Woody Allen's wife breaks silence, slamming actress Mia Farrow

Soon-Yi Previn said the actress emotionally and physically abused her; seven of Farrow's nine children are standing with her.




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Woody married Rosemary's Baby.
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Slowpoke Rodriguez:
Imagine thinking nothing is wrong with this and she just fell in love with an old man out of the blue
jivonnia Smith
jivonnia Smith:
her life must be hella stressful cause she is 49 years old and looks 60 and asians age very very slow
Quinn Wright
Quinn Wright:
I just watch the HBO doc and after watching the videos of little Dylan I just don’t understand how Soon Yi or anyone could believe that Woody Allen didn’t abuse little Dylan.
How ironic would it be if Woody Allen started an affair with THEIR adoptive daughter. How would you feel then, Soon Yi?
kells pereira
kells pereira:
Is it me or mias son looks like Frank Sinatra
Vegan AF
Vegan AF:
Yeah, we believe Mia & Dylan.
Jųst Ĕboni
Jųst Ĕboni:
She can speak now?
I thought she was mute
Choco Crumb
Choco Crumb:
The nastiest couple in the world. 🤮
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz:
Seriously? Me too? Dylans assault was out decades ago.
MrsAlways RightForever
MrsAlways RightForever:
Just imagine these two being sexually involved makes me sick for so many reasons 🤢🤮🤮
Why haven’t they been charged with incest? He’s her step father.
Susan Smith
Susan Smith:
So this had nothing to do with what Soon-Yi had to say.
Kathryn Rayford
Kathryn Rayford:
I would like to know what Andre Previn has to say about all of this. I wonder what he thinks of woody Allen.
Joan MM
Joan MM:
It’s sad how the step daughter is so brainwashed. This is disgusting.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Soon was 15 when Woody started asking his adopted Daughter for a 2 in the morning sandwich . And the world SHAMED ARNOLD'S affair with a grown woman. Phonies.
Mica Silva
Mica Silva:
Smells like she’s waiting on his WILL!
Jennifer Reyes
Jennifer Reyes:
So basically your family tells the truth for years then many years later you play blame game on them because your upset your sister has been speaking up for years... Seriously just sad.
MrOtter Gaming
MrOtter Gaming:
Even tho woody Allen Did great films, this man has problems, this dude is just wield as fek
Cana Dey
Cana Dey:
So sad. Shes been groomed since she was a child
fran mellor
fran mellor:
And he asked Johansson to tell him about her SEX life how CREEPY can one person be...UGHHH!
Jamie the Female Glover
Jamie the Female Glover:
It's amazing what a brainwashed person will say
Lyanna Millen
Lyanna Millen:
There is stories like this where you understand the "I'm my own grandpa" song
The one he really wanted to marry was Diane Keaton!
Dina Coleman
Dina Coleman:
Hmmmm..creepy individuals
Marriage made in hell.
The legendary Sweendog
The legendary Sweendog:
Wtf where is the interview
They love each other. That’s that but this man and that woman hurt a family. It may be that Woody’s wife lies to help him. Possible.
Sinatra's son 😂
They are both pewwwww
Genavieve C
Genavieve C:
Disgusting. He groomed her ! That’s crazy!! I can only imagine what his ex wife says.
I am curious how old you were when you actually felt you were in love with Allen. What age were you when you realized he felt the same. You seemed withdrawn from the family unit. Mia was probably exasperated by your behavior. I would have some respect if you and Allen did not sneak behind Mia's back. If Allen could have just come out with it.
Lady Laois
Lady Laois:
Absolutely weird they look weird there whole relationship is weird
Casey Manuel
Casey Manuel:
I’ll always believe that Ronan is Franks son. Franks other kids are close to him and I think they have done the testing and know but just haven’t released it.
John Dozier
John Dozier:
Wow I didn't know Ronan was Mia son. I knew I'd heard that name somewhere before
Annie P
Annie P:
Author of article is best friend of Woody.
Shoe Gal
Shoe Gal:
I was never interested in writing a mommy dearest getting even but let me tell you what happened
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
And we should listen to Soon-Yi ? Per cua?
harpsailor harp
harpsailor harp:
Sky Love
Sky Love:
His wife looks like a man
Laoshi J
Laoshi J:
I"m not buying it.
human no. four
human no. four:
El Sea
El Sea:
Donielle Stenson
Donielle Stenson:
The incredible shrinking man
Yadira Garcia
Yadira Garcia:
Why didn’t ABC finish the interview with Dylan !?!?!!?
Diane Valentine
Diane Valentine:
Imagine... this is like Brad marrying Zuri 20 years from now...
If the same thing happened today the world would go nuts
Bluecloud Blueheart
Bluecloud Blueheart:
This is so sick n disturbing . she should had stay quiet.
Oh. Cool. 😏🤮
Shouldn't the title of this video be "Woody Allen's daughter-wife complains about her mother?".
Eightiesaddict One
Eightiesaddict One:
Soon-Yi is something else. :/
melanated soul
melanated soul:
Damn this story, i want to know how is old man is still alive! Older that a rock!
