"Big news: @MikeTyson is coming back. He will fight @RealRoyJonesJr in an eight-round exhibition match. Heard there will be boxer vs MMA fighters on undercard," wrote Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, who recently took to social media to reveal that an exhibition bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. is being targeted for September 12. Check it out!

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Youcrosseyed H
Youcrosseyed H:
Telling mike don’t go for the ko , is like telling my pit bull don’t go for meat your a vegetarian
Reginald Rutledge Jr.
Reginald Rutledge Jr.:
Gotta give Tyson his credit due he has done a great job reinventing himself and keeps doing it
Kgrooves Gaming
Kgrooves Gaming:
How are we supposed to hear what they’re saying with this obnoxious “background” music drowning everything out?
Enrique Sapien
Enrique Sapien:
“They won’t go for KO” But everything Tyson throws goes for KO. Not complaining though
Truth Keeper
Truth Keeper:
2 decades late but still more exciting than any heavy weight fights in recent history
what ever
what ever:
Wow, didn't see that comming. Can't wait to see Mike Tyson back in action.
People who don’t know Roy Jones jr because they’re just light fans and only know of mike extremely underestimate Roy, he was one of the best boxers to ever live with no disregard to mike but it’ll come down to ring iq
Random Uploads
Random Uploads:
Literally my number 1 and 2 favorite boxers of all time. I have both their dvds on all their fights since they were young kids.
Liberty Construction
Liberty Construction:
Who else got cold chills when iron Mike turned to the camera and said “I’m back”?!
Eudy Brand
Eudy Brand:
When Roy was Roy.
That boy could dance on the freaking ring.
Grebb Minor
Grebb Minor:
Like the idea of this legends thing👍
I’d rather pay to watch the legends than the modern crap crop😂
I waiting for this fight my whole life ... damn fam this will be the most important event in 2020
Jose Canales
Jose Canales:
2 of my favorite 🐐 x 🐐 sharing the ring and exchanging blows, what a time to be alive. 🥺
Joao Afonso
Joao Afonso:
Rip Roy Jr
The man is just scary. I wouldnt even test him, if he was 90. F that....
Love Roy but Mike Tyson is a different breed you don't see anymore. Period
tommy gun
tommy gun:
Yeah.... Mike looks like he's not training for a knockout.
garry dalton
garry dalton:
i hope roy gonna be wearing head gear while mike wears pillows for gloves
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY
ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY:
Roy Jones was a straight cheat code in his prime... It just wasn't fair!
MIke W
MIke W:
Mannnnn, as much as I love Roy, this is not a good fight for him.
What's the point if they dont try for KO, what a waste. I wanted to see who can actually knock out who
I love how mike is wanting to inspire retired athletes who feel like they still arent done with who they are. What a guy 👊🏻
Quick G
Quick G:
"We're polishing old stars and making them shine again." 🥊
Cory Palmer
Cory Palmer:
One thing I can say about Roy Jones and Mike Tyson they both could talk that 💲H!T
jacob gomez
jacob gomez:
Tyson deserves all that he has created! My only wish was knowing him years ago and being able to keep people from prying off him! Keep it going mike!
Mr P
Mr P:
Tyson against a boxer’s, boxer, that sticks his chin out.....and there won’t be a KO?....🤔
Constantly hungry
Constantly hungry:
This is the one of the best ideas in this crazy world I absolutely love it ...🤩👊✌big big bless to Roy Jones n Mike Tyson for
Mike getting his bread up
Nicolas Van Oordt
Nicolas Van Oordt:
This is amazing, I’m tearing up a little😢
Damn roy dont do it..i dont wanna live in that moment again if you know what i mean 😅
Rex Trammell
Rex Trammell:
I want to see mike beat the damn brakes off Beyoncé Wilder. 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson:
Can’t wait to see my favourite boxer ever iron mike Tyson back in the ring
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas:
Been by Tyson side since 1995 I was 10 when I started watching mike with my pops // let’s go Tyson show us you still got it in ya // go be the savage u once was in the ring 🏆🥇☝️💯
IG: Datboidh
IG: Datboidh:
Feel like my uncle and his brother finna fight at a back yard bbq
This is a fight i would had loved to see right after after the jones-ruiz...
hrc rider
hrc rider:
Crazy... Two amazing boxer's....
Love your commitment and passion guys... inspirational
Pio Pius
Pio Pius:
Roy Jones is going to get knocked the hell out
Steve Ryan
Steve Ryan:
This is fu***g great news! Good on ya mike you're skills are tight still and great idea starting a league for all sports professionals from back in the day to come hurtling to the present getting the opportunity of showcasing their unflinching skills great business move great lifestyle move and a chance to change societies perception of what sports players are and can be irrespective of age its all about past and future glory and experience we can all enjoy watching
Tyson-Jones is an exhibition.

