Woody Allen's wife breaks her silence in explosive interview

Soon-Yi Previn told New York Magazine that Mia Farrow, her adoptive mother, has "taken advantage of the #MeToo movement."


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I wonder how she would feel if her when her girls are teens, she finds Woody took nude photos of them.
Let's get serious, You know he is a sick, lock him up...
When a daughter is having sex with her father she is also in competition with her mother....repulsive in every way. The daughter is out of her mind to normalize her relationship with her father
Vinithi Vini
Vinithi Vini:
Falling in love with your partners daughter is itself a proof... How disgusting is to fall in love with a man who is your moms boyfriend...
All molesters pay extra attention towards you that not to be mixed up with love
I dont get how anyone doesnt believe he molested his daughter when he's capable of marrying another one of his daughters.
Thats evidence right there. It doesnt matter that she was adopted. He saw someone he raised and treated like a daughter in a sexual way. And if hes already capable of doing that to one of them its likely he did that to another.
Camilo Gomez Keep
Camilo Gomez Keep:
How can you fall in love with someone you've know since it was a child? Literally, a child.
Char Reed
Char Reed:
At the end of the day the only question I have is, who in their right mind has an affair with their girlfriend's daughter who was brought into your life at the age of six? It's so inappropriate on so many different levels.
C W:
Can you imagine when Mia discovered those photos of her daughter and Woody??
jason vorhess
jason vorhess:
She looks old they look like they are the same age
He’s a sicko who needed to be behind bars a long time ago! And Soon-Yi needs to be in a psychiatric ward, and she’s wrong for doing that to a woman(& family) who adopted her and was a mother to her.
Sad your stepfather groomed you to be his wife from a child
Justice Justice
Justice Justice:
Hot mess all the way around. If Allen can marry the girl whom he's raised(adopted or not) he's capable of anything.
Katie Brown
Katie Brown:
sooyin will learn her lesson cause a dirty man like that doesn’t stop with her
Lorraine Irwin
Lorraine Irwin:
Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me. Totally brainwashed by her abuser
Victoria Davenport
Victoria Davenport:
This relationship is just disgusting. I'm worried about the kids they have now adopted. She better watch out. "The same way you got him may be the same way you lose"
Connie Wonnie
Connie Wonnie:
I find it weird having a sexual relationship with someone you partially raised as a child, or was a child that you knew, very dubious shit going on in your head to justify it!
Red Lady
Red Lady:
Of course she felt valued. It's called grooming. From the age of 6! I'm sure Allen always played the good guy while Farrow was probably trying to discipline her kids as a responsible parent does.
Well, it is possible that both Woody and Mia are abusive people, but in different ways. Just because Soon Yi had a bad experience with Mia doesn't mean that Dylan Farrow is lying.
I don’t know the intimate details of what happened with this situation, but it’s pretty low to be screwing around with your girlfriend’s teenaged daughter. The whole deal is grimy, sleazy and all kinds of nasty.
I don't think it matters if Soon Yi was not adopted by Woody Allen ,or if he only started having sex with her when she was now an adult or even if he never married her mum. It's already creepy and disgusting enough that he was her mum s boyfriend for many years ,he is the father of some of her siblings and they started having a relationship while he was still with her mum. That's weird enough behaviour to raise eyebrows and make me question a lot of things about Woody Allen . At some points I wondered if Soon Yi got involved with this man as a way to get back at Mia for her mistreatment but Soon Yi was so young ,I think Woody is mostly to blame for it all. At the end of the day whether or not Mia was the perfect mother or even the ideal candidate to adopt ,it doesn't change the fact that Woody is creepy , immoral and there is a lot of room to believe he is a paedophile.
The fact that she said “with him I felt valued” seems like an example of grooming. He saw that she had a bad relationship with her mother, and probably low self esteem and he used that to sweet talk her since childhood like the only loving figure in her life. So he could be with her. That’s so disgusting
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
The whole family sounds like flowers in the attic lol lol
I just don't see her as anything but his molested daughter.... no need for her to justify this. She needs a psychiatrist.
Claudia S. G.
Claudia S. G.:
Soon Yi justifies her behavior as “Mía Farrow” wasn’t maternal to her from the get go”. I would say she was a very troubled kid that was rescued from the streets in Seoul. Mia Farrow basically adopted kids with lots of issues due to a traumatic childhood. Imagine , who adopts a 7 years old kid? Anyway - so that’s how Soon Yi justifies the fact that she had a relationship with Allen. However - even if that was true that Mia wasn’t acting motherly, she was her mother, and Woody knew that! So morally wrong to do what they did! And on top of that, the abuse allegation.
