World: Survivors of Utoya Island -

Norwegians recount the attack on Utoya island by suspected shooter Anders Behring Breivik.

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I feel so lucky and thankful to have survived being at Utøya without being shot, but on the other hand my survivor guilt is so strong and I keep thinking to myself, why did I survive while my best friend since kindergarten didn't make it out alive. I'm not a supporter of the death penalty but Anders is one of the very very few who really deserves it
A very honest Nintendo Fanboy
A very honest Nintendo Fanboy:
I can’t believe it’s already been this long since it happened I remember watching it all day on the news when I was 10 when my grandmother. It was and still is Heartbreaking
My cousin died in Utøya. She was only 16 at the time and I was 5. I remember so vividly that only after a few weeks it was my first day at school.
I cannot imagine the fear that those kids felt gosh i can't believe that sick man still living in this world
Julieta Segura
Julieta Segura:
Empecé a mirar la movie y vine corriendo a buscar esto para saber lo que pasó de verdad fue muy triste horrible y muy doloroso ese acto de cobardía por parte del asesino au que ya pasó mucho tiempo espero que los familiares hayan sanado sus corazones por las pérdidas de todos los caídos no sabia de que trataba la movie pero al empezarla a mirar me di cuenta que era de la masacre que triste y cuanto dolor 😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Anne Kathrine Mokkelbost
Anne Kathrine Mokkelbost:
My brother lives in Oslo. He used to be around the place the bomb got off at time, but my parents was visiting so he was at another place. I was talking with my brother at the phone when the bomb got off. And later at the news they interwied the prime minister and he said in the middle of the interwiev: i am getting messages about shooting at utøya right now. Was like living in a nightmare.
oceans taiga
oceans taiga:
I remember exactly where I was on that day. I was 10 years old and on summer vacation with a friend when we turned on the TV. I was so shocked someone would do that to innocent children and while they were at a camp.
Sanna Foss
Sanna Foss:
There’s two movies about this, one called 22 July and one called Utøya 22 juli. The last one was filmed on the island it happened. Idk if the other one was. Some people think the island is shut down and that no one can visit but it’s not. Anyone can go to the island and there’s many memorials there for those who died.
Thinking of all the victims today. Love is with you
My grandparents were on a camping site near utøya. They help the survivors of that day. 1 person in my town died that day. There mom, a friend of my teacher, moved back to her home country after that. It was a devastating day here in Norway.
the netflix movie about this, i didnt first realise that the movie was actually filmed on the same land..
I didn't even know of this attack until today. I was barely 6 back then. This is so bad. Some of the victims are my age. I can only imagine what they felt in their last moments😥😭💔💔💕
e burnsid
e burnsid:
Lee Soonie
Lee Soonie:
11 years later and this still haunts my mind
Leva Nyra
Leva Nyra:
There was a bombing attack in Oslo right before that caused by the same terrorist. 7 people were killed in the bombing and 92 teenagers were shot on Utøya. The killer set foot on the island 45 minutes after the bomb detonated in Oslo and for the next 1 and a half hours he hunted down and killed all the kids systematically. Some were trying to escape by swimming to the mainland but he shot and killed them. Others were trying to hide in the tents so he opened them and shot everyone who was in it. This is a tragedy yet I see so many comments of people who support this and what the killer did. I am disgusted.
This makes me remember a utøya survivor came to my school in norway and we in 8th grade could ask questions and stuff. Im gonna try to find his name and i will edit this when i find it
Malin W
Malin W:
I remember that I was 10 at the time watching the news live as it was happening and I was scared because I’m swedish but I have family in Norway and it felt a little to close to home
David Kirby
David Kirby:
I can't believe it's been eleven years since this happened. I remember when it happened. Time flies.
Aura Turner
Aura Turner:
Omg i feel so bad for those poor people who were just having a good day living there an then that guy done
Nina Calvez
Nina Calvez:
It really breaks my heart after i watched the attack on netflix.. also i have just realized that the movie was filmed on the same island.
Anderson Vizcaino
Anderson Vizcaino:
he visto la película, y es muy triste lo sucedido. lo que hace la mente humana en su afán de poder. desde Barranquilla - Colombia
Rouss Pérez
Rouss Pérez:
No es justa la condena que le dieron a este desgraciado.