The commission has made *that* clear.

It’s an exhibition between two geezers who need the money.

Are boxing fans that stupid? (That’s a rhetorical question.)
Mike Tyson is an amazing human being
Cus D’Amato’s boxing masterpiece 🥊
CocooAmy x
CocooAmy x:
When tyson first came on the scene in the eighties he was an absolute beast completley unstoppable until he went under don kings wing then it all went wrong, this is a clean living tyson in his fifties only one winner in my book
Kartier Supreme White
Kartier Supreme White:
Insane!!! I just hope no one hurt!!! This guys are extremely competitive!!!! To highest level on the Planet!! I admire there drive!! God luck to all the legends!!!
Patrick Washington
Patrick Washington:
There's no other fighter I would have in their prime on any given day in any weight class than Roy Jones,TBE
Hatem Ali For Objection
Hatem Ali For Objection:
Tyson you re in my heart since Iam baby 👶 , wish you the best always . God bless you
micro trades
micro trades:
Foreman statement with Kellerman: "" He was scared to fight me and I was GLAD he was scared. I didn't want no part of Mike Tyson because if his left misses, the right lands. And if the right misses,he ll bite you! I didn't want any part of mike tyson back then""
Erik Rodriguez
Erik Rodriguez:
Tyson not going for ko"s lmao and I'm not watching the illegal stream 😂😂😂
Two legends going to give one more fight. If Tyson dominates. He’ll fight Fury or Wilder
Edward Conant
Edward Conant:
"F" the 48 people who put a thumbs down for this matchup. I am genuinely excited for this fight!! Let's go Roy, let's go Mike!
Drew High
Drew High:
im so happy for mike!!! This is a great idea for the Legends league. you can feel this is going to be nothing short of greatness.
cachanilla cordova
cachanilla cordova:
Roy jones about to get his ass whooped🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stiff Jabzz
Stiff Jabzz:
Wish I couldve seen the 2000sThese fighters today can't even draw,Im sure these guys gone get to a nice bag.
All im hearing in the background of my head is "Old men fight, Old men 👊!" -GrumpY oLd men!!!! 😂😂
Neldon Dishface
Neldon Dishface:
Knock out time!!!!
Love the sound of the bagg getting SMASHED!!!
The legend still has that speed! Savage!!!!!
Come on Mike, lets go!!! You re back!!!
Álvaro Teixeira
Álvaro Teixeira:
This notice make my day
Danny Tranc
Danny Tranc:
Mike looks like he about to come for the belt next! Watch out Fury. Big up to Mike.. Let’s Go Champ.
CafeAuLait TX
CafeAuLait TX:
After all the ish we've experienced this year, this is gonna be the best treat ever!!
Female fan here!!!
Danny Williams
Danny Williams:
My two favorite fighters of all time. I would have loved to have seen them in the same weight class in their hay day. That would have been a nice fight to watch.
A. Z.
A. Z.:
You can see it in Roy’s eyes the fight is already over. Mike is a monster of destruction. I wanna see mike relive his glory his way this time.
Belessobvious o'clock
Belessobvious o'clock:
Would love to see this fight in fact I’d love to see a lot of different weight classes box against each other.
Can someone who actually knows help me out, what in boxing terms is an exhibition exactly?

