Woody Allen's Marriage Has Officially Gone Beyond Just Creepy

Iconic filmmaker Woody Allen has been married to Soon-Yi Previn for decades, but there are some strange aspects to this coupling. Their union gives new meaning to the term "blended family," and get this: she doesn't even care for his movies! Here's everything you need to know about this odd match.

Woody Allen supposedly saw no problem dating Soon-Yi Previn, his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter from Korea, because she wasn't a biological child and because he and Mia Farrow had never married. Farrow had adopted Soon-Yi with her boyfriend before Allen, Andre Previn.

Allen told Time,

"I am not Soon-Yi's father or stepfather. I've never even lived with Mia. I've never in my entire life slept at Mia's apartment, and I never even used to go over there until my children came along [... ] I was not a father to her adopted kids in any sense of the word. There's no downside to it. The only thing unusual is that she's Mia's daughter. But she's an adopted daughter and a grown woman. I could have met her at a party or something."

Previn echoed that rationale, telling Time:

"To think that Woody was in any way a father or stepfather to me is laughable. My parents are Andre Previn and Mia, but obviously they're not even my real parents. I came to America when I was 7. I was never remotely close to Woody."

Watch the video to see how Woody Allen's marriage has officially gone beyond just creepy!

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Dating his ex’s kid | 0:19
Soon-Yi’s siblings | 1:36
Mia Farrow found out | 2:43
Allen’s kids | 3:54
Allen tried to shift blame to Farrow | 4:31
Soon-Yi was fired from a job | 5:09
Marriage would be a 'fling' | 5:39
Soon-Yi slammed Farrow | 6:45
Farrow was furious | 7:37
Allen takes credit | 8:19
Soon-Yi's not a fan | 9:07
Imbalance in marriage | 9:35
It's a 'good-luck thing' | 10:20
Allen wanted to keep it quiet | 11:16

