Xbox Series S is Official!

The Xbox Series S Leaked earlier tonight and Microsoft has confirmed it's real! Plus bonus rumors on Series X Price and release date!

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gfuel snorter
gfuel snorter:
Series S looks like an adaptive controller
Andrei Catangay
Andrei Catangay:
Fam this console generation is weird we got a speaker and a fridge on Microsoft’s side, and on Sony’s side we got a router.
Jake Sargent
Jake Sargent:
I was so relieved once the official Xbox actually confirmed it with a price no less 😊😊😊
Low Distortion
Low Distortion:
Series S is cool, but I'm definitely more interested in the series X
Nick the Pick
Nick the Pick:
Fanboys exists only before people know the price
Tan's Here
Tan's Here:
and then Nintendos like: Here's some Breath of the Wild Prequel
Yannick Reid
Yannick Reid:
I’m Team Sony but I really gotta tip my hat to Microsoft on this one. Love the thinking
Stuart Bowmer
Stuart Bowmer:
MS has just announced it here in the UK at £249.99, over to you Sony & Nintendo
So I can go into the store and for $25 a month I can get a next Gen. Console in the series S plus over 200 games in xbox a pass that is amazing that's a deal of a lifetime
Hunter Lanphear
Hunter Lanphear:
The ps5 all digital is most likely gonna be $450, mainly because the disc drive is literally the cheapest part of a console.
antshumster gaming
antshumster gaming:
I lost my shit when i saw the post on instagram a couple of minutes ago!
Prithvi Gill
Prithvi Gill:
I'm more of a 1080P guy so yea picking this up at launch with a year of gamepass. 😃
My biggest thing is I barely notice a difference between 4K and 1440p. Maybe I’ll get the cheaper Xbox and get the regular ps5.
Randall Wade
Randall Wade:
I would definitely grab this one over the series X
This with the payment plan is like, okay, yes. I'm into having a netflix for games that comes with the console. There are so many xbox games I need to catch up on as a ps4 player.
Giant Robot Gaming
Giant Robot Gaming:
When horizontal it looks like a hot plate
Vagrant Ender
Vagrant Ender:
The Series S is STRONGER than the Current Xbox One X. The Series S has Ray Tracing, a SSD AND support for 120 fps games. Thats insane for 299$
The Xbox titles are sure becoming more interesting by the day, Microsoft might aswell have the Xbox A - Z next
Graham Towler
Graham Towler:
From the creators of the FRIDGE presenting the SPEAKER
looks like I'll be getting the series s
Honestly I'm ain't buying a 4K TV for the next gen. Ill just keep my 1440p monitor and buy a series s. It hurts my heart that i can't play demon souls but that's a lot of saved money.
Victor Hall
Victor Hall:
I’m getting the PS5 but I can definitely get both now with the S. Always wanted to get into the halo and gears series
The Series S looks like a hospital PA system.
Migue Morales
Migue Morales:
They just announced it and the series s has 120 FPS and 1440p and it does has 4K but only on streaming, so yeah Xbox coming in strong
It seemed that Sony and Microsoft were both waiting to see who would drop their console's price and release date first, but now that the Series S design and price has been made official and with the leak that said the possible price of the Series X and the release date of both systems, hopefully we might hear some more info about the PS5 from Sony soon.
Rafael Teodosio
Rafael Teodosio:
That complete my kitchen.
I got a mini fridge and induction cooker.
Smokey _The_Bear
Smokey _The_Bear:
"May I take your order"
Jeyakumar jk
Jeyakumar jk:
I think the series s is a great option to whom those are buying both the ps5 and xsx (or) xss.
Jean Lopez
Jean Lopez:
the deal on series s honestly sounds insane, i dont want to have to change my tv or my monitor to play for the next gen console, consoles are sopooused to be cheap, if i do that ill rather buy a pc then...
MobbDeep FGC
MobbDeep FGC:
For $300 this console is a Steal for me
I can shadow buy this and the wife won't even blink. Big time win!
Tae Javvuuu
Tae Javvuuu:
Another W for Microsoft” y’all can have my money Microsoft
Sam Halloran
Sam Halloran:
Xbox series x and s/ps5: we will have our consoles running at the highest console frame rate ever at 120 fps
Pc players: laughs in 345 fps
I see DnD books in the background, you should do a DnD episode!
Lionelle Richee
Lionelle Richee:
Honestly, just a relief to see that Kevin won't use that outdated half-height Series X graphic anymore
Matt Schroeder
Matt Schroeder:
X gonna give too ya ! at much more affordable cost !
I love digital downloads but most of the time they're the more expensive option. when it comes time to mark down physical copies the digital versions remain the launch price. For this reason alone, I need a disc drive as an option
You gotta love Xbox on Twitter, they’re the Wendy’s in consoles
Shilvio D. Linton
Shilvio D. Linton:
Series S looks like it will be my device of choice. I have a NSwitch only as of now so XSS will be a welcome companion. Now all I want to see are some games; preferably _Dragon's Dogma 2._
I've played on Xbox before but never owned one, 300 for the S is good as an entry level into the Xbox ecosystem
Abstract meme Corp
Abstract meme Corp:
“I don’t have the equipment for a nightly shoot”
-great camera
-lucky natural lighting
-all around good equipment
Jerome Parnell
Jerome Parnell:
A nextgen console for $299, take my money.
Pace Eilers
Pace Eilers:
Everyone: saying it looks like a speaker
Me: Is that a hot plate?
Gerald Baria
Gerald Baria:
As long as it can play 120fps at 1080p for shooter games..this is all I need.
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani:
Buying it
Cheap af

