XBOX Series S vs XBOX Series X - Buy the RIGHT One!!

XBOX Series S and XBOX Series X pricing has finally been announced and the pricing looks amazing! If you're unsure which one to buy, hopefully this video will help you make the right decision! Make sure to subscribe to see the full review once I get one in my hand!

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Matthew Moniz
Matthew Moniz:
Are you picking one up? If so which one? Hit me up on I stream every second night or
Concept Creator
Concept Creator:
pretty interesting prices honestly
Side points but I want my 8k
Poetic Voyage
Poetic Voyage:
$299 is less than my last PC graphics card.
Ronier Silva
Ronier Silva:
Honestly, seeing you happy like this with gaming console warms my heart, you're a treasure Matthew.
Black Cancer
Black Cancer:
1080p gaming is enough for me so i have absolutely no need for the X! Nice shot microsoft
GThom T
GThom T:
I don't need 4k however I do need a disk drive so I will be getting the Series x
Technical Arch
Technical Arch:
Fun fact: Matthew Moniz was the one who inspired me to start my tech channel. Keep being an inspiration to young kids like me. Love from Jamaica.
Attiq Haroon
Attiq Haroon:
I have never had a gaming console but XBox Series S will probably be my first console.
Dark Star
Dark Star:
i dont have a 4k tv so ima get series s cause it does everything i want so im happy
Hego Damask II
Hego Damask II:
Definitely X for me since the start, I’m planning on taking full advtange of my Hdmi 2.1 4k hdr 120hz tv.
Petunai Sensi
Petunai Sensi:
You will find out the ps5 price when the cashier scans it.
Jami Vangucci
Jami Vangucci:
“Gaming will help set you free.” - The Messiah
the user
the user:
Great video. Im gonna get the series s. Thank you for saving my money. I just subscribed and turned on post notifications. I also liked the video:)
Jospin Kabange
Jospin Kabange:
Don’t have 4K or 8k tv In my room so Series S I only have 4K tv but can’t use it
Michael Olajuwon
Michael Olajuwon:
Wow YouTube recommended someone genuine about gaming 🤙🏾 new sub
harry #
harry #:
Microsoft forgot to put 'e' between S and X. PS might be having that Entertainment when launched.
Joel Close
Joel Close:
Thanks - great advice. Going to buy the series just for the looks - gaming on 4K tv only 100hz but prefer the look of the series x.
Yahir Becerra
Yahir Becerra:
i think this would be a great fit for my 144hz monitor and i already have an external hard drive, thanks for this video!
Tyler Wessling
Tyler Wessling:
I used to be all about resolutions but after playing a game at 120fps game at lower res I was hooked. And I turned me into a FPS over RES guy. S is great option for that don't you think.
I'm actually considering series s. Im a physcial guy, lol. Series s has my focus.
Mark Gilroy
Mark Gilroy:
Great vid. I still feel for the second hand game market out there which is going to be wrecked as adoption of these consoles takes over.
L Bourlon
L Bourlon:
Hey matt! Gigabyte released their G27f and G27Q lineup that they annouced at CES, curious to know if the product lives up to the high expectations
I literally have to buy the X just for the disc's, which I'm fine with, but I would have liked to have a extra $200
Planning on getting a 4k tv soon anyway, so series X for me
Xbox Series X: Mini fridge
Xbox Series S: Speaker
PS5: Router
VS Vidyasagar
VS Vidyasagar:
Matt!!.The review was pure ecstasy ...and the lighting was so much better...Hope you incorporate that in your laptop reviews..Keep going!
Wally KANEDA Official
Wally KANEDA Official:
One question: so if I get the Series S and put my account on it will my cousin still be able to use my account? He has a One S so I was wondering if I'm gonna have to get my account back from him

