Xbox Series X and Series S Release Date Confirmed


XBox broke the internet when it announced the Series S is coming and will be priced at $299 USD. This is the first official price released in the console war and is as low as a player could hope for. This is mighty pleasing to budget gamers as well as space savers, as the mini-machine is 60% smaller than the Series X. In going with many leakers, it’s looking like November 10th is the morning to wait outside your local retailer, and that both the Series X and Series S will come out the same day. This means that they could be the first next gen machines we’ll be able to play Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Assassins Creed Valhalla on (besides on PC, of course).

It’s exciting to finally see a big development in the console wars, and although XBox will release more on this shortly, we will be looking over what we know in terms of specs for the little speaker looking console and how they compare to its big brother. We know it can’t be more powerful by design, but if it is comparable, Sony’s next generation of consoles could be in trouble. It’s tough to beat good quality at a low price, and although they are the favourite, favourites often lose. Remember the Sega Genesis?

We’ll look at what we know about its Solid State Drive, resolution capabilities, and other features to paint you an accurate picture of how the Series S compares to the Series X, and how it may tilt the console war in Microsoft’s favour.

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Dalek Sec
Dalek Sec:
As a PlayStation guy, the Xbox Series S is perfect for me, I can play the Xbox exclusives I enjoy but won’t have to buy a full on console to play them while still using a PS5 as my main console 😁
Aayush !!!
Aayush !!!:
Me: Google what's 300 dollars to rupees
xbox: *announces price*

playstation: “allow us to introduce our prices”
Allwin Issac
Allwin Issac:
Sony: We have 3D Audio

Microsoft: We have 3D Speaker
Extreme Gamer49
Extreme Gamer49:
I’m getting series s my monitor doesn’t even support 4K so it’s a easy pick for me
Since I’m both an Xbox and PS player imma just say..
Sony is taking way too long to tell us the price and release date 😂
awesome sauce
awesome sauce:
Everyone reading this i hope you and your family have Gods protection and happiness in these times
The gamer... promoting the Microsoft platform... Hold on while I check for signs of the apocolipse... four horseman riding in the sky and it raining fire as locusts swarm the land... nope... no signs... but I do see a blue moon...
The_Chain_Man _Strikes_Again_
The_Chain_Man _Strikes_Again_:
Xbox series X pre orders begin on the 22nd of September
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Subbing to everyone who subs to me:
To the early squad reading this: sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name btw🌟🎖🥇
Jayden Parry
Jayden Parry:
Ima get the xbox series x considering ive always wanted to play on a mini fridge
everyone assassin creed valhalla has been confirmed 4k 60 on series x and s check Twitter 🤭🤭🤭
Dane Nagley
Dane Nagley:
I'll try to get an Xbox Series X since it has an optical disc drive that I can use to play DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
I need to know the price of the ps5 to really pick what I want
Juan Barraza
Juan Barraza:
The series S design is so clean. Loving it!
based nerd
based nerd:
Finally this petty little price war is over yay!
Gus Martinez
Gus Martinez:
0:29 background music start.

I'm smoking with the top down
top down top down🎶
Eric Iniguez
Eric Iniguez:
I was planning to buy the Xbox Series S but there is no disc drive so I'm just going to buy an Xbox One
Joshua Whyte
Joshua Whyte:
I was gonna buy a ps5 for the exclusives and then u saw the xbox series s price
Erik delgado
Erik delgado:
I THINK IM GONNA GET THE SERIES X AND PS5 I can’t wait to play the updated gta 5 and fortnite as well as Minecraft drop some names of games u gta wanna play peace
The price of both consoles is both surprising and delightful.
Nathan Murphy
Nathan Murphy:
Well I’m an Xbox guy so I need that good memory and graphics so the series x is perfect for me.🤗
Theophilus Trevor
Theophilus Trevor:
Should be Perfect timing for my birthday to treat myself right 😏
Gabriela Arroyo
Gabriela Arroyo:
I relized that voth of them come out on my birthday
Alpha_dude35 705
Alpha_dude35 705:
What is more powerful? The series s or the ps5 all digital?
Charles Burnette
Charles Burnette:
The price is okay, I am still going with the Series X gonna last a long time, the Series S about the same, just a smaller version, without a few extras, but still good as well, it's a person choice, not mine.
Jovanni Stonks Vaughn
Jovanni Stonks Vaughn:
Is anyone gonna get the Xbox series X for Christmas instead
Hypersonic Mitey
Hypersonic Mitey:
True gamers: We respect other people using different consoles as long as they are having fun.

