Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: Price, Specs & Graphics

Xbox Series X and Series S have official prices and release dates. Now that we know everything about Microsoft's next generation consoles, let's break it all down and compare!
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Sho Brown
Sho Brown:
I actually like the idea of a big heat vent on the console. This will hopefully reduce the temperature build up and prevent the console from sounding like a jet engine going full throttle like my PS4 pro does 😂
Petunai Sensi
Petunai Sensi:
You will find out the ps5 price when the cashier scans it.
I’m waiting for series E.
So I can have Xbox Series S, E, X.
Daniel Simmich
Daniel Simmich:
I’m in love with how dopey the Series X is so I won’t be getting the S but I respect its existence
Reid DeVries
Reid DeVries:
No one is talking about how the Series s is the the perfect doorway for play station players to get a taste of Xbox. I’ve been a PlayStation player for a decade and am buying the ps5 as soon as I can. When I have alittle extra saved up I’m definitely going to buy the series s due to the cheap price so I can try it out. Its a great marketing strategy on behalf of Microsoft
Yeet Machine
Yeet Machine:
I feel like a lot of the Hate toward these consoles is overblown. Complete backwards compatibility, decent storage + options to upgrade, I feel like Microsoft’s taking some big steps here.
Gaming on Wheelz
Gaming on Wheelz:
Who’s here because they couldn’t get a x?
i really do love how microsoft is focusing on letting everyone get to play games. everything from the adaptive controller to a next gen console with such a low entry price its great.
Her_ Gose
Her_ Gose:
I gotta say, Xbox really did a bang of a job this year!
Runaway Wizard
Runaway Wizard:
I’m leaning more towards the S. I care about next gen games, I don’t really care about 4K content, or physical discs. And please for the love of God Microsoft, don’t pull a Sony with the preorder debacle lol
Hypersonic Mitey
Hypersonic Mitey:
The greatest thing about the Xbox Series X and S is that I can also run Xbox OG, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games as well as the new games
Sam Heaton
Sam Heaton:
Xbox did so well this time, they are making 2 different consoles
Eliot Ness
Eliot Ness:
I'm getting S as a back up console and ps5 as my primary one
Dennis Duran
Dennis Duran:
The amount of affordability Microsoft has pushed is unbeaten. Games Pass continues to be the most insanely valuable deal for games on the market, now with EA play completely free as well as xcloud, games pass, and gold with games pass ultimate. The S is the price of a Switch for something more powerful with next gen game playability. The X is slightly more powerful than the PS5 in almost all aspects. Granted, Sony has the by far superior exclusives, but aside from that Microsoft is really thriving right now.
Taylor Oliver
Taylor Oliver:
I’m kind of stuck getting the x because I have a lot of physical games. I’ve always been a fan of owning the game physically.

In all honesty I don’t mind shelling out more money and getting the x right away because 3 years down the road I’ll end up wanting to upgrade from the s to the x and I’ll just be mad that I didn’t make that move right away.

Sure $500 is a lot but shit, the x is going to last me 6-7 years. Less than $100 a year. I still use my original Xbox one and it works fine.
Ramasubbu Srinivasan
Ramasubbu Srinivasan:
Cow : moos
Dogs : bark
Cat : meowwws
Idiots : start a console war
Devante Hart
Devante Hart:
"I'd guess the whole console design is for heat management" it's almost as if they said that it is
IForgotMyUsername YT
IForgotMyUsername YT:
Internet isn’t a problem BUYING STORAGE DRIVES are... just sayin
Masked Yt
Masked Yt:
My collection will be completed

