Woody Allen's wife breaks silence, slamming actress Mia Farrow

Soon-Yi Previn said the actress emotionally and physically abused her; seven of Farrow's nine children are standing with her.




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Slowpoke Rodriguez
Slowpoke Rodriguez:
Imagine thinking nothing is wrong with this and she just fell in love with an old man out of the blue
Mz Clementine
Mz Clementine:
She’s been manipulated and coached by her loving father/husband. There isn’t anything she could say that would change my thoughts of his disgusting actions. He used moments when she was being corrected and used those moments to make her mother the villain.
I know we’re supposed to be talking about woody Allen, but frank sinatras son is gorgeous.
Has anyone even heard soon yi's voice? How convenient that his representatives speak for her. It's all just PURE SHADINESS to me
How ironic would it be if Woody Allen started an affair with THEIR adoptive daughter. How would you feel then, Soon Yi?
K T:
Ronan is without a doubt Frank's son! OMG, he looks so much like Frank and absolutely nothing like Woody.
Cana Dey
Cana Dey:
So sad. Shes been groomed since she was a child
Miter Sangeeta
Miter Sangeeta:
Soon Yi was a Korean orphan when Mia adopted her. Woody Allen took advantage of his stepdaughter's enormous need for attention. She said it herself in the article; she felt flattered cause Woody was persistently attentive to her needs.
Jael Ayala
Jael Ayala:
And I ooop. This sounds familiar... oh yeah! GROOMING
jivonnia Smith
jivonnia Smith:
her life must be hella stressful cause she is 49 years old and looks 60 and asians age very very slow
Emily Daboin Sanchez
Emily Daboin Sanchez:
Soon yi sounds crazy af
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher:
I feel bad for her. She's probably been groomed since she was young, believing everything he tells him and putting her against her mother.
I can't imagine being brainwashed for so long. I hope she one day realizes that all he's doing is not to protect both of them but to only protect himself.
Woody married Rosemary's Baby.
I am curious how old you were when you actually felt you were in love with Allen. What age were you when you realized he felt the same. You seemed withdrawn from the family unit. Mia was probably exasperated by your behavior. I would have some respect if you and Allen did not sneak behind Mia's back. If Allen could have just come out with it.
Aisen santana
Aisen santana:
The fact that he was still allowed in Hollywood , is no surprise
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Soon was 15 when Woody started asking his adopted Daughter for a 2 in the morning sandwich . And the world SHAMED ARNOLD'S affair with a grown woman. Phonies.
Cecelia Stanford
Cecelia Stanford:
The worst case of Stockholm Syndrome, just vile!
MrsAlways RightForever
MrsAlways RightForever:
Just imagine these two being sexually involved makes me sick for so many reasons 🤢🤮🤮
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt:
I've never actually seen David Muir in action. My God, that shoulder and arm articulation - it's like that creature from Wild Wild West. No wonder he's ascendant.
Ryelle Bunagan
Ryelle Bunagan:
Father and daughter bonding!
Melissa Ciantar
Melissa Ciantar:
Lol the daughter/wife is hating on the family my god what a disgusting human being him and his wife !!!!
Tee Bee
Tee Bee:
I find the timing of this so appropriate. Right when Woody Allen's going to put out another movie and the HBO documentary Allen v Farrow comes out.
Shouldn't the title of this video be "Woody Allen's daughter-wife complains about her mother?".
Casey Manuel
Casey Manuel:
I’ll always believe that Ronan is Franks son. Franks other kids are close to him and I think they have done the testing and know but just haven’t released it.
Fiona Hogan
Fiona Hogan:
As my mother said about Soon-Yi “she should have her bottom slapped for betraying the woman who saved her from a life of hell.” She is not a Victim, unless she got together with him while underage. And if she did then he is a molester. If she didn’t, she is an ungrateful person who betrayed the person who saved her.
Omg, that creep of an old man and his daughter/ wife are both disgusting.
fran mellor
fran mellor:
And he asked Johansson to tell him about her SEX life how CREEPY can one person be...UGHHH!
