World Exclusive: After Life Season 3: The First few Minutes

A world exclusive treat for you, the first few minutes of After Life Season 3, coming to Netflix around the world tomorrow - January 14th.

No spoilers. Enjoy 👍

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Just rewatched the show in anticipation for season 3. I cant wait for tomorrow!!! Im happy and sad at the same time knowing this is the last one.
Ronald SHAW
Ronald SHAW:
I am so looking forward to this.Ricky you have an incredible talent with all that you have undertook,and now this which will be seen in the future as a classic.Thanks again!
Captain Tactless
Captain Tactless:
First 2 seasons i watched yesterday... They broke me. Season 3 will probably do the same.. This is so very close to home... It hurts watching, but, i think it's helping
Anusha  Rajan
Anusha Rajan:
It is disappointing to know that raw, honest and heartfelt shows are close to extinction. Then I see this, and it makes my day. A remarkable piece of work. Excited for this season.
Jim Van Diver
Jim Van Diver:
Just watched after life 3, absolutely loved it. Such a tough subject to us all , it touches you on so many levels. Glad i watched it on my own though. I'm a 63 year old ' hairy arsed truck driver and blubbed like a 3 year old. Thank you Ricky and all your team for making us really feel emotional and happy at the same time.
Ravi Chandra Kolachala
Ravi Chandra Kolachala:
I just sat and watched the entire season last night. I lost someone dear to me few years back, i lived last few years weeping and in depression and not caring much for anything and anyone and i have lost that interest to get along and move forward. I was not even seeking help and i was lonely and somehow deep down i felt miserable about what i did and how i did. I cannot thank Ricky enough for writing and making this, deep down we are there in every character this series has, We are one Kathy, we are one brain, we are the postman. The ending of Season 3 was indeed changed my perspective. Live, be good and kind. Thank you Ricky and everyone involved in the making.
Connor-Craig Sellars
Connor-Craig Sellars:
What an amazing show. heartfelt but seriously funny
Michael J W
Michael J W:
For me this series is very personal.. I went through loss very early in life, and Ricky Gervais doesn't sell it, he's a master craftsman, brilliant series
C T:
Ricky is a genius. Heartbreakingly sad and hilarious, all in the same bundle.
Miloslav Vorlicek
Miloslav Vorlicek:
Can’t wait for Tmw. The release comes on the 1st anniversary of my moms passing away last year. After Life really helped me when she left me suddenly last year. Thank you. I am sure this new season will be helpful Tmw. ❤️
Michael Fox
Michael Fox:
This is a brutally beautiful series full of truth and laughs. Glad it’s back for another season.
dammie OG
dammie OG:
Thanks for lightening up my day Ricky! Can’t wait to watch the rest!
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
Laughs, sadness, regrets and love. Just real life (Afterlife) really. Going to binge on this. Ricky's character development gets better with each series. You really care about them. The cast is perfect. The last few minutes of season 2 brought me to tears.

Don't ever stop! Now this has ended, I'm looking forward to whatever else is floating around in that brain of his.
Ash Rosetti
Ash Rosetti:
Can't wait to watch it tomorrow!! So excited!! One of the best shows ever made.
This is going to be like a good book, we know its coming to an end but we don't want it to. Thank you Ricky and the team for lending a helping hand to those grieving, lots of love from Australia.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman:
Couldn’t think of a better actress to work alongside Ricky. They have such natural chemistry and comedy timing
Jaydeepsinh Chavada
Jaydeepsinh Chavada:
Bingewatched last night! My heart always cry watching it but I was laughing throughout! What a masterpiece 😍 congratulations to team! I hope we get more shows like this.
Chris pops junior
Chris pops junior:
Can't wait to see this... The finest TV show in decades
Ricky is a legend absolutely love this guy
VJ Woollett
VJ Woollett:
I love this series. Just binged watched season 3. It was funny & heartbreaking at same. Damn I love Ricky Garvais. He is awesome..legend . I cried
Ella 3927
Ella 3927:
I just binge watched the whole season on Netflix, I loved it, always did especially the sense of humour in all seasons and the sentiments too. Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ok, I didn't get the ending or didn't like the ending, could have been less biguous 😁
Be Kind FFS
Be Kind FFS:
Just finished season 3. The ending made me tear up with nostalgia, sadness and I suppose joy. Beautiful ❤️ Thanks Ricky.