Que triste que las leyes de Noruega no tengan un peso ante estos hechos tan lamentables.
Oscar Urrutia
Oscar Urrutia:
No es justo que la condena de ese hombre debieron aberlo condenado a muerte lenta y dolorosa para que sintiera el sufrimiento de esos niños y lo dice un niño de 10 años
Gay Af
Gay Af:
I just don’t understand what those kids had to do with mass immigration
I remember seeing my brother watching the movie , and then found the video news, must be rlly scary
RIP all the lifes we lost
K.M.A Andreassen
K.M.A Andreassen:
Hi Anders Breivik, he is actually one of the few inmates who has rules that have been made especially for him, which is of course stricter, he also never really comes out of prison because he has indefinite detention after 21 years. He must not be with other inmates, it will be allowed later in its sentence.
he is also the one who has spent the longest time in custody, which means that for many years he has been in a cell as there is only one bed, not a toilet then he has to call the guard. This is for and control him as best as possible.
but yes he complains about everything he can complain about, but again and again it just shows how little sense he has, the day he comes out of prison and it is possible for others here and come to him or manage and get until he is in prison , then he will come and be killed on the spot, there has been sport in it, all over the country norway. I myself am absolutely sure that he will come and be killed, not long after there is a possibility and get close to him. he kills, comes of course in prison, but for 6 years only. the person who takes Breivik will get rich and the whole of Norway will come and cheer this person out in the media and otherwise. So then we have many potential killers among us ordinary people .for it is worth killing him.this because it is so crazy what he has done and norway is not used to this type of serial killer or murder at all.
so in the end I'm pretty sure he gets the same punishment as in the usa, preferably worse too. greetings someone who supports this, only I myself am not a killer, but someone who pays tribute to the upcoming killer of Breivik. Thank you for me ..... =)
I don’t understand how there can be so much people in the comments defending him. Are u kidding me he killed 77 innocent CHILDREN. The youngest one just turned 14!! How can you say those children deserved to die!?
There was ~700 people on the island when the shooting happend. if the average friendlist on facebook is 3K (im norwegian myself) then 700*3K = 2,1M people know atleast one person who was on the island. But if you look at it this way, if 2,1M people know atleast someone on the island, that means the entire country have a friend who know someone who was on the island. I personally was very young when the terrorist attack happend, I was 13. I remember my sister had a friend who got shot in the leg, and my other sister's husband's cousin died there. so everyone in the country kinda felt the pain personally.
tiantian xiao
tiantian xiao:
sadness…RIP, my friends
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72:
God bless y’all!!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Laszlo Carreidas
Laszlo Carreidas:
Finnish politician Jussi Halla-Aho was a great inspiration to Breivik.
Just watch the movie one hour left im still in shock
How are so many people in the comments praising him?
Tyfo Paralax
Tyfo Paralax:
Almost every Oslo citizen knew someone at Utøya
the movie was AWESOME, watch it :))
Removing death penalty is insane
Good times. I was watching TV. Was young. Didn't have to work. Didn't have to pay bills.
Today is 16 March 2019 , 3:51am , watching the movie 22 July
I cry 65 minutes
My heart is broken
I’m from iran , I live in usa
My sisters, my brothers R.I.P
Jiggy Josy
Jiggy Josy:
Ok so we just gonna study on what the children was growing up to be and just skip over the fact that they were children?!
Communist iron fist
Communist iron fist:
Bai Zuo Doom, laughed at me to death. Indulgent kindness will only make innocent people swallow bitter fruit. The murderer knew that he would not die, so he could unscrupulously release extreme emotions. I heard that he has also applied for the latest PS5 and network services. I am not very old, but I have seen absurd dramas from all over the world in my short life. You don't need to tell me about China's embarrassment. I know all about it. I am very satisfied with my life now. And I believe that the Chinese people have a clear mind and are driving carefully on the right road.
good joe
good joe:
This is so sad RIP
This is so sad
Oleg Ruminov
Oleg Ruminov:
Glen Kenzo
Glen Kenzo:
What sad about this is the shooter only sentenced for only 21 year in prison.
Utøya, im a norwegain and its spoken like uotohia while spelled Utøya
77 died and the attacks happened 1 day after my birthday 22 of july
angelique fradin
angelique fradin:
Quelle horreur
10 лет прошло, эта тема стала довольно популярной
I can't belive my eyes, watching this..
