WOW! "Disturbing" ACE Family Leak, Dixie D'Amelio, MrBeast, Jeffrey Toobin "Exposed", & Hunter Biden

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00:00 - MrBeast Trivia Controversy
01:59 - ACE Family Leak
04:24 - Toobin Whips Out New Kind of Incident
06:21 - TIA
08:00 - The Hunter Biden Drive
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Mr Beast Defends Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Following Tournament Win Backlash:

Ace Family “Fight” Accidentally Aired:

New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin After Zoom Incident:

Hunter Biden Emails


Pelosi Says No Stimulus Before Election If Deal Isn’t Struck By Tuesday:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
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100+ komentarze:

Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
Emily B.
Emily B.:
Instead of swearing, people should have a problem with the fact that the Ace family literally exploits and manipulates their children for views and money. Family vlogs are toxic.
I heard off camera philly d is actually just 5 cats in a trench coat
Peach Toastie
Peach Toastie:
the ace family acting like they didnt force the narrative of a perfect marriage on themselves?
MRBEAST Headline: Guy gives away his own money and people complain he didn’t give it away fairly enough.
Austin: "but the love Catherine and I have for each other"
Also Austin: **cheats on her constantly**
Matt McRedbeard
Matt McRedbeard:
Just once I'd like to hear him start with "sup ya miserable bastards"
Walrus O
Walrus O:
How’s no one talking about the teacher that was beheaded publicly on the streets of France?
Honestly how did people not expect austin to talk to her like that. He's obviously such a douche
Kati e
Kati e:
Whoever named that segment “Toobin Whips Out New Kind of Incident” deserves a raise.
ACE FAMILY using their kids for social media clout and gain. disgusting.
Whenever you have a two faced YouTube celebrity, it's always questionable.
Being frustrated isn't the same as being angry and abusive.
This election just makes me wanna tear my eyes out.
I just want it to be over.
T N:
I like how a random person can drop off a random laptop with easily-doctored emails, and that laptop's contents is just facts now, I guess.
5:25 "I wanna know what comes from this investigation!"

Hopefully not Toobin.
I don't understand why people are surprised the Ace family guy is awful, he's always been obviously awful.
I stopped watching Mr.Beast. watching a rich kid give all his friends money gets boring. 🤷‍♀️
Army Blink Rosé
Army Blink Rosé:
Bugsy McCoy
Bugsy McCoy:
'No marriage is perfect.' Meanwhile: Look out our perfect marriage! It's not fake at all.
Jesse S
Jesse S:
Wait, it’s now bad to leverage your fathers connections to the government for your own gain!?!? Do the Trump brats know about this? What about any Trump partners or friends?
Magnus Olsen
Magnus Olsen:
Personally, I am immediately suspicious of any channel that uses their children for content. Always seems to be some iffy stuff going on behind the scenes. Not to mention you're basically putting the kids' childhood out there for the world to see, just weirds me out.
"There is nothing worse than a corrupt politician," says the single most corrupt politician in American history.
Tails Clock
Tails Clock:
MrBeast: "Honestly, the tournament was just for fun" he said about a tournament with $300,000 on the line. Who's he kidding?

Second story's "It's called marriage" is one of those depressing things to hear. That so many married couples normalise hating each other. That they try to normalise it for others. I guess making a legally binding promise to be together forever is perhaps just a really fucking bad idea? I just hate how true the stereotypes are though, and how normal it is to wave away two people shouting at each other as "lol married couples." I hate that this is there to let couples be awful to each other and not change anything or be better people to each other. Relationships are meant to be better than this. It's not unrealistic to have a partner you never swear at. That isn't some perfection that is unnatainable. That's not a cieling you see, that's the floor. That's the bare fucking minimum of expectations. I see so many good relationships, but as soon as people get married it's suddenly okay to be shitty people to each other. I hate this.
Phil earned his paycheck today with this Hunter story. Holy shit.
Kristin Bergh
Kristin Bergh:
Hunter Biden: You know a story is sketchy when even _Fox News_ says ""
Not A Towel
Not A Towel:
Never liked the Ace Family. Flexing wealth and complaining about regular living just rubs me wrong
Taste the Rambo
Taste the Rambo:
11:07 so the FBI had the info but witheld it for a certain party political gains. The FBi director should be prosecuted
Robin Maynard
Robin Maynard:
The thing that gets me about the Biden story: why did the repair shop go into the content? Also, why would Hunter Biden take a laptop with this much stuff on it to a random shop? Makes no sense.
Tim Stoddard
Tim Stoddard:
I'm incredibly surprised that Fox News didn't want to run a story against Joe Biden until they could fully verify its authenticity.
"My guy... what?" is how I have reacted to everything that 2020 has handed me
100% they were cheating. Looking off camera after every question lmao.
I actually laughed out loud when you said trump tweeted “there’s nothing worse than a corrupt politician” 😂
Virgil Barrios
Virgil Barrios:

"What comes from this investigation?"