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Elizabeth Dyer
Elizabeth Dyer:
She wasn’t model material ..he was grooming her
If my dad started dating my sister, I wouldn't want a relationship with him 🤷🏾
"The affair was probably good for her self esteem" - yep - he's a narcissist.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
I know that R. Kelly is scratching his head, trying to figure this one.
Soleado Lavender
Soleado Lavender:
I'm so amazed by the number of female stars who have worked with him and supported him knowing all of this.
Happy Dog
Happy Dog:
why is this not mentioning he was sleeping with her when she was below the age of consent?
스테파니 Stephanie 조셉
스테파니 Stephanie 조셉:
He had pictures of her naked body when she was just a teenager? That's the literal definition of child pornography...
Bryan Escober
Bryan Escober:
he kept pictures of her at his place when she was a teenager and claimed it was to help her be a model? in what world does she look anything like a model? he was just a predator....
Susan Jordan
Susan Jordan:
He wasn't helping her get ready to model. He was GROOMING her.
marija balmazan
marija balmazan:
Everything he said sounded like an excuse for his actions that were explicitly grooming and underage vulnerable girl.
Joyce Youngblood
Joyce Youngblood:
He's a perv. That groomed her. She was a teen when this began. Still in high school. Not 20. His biological children with Mia grew up with her as brother and sister.
Kendra K Khalilieh
Kendra K Khalilieh:
His entire description of their relationship is grooming. He's such a creepy guy all the way around.
Woody Allen knew her since she the 8 YEARS OLD. Shes the daughter of a woman u no only had children with but ask dated. The fact that he or anyone else can rationalize their union is disgusting to me.
Marky Jasper
Marky Jasper:
You mean sleeping with his underage step daughter isn’t beyond creepy 🙄
Elaine Snow
Elaine Snow:
Woody is so full of himself. He’s one ugly dude but always paired himself with stunning women in his movies. Get real, Woody.
Heather Allison
Heather Allison:
She was in high school. He had a fetish for young girls, his movie Manhattan is all about it!
Kraye Inluv
Kraye Inluv:
What is their age difference? Like 40 or 45 yrs?! Ughh, just gross. Mia should’ve had him arrested when she found the naked pics of her then teenage daughter is his desk drawer!
Brii ii
Brii ii:
"Make friends with her."
Make friends.
Not romantic relationship.
C V:
This is disgusting and anybody who doesn’t think so is ok with child molestation. Go ahead, try and justify it.
“She responded to someone paternal” yes! But you shouldn’t have turned that into a sexual thing, yikes.
"He was helping her to show her how to dress and prepare herself to be a model" - really? Her?
She was only a teenager when Mia found out about their relationship. Imagine how many years this was going on for before that. She was probably just a child.
Pamela Damaris
Pamela Damaris:
This makes me sick to my stomach. He groomed her, then has the audacity to say the girl was abused by mia farrow, not him. What a sick and twisted man.
I just felt this sinking gross feeling watching this.
Thalia Kirst
Thalia Kirst:
Hes trying to denounce the narrative that he was in no way a paternal figure in her life; then uses the word "parternal" to describe their relationship. Hes so gross. He likes being her "daddy" figure. Nasty
Hdofu Fox
Hdofu Fox:
“She doesn’t even care for his movies” well... to be fair does anyone?
Honestly, no victim of grooming ever realize they were being groomed. That's how predators work. Because they are that good. Just like how some pimps can groom women to turn tricks. They all believe they are truly in love with their pimp.
bystander x
bystander x:
He’s the most unattractive person in every sense
Bryn Stuart Jones
Bryn Stuart Jones:
Groomed , bought and paid for
Nicole T
Nicole T:
And never forget a babysitter caught Woody with his face in his 7 year old adopted daughter’s lap.
Mich Lab
Mich Lab:
It’s quite disrespectful, this woman took you in and gave you a new life
Tabitha Suntheimer
Tabitha Suntheimer:
This was beyond creepy when he married her after being accused of molesting his younger daughter! Disgusting.
The fact that she WAS under his "care" when she was very young is very disturbing.
he got sexually attached to a vulnerable girl and the feeling of power she gave him. this is 100% what grooming is and it turns my stomach that this man is still allowed in hollywood.
Jessi Santos Pena
Jessi Santos Pena:
He’s a predator. The fact that he married one of his victims doesn’t erase that he’s a predator.
Everytime they quoted woody's defense, it just got more and more cringy haha
4Ever Young
4Ever Young:
When does Mia EVER get credit for giving Soon Yi a new start in life? Whole thing is sketch.
Taylor Stern
Taylor Stern:
Due to the casual narrative stating this is an "odd match" should not only make you, Nicki Swift, question your own integrity but it should keep you up at night.
MyPrincessa 2
MyPrincessa 2:
He actually said "Paternal"
He is a F creep and people work for him! BS
Michele Pastele
Michele Pastele:
If they have two adopted daughters, I hope someone is looking out for them re. potential sexual abuse. Creepy.
Yeah, marrying your daughter definitely qualifies as "creepy."
(and they now have 2 daughters together -- think about that)
Jenny Coyle
Jenny Coyle:
The most glossed over relationship ever!
Who marries their ex wife's adopted daughter I mean?
AX Bab
AX Bab:
I don't know why I'm watching this....may be because it grossed me out years ago when the news broke....
True Voice
True Voice:
The best news I heard is that Ronan Farrow was able to stop that Woody's latest sleazy book from being published. Also very glad to know that Ronan looks like Frank Sinatra!
This guy is just a perv and he found the perfect victim.
Woody Allen sounds like a narcissist.
noreen gardner
noreen gardner:
He flips it- I am paternal .. she responded to paternal - grooming (it’s her, she enjoyed it) gross.
Brotha Liphted
Brotha Liphted:
That shit is crazy. Woody Allen has always been creepy to me.
Beverly Wilshire
Beverly Wilshire:
I very worried about his daughters with Soon-Yi!
scarlet poppyfield
scarlet poppyfield:
Woody, she was in High School ! Good God ! What kind of person does that to the woman who adopted her and mothered her ? Unacceptable, Mr. Allen, but you got away with it.