I believe Dylan Farrow, and people defending Woody Allen have a very twisted sense of morality.
Humpty Dumpty Love
Humpty Dumpty Love:
Sounds just like Hollywood.
Bridgitt Jones
Bridgitt Jones:
Hey Lady!!! You married your adopted mothers boyfriend...
Hey Mr!!! You married your girlfriend’s adopted daughter...out of all the other women on earth
B Hutch
B Hutch:
and you don't think Woody was touching on her prior to her being adult? hahahahahahaha..
only 🤮 lost my interest in his stories and dialogues long time ago, only a psychopath does such things and legitimates his poison through others, coward. And she thinks, she is the chosen queen. Opposite.
Endless Nameless
Endless Nameless:
I was on the fence initially but after researching there is no doubt in my mind he is innocent. - Mia is absolutely insane as Moses will tell you and she framed Woody as she told him she would do in advance. - There is a 2 hour documentary on here that goes over the supposed “facts” of the incident. They are totally not credible.
Victoria Myung
Victoria Myung:
OMG that whole family is f*cked up
She looked happy in pictures with Mia when she was little BUT
When you see the little one in pictures with him she looks sad :(
hannah bree
hannah bree:
So mia was not a good mother? So you had an affair with her husband? Kbye
He took advantage of her being vulnerable and alone when she was young.
Lee Milby
Lee Milby:
As an adopted person myself, there are a lot of issues that many adopted people esp those of a different race than their family have to deal with. It can make "adoptees" particularly vulnerable to being manipluated by others who have ill intentions, because some adoptees end up with attachment disorders or other issues that people who grow up in more ordinary situations don't have to deal with. No matter how I look at this story, the whole thing gives me the creeps and just seems like Allen was preying on her psychological weaknesses in order to have his way with her. I have never seen a Woody Allen movie and never intend to. Everything related to him makes me sick.
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith:
"Happy Father's Day.. or as they call it in my family "Happy Brother in Law's Day" - Ronan Farrow
Marrying her Step Dad is pretty dysfunctional and compromises credibility. Allen is a predator.
Leon Summers
Leon Summers:
SHE WAS GROOMED!! it’s disgusting that they even gave her a chance to make these statements
Nien Nunb04
Nien Nunb04:
Woody got in Sue yi's pants at 15 and BillCosby gets accused 40 years later.
this soon yi woman has been brainwashed for years! how can she feel no sympathy for dylan farrow? wow!
Susanna Budiman
Susanna Budiman:
the seducer/ seduced is telling her side of the story with her creepy old-husband VERSUS SEVEeennnn of 9 Live-in Children supporting and standing-by their adoptive mother.... its simple Math and Logic!!!
Dani Mark
Dani Mark:
This family's dynamics is so messed up!
The lovely One
The lovely One:
I thought that this was going to be about her breaking the Silence about Woody Allen molesting her. Quite the opposite
L G:
Yeah I’d be a little messed up two of my father started hitting on me when I was like a child. Ping pan is very messed up
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena:
the whole story is just so messed up!
eunice and sae
eunice and sae:
Look up Moses farrow. The abuse against Mia’s adopted kids was real.
Kevin Burnes
Kevin Burnes:
It's about to get spicy around here in 2021. Lots of other channels are bringing this to light again just today!
Renee Burton
Renee Burton:
I would never believe what she says
He brainwashed the “wife” to begin with
Sherni Sherawat
Sherni Sherawat:
"Hell is full of ungrateful people " - a local proverb.
