Xbox Series S Developer Warns Of A MAJOR Problem With The Console

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Taking to Twitter, Sasan Sepehr, Senior Tech Producer at Remedy Games -- the makers of titles like Control, Quantum Break, and Alan Wake -- noted that as a consumer, he loves the Xbox Series S. However, as a technical producer he sees trouble. More specifically, he sees trouble with game optimization.

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Tomorrow: turns out the major problem with the series s was fake
These comments are pure gold
Rich tomorrow: "I misinterpreted what the dev said, and I'm an idiot."
Lightningfarron XP
Lightningfarron XP:
Rich in title: "It's a *MAJOR* problem"
Rich in video: "it's not a big deal"
Austin New
Austin New:
Software Engineer here:

I'll simplify things, but a GPU is very complex in nature, and therefore consumers don't really understand what a GPU actually does. A graphics card is responsible for the geometric/mathematical calculations needed to render some object in game, originally starting out as binary code and then becomes a "wire frame" (made up of usually triangles/polygons) for the object, then fills up the object with pixels. This is done at every frame of the game.

So when software devs work with newer graphics cards, the time it takes the GPU to understand the binary code and convert that into a wire frame speeds up, having more headroom to create more detailed geometric shapes which would make a more accurate surface and potentially hit box.

This simply cant be "turned down" in the settings.

So in order to make a game work for the series S, lower quality wire frames are needed compared to whats achievable with the series x (and PS5).

So if devs wants to create a game for the xbox ecosystem, they will have to create a lower polygonal world and just create high quality textures for the series X version (also known as optimizing towards the lowest common denominator.)

Not only this, but also potentially the GPU assembly code might in itself be slightly different, creating more headaches for devs if they want to optimize the game with the hardware.

There are lots of reasons why devs will have a potential headache with differences with the series S and X, like RAM cache issues as an example. This one just pops in my head as an obvious one.
Rich Tomorrow: Xbox Series S is seriously overpowered.
Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see a comment that *_ISN’T_* a “Rich tomorrow” joke.
This a 5 minute video for a two sentence tweety.
Rich, you’ve turned into CNN.
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage:
Rich, your content in the last few weeks has seriously deteriorated
Jason Webb
Jason Webb:
The comment section on every one of Rich's videos is hilarious.. the amount of times this guys contradicts himself is unbelievable
The 007
The 007:
good lord this dude is just a rollercoaster of emotions.
sebastian nita
sebastian nita:
Tomorrow: Why the Series S will end world Hunger, lets get into it.
Mike K
Mike K:
At this point, he probably chooses one of the comments and just use it as content.
Tomorrow: series s is more powerful than series x
Richie Tomorrow: Me and Ralph are actually getting coffee ☕.
Just here for the comments.... they did not disappoint.
Rich: Dev warns of MAJOR problem
Dev tweet: I can see trouble

AFterMath 2525
AFterMath 2525:
Tomorrow: Xbox Series S revealed to be pregnant according to Insider; let's get into it....SKIBBITY BOB BA DA DOP!!
“I See trouble”. Doesn’t indicate the developer has had hands on with the hardware.
Notorious Makavel
Notorious Makavel:
I think everyone is tired of rich or we just like trolling him
Luke Cobby
Luke Cobby:
Can't take this dude anymore, I'm out.
One Two
One Two:
Rich tomorrow: turns out I can count to 20 with my toes.
XxX One
XxX One:
Tomorrow: why the major problems with the series s, might actually be good.
_Somebody_ called this video yesterday, lololol!!!!
Talion Gravewalker
Talion Gravewalker:
I don't believe this guy from Remedy at all lol. He doesn't even state what the problem would be.
OJ’s Isotoners
OJ’s Isotoners:
I’ve unsubbed and subbed back at least 3 times already cause of the inconsistency here
Dalton Chitko
Dalton Chitko:
Tommorrows video: Developer says you need a Xbox series S because there’s no major problems
*FFS. Like this so Rich can see it.*