Edit: and plus I know it's suppose to be next gen
Edwin Sorto
Edwin Sorto:
Thanks man I know which one I'm getting now
Sin JB
Sin JB:
There is also a performance drop on the s and 4K 120hz is nice for ppl that have the tv for it
Puddin Tain
Puddin Tain:
Excellent common sense examples of the difference between the two consoles. Especially the comparable home built PC and the bits about graphics - thanks.
Lord Maximus
Lord Maximus:
This one is no brainer it's just great price for the 1440p one
Great to see the low price 👍
pr0 fridge
pr0 fridge:
Every 1 says I look like the new series x
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo:
so if i dont have a high end tv, there wouldnt be a graphics difference between the 2? the series x doesnt load or download games any faster? the price difference is only for the cd drive, larger storage, and 4k (potential?)
Pranav Kocharlakota
Pranav Kocharlakota:
I want to get series s but I dont know if flight simulator will run on it
Thomas Beebe
Thomas Beebe:
This was helpful. thank you bra
King Norco
King Norco:
Xbox series x is Future proof this is the next consoled for the next 5-10 years
Emanuel Lopez
Emanuel Lopez:
Series S seems too good to be true going to pre order for sure
Joe Taks
Joe Taks:
You can't use regular external hard drives for new generation games.
Can you do a follow up with some Xbox game recommendations?
Graham Potter
Graham Potter:
Being objective about this, "right one" surely comes down to just three things if you are looking for an Xbox:

- If you don't have a 4K TV and have no intentions of upgrading, buy Series S
- If you have very little money, yet can justify owning a console, buy a Series S
- If you don't game much, and don't really care about performance, buy a Series S

For just $200 more you get a more powerful CPU, significantly more powerful GPU, double the (expensive) storage, and a 4K Blu-ray drive for what it's worth, meaning you could buy and then trade your games to offset that extra $200. Over the lifetime of console ownership, $200 is nothing, and depending on how many digital games you buy (outside of Game Pass) probably costs you more in the long run anyway.

It's clear what Microsoft are trying to do, but those who are able to think beyond the $ asking price will see that it's not "all that".
Armando Gutierrez
Armando Gutierrez:
Raytracing and 1440p at 120 fps for 300 is insane 😳
Renato Fontes
Renato Fontes:
Hey, you know that new games won't run off an external hdd or even ssd right? They can only run off the internal hard drive and xbox series memory cards.