Well we know *WHO* comes. That's for sure.
What’s my opinion on the mr beast thing?
I can’t believe you even took the time to report this.
Green Mountain Boy
Green Mountain Boy:
When I was a kid my uncle used to take me out on his speedboat and we’d go Toobin.
Special Bastard
Special Bastard:
"nothing worse than a corrupt politician" says trump

I laughed out loud
Clot-in-Eye Joe
Clot-in-Eye Joe:
the irony of trump trying to smear biden via his son...when theres clear examples of trump violating the emoluments clause via profiting off his presidency by letting his low IQ kids "run" his businesses while hes president and pushing favorable policies which enrich these same businesses. lol
“My guy...WHAT?” Was my reaction too
"I thought I had muted the zoom video"
Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show:
I dream to one day be a 30 second story on the PDS. I wonder what my controversy will be??
Mf Vb
Mf Vb:
He was so pulling a Toobin😂😂😂..on my god am dying laughing
Uae Otaku
Uae Otaku:
spiritfarer is love ! i am almost at the end of the game "i think" XD
D.E. Waters
D.E. Waters:
it seems that whenever the gop makes a damning statement about the "other" it really applies to them. Yes trump there is nothing worse than a corrupt politician... YOU. Yes this is clearly an attempt at election inference, by the trump admin. What's that old saying, point a finger at someone and you have three pointing back at you.
Best part of that whole Mr Beast livestream was Addison Rae answering that 100 million is 1 billion.

Next time give her trivia against my kitchen utensils.
Matt H
Matt H:
YouTube personalities are fake and for show?? While I NEVER.
Max Boi
Max Boi:
Ace family
I don’t care, but I do think he came off as a diva.
Turbo Pixie
Turbo Pixie:
“Accidentally” left in...... I feel like some people love to be on the drama news they did go quite for a lil while 😂
Zoe Gregory
Zoe Gregory:
"Toobin whips out a new kind of incident" lol. Love how that is in the description.
Chili Potato
Chili Potato:
Me from Canada:

What the hell?
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour:
It will be common for future tv shows to have a character's tragic backstory be that they were raised by family vloggers. "My every diaper change was public knowledge. As soon as I could talk, I was taught to perform. The cameras were always rolling so we had to be ON at all times. I never knew what was me and what was a character I was playing. I'd have to redo basic activities over and over until dad got the footage he wanted. My mom made a reaction video to my first grade report card. My entire childhood was sold for profit. I have no relationship with them now."
J H:
I will never. EVER. understand how that family is so dang popular like tf they’re so cringey. Those poor kids 🤔
6:16 Best part of this video lmao
Nina B
Nina B:
Thank you so much for mentioning Spiritfarer! I've been following it since the demo phase and it makes me so happy to see it grow in popularity. :)
Just want to say that your coverage of the Hunter Biden situation is SO GOOD. I felt that it was fair, covered all the information, and easy to understand.
Katty Bailey
Katty Bailey:
Remember when he was "sxe phil"
I hate every TikTok “artist” that just does the same 5 dances over and over and over again. This doesn’t help, but it doesn’t really matter.
Devon Codrington
Devon Codrington:
“My guy, what?”
Xedd MrC
Xedd MrC:
Omg that toobin bit made me laugh so fkin hard xD
Kennie Frog
Kennie Frog:
Trump saying there is nothing worse than a corrupt politician. So he got jokes now.
man I swear that whole family looks so fake and manufactured. Even the kids are being trained to act fake for the camera.
Kalana Herath
Kalana Herath:
Too in summary: If a tree is pulled out and nobody saw it, is it really pulled out?
When I was young my mother walked in on me Tuggin my Toobin. Classic.
Mr. X Dreams
Mr. X Dreams:
"A whole new kind of incident" LMAO
decker jay
decker jay:
the ace family really said "stop expecting us to have a perfect life" after they cultivated a channel around having a perfect life
Jessica Gauthier
Jessica Gauthier:
I am currently playing Spiritfarer on switch and it's gorgeous and very thoughtful. 10/10 would recommend
The fact that Fox refused to run it before fact checking it means even they felt the story was bogus and didn't want any parts of it.
Rob Weeks
Rob Weeks:
If tomorrow's PDS title starts with WOW! you all owe me a dollar.
However Long
However Long:
“Did we just get blocked or suppressed “
Probably Phil 😭
Dilaisy Rodriguez
Dilaisy Rodriguez:
Are we surprised? The ACE family has always been a mess
Kellie Kay
Kellie Kay:
I get snippy with my fiance and he gets snippy with me.. then the kid gets snippy with us 😂 people get pissy! It doesn't mean we beat eachother or hurt one another, it takes real patience to live with other human beings and love one another day to day! Have yall reallh never got snippy with someone or having a bad day?!