Ann Marie Elliott
Ann Marie Elliott:
Poor Mia, a lot of men in her life, especially her father let her down, except her son stood by her. It's not one bit true that Mia physical assault Soon Yi. Soon Yi is trying to get Mia back.
Genavieve C
Genavieve C:
Disgusting. He groomed her ! That’s crazy!! I can only imagine what his ex wife says.
Mia Farrow being abusive towards her (if it's true) has nothing to do with whether Allen sexually abused Dylan. It's only indicative of why she fell in love with Mia's boyfriend. It paints a picture of her doing it for revenge, or Allen knowing she was not the favorite and finding a way to get close to her by giving her attention. The fact that Allen married her does not automatically mean he sexually abused Dylan, but it shows he has no moral qualms about seeing Mia's children as fair game. If Mia coached Dylan for revenge, that's terrible for Dylan. And not out of the question. But she wouldn't have to, for ppl to hate him. They would regardless, because of who he married. It's a complicated case and only Allen and Farrow know the truth. Soon Yi would not know.
It's very obvious that Soon Yi was older when she was adopted by Farrow and is not close or bonded with her as a mother! It is outrageous that at first Allen told Mia the girl was just a fling. Allen is the one who overstepped his bounds in getting romantically tangled up with her thus he destroyed the family unit!! Funny but very understanding, why these people all had individual therapists!!
N Amiin
N Amiin:
How can she slam the women who took her out of the slums of god knowns were🤔
tom senick
tom senick:
What an attractive couple 😉
human no. four
human no. four:
Donna Lynn Browne
Donna Lynn Browne:
Whatever, woody should be in prison for what he did to his 7-9 yo daughter Dylan!
Lyanna Millen
Lyanna Millen:
There is stories like this where you understand the "I'm my own grandpa" song
Sarah Renz
Sarah Renz:
This video popped up in my feed today, but it's from 2018. IIRC, Woody was by her side during the interview. I think he keeps Soon-Yi on a tight leash, the better to control and brainwash her. It'd be interesting to see if she'd change her tune if she had the opportunity to spend some time away from him.
I love my Babies
I love my Babies:
Soon-yi is an ungrateful n selfish person. How could she think of sleeping with her mother bf . No excuse s can ever change the fact that she is sleeping with her own Father . Becoz of these people, sometime we get negative vibes. Gross
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn:
In the words of G. W. Bush: "That was some weird s**t".
Hlengiwe Zungu
Hlengiwe Zungu:
Ho ho ho merry xmas
John Dozier
John Dozier:
Wow I didn't know Ronan was Mia son. I knew I'd heard that name somewhere before
Born without Boundaries Tarot
Born without Boundaries Tarot:
Huh? His wife was 18 when their relationship came out... and it began when she was 17. How did it jump to 21?
There was an article written years ago about Mia Farrow allegations however. Dylan's testimony never held up.
Vegan AF
Vegan AF:
Yeah, we believe Mia & Dylan.
David Marchese
David Marchese:
Beautiful family.
Summer of Kitty Love
Summer of Kitty Love:
Yes, very icky that he married his daughter but I also do believe that Mia Farrow slapped Soon yi as a child & called her stupid/ moron. She seems the type to do that.
andres manuel betancort martinez
andres manuel betancort martinez:
Maravillosa Mía Farrow! Tuve el placer de conocerla a ella y a su hijo,que es el vivo retrato de la madre ,hace unos años,durante el Festival de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Islas Canarias. Es algo tímida,pero muy amable y dulce.Jamas había visto una piel tan maravillosa como la de ella y su hijo,parecia porcelana.Guardo un grato recuerdo de ambos.Mucha suerte Mía! Saludos desde Gran Canaria/Islas Canarias
Jųst Ĕboni
Jųst Ĕboni:
She can speak now?
I thought she was mute
Miyoung kim
Miyoung kim:
shame on them, shame on them.. it does not matter what Wood Allen says, shame on him and the daughter// wife.