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol:
Finished the show few hours ago and absolutely loved the way you ended it. Thanks for creating this amazing show. ❤️
janice nakonechny
janice nakonechny:
I've watched season 3. Pieces of my heart and soul are strewn about my living room. It's helping me with my spiritual awakening. Well done, Ricky and everyone involved. ❤‍🩹
Twotone1 T2CS
Twotone1 T2CS:
I cried in series two , it’s got everything for everyone , Ricky is a one off ! 3 is on Netflix from Friday 14th I think
The cemetery bench scenes are some of the best writing/acting bits: ever. Stunning. 😍😭🙏🏼😘
Just finished watching season 3 😭🥲🙂
I absolutely adore this show. Thank you for the touching story and great production!
Jennyfer Rios
Jennyfer Rios:
I have so many reasons to love this show. One reason is how it really explains love and loss. I took from it the kind of love I would like to have.
Video History Snippets
Video History Snippets:
The choice of music in the whole 3 series have been superb, thanks Ricky.
andrew day
andrew day:
Was never really a big fan of Ricky's on till I watched this series.. Absolutely brilliant. Laughed and cried a lot. He's a genius..
Carlos Anjos
Carlos Anjos:
Already devoured the entire season... makes you laugh, makes you think about life and your decisions about it, the way you deal with people around you. It's such a complete show... I love it
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Just finished season 3, no spoilers ahead. It didn’t disappoint, I loved it all. The final moments in particular are just incredibly beautiful and will stay with me forever. It hit me deep that’s for sure and I can’t think of a better ending for it. Only one downside really and that is i missed a few characters. Also Netflix being quick to play the next episode when i want to listen to the music during the credits is annoying.
Ekrem M. Ç.
Ekrem M. Ç.:
Watching this show is like coming back from summer vacation and meeting your loved ones.
Thank you Ricky for this absolutely beautiful show. It is so wonderful to have something to look forward to watching everyday that is brilliant, funny, sad and real, yet uplifting. Shows like this are rare these days. Thank you. The world is a better place with you in it.
Loved the season, felt a bit short but the ending was really great and it's such an emotional rollercoaster, with just enough laugh not to be heavy. Can't wait to see what's next for Ricky Gervais!
Re-watched the first 2 seasons last week in preparation and I am going to binge watch season 3 this weekend. I don't know how you do it but you can make me laugh out loud and then sob all in one episode, Ricky. ❤
Master Jedi
Master Jedi:
I LOVED seeing the red-headed kid in this introduction!!! I laughed out loud! If this doesn't show you Ricky's comedic and story-telling expertise, nothing does!
Penny Gugino
Penny Gugino:
I’m rewatching seasons one and two tonight, tomorrow nite, I will watch season three. Ricky, I love this series, real life situations with the perfect balance of raw emotion and humor. You are a genuine human being, unapologetically you and true. Thank you! Best to you ❤️
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu:
This is a brutally beautiful series full of truth and laughs. Glad it’s back for another season.
Thanks for this season. It was beautiful, heartbreaking and funny at the same time.

I don't know how long it took you all to create this, but could you have season 4 ready by next Friday?
Psycho Spyder
Psycho Spyder:
Thank you Mr. Gervais. I started watching your series while looking for something to make me laugh and bring up my spirits. It was not what I expected. My wife of 40 years passed away June 25th 2021and I'm still in that void. Not one day has gone by that I haven't sat crying, thinking about ending it all. I just finished season 3 and "After Life" has changed my thinking for the better. If I pull through this, I want you to know that you played a major part in bringing me out of that void. Again, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Just finished season 3. The ending made me tear up with nostalgia, sadness and I suppose joy. Beautiful Thanks Ricky.
Wonderful World Of Stuff
Wonderful World Of Stuff:
Season 1 was just spectacular, I thought Hmmmm season 2, isnt it done? I couldnt of been more wrong, Season 2 was an epic continuation. Excited for Season 3 & the genius that is Ricky Gervais.
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith:
Just started watching this, omg I can relate to everything in this funny a sad masterpiece, it’s actually got me feeling better and wanting to change a few things in my life. You seriously know how to get people thinking deep within themselves. Priceless.
I can’t wait to see how it all ends, Ricky. I hope you’re doing well.
Beebe Joslin
Beebe Joslin:
Jane must be so very proud of Ricky.
Omg. It's amazing again. As brilliant as series 1 & 2. Tears and laughter and all the strands of life in over twenty connections. Beautiful
Alberto MUFC
Alberto MUFC:
Love it.
Ricky Gervais is great.
I can't really wait!
Precious DeVere
Precious DeVere:
This was filmed just down the road from me. The tea shop is owned by friends of mine.Series 3 had me in tears I realised my bereavment is so akin to Ricky's charachter.
julie spencer
julie spencer:
I have already watched all of Season 3- I laughed, I cried….I loved it! Such a great show! I originally saw one of your comedy routines and hated it- then, for some reason tried Derek and couldn’t believe it came from the same person! It was touching,sensitive and irreverent! Afterlife- well just brilliant! Thank you!