Mizshell Mxioi
Mizshell Mxioi:
0:13 "92 people dead" = wrong. Correct # was69 & 8 in Oslo.
La Ho
La Ho:
Happy birthday commander Fjotolf Hansen
İlim Akademisi
İlim Akademisi:
"Kısasta sizin için hayat vardır, ey akıl sahipleri, umulur ki sakınırsınız." Bakara Suresi - 179 . Ayet Meali
Arne Gustav Hageland
Arne Gustav Hageland:
Im so sad
It's a sick world we are living in now.
I was at Kristiansand Dyrepark when it happened. I was 5 years old at the time.
Cedar Flags
Cedar Flags:
So this guy has a better life than most drug abusers in American prisons?
Its not otoya its utøya
Yao Fu
Yao Fu:
norwegian court did not sentence him to death, which the killer himself thinks is due justice
Fecay Duncan
Fecay Duncan:
There is no punishment that can correspond to what he did. The death penalty is too lenient. Lifetime too. We must look back to medieval punishments to find something suitable. Or why not American interrogation methods against innocent Muslims in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.
This man is now attending university and studying from his luxurious cell.
My «neighboor» Was there:( she got shot in the arm:( but she is luckily alive!! so she got her hand amputated:/
If i was there I’d sacrifice my life just to save hundreds of them
Jalaluddin Amer
Jalaluddin Amer:
This is proven that no matter what non Muslim do. Such as mass murder or etc they never be call TERRORIST
Just finished watching this movie from Netflix.. August 06 2021
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan:
This report is 2,12 mins, long, Too short to say anything, This report is about the reporter, NYT cant you see that
Alexander Schwab
Alexander Schwab:
This man now said pubically he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions anymore and wishes to be released. Knowing my scandinavian justice- system it feels like he isn’t going to be imprisoned for long
C&A Vlogs
C&A Vlogs:
Oh my God
The military Helicopter was ready.
The military crew was ready.
Was asked to wait.
J Chr G
J Chr G:
But he wanted and even dressed up as some military unit personnel...
When the truth values of life aren't recognised any more
Sambo Wilde
Sambo Wilde:
I hate to say this, but we should limit gatherings so stuff like this can't happen
I wish all cops were in plain clothes
JenZ _
JenZ _:
Xu Annie
Xu Annie:
Barbaroosa Jack
Barbaroosa Jack:
why poliice and special force so weak in this country..
Lukaas Kleiin2
Lukaas Kleiin2:
luis souza
luis souza:
Quem esta aqui depois da Netflix
I’m Norwegian and this is need to be stopped
Warren george anthony Chen
Warren george anthony Chen:
I see a movie coming from this!
Pro bro Gamer
Pro bro Gamer:
I've only just found out about this
angelique fradin
angelique fradin:
Quelle horreur
Omveer Kumar
Omveer Kumar:
Who came here after utoya july movie??
Aurelius Solitude
Aurelius Solitude:
There was also witnesses who saw 2-4 uniformed shooters. One on them also daudher of police. Now they are all disappeared just like some of MS Estonia survaivers...
I’m so confused I hear it was 77 killed but others say 92 what is it?
BrownShirt Boy
BrownShirt Boy:
And later he got luxury cell... Norwegian justice is joke
Norway really has a pathetic legal system.
Dave bastian adolf
Dave bastian adolf:
Berawal dri masuk ny imigran ke negara Norwegia.. penduduk Norwegia menjadi resah oleh tingkah laku imigran..
He is not a MISTER !
slimThick Jones
slimThick Jones:
Dam smh
killing will contining❤️
Ryju Mordo
Ryju Mordo:
Bydle nigdy z więzienia nie powinien wyjść na wolność
не страшно, норвежцы ещё нарожают)))
92 people dead or 77?🤔
zurberesh isaqesh
zurberesh isaqesh:
Hero. One must be cruel to evil. He understood this full well.
Nie lubi lewicy poprostu i tyle
Lost Girl
Lost Girl:
You can see Viljar and Torje Hanssen at 1:48!! That red hair is hard to miss
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
Unbelievable hatred
I'm glad it happened, he is a real patriot, a hero, I Will love him forever for that, they got what they deserved.