That was pretty bad advice.
Jodh Turka
Jodh Turka:
Can you also take advantage of their financing program here in Canada?
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin:
The down side though is that the Series S doesn’t have a disc drive and sadly all the games i love and enjoy are all on disc and if I was to buy all those games digital I might as well just get the X :(
Swadhin meher
Swadhin meher:
I am really happy because of what you said 1:15
Anthony Butcher
Anthony Butcher:
Goes to show how overpriced the Xbox One was when this is a new console, yet cost $200 less than the Xbox One in 2013. Haha.
Zen Re:
Zen Re::
I have a 4k TV, I want to know if this does 4k upscaling.
Dragos Pahontu
Dragos Pahontu:
I have a 4k tv but at the end of the day I just want to play the most recent games so idk which I should get.
Alex Cantin
Alex Cantin:
"People aren't in the right mindset" as he shoots a man out of a helicopter
X for me, I have the one X so now I need to complete the series with the X
In the UK it will probably the equivalent of double the price in US lol
Derreck Mitchell
Derreck Mitchell:
Thanks for helping know what to buy
J C:
If only I could mail in all my game discs to Microsoft in exchange for the digital version.
Kevin Papac
Kevin Papac:
I have many games on disc and will continue to purchase games on discs. I also have a big 4k blu ray library, so I'm buying the Series X
Ervin Andallo
Ervin Andallo:
Am studying...I wish I was gaming!!!
Who is watching this and don’t have a Pc xbox or switch 😂
That why rtx 3000 more cheap even destroy 2080ti 😂
LuLu Mystery 小陆密辛说
LuLu Mystery 小陆密辛说:
Thx for justifying our gaming obsessions
I'm going to buy Series S!
I choose 60hz 1440p than 30fps 4k(AC Valhalla)
Juanith Thomas
Juanith Thomas:
'Series S makes me smile too! 😃
Gaming is beneficial and fun too!
Gaming will set you free!'
I can't express how right you are! 😭
I TOTALLY agree with it. So. Damn. Much. I feel sorry for people who do not play games. They don't know how much they are missing out on. Seriously.
Anyone reading this who thinks gaming is not good or waste of time, you have my sympathy.
dark angel
dark angel:
your a great guy you saved me money bro god bless you
playsation is taking L's rn
serpicot max
serpicot max:
Presa S Top !!
Justin Sugay
Justin Sugay:
Solid points!
Steve Gaspar
Steve Gaspar:
With the monthly payment plan to boot? That is amazing
I'm going to pre order the Xbox series s
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh:
Lord Have
Lord Have:
If I just have a 1080p plasma samsung tv will I see a difference in graphics from having a regular xbox one?
Bob S
Bob S:
Definitely a solid strategy from MS. I’m thinking of getting the series S then once the Series Z or whatever the mid generation upgrade is I’ll get that. Partly because I have an old AV receiver which doesn’t support 4K. I’d rather have great sound and solid visuals than wack sound...down the line will upgrade to an 8k receiver for surround sound. Can anyone convince me why I shouldn’t do that?
Donny Koh
Donny Koh:
I might go with X since I have a 4K TV but will still have to see how it goes for PS5. Got a free xbox recently and tried the game pass which I think it really a good deal. I am still torn between PS5 and Series X but I am incline towards xbox now because I feel first person shooter play better on the xbox. And also of course Gears and Halo.
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor:
Canadians getting a $10 discount instead of getting screwed over with exchange rates! What a beautiful thing to see. :)
MaRoOn MoNkEy747
MaRoOn MoNkEy747:
EpIc ViDeO aSuSuAl ! 🙌
Greycin Van Rijswijk
Greycin Van Rijswijk:
No! Get both. ;)
Love this video, really for consumers 🙏🏿
Peter Parka
Peter Parka:
Finally Canadians aren’t getting ripped off on electronics for once. Will my old controllers from one s work on these new consoles?
Md. Arsh
Md. Arsh:
Review the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2
Joey Ross
Joey Ross:
Do I need a smart TV or an android tv for this ? Please help me
Rolling Cloud
Rolling Cloud:
You are gona use this console
for four years, and u gona try to save 200 bucks? 200 bucks means nothing over the course of a few years unless you don’t have a job or homeless
CDV Power
CDV Power:
What about my old discs with your recommendations???????
Dyas Prabandana
Dyas Prabandana:
I’m a playstation fan but i’m so desperate for next gen console and i need a cheap console, i’m gonna buy the series s
Amazing point about Gaming Matthew.
Wyatt Nance
Wyatt Nance:
So as a physically media gamer im forced to spend twice the price of the base model?
Lin Yuan
Lin Yuan:
You forgot that there is a "Up to" before 1440P and 120FPS, which means MS doesn't guarantee the resolution and performance. Actually, I don't think even 299 USD graphic card can guarantee that.
Anthony 1231
Anthony 1231:
convinced me to preorder the xbox series s
I think it's a smart move from Microsoft and playstation too offer "budget" console. They cheaper to get but they will be more expansive in the long term. Those entry console don't have cd player. Meaning you are stuck with the store of microsoft and playstation. In witch you will pay more fore the game. For a lot of game. If you wait 3/6 month. You can
found them at 50%. But in the store you have to wait more than a year to see discount in majors games.
I'm getting xbox series x
Cameron Coe
Cameron Coe:
Will series s and x players be able to play with eachother
Jonathan Otero
Jonathan Otero:
Xbox Series S/X will only support the new Seagate Expansion Cards meaning they will not support regular external hard drives as current gen does
You are hyping way to much into the stats. There is no way the low end Xbox can run every game at 1440p 120Hz. Its SOME games 1440p 120Hz. This is why you can't compere it to a 3070 costing more. I'm willing to bet a 3070 can run 5x the amount of game in 1440p 120hz than the cheap version of the new Xbox. The 3070 will blow the $499 Xbox series X out of the water.

How is it with every new console gen, people think you can get high end PC performance for a low price when all console these days are using hardware similar to what in every PC.
Great vid as always
R.I.P Playstation
L. Dwyer
L. Dwyer:
Great points
Just Vibin'
Just Vibin':
Hope they make a series E
Baseer Kaleem
Baseer Kaleem:
Will i be able to play new generation games on xbox series s or is it just game pass games
Paulie FinTechFit
Paulie FinTechFit:
The S is an incredible value but I have a 4K TV and $250 in Amazon Prime points so I'll snag an X for $250. 😁
Ill probably get the x just for the disc drive because i still have alot of disc games but if i didnt i would definitely get the s because it is a bargain
I like the design of series s
Des A
Des A:
Also will the series S support 4k , 8k ??