to revive her career, by reopening a stupid scandal, full of so many lies.
Yuli Muly
Yuli Muly: