Working on Friends Spoiled Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry reveals how starring on a hit TV series ruined him for working in theater and chats about the inspiration behind writing his debut play, The End of Longing.

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Working on Friends Spoiled Matthew Perry

100+ komentarze:

Ramya Narendran
Ramya Narendran:
It's about giving and sharing and having and receiving
Marianna Susu
Marianna Susu:
Mon: shut up the camera adds ten pounds
Chandler: how many cameras were actually on u
Kiyya Muinjo
Kiyya Muinjo:
Ross: "I went to the tanning place that your wife suggested"
Chandler: "Was that place, the sun?"
Melodies from Anu Sampath
Melodies from Anu Sampath:
Joey: "It hurts my Joey's apple".
Chandler: "Okay for the last time, it's not named after each individual man."😂😂
Lorna Zarych
Lorna Zarych:
"What happened?!"
"Well, Joey was born. Then 28 years later, I WAS ROBBED!"
olivia rose
olivia rose:
Anyone else triggered when he said in London? I just imagine Joey going.. “in LONDON?!??!” If you know you know lol
toothpick 93
toothpick 93:
Joey: “ Chandler! You’re smoking again?”
Chandler: “ Well, actually yesterday i was smoking again , today I’m smoking still” .
Michaela Bald
Michaela Bald:
One of the best:

Monica: Why is your family scottish?
Chandler: Why is your family...Ross????
Abhi V
Abhi V:
I wish this man the best in life.
He's made us all laugh so hard.
May the heavens bless him.
Elise Esbjornsson
Elise Esbjornsson:
“Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable”

“I’ve had a very long, hard day”

“I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”

“I say more dumb things before 9 am than most people say all day”

“I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

“Until the age of 25, I thought the only answer to “I love you” was “oh, crap” “

“She’s right, if I were a guy and... did I just say “if I were a guy”?”
Rejina Maharjan
Rejina Maharjan:
I could hear chandler's voice while reading the dialogues in the comment section 😂😂
“Oh god...kindergarten flashback”
shiva bhushan narani
shiva bhushan narani:
Joey: "Ducks is heads, because ducks have heads."

Chandler: "What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?"
syed fawaz
syed fawaz:
Who still watches friends in 2020?
I will never stop rewatching friends
Stephanie doesn’t trust fact-checkers
Stephanie doesn’t trust fact-checkers:
Phoebe: “It's so different from the stuff you usually hear”
Chandler: “You mean music?”
Harshad Reddy
Harshad Reddy:
Ross: "Rachel and I hired a male nanny."
Chandler: " You got a man who is a nanny? got a manny?"
Giulia Roman
Giulia Roman:
"oh sorry, did i get ya?"
"no, you didn't get me. it's an electric drill! you get me, you kill me"
aditi tripathi
aditi tripathi:
rachel : you idiot!!
chandler : I'm sure you're right, but why?????
Bae Jinyeah
Bae Jinyeah:
Janice: night night my bing-a-ling
Chandler: Night night ..... Janice

Cole Fountain
Cole Fountain:
Chandler: “It was like flying with the Riddler.”
Monica: “I’m sorry, was that another joke?”
Chandler: “Was that another question?”
mia birchall
mia birchall:
it’s weird to here him make a joke without a laughing track behind it
Manish Chauhan
Manish Chauhan:
"hi i'm Chandler, I crack jokes when i am uncomfortable'
Navyug Manocha
Navyug Manocha:
“We don’t have your sheep.”.... and “If i die, you don’t get Joey.”
Chungle Bung
Chungle Bung:
Ross: “I feel like somebody reached down my throat, grabbed my small intestine and wrapped it around my neck”
Chandler: “Cookie”?
Ella Grace
Ella Grace:

Joey: well we might have to repopulate the earth

Chandler: and condoms are the way to do that?
Kakanyo Thibedi
Kakanyo Thibedi:
*"I'm TraPpEd In An ATM vEsTiBuLe WiTh JiLl GoOdAcRe."*
Vinay Verma
Vinay Verma:
"On second thought

Gum would be PERFECTION"
Am I the only one that heard “we did it in London” and was just like 🙃
If all the gellers flirt like this ; we don’t hav a problem
a little bit later
"AWEE my sister and my best frnd"
Aswajith SI
Aswajith SI:
Ross : “ I just wanna be married again”
*Rachel comes through the door in bride costume *
Chandler: “ And I... just want a million dollars”
Ellis R
Ellis R:
Joey: remember how we always say we need a place for the mail
Chandler: yea...
Joey: yea, so I’ve decided to take it to the next level...

Chandler: So you’re building a post office
Chandler: Oh my god if u say that one more time i am gonna break up with you
maya sagi
maya sagi:
Chandler: "sometimes I wish I was a lesbian..... did I just say that out loud?
Ava Zainol
Ava Zainol:
“Why is your family scottish?!”
“Why is your family ROSS!?!?”
Chandler: Would you sleep with someone to get a great job?
Rachel: idk, whom I'd have to sleep with?
Chandler: me!
Rachel: why would i have to sleep with you?
Chandler: it's my game you want the job or not?
Manarpan Kaur
Manarpan Kaur:
Joey: *enters in elf costume*
Chandler: *in agony, holding his head*
chandler: Too many jokes there. Must mock Joey.
Joey: "IN LONDON?"
(Sorry, I had to write it)
One of my fav scenes is when Chandler is making up ‘cups’ and keeps giving Joey money and adding a load of crappy rules.
“It’s hard to care when your this relaxed”-Chandler bing
"We did it in London."

Oh God, flashback to Monica and Chandler...
Anushka S
Anushka S:
I’m super late to this but this dude has singlehandedly made so many people laugh with his genius wit, I literally cannot imagine anything but happiness in his life so i wish him all the health and love and laughter in the world
A Human
A Human:
Ross: "What were you doing seeing her boobies?"

Chandler: "It was an accident...its not like I was across the street with a telescope and a box of donuts"
Jivika Bahadoersing
Jivika Bahadoersing:
"Hi, my name is Chandler. Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?"
Holly Surlis
Holly Surlis:
When he says : We did it in Londen / i can't be the only one who thinks about something els 😁
Kiyya Muinjo
Kiyya Muinjo:
Rachel:"it's Emma, she's crawling!"
*Emma is sitting still and smiling.

Chandler: "Look at her go!!"
Itz Chae
Itz Chae:
Rachel: its like I would just make out with any guy i would see
Chandler: ... oh sorry I just dropped my ball *looks at rachel*
Guy Ferz
Guy Ferz:
Joeys newspaper ad: “Wanted female roommate. Non-smoker. Non-ugly.”
Jessica Chakraborty
Jessica Chakraborty:
Joey walks in Elf costume
Chandler: ah! Too many jokes! Must mock Joey
‘’I was kissing the leading lady in London’’

Joey: ‘’iN lOnDoN!!!!!!!’’
Ayra Adrita
Ayra Adrita:
Ross: “Someone at work ate my sandwich”
Chandler: “ So what did the police say?”
I love how the comment section is filled with Chandler's one-liners.
Rosabelle Oben
Rosabelle Oben:
Chandler: I called her and it left a message.....Joey: oh did you get her answering machine?....chan: no interestingly enough her leaf blower picked up . The greatest!!😂😂😂
I Only Speak Fax
I Only Speak Fax:
*Hooker sitting in the guest room*
Joey: I miss this
Chandler: I don’t think we’ve ever done this!
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed:
Chandler: *Funniest guy she's ever met! I'm funny, right? What do you know? You're a door. You just like knock-knock jokes. Save it for inside!*
Joey: Ducks is heads, because ducks have heads!

Chandler: *what kind of scary ass clowns came to your birthday?*
Jucel Malonga
Jucel Malonga:
Monica:" Shut up! Camera adds a few pounds"
Chandler:" So how many cameras were on you?".
memo lyngkh
memo lyngkh:
"If I am going down, I'm taking everyone with me"
Chandler: "I got her machune"
Joey: "her answering machine?"
Chandler: "no funnily her leaf blower picked up"
Jessica Chakraborty
Jessica Chakraborty:
Janice:What a small world
Chandler:And yet I never run into Beyonce😂😂
Spandan Mohanty
Spandan Mohanty:
I'm really glad we are having rehearsal dinner...I rarely practice my meals before I eat 🤣
"I am not good at giving the advice. May I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"
Burra Siva Lohith
Burra Siva Lohith:
Say goodbye to sour muscles.
Chandler: Good bye muscles🤣
"Hey Joe, can I get 3piece, coleslaw a coke.. AH AH, diet coke."
Hansa Yadav
Hansa Yadav:
Ross : " someone stole my sandwich at work"
Chandler: " oh what did the police say"
Stuti Khadka
Stuti Khadka:
I love how I can go through comment section and smile as I recall those scenes of FRIENDS.
Adithya Arun
Adithya Arun:
"Would you like some gum?" " Yes that would be perfection"
Ivy L
Ivy L:
When he casually said "in London," did anyone else hear Joey gasp and go "IN LONDON?!?!"
Manarpan Kaur
Manarpan Kaur:
CHANDLER, to a soldier:
''Nice camouflage! For a minute there, I didn't notice you''
Emo human
Emo human:
“Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian... did I say that out loud?” 😂
Sophie González
Sophie González:
"Chandler. M. Bing..?" CHANDLER M BING O MY GOD"
Bella R
Bella R:
"im not great at advice, can i interest u in a sacastic comment?........or cheese?"
Rezwana Sharmin
Rezwana Sharmin:
Joey being joey:
Chandler: you need to stop the q- tip when there's resistance
Ella Grace
Ella Grace:
Joey: “oh sorry did i get you”
Chandler: “ This is a drill, YOU GET ME YOU KILL ME!
Trisha P
Trisha P:
Monica: " wait a minute..rachel and Joey, Phoebe and Mike, Ross and charilie...we're the only ones going back with the same people who we came with"
Chandler: " that's not true, I came with monica and IM LEAVING WITH WEIRD AL!"
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When he says "Its funny" in my head it was like " is it chandler funny" LOL i love him
When he said ‘in London’ all I thought was
Michelle Sabellina
Michelle Sabellina:
Chandler: Pick a lane!
Joey: Who's Ellaine?
Camilly Bittencourt
Camilly Bittencourt:
Joey: “Some girl ate Monica!”

Monica: “Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds”.

Chandler: “Ah. So how many cameras are actually on you?”
Renata Rodrigues
Renata Rodrigues:
Ross about his first lecture as a professor:
"I'm just gonna do it on my own and with no naked chics"
Chandler: "That's the way I did it until I was 19". HAHAHA
Lily Figueroa
Lily Figueroa:
“I’m trapped, in an atm vestibule, with Jill Goodacre!!!”
Netflix user :P
Netflix user :P:
Rachel: just so you know it’s not that common it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal.
Chandler: I knew it!
Dhruv Trivedi
Dhruv Trivedi:
At 1:15 he said , "In London" and my reply was , "IN LONDON." Boy I am a nerd.
Audira Armanitya
Audira Armanitya:
His appearance may look different but man, he's still a Chandler to me
karthick shivaraman
karthick shivaraman:
One of my favorite lines of CHANDLER is

In my 8th grade, I failed Biology, now Biology Failed me😂
Carl Vincent Garra
Carl Vincent Garra:
Frank Jr.: "Chandler's a girl!"
Chandler: "Oh kindergarten flashback."
"We used to date"

"Richard no ones supposed to know about us."
Satvik Kapadia
Satvik Kapadia:
“What happened?”

“You kissed my girlfriend”
Guillaume Play
Guillaume Play:
Matthew Perry makes me laugh. 😼 He is a great actor. 😼
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming:
Monica: "Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds"
Chandler: "Oh, so how many cameras were on you???"
Silvia Prevedello
Silvia Prevedello:
Chandler: "Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian...did I say that out loud?" classic😆
matt cook
matt cook:
Rachel: Chandler, you have the best taste in men!
Chandler: Like father like son
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez:
Rachel: "You were supposed to be in there, so that I could see your thing."
Chandler: "Sorry my thing was in there with me."
Donna Rodriguez
Donna Rodriguez:
"Hi I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable."

* insults Richard's date *

"I'm doing it again" 😂
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed:
At 3:13 I can just imagine Matt Le Blanc running in and screaming
*”iN LoNDoN!!?!”*
syed taher
syed taher:
Joey: did I get you
Chandler: this is drill, you get me, you killed me
Me: lmao😂😆😁
My favourite line ever:
Ross: I went to that tanning place your wife suggested.
Chandler: Was that place THE SUN?!
Stephanie Bell
Stephanie Bell:
Met him 20 years ago and he was the nicest guy. Said no to having his picture taken but shook my hand and said nice to meet you.