Just binged the new season today and never have I cried and laughed so much during a series. This bloke just gets me! 😂😍 loves his animals, loves to have a laugh and is a genius at providing amazing characters who all shine in their own way. Absolute genius!
David Williamson
David Williamson:
Just finished binge watching series three of After Life, and it was every bit as brilliant, funny, touching and sad as the other two.
The saddest part is that there'll not be another series.
You are without doubt, one if the greatest writing talents this country has ever had.
Thank you for the laughs and the tears, Ricky.
Sarah sayed
Sarah sayed:
I just finished watching S3 couple hours ago and I still can’t believe that’s it and that that’s was the last season.
Maaaan I cried a lot. Literally one of my favorite shows of all times.
Can’t get over the way it depicts love and other feelings in such simple yet complicated way.
I lost my husband and recently went through my own breast cancer ordeal - double mastectomy & months and months of chemo, so this show seemed as though it was made just for me. I can't thank Ricky Gervais enough for taking me along on Tony's journey through it all. I love the message it gives also. To just be kind. We're all here going through something and should treat others as we'd like to be treated.
I just finished watching the entire third season in one setting. No spoilers suffice to say Joni was the perfect choice. 👌🏻
Lucille glen
Lucille glen:
Love after life... Keep going. So refreshing, so real. Loss shown in a real way. Relationships shown in a genuine way. Love your script. Feel inspired to write my own series. 😍😍😍
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Can't wait to watch it tomorrow!! So excited!! One of the best shows ever made.
I have just finished. I have been crying for last 2h and cannot stop. This show kicks you in the gut. Masterpiece
Stargazer 666
Stargazer 666:
Really sad this is the final season.. please make more seasons.. ❤️❤️❤️
P M:
Just finished season 3. Superb as to be expected. Soundtrack phenomenal, particularly Radiohead's' 'Let Down' but what a surprise to hear Hammock's 'For My Sister'. Ricky, your taste in music is impeccable. Would expect nothing less from the writer of 'Bitter Heart' though, one of the 80's best.
What a absolute masterpiece is After Life! All emotions going on, you are truly talented Ricky Gervais! You should be Sir Ricky Gervais! Also Derek was a Master peice too! I very much look forward to your next adventure!
Just seen No.3
This show will always make me laugh, cry and appreciate life. Thank you Ricky. 🙏
Stuey Evil Cat
Stuey Evil Cat:
I never get sick of Watching the Derek outtakes , whenever i am feeling down Kev and Derek in the caravan kills me
Stuey Evil Cat
Stuey Evil Cat:
Honestly cannot wait for this. So love you Ricky, even more so that you're a cat lover too : )
Da Paintbrush 69
Da Paintbrush 69:
What a fantastic series 10/10 from me ❤️❤️🔥🔥 Well crafted from Ricky and the team
Louise Perry
Louise Perry:
Only 10 minutes in Ricky, wallowing in Afterlife 3 and reminded my sons in their 30s it’s out.
Had to drag them away from the Tele in December 2021, Boxing Day to go to the test in Melbourne. Half an hour walk away from our bnb.
Knew at that moment we’d brought them up properly!! Got to get back to it now! From Dunedin , New Zealand!! Can’t go to Melbourne now . Love to Jane!, ❤️🥰😍😘❤️
Archimedes Woo
Archimedes Woo:
All three seasons were brilliantly touching. Thank you so much for making them.
Season 3 was beautiful. Bravo Mr Gervais 👏👏👏. The ending broke me 😭
C h a n c e
C h a n c e:
Well, Mr Gervais, you have done it again. Who knew the class clown could write so sensitively. I laughed, I cried, and I cried a little more. Thank you, kindly. I support people affected by cancer; patients, carers and the bereaved, and it is the bereaved that touch me most profoundly. You have written with such authenticity. Life is unfair, because it is illusory. Without the stories, it is fair. We live, we die. Kindly, C.
hh in
hh in:
I'm broke up after this lol. The ending wasn't what I wanted, but it was the best way to end the series. Absolutely loved it ❤️
Love the 10cc song. Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme and the fabulous Graham Gouldman without doubt one of the best bands I have ever seen.
Anshula Jain
Anshula Jain:
Amazing show..eagerly waiting for season 3...beautifully written with true emotions of a grieving mind with intelligent punches..never a dull moment in the show..cast is perfect...and the time taken by Tony to even think of being with someone else is the real deal unlike most movies where a character is shown moving on quickly trying to rise above his circumstances...grieving is a slow and long process so this show is very close to real life
Hannah Millington
Hannah Millington:
After watching Seasons 1 and 2 I thought After Life was the best thing Ricky ever did. Having watched Season 3 I KNOW it's the best thing he ever did!
