WTA Cribs with Bethanie Mattek-Sands

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32 komentarze:

Alexander Minuzzo
Alexander Minuzzo:
My favourite personality on the whole WTA tour.
Julian Andrews
Julian Andrews:
Bethanie seems to be getting prettier with age. ❤💪
Marcin Martin
Marcin Martin:
Bethanie is so cool. Iga's fans here in Poland really love you, me included. What a beautiful and charismatic woman you are!
Sla Zak
Sla Zak:
Bethanie, Iga Swiatek fun greets You strongly (in my head your great last team play, what the battle , never give up Girls ) !
Andrea Turbolz
Andrea Turbolz:
Love her smile 👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Olajide Lucas
Olajide Lucas:
Congratulations on your win!
“Born Free “ indeed
Great house, for a great personality and a GREAT player.
Paulette Billy
Paulette Billy:
Love that when your on, you can beat anyone!!!
Nathan Michael Mertz
Nathan Michael Mertz:
Always will follow her glad she is back hope her and coco do well
Back of the Line Tennis
Back of the Line Tennis:
Wife and I were just looking around that club area. Gotta love the foothills, and close to the river for tubing. Figg'erd we'd see the Mustang BMatts.
MC Hammer
MC Hammer:
I love her 😍
Geoffrey Selvage
Geoffrey Selvage:
Go Gators!
Olajide Lucas
Olajide Lucas:
I actually never liked her much before but that’s changed after this video.
She is such a likeable person , I like the dynamics between them in the house. Such positive energy.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn:
Never break up with Vacek
Al J
Al J:
Tibbor Orban
Tibbor Orban:
Enrique Morin
Enrique Morin:
This woman, a winner
Christian Wind
Christian Wind:
Ryszard Kosior
Ryszard Kosior:
IGA ŚWIĄTEK - My favourite personality :-)
Ncls K
Ncls K:
When She opened the fridge i thought it was a mess hahaha
Wydaje się byc taką naturalną, przesympatyczną kobietą. Wygrywa czy przegrywa lubię ją! 👍💕🎾
Newton Firefly
Newton Firefly:
Bethanie , GREAT compilation!
You are DeLightful as is Justin too
[So it is with a matched pair]
You do still have much Youthful aspects, spirit, physical, mental.
And You ARE a Character!


Now more is being revealed via the videos online, especially the United Episodes.
Already much of Your DeLightful Character was revealed via videos with Tennis Warehouse.

Today I learned I'm poor.
krisman sitorus
krisman sitorus:
Good Bethanie.
Jovita wot
Jovita wot:
it was a contestant that I hated ...TILL TODAY !!!! now I know she's a wonderful woman , I considered her an empty blonde and I was very wrong , she has a wonderful smile and is a wise woman ^^ Bethanie you have a new fan from today I come from Poland I greet you and wish you success :):):)
montreal canada
montreal canada:
nice i like that i hope to vist arizone thank frinda
I’ll be pulling hard for Bethanie Mattek-Sands at Roland Garros tomorrow morning. You and Iga Get Some Bethanie.....👏🏻🎾😤...... Oh yea you have a beautiful house 🏡! 👍🏻
montreal canada
montreal canada:
oho its good i love that
Parvin Damania
Parvin Damania:
Is that her BF?
Didn’t even show the house.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Are using Iga to ................
Camembert d'Alembert
Camembert d'Alembert:
I always feel sad when I see a house without a single book. This means uneducated people who will have uneducated children.