pubg Mobile Gaming
pubg Mobile Gaming:
I'm going for the $500 xbox in my inpatient its definitely my choice.
Luca vlogs and gaming
Luca vlogs and gaming:
The most powerful and the most affordable consoles
Wasteful Videos
Wasteful Videos:
Sony has to release some price now come on
Still going to sit here wait for Nintendo as they make my fav games hope big announcement soon.
Clorox Bleach 911
Clorox Bleach 911:
Already knew 6 hours ago. I cant wait. Im getting the x series because its stronger and has more storage. Most of all the pre orders arnt private.
The Xbox series s is too cheap for me series x is the best Xbox console for how powerful it is
Amit V
Amit V:
You guys are so early.
Xbox series X
Is what I'm getting...
I'm a competitive gamer and I need the best of the best.🎮🖥🎥
I was going to upgrade pc the deal was my 300 pc very budget +375 for a 695$ pc but might as well get the Xbox series s 👍🏼
Danny Juarez
Danny Juarez:
PlayStation: its my time to shine
Michael Olajuwon
Michael Olajuwon:
Speaker lol mini Stove we going campin 😅
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens:
I'm here looking for Sackboy the PlayStation fanboy that is everywhere right now
will the series s and x sell out before the release date
So now we have not only a mini fridge, but also a speaker
Why am I a PlayStation user watching this video lol
Edwin Sparda
Edwin Sparda:
0:13, what game is that?
Michael's Zombie Games
Michael's Zombie Games:
My friend actually edited for the gamer, and he's told me a few things about what it was like working with them, when Zero calls them corporate he's completely right, the gamer is actually owned by screen rant, who own a number of low quality, corporate, uninspired 10 style channels, such as the binger, the richest, the things ECT. (great names huh?)

The scriptwriters have to pitch ideas for videos that they want to make for subjects they are passionate about, but they're pretty much always turned down and given these corporate clickbaity videos on subjects they don't know or are not passionate about.

Now you would think the writers would put in the effort to do the research and make the video as well as they can right? well these types of channels only hire people on a freelance basis, this is done so that they don't have to pay a consistent wage and can get away with underpaying their staff. Instead of being paid for the hours they put in, they get paid on the basis of how many scripts they finish, and from what my friend has told me, they don't pay that well either.

This just this corporate structure creates a culture of just blazing through as much work as you can as quick as you can. to put it briefly QUANTITY over quality.

The voice-overs are freelance too, they aren't required to do any research, or know anything about games in general as long as they have a good voice and "read script good" then that's all the gamer asks of them. they're just grinding through as many scripts as they can.

It's the same for editors too, you don't have to know or understand what the games really about you just need grind through as many videos as you can to put food on the table.

these channels just pump out this Junkfood clickbaity content because it shows up in the sidebar and people end up clicking on it and watching long enough to make some revenue. They don't value quality in the slightest, they just want to produce as much as they can and quickly and cheaply as they can.

sorry for the essay. I hope this was interesting for anyone who read it. as an editor myself, I hate seeing these companies underpay their staff and actively choosing to make low-quality content
Guntas Chief Gaming
Guntas Chief Gaming:
Fridge company(Sony) or the box company(Microsoft)for console reply here what you’re buying
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown:
I was thinking Xbox s but the 4k is a must
Big Daddy Elf
Big Daddy Elf:
Let’s go they said pre order is on the 22nd and my birth day on the 21st
Jason Lucero
Jason Lucero:
Man the series s and x are going to be insane along with game pass. Really excited for next gen.
Zaihan J
Zaihan J:
Only if I can buy Xbox here officially.. Even if I can, purchase game gonna be hard
Hack10K YT
Hack10K YT:
Thought the X was 600$ but I ain’t complaining👌
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic:
I'm getting them both so...🤪
l TurtleZz l
l TurtleZz l:
what are the specs for both