Sylvia Christodoulou
Sylvia Christodoulou:
No respect
Anon Mouse
Anon Mouse:
mia and woody are both freaks that is why they got together
C J:
Sounds like she was mind controled
shawn weaver
shawn weaver:
Dory Previn wrote a song about Mia, says a lot
Helen Patterson
Helen Patterson:
Dylan isn't as convincing as Mia.Mia has been practicing her acting since before she was on the T.V. program Peyton Place.
K T:
Ronan is without a doubt Frank's son! OMG, he looks so much like Frank and absolutely nothing like Woody.
Ilene Vargas
Ilene Vargas:
Get a lie detector test!!! Please the truth needs to come out
Jamie Day
Jamie Day:
I'd call my kid moronic for sleeping her step father. GAG
Susan Smart
Susan Smart:
Good fir youssnyi
renee braxton
renee braxton:
25 years? Gosh.
Kathymac1542 Mac
Kathymac1542 Mac:
Gee what a sweet girl
Hlengiwe Zungu
Hlengiwe Zungu:
Ho ho ho merry xmas
அவானி உயர்ந்தது
அவானி உயர்ந்தது:
It's just sad that she spent the best years of her life with this sick man
Miss Spencer
Miss Spencer:
This is sick
Kiki ZA QG
Kiki ZA QG:
They are both so revolting. Barf.
K K:
D. Davis
D. Davis:
"She kept silent for 25 years"
She should of stayed silent. This did her no favors. I wish I was articulate to breakdown how bat sh&%^$** crazy I really think she is.
Kara Ryan
Kara Ryan:
Seeing this photo of Woody and his wife would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.
J H:
Jay Kapolka
Jay Kapolka:
QCoE 11
QCoE 11:
This whole family is just gross.
Brenda AKA The Real Grammy
Brenda AKA The Real Grammy:
Let me get this straight.
I’m supposed to believe a story, told by an ungrateful, disrespectful, selfish little witch, - who had an affair, then took off with her mother’s partner.
But I shouldn’t believe a story from a woman, who said that she was molested? 🤔🤔
I don’t think so.
I can see that Mrs Allen is an She obviously doesn’t know how lucky she is that Miss Farrow adopted her. She must not realize the kind of life she could have faced?? Maybe she knows, but is too selfish to admit it. Even if her allegations are true, I think she got her revenge when she hooked up with her mom’s partner. Why talk about now after all this time.
I think she has no doubt been brainwashed or told that she was abused. Often, when someone is told a story, over & over & over again, by someone they love & trust, they start to believe it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happened here. I wouldn’t be surprised if her disgusting husband fed her these things. It wasn’t enough for him to hurt Miss Farrow the way he did. He had to make his step daughter/wife totally bash her in the press. Woody Allen is one of the most disgusting people (I won’t call him a man for obvious reasons) I have ever heard about.
They both make me want to vomit‼️
Karma will get you both
David Marchese
David Marchese:
Beautiful family.
Harold Pretorius
Harold Pretorius:
I hope this young lady was smart enough not to have any children with this man. Imagine if they had a little girl
Keith Jenkins
Keith Jenkins:
But Bill Cosby tho
where is the outcry on this case? once again a white man gets away with the crime and men of color are immediately "canceled"
Christine Gainer
Christine Gainer:
Michelle Mckenna
Michelle Mckenna:
Valerie Fernjack
Valerie Fernjack:
They are Nasty🙉
Born without Boundaries Tarot
Born without Boundaries Tarot:
Huh? His wife was 18 when their relationship came out... and it began when she was 17. How did it jump to 21?
There was an article written years ago about Mia Farrow allegations however. Dylan's testimony never held up.
Leon Gardner
Leon Gardner:
REALLY...REALLY, we ALL should n MUST have a line we JUST don't cross!!! After this mess, there's really nothing to SAY, but some ppl keep stirring up BS
Gidget Coe
Gidget Coe:
Puke! Haha on Woody trying to convince the world that he's Ronans father!!! Bahahahaha!! Sinatra lives!
Milady De Winter
Milady De Winter:
She has gotten even with her by marrying her mothers partner.
A nasty piece of work.
Ann Marie Elliott
Ann Marie Elliott:
Poor Mia, a lot of men in her life, especially her father let her down, except her son stood by her. It's not one bit true that Mia physical assault Soon Yi. Soon Yi is trying to get Mia back.
Clark Makoni
Clark Makoni:
Why is everyone on R. Kelly's case again? Asking for a friend.
Velvet Thunder
Velvet Thunder:
yeah Soo believable. 🙄🙄🙄
DragonLady XD
DragonLady XD:
Yh bring the kid that married her stepdad to talk shit about her mom...
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider:
do your research ABC....your report is inaccurate
God will get all of them.
The Ninth
The Ninth:
Well sadly I can't comment like the rest of the weirdos here who think they know everything. I don't know any of these ppl personally and honestly, I don't give a shit. This story is old as dirt. Why do they keep bringing it up? They most be at a loss for something to write.
Jamie Mikkelson
Jamie Mikkelson:
They deserve each other, they are vile!!
J2 34
J2 34:
She was groomed. I don't believe her at all. She already got even with Mia!
Linda Ensley
Linda Ensley:
Allen should be in jail.