Technical Producers organize and coordinate things within the different teams of a development studio like content roadmaps, live services, and stuff like working out issues with server backends with engineers. They look for issues within a vast majority of things like that and work out solutions.They also communicate with the Production Director to establish goals, milestone schedules, and objectives for the studio as a whole. They make sure all these different teams are communicating with each other efficiently as well as communicate with Publishers and external vendors. That type of stuff. So, just because Sasan says he foresees trouble, does not mean he sees a "MAJOR" issue with the console itself. He's just saying that he foresees a lot of development obstacles to overcome. I mean, a simple google search probably would have told you what his job entails within the game studio instead of jumping to conclusions about the console.. -.-
Rich Tomorrow: is the Xbox series S too fast??! Let’s get into it.
Tomorrow: leaker confirms Series S just an empty plastic box
Perfectly Sliced Egg
Perfectly Sliced Egg:
Next: The Series S is actually FINE.
Plot twist: All these ‘Rich tomorrow’ comments are giving him video ideas
Sam Page
Sam Page:
This channel is an absolute joke. The inconsistencies are laughable.
Oh god, the memes about Rich making a video like this, then it actually happens. Amazing.
This is the most Bi-Polar channel on YouTube ever. I like it!🤣
Tomorrow: PlayStation just made the Series S obsolete!
Ingram Fry
Ingram Fry:
I'm glad this was click bait.
"One developer leaves vague tweet about Series S"
Might have been a more accurate title.
4k is overrated when it comes to gaming, save yourself some money and just get the s. Dont get drawn into all the hype. Unless your playing on a massive tv the the s will be fine
Xbox: Breath
This Guy: This may be a major problem for the Xbox in the future...
Be gone Waifu
Be gone Waifu:
Rich reading the comments: write that down, write that down.
Software engineer here: Double the testing. For gamers it seems simple you just tick a button and it goes down in detail. But behind the scenes a few of those could seriously break something and that needs to be tested. Turn something off and suddenly a texture is screwed up, or the fog no longer occludes the sky, or that awesome shader that makes the game extra special suddenly breaks and you just have to throw it out to make it work on both systems. Or you can add code to switch the shader but that has a chance to introduce bugs.

You could just go with a forward renderer to boost performance big time on both systems but that changes how transparent textures work and post processing + screen space reflections are gone. Making a game is like building a skyscraper with a million balancing toothpicks and 1 little change can have a cascade of effects.
Steven G
Steven G:
I’m not a software engineer, i’m not a hardware engineer, in fact i never review and not really understand the business side of tech.
Bruno Corbella
Bruno Corbella:
Developer on Twitter: "Hi."
Rich: "OMG, that person said hi! What could this mean for the future of gaming???“
Ceus Ex
Ceus Ex:
This video is complete garbage. Let me sum it up for people.

Basically: guy says theres trouble with the series S!

Does he elaborate further on it? No. The rest of the video is just rich making a bunch of baseless assertions.
5% of comments: "nice vid Rich :)"
Twitter: Random Comment
Rich: It's free real estate
Scott Cappleman
Scott Cappleman:
At this rate, this time next year, Rich will be posting videos to announce every time he takes a sh*t, or anything else non-news!
Bum Mordecai
Bum Mordecai:
Tomorrow: XBOX series S is the best option this holiday! Here's why!
Eville Caston
Eville Caston:
Richie is so busy flip flopping on next gen rumors that he's completely forgotten to mention GameStop for months. Let that sink in.
Jared Watson
Jared Watson:
Tommorow: the Xbox series s was a hoax all along
Old School Gamer
Old School Gamer:
The problem is the RAM.

The GPU is easy to downscale, drop resolution. NO PROBLEM

Less Compute Units is easy to mitigate as well; don’t bother with the ray-tracing for games on Xbox Series S or use it very very sparingly. NO PROBLEM

It has a very similar CPU (slightly lower clocked) but that shouldn’t make much difference either, because most games will be built around the PS5 CPU anyway. NO PROBLEM

However 10GB of RAM when the other machines have 16GB of RAM is a BIG PROBLEM. Games will have to be much smaller in scope or they may not run at all; So developers will have to take that into account and build around 10GB if they want their game on Xbox

The PS5 already has a RAM advantage; firstly all 16GB is in one unified speed, rather than split like on the Xbox Series X/S; plus the PS5 SSD can be used as DDR3 (equivalent) virtual RAM.

The Xbox Series X/S SSD can also used as a virtual RAM, but it’s only capable of less than half the speed of the PS5.

So I can understand why some developers are pissed; especially ones that intend to only make games on console; because they may want to build their games around the full 16GB.

So you may see far more PS5 exclusive games next generation. Unless Microsoft allow games to only be made for the Xbox Series X without the Xbox Series S (which I doubt).

Digital Foundry have also raised their concerns about this.
Emi Jimenez
Emi Jimenez:
Tomorrow’s video: “Why the XBOX Series S will be the greatest console of all time!”
PlayStation price is more expensive rich be like “yes it’s more expensive but it doesn’t matter

Next day rich “making it more expensive is a bad idea”
Rasool Ghomshei
Rasool Ghomshei:
Rich tomorrow: The Series S is the best bang for your buck. Here's why!
Old Bloo
Old Bloo:
Also, coming from a studio that charges extra for “next gen” games by turning of settings on for the “next gen” experience
Anthony Chipmunk
Anthony Chipmunk:
Rich Tomorrow: I really heart Switch
Mike Rose
Mike Rose:
Tomorrow: "The Xbox Series S is much more powerful than we expect"
Muhaymin al-Najim
Muhaymin al-Najim:
Rich tomorrow: "Massive heat issues with the PS5"
moni toubers
moni toubers:
"Im not an expert, i really don't know about software engeniring"....2 minutes later..."i don't know what could be the problem, it's basically taking this and that...."
Yeah thats why
Arianooo Amari
Arianooo Amari:
„I am kind of confused why this should be trouble“

That’s because you have absolutely no fk clue about programming. That’s why!
Tomorrow: I’m Rich, so I can afford the series S.
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
You also get EA access included too
Fun fact: Everyone predicted this video
Healer Tone
Healer Tone:
Title: "Major problem with console".
Actual video: "Gotcha!".
Prophet Ascending
Prophet Ascending:
"I'm probably totally wrong" - ReviewTechUSA 2020.