My quest was 450€
1080p gang ftw

I dont play disc games anyway. Every time i want to play overwatch, i remember that i only own it on disc so i play something else instead because im too lazy to change discs.
Eliot Ely
Eliot Ely:
The news is happening now.
Dark Ace03
Dark Ace03:
Time have changed and so does my gaming routine, I like the option of series s. Really good option and i don't care about exclusives since i don't play much story games either way so xbox sounds like a better deal for me.
Thomas Wilson III
Thomas Wilson III:
Dude they are getting closer and closer the the Samsung smart Fridge. Now we need a screen.
Adrià 7
Adrià 7:
Both PS5 versions will release on November 20, 2020
Love your vids <3
KBX Monster
KBX Monster:
It’s funny because I saw the Leak on ign on Instagram and then literally I refresh a second later and then Xbox posted the series s for 299 and release date and I was like wow😂
DeathofRats09 Gaming
DeathofRats09 Gaming:
i'm interested in the xbox series s as i only have a hd tv
Tyron Powell
Tyron Powell:
I couldn't agree more. Love the choice of background music!
Bro you already know I'm pre ordering the series X with in the first 5 mins lol of it being pre operable
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker:
I'm really liking the series s look
Pepe Le Slyck
Pepe Le Slyck:
It's gonna be sold out so fast
Zin Zinussan50
Zin Zinussan50:
Damn. This is check mate if sony didn't ready with ps5 slim. 🤔already make me thinking to switch to xbox
Chris VDA
Chris VDA:
PS5 for me still if it’s under £1000 😂
Sjoerd Siemes
Sjoerd Siemes:
I just got a 58" 4k TV and now i don't know if the Xbox Series S will be good enough.
This is what happens when Xbox waits to reveal information
Desert Sandfly
Desert Sandfly:
I'm sad that it doesn't have a disc drive :(
Thing is im getting the series X and still going all digital because I just really hate money.
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson:
Sony once again did not release their price. Always waiting for the compatation to go first. They cant do anything on their own.
john ryan
john ryan:
Arblus, look! It's Unicro,,,I mean it's Lockhart! It's going to hold back and eat the entire generation! It's taken nearly two years for Lockhart to reach us.
We were not prepared!
Conor Mc Glone
Conor Mc Glone:
Makes sense I don’t have a 4k tv . So $299 is ok for me!
bL4Ck dR490n 69
bL4Ck dR490n 69:
quick heads up, it's targeting native 1440p60/120fps. no 1080p stuff.
I want to see your strategy guide collection in your bookshelf.
Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde:
Holy hells you play DND!
Chris VDA
Chris VDA:
McDonald’s new drive through intercom. Large Big Mac please
I'm hoping a lot of people buy this so i can actually find the series x in stock at launch 🤦‍♂️
Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh:
The Microsoft Xbox team hella memeing lmao 😂
Jermel Pigram
Jermel Pigram:
Love your point of view. Never one sided.
Kourtnee Maxfield
Kourtnee Maxfield:
They are kinda stepping in Nintendo Turf on this one 300 dollars is secondary consoles price
-people can buy Ps5 $500 and series S $300 still be able to play next generation games
Manny Campos
Manny Campos:
It looks like a stove
Can you even see 4k? I mean, the only way you could really take advantage of that resolution is with a huge TV.
Xbox series X\S Games
State of Decay 3
Forza Motorsport
Stalker 2
The Gunk
Gears 5 for Xbox series X\S
Hellblade 2
The medium
Bright memory
The Falconeer the Path Second Extinction
Halo Infinite
Flight simulator and more
Bro, I prefer the OG version. All in black like is Gand-Land.
Pechola 7
Pechola 7:
Thumbs up to Microsoft for this! 😃👍🏻
tom linch
tom linch:
I smell sony losing the sale competition.
Mathew Hart
Mathew Hart:
Ive been pro xbox all my life and want to switch to ps5 but damm this is tempting
I wish they did a non digital series s for like 50 dollars more. I can find way better deals on physical games and I can sell them later on, which I can't do with digital games
Mat O'laughlin
Mat O'laughlin:
Can't wait for the ps5.
Im getting the X just cause it has the extra 8 tflps of GPU. Should make things alot smooth and run a bit faster.
Jimmy Federico
Jimmy Federico:
The ps5 comes out november 20 or the 13 i guess because they have a call of duty cold war
The video and picture clearly shows that the S is shorter than the series X yet this guy still says they are the same height!
SilentMovement 305
SilentMovement 305:
Sony has xbox in the palm of their hand
Flame Gamer237
Flame Gamer237:
Lol they made a speaker!
Ey i always wanted a speaker! Donno why its called xbox series s doe
Sony should delay till Spring next year and just start creating a hype and build up a stock. No one says you have to release early to win.
Mmm, this year im going ps, last year i went xbox
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen:
I see those dnd books in the background. Top man👌👌
The tweet the Xbox Account made lol😂😂🤣🤣
It feels like the Series S is happened earlier than a Series X on a drawing board. But they release it eventually.
Evan Abramovich
Evan Abramovich:
Will this console still have rtx ray tracing ?
Rad Raspberry Razmin Fox
Rad Raspberry Razmin Fox:
I hate digital but that price seems nice tho I’m happy with my switch
Aqland mirror video gamer and collector
Aqland mirror video gamer and collector:
Now the ps5 needs to do something. I wish that Sony would hurry up and give us the price, release date and preorders. But I doubt it.
Bado Ceesay
Bado Ceesay:
Is it worth it upgrading from the original xbox to xbox series s? I bought mine Christmas 2016, and it's getting pretty old now, and a few things don't work properly
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa:
I’m waiting for a new switch