HE IS 35 YEARS OLDER and was 35years older when he seduced her in high school
Thomas Fraser
Thomas Fraser:
Cats can get away with stuff forever. He'll die a free man unfortunately.
ma d
ma d:
Evidence? The family doctor -- Mia's choice -- found absolutely NO evidence of sexual assault, the girl was "intact" and pointed to her shoulder to say Allen touched her in a "private place". All of this happened at the time of Mia's charges in the middle of her being dumped by her boyfriend. Mia then left to have ice cream with her and after that came back the next day to change the story. Then the doctor -- again chose by Mia -- examined the child and found ZERO evidence of sexual assault. The doctors at YALE found: "child deeply disturbed" possibly brought on by "mother's manipulation". No sexual abuse found. Two criminal probes were launched and found nothing. No charges EVER filed EVER around this. (Farrow also defended multiple times Polanski who is wanted for child rape in the US.) A child molester has a history of doing such evil things. Allen has zero history of doing such evil things. Dating a 21-year-old is not child sexual abuse, people. Being married for 25 years is not child sexual abuse, people. Allen and Farrow never lived together, never married. Allen was not stepfather to Soon-Yi. Mia's previous husband was. Allen never lived with Mia or Soon-Yi. Collecting children from other cultures like they are pets to boost your own ego should be illegal. A white woman collecting such children is the abuse. At least two of such children apparently killed themselves after being in such "care". Talk to Moses, another child taken (legally "kidnapped" and ripped from his culture) from Korea and, according to Moses, also abused , disowned and abandoned by Mia.
Nicki nurse
Nicki nurse:
She was groomed well....& then sticking with the molester & the version of reality he has fed you your whole life is easier than admitting you were used & abused. Ask any sexual abuse victim. The fact that he is loaded & will be leaving you alone all his money....all the more reason to wait until the old pervert kicks off. Once he's gone & she has all his money.....expect a book where she suddenly realizes it was all wrong & gross.
Wil Rhys
Wil Rhys:
Keep that same energy when it comes to Woody Allen...
em z
em z:
Poor woman has been extremely brainwashed since childhood. And seriously, the author of the article has been friends with both of them for a long time? Sounds very biased.
Bambina L
Bambina L:
What person would have an affair with a man who's dating your adopted Mother? Mia Farrow isn't the beast in this triangle.
Katie Kamala Haley
Katie Kamala Haley:
I’ve known several Asian girls that were adopted around the same age that just did not form bonds with the mother. It seems to me that Woody Allen used that to his advantage to mind control her from a young age. But Dylan was bonded to her mother and I believe is telling the truth.
Brothas and sistas you dont get to marry your adopted daughter if you do u sick
I guess nobody sees anything wrong with this relationship?
Light side of the Moon
Light side of the Moon:
I just find it weird this woman...his now WIFE was once a child and his child....his DAUGHTER. So FREAKIN' weird! And not right at all!
Illi Mai
Illi Mai:
This real life scandal is worst than the scandal in FX's A Teacher.
Rachel's Remedies
Rachel's Remedies:
I had a friend that left her husband for his father! It’s been 50 years ago!
Outside Looking In
Outside Looking In:
Mia should of never adopted the child from hell.
Linny w
Linny w:
Please..Woody Allen is a creep of the highest order..and his wife is a broken woman
Meep Head
Meep Head:
Quite clear there are two stories. I personally don’t believe Dylan,
velvet cupcake Neptune
velvet cupcake Neptune:
yep that's holly tree wood for ya evil santanic etc
Jim Backus
Jim Backus:
Great director, though.
That’s one damn messy family!
Jo Crow
Jo Crow:
Can you imagine the shock Mia must have felt finding those photos
i am grill
i am grill:
honestly this is disgusting and they’re trying to make mia look like the bad guy
Cynthia Young-West
Cynthia Young-West:
Looks like Woody needed to get back in the Hollywood groove, so he got the wifey to downplay the perversion. If Mia was r short with the child/mistress living in her home, you can hardly blame her.
Mike G
Mike G:
i dont think there are three people on earth i find more repulsive than Mia, Ronan and Dylan Farrow.
OmG i have just realized watching this that my own daughter who was 5 when we met with her mother and 6 when we started dating and staying together for weeks in a row, and now she`s 21 - so that`s pretty much same thing that happened there, right? And that`s when every single idea of defending allen leaves (not that it occurred, but I was willing to at least research the situation before making my mind, when half an hour ago heard of the whole allen against amazon news, and for the first time read on the accusations...) - cuz can I imagine myself having any sexual ideas about my child?! This is a nightmare to think that scumbags like him exist
Woody is creepy. He always like teen girls when he was in his 40s, 50s, and beyond.
The movie Manhattan is all about this. He’s a nerd and creepy dude.