A wifi router
A fridge
A stove
I'll just wait a year and buy the series x second hand in perfect condition for a lot cheaper 🐱
I've been playing at 1080p my whole life. So Series S it is.
Daza 7
Daza 7:
I just hope that “game” will do trade in, as this will lower the price of the X
10 mil subs with no videos challenge
10 mil subs with no videos challenge:
I’m gonna be buying a series s and a ps5
Devil Fr00t
Devil Fr00t:
I’m really glad that they’re coming out with this right out of the gate, people on a limited budget shouldn’t have to wait 2 or 3 years to play new games.
Really makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever why anyone would wait 7 years just to get the WATERED DOWN version of the new console. Just save up money a couple more months and go with the far superior model. Especially since the Series X's price will start dropping drastically after a year... just get the X everyone lol
Phil Sim
Phil Sim:
10GB of ram is too low, 512GB SSD is too low, otherwise, understandable
Cody Justin Fannin
Cody Justin Fannin:
The series x really isn't that big. I feel that most people wont have a problem with the size especially with a open setup
Zach Gibson
Zach Gibson:
I’m curious to see how the S holds up in tests. I have the one x and PS4 pro, upgrading to ps5 as my primary console. This could be a good option for my Xbox games, but I am concerned a bit as far as how performance and resolution will hold up as the gen moves forward.
Coal Sword
Coal Sword:
When your grandma finally gets the right game for the right console but yet you have a xbox series s and the game is physical
Having no drive for physical media while simultaneously having less storage space for digital media just feels like being kicked when you're already down.
Unbiased Anomaly
Unbiased Anomaly:
I wish games didn’t take up so much damn room because I still kinda prefer to have a disk game instead of downloading it but either way you lose on both sides since both take up a lot of memory now 🙃
all black polo socks
all black polo socks:
Yep I’m definitely getting the S
Master Shredder
Master Shredder:
The expression on falcon's face when he talks about Netflix/other streaming services and chill is priceless lol.
7:06 that is NOT "under 250W" it's "above/greater than 250W"
2:30 what’s this soundtrack called again
Wait did he say 1440p and 60 FPS when it’s 120 FPS
I can buy the S but im gonna save and wait for the X
Flash G
Flash G:
Looks like a pretty good deal.
That’s Tuff
That’s Tuff:
What I’m getting is.., well am I actually not getting anything
I’m a playstation guy but this year I’ll buy both just to try out xbox since 500 is pretty cheap for a console
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
I’m pissed off with Xbox they should of done a 2001: space Odyssey trailer but with the Xbox replacing the monolith
Bobby Bobo
Bobby Bobo:
They’re naming convention is straight up stupid.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike:
It’s really awesome to have options here... instead of being forced to spend 500, we are left with quality options and the decision is ours to make :) prob getting the X
Axel Rose
Axel Rose:
Im time traveler year 3030
Daniel Spiteri
Daniel Spiteri:
The disc drive is more important than just a way to play Blu Ray. Digital versions of games are almost always more expensive than store-bought copies, at least in Australia. After purchasing a dozen games, which I no doubt will, the price difference between the S and X will be made up. For me the choice is simple—getting the Series X.
Nuvpreet Singh
Nuvpreet Singh:
Imagine having a skin of a retro stereo and it'll look sic
Glenn Cabrera
Glenn Cabrera:
Series S when

Standing: Classic old speaker
Lying down: Futuristic gas stove (single burner)
Retro Millennial Gamer
Retro Millennial Gamer:
While the S is an understandable good business move by Microsoft, I will never give up on physical games. There is more than enough of a backlog to last a lifetime for me.
Kenobi Sheelal
Kenobi Sheelal:
As someone who lives in one of those “poor” regions, the series S would have been a sold for me if it had the disc drive, although this for me is because I love having my games on my shelf. Contrary to what was stated in the video, my friends have standard PS4 and most of them don’t have a single physical game, so when the disc less PS5 was announced, they told me they plan to buy it.
Internet, at least where I live, isn’t a problem when having a digital library unless you have to stream to use it. Which is what Microsoft is seeming to push with this machine, more users for Xcloud in order to get an Xbox series X experience.
Chevi The Great
Chevi The Great:
Why do I get the feeling that falcon gets extreme pleasure and pain when he talks, like words are really sensual to him like in a naughty way lol
Bottle 12
Bottle 12:
Falcon just "winging it" through this explanation..
Trey G
Trey G:
This is very worth it 😭might even reconsider getting a ps5 now
Richard Russell
Richard Russell:
6:54 The way the custom SSD is mounted looks like upgrading it down the line could be feasible.
also, at 7:04 that particular character would indicate that the S runs at greater than 250 Watts, as opposed to less than.
When the Series S is laying sideways, it reminds me of a portable oven burner for camping.
Mace Windu
Mace Windu:
Xbox series S - Money wise
Xbox series X - Specs wise