Honestly this further proves how brainwashed Soon Yi is by Allen. If she truly was just in love with Allen, why does she go out of her way to insult Mia? Why doesn't she have any empathy for her mother? I get that she had a hard childhood but it just baffles me. I feel like she could atleast say "I know this situation is weird but I love him and I hope my mother knows I'm sorry and that she can accept us one day." You know? She doesn't show some critical thinking, or basic empathy for the woman who saved her life. She continues this "abusive mother" narrative that sounds like classic Woody. It's so childish to say "I hate my mom because she hit me with a wooden brush."
He has forever kept her as his CHILD and it makes me sick to my stomach. We talk about age gaps in relationships but this is a man who literally watched this girl go from small child to becoming a teenager then kissed her! She accepted him because he beyond succeeded in grooming her. It's all the proof in the world that he is a manipulative predator!
El Sea
El Sea:
Vila Saco
Vila Saco:
All my admiration and support to Woody and Soon Yi, an amazing lovely couple, still they show themselves empathic and generous thought attacked by powerful dark forces. Soon Yi was victim of child abuse, humiliated all her Life, and now harassed all along with her family, all for the revenge of a Woman. She is an intelligent mature person. Woody is one of the most alive valuable directors we have, a cultural treasure, and still making great movies of real cinema. He
is a victim, all along with Moses, Soon Yi, Tam, and Dylan. If you are fair and see all the proof, theres no doubt about his innocence.
My heart goes out to Dylan, Mia and the others Woody hurt. May time help to heal your wounds.
kells pereira
kells pereira:
Is it me or mias son looks like Frank Sinatra
JRR smokin
JRR smokin:
LOL she rips a magazine for being one sided...what about that damn documentary that came out that she was in that was more one-sided than anything I ever saw in my freaking life !
Quinn Wright
Quinn Wright:
I just watch the HBO doc and after watching the videos of little Dylan I just don’t understand how Soon Yi or anyone could believe that Woody Allen didn’t abuse little Dylan.
It's just sad that she spent the best years of her life with this sick man
The one he really wanted to marry was Diane Keaton!
Blackshell Média
Blackshell Média:
Ronan Farrow doesn't call Woody Dad or father or pop...When we asked him why, he said -I did Myyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-
Kathryn Rayford
Kathryn Rayford:
I would like to know what Andre Previn has to say about all of this. I wonder what he thinks of woody Allen.
J2 34
J2 34:
She was groomed. I don't believe her at all. She already got even with Mia!
Mica Silva
Mica Silva:
Smells like she’s waiting on his WILL!
Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan:
Seeing this photo of Woody and his wife would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.
Pete C
Pete C:

What does that tell you about him?
Rebekka D.
Rebekka D.:
Soon-Yi is more likely the one who is brainwashed by her dad/husband. That whole situation has forever disgusted me. Why would an old man in a father role cross the line like he did? And why doesn't Soon-Yi stay in that kind of icky situation? I guess they deserve each other.
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz:
Seriously? Me too? Dylans assault was out decades ago.
Oh no she spanked with a hair brush, slapped her in the face, and called her names how tragic. Please, she could've done worse. At least she didn't sleep with her boyfriend and marry him after being raised by him as his daughter. How emotionally scarring that could've been. Woof.
R L:
"Mia was always very hot-tempered and given to rages which terrified all the kids. They can't speak freely because they're still dependent on her. But they could really tell stories and I'm sure one day will. It's true Mia was violent with me and I have conclusive proof, but I hope she and Woody can somehow head off a custody trial...I don't think you can raise 11 (and soon she will have 13) children with sufficient love and care. Take it from one who's lived through it-it can't be done. Some of us got neglected, some got smothered. Anyhow, there's problems. I could say many devastating things about Mia, but I will only do it if I must in a court." - Soon Yi Previn, 1992
Joan MM
Joan MM:
It’s sad how the step daughter is so brainwashed. This is disgusting.
"She kept silent for 25 years"
She should of stayed silent. This did her no favors. I wish I was articulate to breakdown how bat sh&%^$** crazy I really think she is.
Poor old Mia, seems a very caring loving person who thinks of everyone else’s needs before hers and here this predator A lister preys on her kids then smears her name
Whitneyfan 90
Whitneyfan 90:
I 100% believe wood abused Dylan. Soon-Yi seems brainwashed.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime:
Soon Yi Speaks Out

Comment Section: Not in this video.