Rachael Morant
Rachael Morant:
Woke up this morning and I’ve already watched three episodes. I love this show. Thank you for sharing your brilliants
Just rewatched the show in anticipation for season 3. I cant wait for tomorrow!!! Im happy and sad at the same time knowing this is the last one.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
This is a brutally beautiful series full of truth and laughs. Glad it’s back for another season.
Lis Marie
Lis Marie:
So brilliant , ricky your a absolute genius, sadness ,laughter together, made my heart swell ♥
Just watched it all straight through..just brilliant and unexpected. I cannot wait for your next work of art Mr. Gervais.
Matt M
Matt M:
Ricky I listen to you everyday in work and I cannot wait to watch this!
Brilliant. Every emotion is felt. Sensational music. Wonderful character development.
tom jones
tom jones:
You ever get the feeling that you have watched the best you have ever watched and nothing will ever replace it again! Ricky the best man since John Sullivan., superb! Cried buckets at the end of series 3. Depressed now as I try to watch other stuff & it’s crap in comparison!
I watched series 3 yesterday and it was very good. For a comedian, he certainly writes some deep stuff.
My daughter complained that the episodes are not long enough and that there aren't enough of them. Which is clearly what they meant when they said, always leave your audience wanting more.
M M:
No spoilers, I binged the entire season 3, and had to stay up extra late as I had had to recover from the ending. I went through half a box of tissues 🥲. While it wasn’t the end I had hoped for, it was all very well done. You’re an excellent writer and actor Ricky, such real feelings, emotions. I truly loved Afterlife, all 3 seasons, it has been a rarity to have something like that to look forward to. I look forward to your next project, because whatever it will be, will whether comedy or bittersweet as this was, will be the absolute best, a gift. God bless you and yours, Ricky. Thank you.
Mel Davis
Mel Davis:
Season 3 excellent,another fantastic season had to binge watch please make another I want to see Tony meet someone.Afterlife has lots of humour,tears and sadness all the characters play there roles brilliantly and Ricky as always amazing actor.Thanks for another great season 😊👍
Kimberly Mackowski
Kimberly Mackowski:
Watched the entire season in one go. Brilliant. Beautiful. Tears...
The casting,the talent,the writing,why we question,what we will see forever,why we remember
the human experience.
Been waiting for this for ages,finally today Season 3 will be released in my Country. Ricky Gervais very well done mate.
Thomas Mulrooney
Thomas Mulrooney:
Absolutely fantastic finale series! I can't understand the critic's negative reviews! You'd have to be heartless bastard not to break! Yes, the scenarios are absurd sometimes, but it's fiction! The message nonetheless is of the harsh realities of life - that it is fleeting and transitory, so try to do good. The ending was impeccable! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mary Meola
Mary Meola:
Season 3 absolutely broke me. My dad died on December 26th and I haven’t cried…well after binge watching season 3 today I have officially SOBBED
Neil H
Neil H:
Nobody stopping after one episode. It's all getting done tomorrow night.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord:
This man is pure class, genius. Ricky tells it how it is
A Mess
A Mess:
Just binged the whole season! Loved it!
E T:
Just finished binge watching it! It starts with “ I’ll just watch the first episode”…then 3 hours later..” goddamit that bloody onion ninja is back”!
Jim Orr
Jim Orr:
I loved season 3, made me laugh,made me cry..Well done everyone. I want to live in that village. x
M.S. M.
M.S. M.:
We can't wait, hubby and I are watching together, I watch it first in original language, much better, and then with hubby in german language, LOVE IT💯❤👍
Just finished the third season, lovely closure. I wish there was another season coming out.
Ewa Anna H
Ewa Anna H:
Cheers 🍻 from Chicago, IL - I am Polish but live in US for 20 years!! I watched Derek 2x already, all bloopers and After Life all 3 seasons - I will watch again. Ricky you are my therapist, I am a very sensitive/artistic person and you help me so much to start saying “fuck off” to any trolls and toxic fuckers!!! You have a brilliant mind and admire you to love animals more than people 😉!!! By the way, I rescued my 2 dogs - every day happiness and therapy for free, unconditionally love continue!! I am waiting for more projects Ricky, you are the most honest and intelligent comedian I ever watched!! 🥰
Season 1&2 are AMAZING!!🖤 season 3 I didn’t care for and I miss the previous characters 😞
Andrea Avila
Andrea Avila:
I can't wait to watch this show tomorrow!
Mary Duffy
Mary Duffy:
This program, absolutely brilliant. Ricky you are a genius. Myself and my daughter, just collapsed into fits of laughter, the taxi song 🤭😂😂😂. So, so funny
This is pure genius! Cannot wait!