Jeanmarie Market
Jeanmarie Market:
I have a one word comment, EWE.
He’s always been gross. He groomed her.
Godfrey Garwood
Godfrey Garwood:
Notice how this video fails to instantly mention that woody allen came into her life when she was ten years old. Sick folks.
Mark Ukrainetz
Mark Ukrainetz:
Is it me, or did this seem oddly sympathetic toward Allen and Soon ye.
Dolly Dagger
Dolly Dagger:
Wow, lots of excuses, validations and BS. If what Woody and Soon Yi did was so innocent and their coupling did not need justification, why all the sneaking around? DUDE, YOU WERE AFTER HER SINCE SHE WAS 11!
Psychology major...hmm. Searching for insight to justify her crazy
chyna luv
chyna luv:
He Should Have Been Locked up...
Woody Allen is so disgusting that he actually blamed Farrow for wanting him to establish a closer relationship to her daughter.
Also, it's amazing to see how little backlash Soon Yi gets.
yep a peddy. never like none of his movies.
Amanda Heinen
Amanda Heinen:
I think it's interesting how they seem to dance around the age of Soon Yi when they started this relationship... she was underage, and more than likely Mia was trying to prevent the relationship to protect her daughter and he Weasley his way in and put a wedge between them. Sounds like a typical toxic relationship to me... and poor Soon Yi has only known this one way now.
you 2 TV
you 2 TV:
Evil child. Be careful who you help
Sapna Sahil
Sapna Sahil:
She is one ungrateful daughter to mia.
Morgan More
Morgan More:
Looks like she stayed in survivorship mode to stick with his ugly him
Terry Jackson
Terry Jackson:
She was groomed to be an idiot. I can only imagine what she let’s him do to their adopted Asian daughters.
Any actors who work for him, or people who watch his films condone his behavior.
milagros lluisma
milagros lluisma:
That's incest. Plain and simple.
Blanca Quinonez
Blanca Quinonez:
He needs to be in jail
Sandi Hill
Sandi Hill:
Grooming Grooming Grooming he even acknowledges better for him in a relationship if he can groom them, just because it lasts doesn’t mean it was good.
This just turns my stomach.
Kensley's Lane
Kensley's Lane:
Why did Mia even have a relationship with that ugly little gnome? It's got to be the money. His movies are awful and he looks gross.
I call bs on her "abuse" I've heard the other sibling say nothing bad ever happened to her and I've never heard anyone say anything negative about Mia Farrow except shes weird
Awkward Athena
Awkward Athena:
He’s emotionally stunted that’s why it’s “working” between them.
Rachele K
Rachele K:
Neither of them married for looks.
beverly allison
beverly allison:
He must be a narcissist and did this on purpose to make Mia upset
Lady Yankee Rebel
Lady Yankee Rebel:
These two have always been disgusting!!
Neil Clark
Neil Clark:
Soon-Yi clearly latched on to the first male that gave her adequate attention and its understanding why she would when Woody was grooming her during her adolescence. I honestly feel bad for her, she doesn't know what a true boyfriend/ husband without the father attachment.
carole R
carole R:
They'll always be creepy. She is sickening for speaking about her adoptive parent like she does.
Lessa de Pern
Lessa de Pern:
I remember when Mia Farrow picked this child up, as an infant, at the airport. He's a pervert.
Lucretcia Seven
Lucretcia Seven:
It's lasted so long because she knows she'll never land a bigger fish than this twisted little gnome of a man.
And that’s how thankful she is to her mom for adopting her and being a mother to her!
Nina Lee
Nina Lee:
Another predator that isn't held accountable because of those that respect his art. These people need to wake up.
Robbin Dearman White
Robbin Dearman White:
Woody Allen is a self-absorbed monster.
Sandra M.
Sandra M.:
I wish I could find a 27 yr old Korean man that would fall in love with me maybe if I was rich and famous but I'm only 62.
Lena Diestra
Lena Diestra:
This was creepy since the beginning
Meemee Zong
Meemee Zong:
Soon yi might be younger in age but she looks just as old as woody.
jon Doe
jon Doe:
I'm waiting for him to go to prison I remember all the photos of him and Mia with all of the kids
Erin Hobbs
Erin Hobbs:
I am trying to understand why he gets to express himself so much. During the mccarthy era, they were after artist expressing communist ideas. Why in the heck does a child molestor get a chance to try to normalize his sick behavior in the media? Why does he still have a career? Why is this man not afraid to walk down the street?
"ICONIC FILMMAKER" subjective.
Hilary Sinclair
Hilary Sinclair:
Who cares, I have never been able to stomach this man 😣
This is the most disgusting relationship, sorted and still perverted. During the time when Mia had the two children, Woody Wood Pecker where living under one roof when the girl was 9 years old. He watched her grow up. Get the heck out of here!
That lady looks naive and also probably a gold digger lol I love how he says I was never a father to her and then in another interview he says he was paternal she responded to someone paternal 😂 he’s weird she’s weirder
MODEL? Sorry she is homely!
peter Grahame
peter Grahame:
Mia was 20 when she married 50 year old Frank Sinatra, 'creepy'?
wanda mathis
wanda mathis:
He aged her it’s funny how Woody tries to make his marriage sound normal 🙄
Diana B
Diana B:
Self justification. It never fails. They believe and so must you.
What annoys me about woody Allen is that the way he talks about the start of their relationship. He glosses over the fact that soon yi was his partner’s daughter and just treats it as if she was just some other young 20 something with an over protective mother. No! You’re a groomer! You groomed her and soon yi also seems entitled, so they are a match made in heaven
Helen Garrett
Helen Garrett:
He's a creep. I'd have fixed his waggon if he'd done that to my daughter!
Elisa Mastromarino
Elisa Mastromarino:
He avoided a few important truths methinks.
Monica C
Monica C:
He literally groomed her. This is just sad. She was a teenager and vulnerable and it’s easy to see that. And he is all she knows which is why she sees no problem with their relationship. He’s sick and she’s brainwashed. Of course she’s grown now but still if she could see it from our perspective she’d see how sickening this really is
Muh Baykun
Muh Baykun:
Sounds like everyone is a little screwed up in this one.