MRS.Dean Winchester
MRS.Dean Winchester:
This is sooooo gross 🤢. Soon-yi and Allen are sick
LDH Productions
LDH Productions:
We can all agree, that Woody and Mina are really weird people.
Donielle Stenson
Donielle Stenson:
The incredible shrinking man
Hubby n wife both repulsive. Smh
Eightiesaddict One
Eightiesaddict One:
Soon-Yi is something else. :/
Soon yi is just waiting for the fortune that woody will leave behind.....it is very nasty either way...twisted family values.
Just to clarify, he was NEVER her father, biological or adopted, and according to Moses Farrow, he barely even knew her as a child and only started interacting with her when she was 20.
Steven William Bayless Parks
Steven William Bayless Parks:
Love is blind....when fame and money are involved.
They love each other. That’s that but this man and that woman hurt a family. It may be that Woody’s wife lies to help him. Possible.
Lady Laois
Lady Laois:
Absolutely weird they look weird there whole relationship is weird
Walt Wynn - San Diego North County
Walt Wynn - San Diego North County:
This has been going on for many years and people do not care anymore...
Noemi Guzman
Noemi Guzman:
In the picture Soon Yi looks like the mother and Woody looks like an aging son (a la the movie the curious case of Benjamin Button)
emilio perez
emilio perez:
woody Allen should be sharing a cell with Bill Cosby
Listen people.. we REALLY DON’T KNOW these people. We are ALL basing it upon media reports. We don’t know them personally.
kasle sasle
kasle sasle:
Me so ho rn y baby...me love you longing time
If the same thing happened today the world would go nuts
Ruth Alon
Ruth Alon:
The title should read. I’ve got mommy issues so I slept and married her boyfriend.
Seven of her nine children stand by her 🧐 one that doesn’t is married to woody Allen . My god he is sick
Leon Gardner
Leon Gardner:
REALLY...REALLY, we ALL should n MUST have a line we JUST don't cross!!! After this mess, there's really nothing to SAY, but some ppl keep stirring up BS
G Yanke
G Yanke:
Allens wife slept with her daddy! She has no creditability in anything. Just playing house for the money! Of course, she's going to try and dog Mia, to feel better about her sick actions of sleeping with daddy.
Gadzooks Hardy
Gadzooks Hardy:
Creepy do they even realize how inappropriate gross plus we all got disciplined but didn't screw our gross step fathers plz
Beverly Hintzen
Beverly Hintzen:
Poor Soon-Yi, she's been so brain washed by that Svengali, Woody Allen.
Luzon Visayas Mindanao
Luzon Visayas Mindanao:
Soon yi truly loves woody allen as she aged faster to level with his dad spouse. Now they both look the same age.
When she slapped her across the face, and hit her with a hairbrush, was this AFTER Mia found out that Soon-Yi was sleeping with her husband???
Meghan Monk
Meghan Monk:
I come from a family that went through an extremely similar scenario. It absolutely breaks you. It's wonderful that Mia and her now adult kids have remained a united front and refuse to waiver. Shame on them for denying his daughter the acknowledgement she deserves for whaf happened. It's victimizing her all over again
izzy marsino
izzy marsino:
Dude is sick
She is mean and callous since inquiring a sugar daddy and becoming his heir.
Vanessa Shaw
Vanessa Shaw:
I almost feel sorry for Soon Yi...almost. After all it was her stepfather who first put the moves on her. She was a kid. Now..she is old enough to know better yet persists in defending him while lambasting her stepmother. It is my understanding that had it not been for Mia she would never have been adopted. Allen had no interest in adopting or having children which is why he eventually moved into his own apartment. The very apartment that he used to coerced a twelve or fourteen year old (they were never sure what her actual age is) Soon Ye into his bed. If he is capable of doing that...it is not a stretch to imagine him touching or foundling his other child. So how does Soon Ye see Allen as the victim here? The man she married is a a pedophile. No need to get upset. A dog can't get mad just beause you call it a dog.