Xbox Series X only $499 + EA Play FREE - Angry Reaction!

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex follow up when Xbox Finally Confirms the Xbox Series X is $499, plus they've teamed up with EA Plays to offer that service for FREE - and we've got more Series S Specs - our Thoughts!

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Fernando Morales
Fernando Morales:
Yes please buy both I would like to see the major difference between both.
Philip Ho
Philip Ho:
"EA Play FREE" - It's a trap!!
BigRay Gaming
BigRay Gaming:
I would personally love a review of both. Due to the fact that my kid is gonna get Series S. And of course dad gets the big dawg hahahah
Frank Sobotka
Frank Sobotka:
EA: “Introducing FREE access to loot boxes!”
tej Analysis
tej Analysis:
As an indian, thank you joe for acknowledging the misery we have to endure to get these next gen consoles.meanwhile enjoy your next gen shiny consoles US people, we have to sell our kidneys just for the series s version.
Me: Wow! So you can play the latest Madden with game pass!! EA: No you only get the older versions of Madden. Me: So I doooo get to play the latest Madden with game pass!!
Liam Timmins
Liam Timmins:
EA says free

Everyone: 'What's the catch?'
Spyro The Gerudo
Spyro The Gerudo:
I'm so used to EA being associated with human scum that when theh do something legitimately cool I blue screen
A.J Brown
A.J Brown:
Hehehehe... me finding out that EA Play is for Free: "Yeeeaaahhh, let's just skip the sports games and get to the good shit.😊
Yash Singh
Yash Singh:
I am so happy that you've mentioned how the prices in India are comparably higher than the mainland US. A few more shout outs and maybe microsoft will start taking this region seriously.
EA: "Free? What's that? Is it a surprise mechanic?"
Andrew Poisson
Andrew Poisson:
Damn we always get screwed over with higher prices, the X box series x is being sold for $720 in South Africa
Honestly I might wait for the Halo Infinite limited edition version. Kill two birds with one stone, game and console. Plus, the limited edition versions always have higher memory space.
Rueben Black
Rueben Black:
aye joe lookup the youtube channel sandy shores, and check their videos, they steaallin your streams
DaN Ny
DaN Ny:
“EA Play FREE” - is the biggest clickbait I’ve ever seen
lets see how long it takes sony to respond to this
Christopher Augustine
Christopher Augustine:
I’m getting The Xbox Series X
EA & Free can't be together, it's *impossible*
Rob Carter
Rob Carter:
Shoulda changed it to "happy reaction" 😂
Cosmic Radio
Cosmic Radio:
Such fake news

You can’t put EA and Free in the same sentence
kurisktan theasian
kurisktan theasian:
Life advice: Do not trust EA and Microsoft.
Alex: "Everybody move!"
Me: "Thank you Fezzik."
Max DC
Max DC:
In Australia the XSX is $749 when the conversion rate of $499 from US to AUD is $686.57.
boi what
boi what:
$650+ in Sweden. its a very sad moment.....
"Do you have $219.99 for your 1 TB expansion?" I don't know......Didn't people spend over $1200 for a 2080 TI?
IT CodeX
IT CodeX:
Well Im upgrading xbox one X to xbox series x :D, more problem Im having with selection of monitor coz I felt in love with LG Ergo but it is not great for gaming :)

by the way... EA Play is useless seriously ....
this week on
this week on:
just me seeing other Joe dying inside 8:54
Angel george
Angel george:
I understand that EA is offering “free” stuff, but I have a Feeling that o have to pay for something no matter... how much is the price?
Allan Riggs
Allan Riggs:
Try converting the price in Brazil Joe... You’ll see 😂😂
izzy B
izzy B:
AJ's hair is on fleek this video
Leo Kostas
Leo Kostas:
7:47 From Australia here, video games are actually cheaper in Australia! If you buy a regular $60 USD game from a good Aus store it is usually only $70 AUD which is insanely good for the price conversion! Consoles are regularly priced USD to AUD.
Exraiel Valcore
Exraiel Valcore:
200$+SSD, I'd buy it if had windows 10 on it.
Nathan Teale
Nathan Teale:
Is it just me or does this seem reeeeeally cheap.......