Unless you’re like me and you only have physical games, than the series X is the only thing you can get
Daniel Popovici
Daniel Popovici:
TOO many memes! Please, understand that it's cool and fun to watch a video with some memes, but on this one I was struggling, closed it in under 3 minutes.
liam crutch
liam crutch:
to be honest this is what would be going through my head. in a non biased way
btw i know it seems like im being biased towards in favour of ps5 being best since i critisised the xbox more but trust me im not biased and im doing it cus that is what id be thinking.

i get the ps5 = oh cool i can play ps5 games. i cant play ps4 games but thats fine cus i have a ps4. :)

i get the new xbox = ohhh. why have i just got this when i have my xbox one?. they say that xbox 1 is really good in graphics so i dont think paying 300-500$ for better graphics of the xbox 1 games is a good thing (for the first 1-2 years) (i said 1-2 years cus some people say 1 year but i swear it actually said a couple of years.:(

get what i mean?
Zachary Stultz
Zachary Stultz:
"Up to 120 fps" LMAO
King Luckey
King Luckey:
i'll wait for both to come out to see the difference on screen. thats when i will make my choice because right now its all numbers. like if the S has the same graphics, i'll get the smaller system but if the graphics is trash then its an X for me...
Ben Staniland
Ben Staniland:
The series S is amazing for me. I don’t have a 4K tv and I haven’t bought a physical copy of a game in years.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
When you just want your friends to be able to play games with you but they won’t buy an Xbox
Sōshi Miketsukami
Sōshi Miketsukami:
Honestly looks like a drive through speaker XD
Heather Fiato
Heather Fiato:
S love how small it Is getting it just for gamepass
Planet Nate Gaming
Planet Nate Gaming:
November 10th....I'm buying when we get christmas sales (Yeah Boi)
also Sony be like: I see you want a price well you might get it tomorrow or maybe next week or maybe not at all
A. R.H.
A. R.H.:
I actually really like the design of the X and S. I can’t stand the ps5 design at all.
I'm so glad Microsoft relesed the series s, I couldn't afford a next gen console until about 2016 for the price to drop below £250
Sadly, its gonna be released on my birthday and I cant even buy it :(

Edit: the vid confirmed the release date so I just changed it
I have so much physical media. I love having a disc
“Gamer anx”
Nick Thurman
Nick Thurman:
The series S is really intriguing to me especially the $25 all access. That seems like an insane value! This is coming from a playstation user.
R L:
You'd venture to guess? They literally have said it countless times
Sparky Shark
Sparky Shark:
I'm leaving my brothers at PS for Xbox I feel like I need to try their exclusives and have the Xbox experience. I will still play PS but I'm not buying PS5.
Timothy jensen
Timothy jensen:
It feels like my 1500$ PC isnt as good anymore :( Bought it 4 year ago and have i7-6700, GTX 1070, and 16GB ram. How does it compare to these consoles?
When i play games like Destiny 2 i get like 120 fps most of the time at low settings (also get around 120 fps at max settings except for resuloution).