Just what I want in my tech news channel.
Wii U
Wii U:
Rich tomorrow, “A new game console is being added to the next gen line up, and it may outsell Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo!”
Trav _
Trav _:
At this point, I feel like a lot of his videos are just an attempt to get Alanah Pearce to mention him

Even if it's in a negative way, hearing her say "Review Tech" makes him all funky and moist
JC Denton
JC Denton:
*Reggie Fils Aime breathes*
"Is Reggie RETURNING to Nintendo?!"
Andrew Carfax-Foster
Andrew Carfax-Foster:
2:55 on PC The whole point of consoles is being able to absolutely optimise when targeting very specific hardware. This is exactly not that, seems pretty simple to me.
Why should I take the word from someone who can't even manage to make their game stable on console?!
Emmanuel Vega
Emmanuel Vega:
I don’t see the “MAJOR” in this story. Especially with a lot of “idk” being said.
Rich Tomorrow: So Nintendo will release a console thats more powerful than Series S, at some point in the future, maybe in 10 years, let's get into it.
Rich: I have to count to 10 on my fingers; im joking

Something tells me he isnt joking
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor:
Tomorrow: Xbox developer says that the Series S is amazing and way more capable than we think.
hamza almosoweh
hamza almosoweh:
The dude is just getting alot of heat 🔥 from comments section 😂 that's how youtubers works they just want more videos more retarded topics just to add more views for more money there is nothing new or special here
"It's basically like ticking down the settings" if only it's that simple for developing a game on console.
Jimmy Cao
Jimmy Cao:
Flip-flops USA!
The only extra work is time and money. He's probably bitching cause it's yet another console to work on...
Rich breaths*
"Let's get into it"
I'm sorry I can't with the comments
Alfonso Rodriguez
Alfonso Rodriguez:
Notice how every console release has some developer, programer, director or someone who says there are problems with the console, and then there isn't.

It's a new systems they have to figure out. There's no issues, they all just have to learn it
El Diablo Blanco
El Diablo Blanco:
Aaaaaaah, I remember the good ole days when Rich and his viewers were peeing in their panties over the President repealing Net Neutrality.
Isaac Rojas
Isaac Rojas:
2:20 "just cut down GPU"
What i heard from a programmer, is something like this:
"The World Space Pipeline and the Screen Space Pipeline are done by the GPU, the former don't scale with resolution, the later do.
To scale down from 4K to 1080p, the Screen Space takes 1/4 of the power, but if u have 1/4 of GPU power the World Space will be done 4 times slower"
I think the problem is that the World Space Pipeline won't be as big as possible on the X cos the S prohibits that
Mistah Miggy
Mistah Miggy:
It'll be fine, Gears 5 is confirmed to have 120fps support already.
Michael Buonaguro
Michael Buonaguro:
"There might be trouble in paradise according to a senior xbox tech producer... I made up in my head"
Rich tomorrow: The Xbox series S will outsell the PS5
edward kelly
edward kelly:
Hold on, as a "technical producer I see trouble" is that the extend of his comment? or is there any additional info? I'm sorry if I missed something out! but to me he just wants attention or maybe he feels lonely.
Would some one elaborate on what he sees as trouble?
Pixel Tits
Pixel Tits:
There's always hardware or software issues with launch models. I always wait a few years and let others deal with them while I wait for a bigger, cheaper library and a console that works.
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen:
This guy goes back on everything he says just to have content to post. Im starting to not like his channel.
Patrick Lawton
Patrick Lawton:
Shouldn't buy a gimped console anyway
Tomorrow: Homeless man says “What’s Xbox?” Xbox never existed?! (Rumor)
That tweet could literally mean anything, he doesn't even specify what he's talking about.
Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward:
I would just spend the cash and get the 500 dollar system, full speed, more space and disk drive for old games.
Called it. Xbox Series S is going to hold the Series X back.
random "technical producer": "weh there could be problems"

microsoft: knows people would worry and has already posted a video demonstrating the opposite, like, within hours of this twitter reply being made to them
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez:
A guy tweeted "that's an awesome price, but I can imagine issues with the design" with no further clarification.. And you made a video on that.

Here, I'll give you content for your next video: Great price! I don't see ANY foreseeable issues with the design.
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson:
Rich tomorrow: can the xbox series s play ps5 games.
"Someone said something about the new consoles and it isn't much and I don't understand why but hey let's make a video about it" XD
Summer hole is real. And summer's already over.
Darren Marriott
Darren Marriott:
When it starts to hold back the series X in a couple of years, the series S will stream games from a server so no problem.
He's just mad that he has to develop on four consoles.