Is it fought as an actual fight? Or Is it taken more lightly?
Brian_s3 castro
Brian_s3 castro:
Hollyyyy line up like 3 people I swear 😭❤️
Big Javi
Big Javi:
it's aLL GOOD 👍
jethro riz
jethro riz:
Turn off the music please buddy so we can hear <3
Lee Lee
Lee Lee:
I'm so glad Mike is starting so many amazing businesses
Mr. Frank 'forever 40' Garret
Mr. Frank 'forever 40' Garret:
ya Boy Jonez
ya Boy Jonez:
Put a date on it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
KenArt 3
KenArt 3:
Two of my favorite boxers ever going against each other!!!
its confrimed! RESPECT
Love them both but I’m going Tyson for the knockout 💯
Mark Rodrigue
Mark Rodrigue:
To say Mike is 50 something, its unreal to see him move like that still.. I'm 41, and don't have that type of quickness..
Persia Rose
Persia Rose:
Soooo... Who wants to get in the ring with Tyson again?🤔😳
Peter Peter
Peter Peter:
I am a Legend in chilling
DJKingMagneto #1
DJKingMagneto #1:
Even Tho This Coming Contest Between *Iron Mike Tyson* VS *Roy RJ Jones Jr.* Iz Just Exhibition Itz Still Gonna Be Dope.. This Something I Visualize Back In The Dayze When Both These Warriors Were In They Prime.. Tho Different Weight Classes.. This Iz Definitely Gonna Be Very Interesting and 1 For The Book's.. Can't Wait. 👊👊💣💣💥💥
John Mahmutaj
John Mahmutaj:
Paquiao vs mcgregor is happening in the undercard of this fight, i just have a feeling
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson:
My man mike still swing'n that vicious left meathook 🔥
Mike Toronto
Mike Toronto:
I love this so much,, I'm 42 and Mike would eat me for breakfast,, amazing 🌠
Trait Arts
Trait Arts:
I'm so greatfull that they're going to do this, cannot wait to see it
harold floyd
harold floyd:
Last time I saw Iron Mike fight I thought “good lord I hope he never fights again”. Ditto for Roy. They both had trouble with barely competent fighters ten years ago. They have not gotten better.
Bonga Sasa
Bonga Sasa:
When two legends meet it’s lit! Can’t wait
josh rowell
josh rowell:
Bro Idk I love them both but mike is literally foaming at the mouth toy gone take this not that serious and get starched
Txawj Vwj
Txawj Vwj:
Highth I'm mikth tythfen imth bath.
That should be a great match looking forward to it.. can't wait 💯✍️🕵️👀🤕
Road Shredder
Road Shredder:
John Sorto
John Sorto:
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm buying the pay-per view... I watched the McGregor vs Mayweather on IG Live but this.. I'll pay for.. just like back in the day.. let's go..
Should be a good exhibition from this two legend..

Remember this is exhibition, not real fight, should be great and fun, we could see more techniques as a show..
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally:
WOOHOO! We're watching,party planned already!, Go Mike!
Mad Man
Mad Man:
Woulda liked to have seen this fight happen in 96 ,still haven’t been this excited for boxing match in decades 👍🏼
Persona non grata
Persona non grata:
Respect to both fighters. I am glad I am old enough to remember when Iron Mike had everyone talking. No one talks about boxing like they did back in the 80s.
know nothing
know nothing:
Great news cause I'm looking forward to tyson and another one of his first round knockouts!! Itll b like old times......good luck junior lol
Travis Elder
Travis Elder:
I’m rooting for my boy Roy. Best pound for pound boxer of all time 🔥
Miami Florida
Miami Florida:
This Fight WILL Be pure 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 ON GOD! Amen
Cornell Perkins
Cornell Perkins:
Lov mike🤷‍♂️🙏 blessed
Luis Saenz
Luis Saenz:
I grew up on iron mike as a kid n fell in love with the sweet science cuz of iron mike .... now as an adult I’m bout to see iron mike scrap ‼️‼️‼️ we’re definitely in the matrix ‼️ let’s go iron mike ‼️‼️‼️‼️💥💥🥊🥊🥊
Rated R
Rated R:
Watching Mike is like watching one of those satisfying videos on YouTube
George M.
George M.:
I've heard Tyson say several times on his podcast "I don't have it in me anymore" referring to fighting, but after watching this video I'm gonna go out on a limb and just say, yes Tyson, you do still have it in you.
Izzy Kim
Izzy Kim:
SHIETTT. I love and respect both fighters so I don’t want either to lose...

Although my personal bias desires Roy to take the win... it might be tough with Mike’s aggresion
Noooo! Those two are one of my all time favorite boxers. Got to just watch my boys fight.