id rather go with the series x tbh its bigger but fast than the series s
Xbox ALL ACCESS = Game Pass Ultimate + EA Play + xCLOUD!!!! = 💚 🤟👊🤙👌👍🍺🤘 💚
Nugget Lordz
Nugget Lordz:
Hack runner ? XD
Ranbir poke36
Ranbir poke36:
Is gaming more important than life
Mystical Blueberry Man
Mystical Blueberry Man:
Lets gooooo!!!!
Nah, I want a PS5
Soggy Nachos
Soggy Nachos:
All I want is a Cyberpunk 2077 bundle
now im very hyped
Hypersonic Mitey
Hypersonic Mitey:
How to change the GPU in a Xbox Series S
1. Buy a 36 teraflop GPU
2. Dismantle said son
jelly_ key
jelly_ key:
Whatsupp playstaion obviously
Warzone Wizard
Warzone Wizard:
Before 1 k views
Bryant Diaz
Bryant Diaz:
Does anyone know if you have to pay full amount fro pre Order
X-gamer Pro
X-gamer Pro:
I’ll buy both and see which is different. So I know what Is best. Well the series X is best so fat
Harry Smith
Harry Smith:
Yes I'm in
If you have a gaming pc GET THE PS5 because most Xbox Series x games will be on pc
Colonel Bojangles
Colonel Bojangles:
Ahhhh I love capitalism
Drakon Boi
Drakon Boi:
000öoh what will sòny doooooo
кεησ 3.7
кεησ 3.7:
I was hyped till I heard it’s only digital
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers:
Series x price?
Danigamer YT
Danigamer YT:
chloe lee
chloe lee:
does the Xbox series X come in white? or is that just the series S?
Shab A
Shab A:
Anyone explain about GamePass?
Baddie .callum.x .baddy.emeny.x
Baddie .callum.x .baddy.emeny.x:
Hi 1st
Genji 1
Genji 1:
JJomoo _
JJomoo _:
THERE IS NO CONSOLE WAR people who already is part of Playstation will stay with Playstation!! Because they already invested there time and money into Playstation games for years, same for Xbox!!
Mada Kada
Mada Kada:
hmmm let me think i ll buy series x and s ps5 digital and normal
Haseeb Ur Rehman
Haseeb Ur Rehman:
What was the price of PS3 at launch?
Efor YT
Efor YT:
I'm not ready for next gen im stay in 8th gen who else🥺
Rip ps5 new gen 300 bucks in xbox and with rdna2 and most of the people has full hd tv so... the one to buy is series s
First Don Diego
First Don Diego:
I don't really have any interest in Xbox or it's games (save for a few that caught my attention) but there's no denying that Xbox backed Sony into a corner and even though I've always only ever been a PlayStation guy, I will admit that the value proposition of the series S and X right now is looking mighty enticing. I had no intention before at all to pick up an Xbox but now... I'm considering it.
Jarrett Cortese
Jarrett Cortese:
Still waiting on PS five
Handyedi Face
Handyedi Face:
auto sphere gaming
auto sphere gaming:
guys i dont know which to choose ps 5 or xbox series x
Kapello _ghost
Kapello _ghost:
Looooove it
The NooB
The NooB:
Yess if the Xbox x is 500 dollars I don't thing ps5 will be more trees exactly my budget wohoo
Jose A Carmona
Jose A Carmona:
The best series 😍😈
ayush apoorva
ayush apoorva:
$450 for Series S in India
Jenn Alfano
Jenn Alfano:
No way definitely waiting for the PS five👍😎👑
Mega Riz
Mega Riz:
So sony has to match the price? They win when it comes to games.
Serge Beaudoin
Serge Beaudoin:
Ps5 17th November 2020
Luca Mihail Murafa
Luca Mihail Murafa:
Luke Connors
Luke Connors:
I’m just going to get a better gaming laptop
Black Zora
Black Zora:
Which one should I Get?
FAZE Josuejair29
FAZE Josuejair29:
Chulisimo Gamer
Chulisimo Gamer:
I don't hate play I think they have one good games really, but I do hate their community because everything seems wrong for them about xbox 1. when xbox announced the console they said play will be more powerful which was not 2. play has better games than xbox the xbox ones are trash 3. halo was delayed and they started laughing and saying that xbox is already dead. NOW XBOX DOES A GOOD JOB IN THE PRICE OF THE CONSOLE TO 299 AND EVERYTHING ON PLAY SAYS: BUT THE PS5 DIGITAL IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE S. I WILL TELL YOU THAT THE GAMER COMMUNITY IS VERY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL OF THE DECTIONS XBOX HAS TAKEN, 299 FOR THE CONSOLE HALO LATE BECAUSE THEY LISTENED TO THE COMMUNITY, THE XBOX ALL ACCESS PROGRAM SO THAT THEY CAN PURCHASE IT IN INTEREST-FREE PAYMENTS AND WITH 2 FREE YEARS OF XBOX GAMEPASS ULTIMATE, XBOX X CLOUD. PLEASE A LITTLE COMPASSION AND RESPECT
Xavi Nusz
Xavi Nusz:
your vids are great
Divesh Remanan
Divesh Remanan:
Sony PS5 = 399 USD
Sony PS5 Digital = 349 USD

Just pray that this should be the price.
Syed Zidane
Syed Zidane:
PC for the win