Only thing I don't like is that the kids looked like they were having a bad day.. and not having fun doing YouTube. Yall family channels need to make sure you're 100% taking you kids feelings into consideration when shooting on camera. Your kids are not your employees 👌
This is the same thing that happened last time with Hillary!!! Omg smh!
What a great recommendation, Spiritfarer is such a beautiful game c:
"I'm gonna say some stuff, but even if you find proof it isn't true, I'm gonna say right now that it wouldn't be so bad if I did. But I didn't. It wouldn't be bad, though."
The Slippery Noodle
The Slippery Noodle:
I feel like there is something inherently wrong with family channels anyway. The exploitative nature makes me uncomfortable.
Andrea Ringlein
Andrea Ringlein:
So appreciate such a full picture on the Biden Server story. Thank you and your team for their incredible deep dives. Fullest and most succinct summary I have seen regarding this story.
Hi zee
Hi zee:
Dude the ace family makes me feel so sorry when ever I watch them
The dad is incredibly creepy
I had this my entire childhood:
My father: yells at me so loud the walls would shake, would smack me (broke my glasses 3 times) etc.
How people see my father: funny, nice, charismatic

I bet a lot of people have "masks" on not just on cameras, but depending where they are and who are they with so the first story is not surprising to be at all.
4:21 - another one for the collection
I'm very curious to see what happens in the next 10-20 years, when the children of big family vlog channels come out and talk about their childhood. I'm predicting a lot of stories of mental health issues, exploitation, and abuse will come to light.
Modern Spartan
Modern Spartan:
Surprised you haven't covered the Ryan Haywood thing going on in Roosterteeth! You cover Youtubers, and guest starred in a couple of their shows!
Lt. Waffles
Lt. Waffles:
1:29 lol censoring phil's shirt after the tweet
Woah wait there really is a IMF. A impossible mission force. That’s insane!!!!
Hunter got “cocaine guy” eyebrows 🤣
"There's nothing worse than a corrupt politician." - Donald J. Trump, 2020.

... the AUDACITY.
Paul Burns
Paul Burns:
5:25 this is why zoom terrifies me

Update: 6:13 dude was dancing with the devil and even the fbi agent was embarrassed for him
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought:
1:28 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Caitlin Montgomery
Caitlin Montgomery:
Seeing grown adults write "I love you bebe *kissy face*" to each other on twitter makes me want to vomit myself inside out
GOP: They're trying to rig the election by taking down a questionable story
Also GOP: No we won't take down our fake "official" ballot drop boxes lol
I always love "beautiful bastard" only he can make it sound nice.
Mr.beast was such a nice guy he was just like “sure let everyone join!”
Just Somebody
Just Somebody:
Why would Hunter Biden drop off his laptop with extremely sensitive information on it and also never come back for it?
"My hair" lmao tf is he a female?
Abigail McPhee
Abigail McPhee:
“disturbing ace family leak” could be referencing any one of their videos involving their children
Re: Video streamers and their stuff.
I think the whole upheaval over a trivia game is silly. Just one more thing for people to complain about.
3:54 "I wish ppl would stop expecting ppl to have a "Perfect" life it's just not realistic!"

Uhh... excuse me? Aren't channels like that all about trying to make it look to the world like they have a "perfect" life? If they don't want to get flak about this kind of thing, leave more of it in. It wouldn't take long for people to either stop thinking they have a "perfect" life and be glad to see they are more relatable, or just migrate away from the channel.

And yes, I know that would hurt them in subs/followers and revenue. But then don't get annoyed with people for believing what you are intentionally trying to make them believe, which is just done so you can make more money.
G. R
G. R:
I spit out all my milk when i heard this.
Alexandra Filas
Alexandra Filas:
wow, i have been his channel my entire life. And now i'm graduating this year. Thanks dude
I'm just here to say Epstein didn't kill himself.
My thoughts on the Daily Beast controversy: The Hunter Biden story was more important.