Adrianne Spring
Adrianne Spring:
Mia needs a full investigation of her entire family history & psychiatric foundation.
lina nicolia
lina nicolia:
Soon Yi would be a typical programmed victim of her much older "handler". To this day, she sees Mia as competition as her attraction to her pseudo step father was growing. She is a victim who has grown to be a permanent fixture in Allen's life, including the mother of their two adopted daughters. Very interesting. Look at them and you feel dysfunction. My motivation for this view point ? the very last picture of Soon-Yi and Woody leaving Jeffrey Epstein's place in NYC. That did it for me. The house of cards, just fell down. All of a sudden, I believe that little Dylan, with the fear in her eyes when Woody is holding her. Previn was out of the picture and Soon -Yi was taking her adoptive mother for a ride, by stealing her boyfriend. That is what I see in Soon-Yi. Opportunity knocking ? no, thank you.
Meep Head
Meep Head:
Also, Mia should disown woodys money. That say it all.
Mauricio T
Mauricio T:
From the man who once claimed: "I want to be immortalized not by my work but by not dying", I wonder if he might have any regrets...
Randy Hawthorne
Randy Hawthorne:
Just an opinion, but I think their all sick. Yes, I gave myself a like, what of it ? 😋
Look folks... step back and realize the REAL reason Woody Allen’s wife is speaking out right now.
One name: EPSTEIN
Woody is up to his eyeballs in Epstein’s trafficking ring.
This Epstein thing has not died... just starting is my guess.
Momma R
Momma R:
He did this WAY before the 'me too' movement.
Hi my name is Tommy
Hi my name is Tommy:
This man is living the hentai life☺️😂🤔🤔
Clap Trap
Clap Trap:
Kind of figured this was a thing since Woody Allen's interview with Twiggy back in the 60's
Atti Vamp
Atti Vamp:
I am a victim of being sexually abused as a child. This is the first time in 35 years that I'm mentioning it. .there is literally no evidence you can prove that happened while you were a child expect memories that keep haunting a victim forever.
She wouldn't dare call out her meal ticket!!
Episode CJSII
Episode CJSII:
So at one point he introduces her as his daughter and then years later he's introducing her as his wife. That means he was plotting the whole time this guy is SICK. He is just as bad as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and R Kelly.
Erin Clark
Erin Clark:
This "report" kept saying Soon-Yi was 21 when she and Allen began their relationship, but that isn't true. Several of the children witnessed Soon-Yi and Allen having sex, and even Moses said he witnessed Allen caressing Soon-Yi's thigh when she was still in high school. Granted, she does have severe learning disabilities and was in high school till age 20, but this article is very telling. Here's a quote from the article: “I think Woody went after me because at that first basketball game I turned out to be more interesting & amusing than he thought I’d be.” And yet earlier, she stated she was in the 11th grade when they first started going to games. Isn't that interesting?
Vince Howell
Vince Howell:
This send chills up my spine. Jesus!
chad rathbone
chad rathbone:
Ronan Farrow broke the story now they attack his mother via pedophile ex boyfriend. Probably the reason Ronan did the story.
Kandi Kamor
Kandi Kamor:
First off im will start pf bu saying i cold heartly believe he Molested Dylan and that he was
Grooming her for himself, and when he seen that Mia was noticing and Dylan didn’t want to be around him then he went after his now wife
Margaret Stewart
Margaret Stewart:
A child doesn’t make up stories of somebody’s touching them a cause she’s going to talk negative about her mother she’s the one that was cheating with her mother‘s boyfriend and of this conversation
Yo just that opening statement “adoptive mother who was partners with Allen when they met” poor brainwashed woman. He was a child molester. I’m still upset Woody was allowed to adopt girls
what they left out is Woody adopted her he was her legal guardian and father figure
Miss May
Miss May:
I’m soooo sure Mia is the problem ... insanity.
Tom Kuntz
Tom Kuntz:
Is it just me, or does SoonYi have an Adams apple. She sure looks like a dude!!
lizzy F
lizzy F:
Off course she felt valued by him. She was sleeping with him
Eva Dahlén
Eva Dahlén:
Creepy creepy creepy 🤢
D Cool
D Cool:
awww did the widdle perfect grandpa make you feel special? thats what they do!
Messy suituation across the board, gross gross gross. Why would some folks honestly think this is okay?🤢🤮🙅🏿‍♀️
Raging Zim
Raging Zim:
Woody taught his toddler daughter to suck on his thumb. Nuff said.
Tuesday Janae
Tuesday Janae:
She married her step father, which means somwthing inappropriate was going on. Why isn't Woody cancelled like bill and Harvey....