Also if you think 1500$ is alot for what it has things are expensive in sweden. Xbox series S will cost 400$ here.
Jeffrey Anonymous
Jeffrey Anonymous:
Now that microsoft announced the price. We can expect the ps5 price soon finally i think
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas:
As a broke person myself, I'm gonna buy the series S
I struggle a lot with the idea of a downgraded "next Gen" budget system. Downgrade defeats the purpose of next Gen! If it was cheaper but same specs and no drive, I would be more supportive.
I may have the literal best possible NASA level internet connection and I'm still gonna prefer physical games. It's just not the same without a disc/cartridge and a nice box.
FoggyBoss Channel
FoggyBoss Channel:
I'll just wait and save the extra money to buy the series X.
Colten Phipps
Colten Phipps:
Ok so my vary none smart friend said I'm gonna need a good wifi connection(In the process of moving and Idk how good the internet will be but it wont be Terrible)to use the xbox series x and I dont believe him one bit but I just wanna be sure plz help me

Dont judge my spelling or lack of punctuation cause people get mad about that.
Console wars get tough, but you can always count on gameranx
This video was really helpful! I want to get the Series S since its cheaper, but I was worried that it would be wayyy worse than the Series X. I’m glad to know there isn’t that much of a difference between the two
Rema D
Rema D:
But they forgot the most important thing"WHERE IS THE FRICKING BLUE RAY PLAYER ON SERIES S".they just assum that that a person who is looking for a cheap and affordable console can download 100+gb of game over their internet.while they are struggling to even pay their BILLS.OMG What has happened to x box
James Benfield
James Benfield:
Series x for me. Im counting the days to pre order. I like that the series s is an option though, hopefully that means the x won't be as hard to get one.
I love my games on discs. Its even cheaper than having to buy true Playstation store.
Plus,bid you want to, you can lend it out, or even sell it would you like to.
I’m seeing subtle changes/improvements being implemented on the Xbox One X dashboard and services (Xbox Live Ultimate) and I’m really liking what I’m seeing. I care nothing about console wars—I have both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, but I have the feeling Xbox is going to dominate in the early quarter of the next console cycle. I’m excited. Still getting a PS5, but The Series X is getting my first investment, solely for the promise I’m seeing RIGHT NOW.
"I am probably going to get the x... because it's my job"
Keegan Foster
Keegan Foster:
Im so excited for these new consoles the specs are crazy i really think as a console player were getting to a closer level to pc players like, try to build a pc with the specs that these new consoles have playstation or xbox its awesome
andrew pilkanis
andrew pilkanis:
I have some physical copies I still play so I’ll be going with the series x,but what about games I purchased digitally.will I be able to re-download them again on next gen?
Hector Ramos
Hector Ramos:
The series S is perfect for deployments!
Colton Jobst
Colton Jobst:
Damn even 500 bucks for the new series X is excellent news.
I'm gonna wait till next summer to get one. 1st consoles will probably have some bugs to work out. And I need to save for the big one cause I have lots of physical copy games
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600:
I'm used to 1080 p on my gaming laptop through my 65 inch tv. And I'm happy with that.

Seems stupid to offer a console that offers no blu ray option for physical copies of your game.

What if your next gen console subscription wont honor the last gen library of games you purchased online?

Something playstation owners have had happen, when there ps3 swapped to PS4, now again to PS5.

And people still use blu ray for movies and playing cds. Having a all in one media device saves money.
I guess the Series S can be placed to grave after the price release. 399 for a digital real next gen.
Ahmed Tarek
Ahmed Tarek:
the change in music in the second half made me sad idk why 😂
Kuro's gaming
Kuro's gaming:
lol that thumbnail is like "im kicking my ass do you mind!?"
Didn’t they say the FPS is at the same capacity on both consoles
Jeff Talley
Jeff Talley:
At 33 years old, I finally will get to buy a console at launch. All Access is one of the smartest decisions Microsoft could have made. I've been saying for years that they should mimic how people buy new smart phones as part of a contract, rather than purchasing outright... only after two years, the next gens won't be obsolete.
King Wes7
King Wes7:
I love owning my games by having the discs. So I hope it stays because it should.
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.:
By the way, what you said about the disc compartment makes absolute sense. In some places you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to get internet, and it can be slow. Disc systems actually make more sense for those situations.
Astro_ Gaming
Astro_ Gaming:
Me spending $500 dollars of my own money to buy the series x just to play roblox.