I've always EXPECTED to pay at least $600 for a next gen console
You Need Manual
You Need Manual:
Yep, we'll be lucky if it's $700 Australian, probably $750.
I'm still rocking a 10-year-old 40", 1080p, Plasma TV. It's enough for Netflix and Chill. For the rest, I got my PC.
JS Sony: Sir, we're being fired upon! It's free EA Access, Captain.

USS Microsoft: Load up the $499, fire across their bow!
Kent Mansley
Kent Mansley:
I never thought I’d hear “EA” and “free” in the same sentence

KaMeha PriMe
KaMeha PriMe:
The Beginning of Netflix Gaming haha
Mr wLy_4
Mr wLy_4:
Glad that they have this cheap version now I can buy ps5 + xbox ss thats my new gen setup
I always thought the console would be 499. That seems more like a reasonable price. So kudos to Microsoft for not falling into the same traps as the PS3.
General Grievous
General Grievous:
I absolutely LOVE the series S, what a great move by Microsoft by making a budget friendly next gen console.
I'm a poor boi, and I have to say.. The Series S is an extremely attractive proposition for me. Especially with games pass. I'm a PlayStation fan at heart, so we'll have to see what the price on that is first.
Cort D
Cort D:
We need a OJ reaction to article about a reboot of the Golden Girls exempt with Black women.
Johno Daz
Johno Daz:
Nice reaction vid guys. The Series S with Game Pass is looking really hard too beat at the mo.
Zikari SG
Zikari SG:
Don't bother reviewing both systems Joe, that's what I watch Digital Foundry for. At least in regards to performance. I guess UI and user experience will be the same, so just go with the one you will play and review games on...
Thank you for addressing the Indian price issue. It has been like this always. The import duty is insane here. So am just worried for the ps5 now..
I’m so hype for the series X. Have always been on Xbox but considering getting the Ps5 as well. Should I play both sides? If anyone has any advice lmk
I’m surprised you didn’t mention the “payment plan” options being offered for both system that was announced at the same time the prices were shown off. Everything is listed in full detail on the Xbox website 🤘🏻
Derrick Matthews
Derrick Matthews:
Love the random 5 second Stadia ads I get while watching this
Matt Burton
Matt Burton:
Dude those prices are crazy...avengers review please! both me, my son, and friends played it 🤦‍♂️ it freaking sux and really wanna hear ur guys take
Review each system. We need to know whether the X is a worthwhile upgrade, and if the S is similar in performance to current gen or not. We know what the marketing material suggests, but will the actual gaming experience seem any better?
lisab theboss
lisab theboss:
More like EA free into something you gotta pay cough cough lootboxes cough cough
Guys, Check your audio levels and how you upload it to youtube, the outro was super loud compare to the level of your talking.
Thanks for the good show.
Where is this guy looking to spend $220 for a 1TB SSD???? You can get 2TB for that price!
There's also 4TB but after buying one, you won't be buying games!
Nuno Mestre
Nuno Mestre:
The Mandalorian + RDR tshirt?! Sweeeeeeet! Where can I buy it? Keep with the excellent work!
Of course EA is gonna go the free route, gives them more reasons to cram in microtransactions. Fool me once with Battlefront 2 EA.....
Alyceo Perez
Alyceo Perez:
I’m confused so you buy the Xbox and get ea play free every month every year ????

Or fee for ah year 🤣
The Russianator
The Russianator:
I'd love to see a direct comparison between the two consoles for sure.
Safffzz *
Safffzz *:
I’m more of a PlayStation player so I’ll be getting the PS5 but if I was to get a X box along side it would be the series S.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles:
EA: are the reviews in?
MS: yes
EA: activate plan fish in a barrel
MS: already have
Still sticking to PS5 since I'm so invested already in the ecosystem but I damn well want Microsoft to light a fire under Sony's ass for the benefit of everyone sticking with them. Sony has been feeling themselves too much lately and getting lax when it comes to providing value to customers on their platform. Anyways here's hoping the best for gamers who play on both PS and Xbox this coming holiday. 👍 Hopefully tight experiences await us all!
I'm interested in seeing a review of both
Kali Cush
Kali Cush:
I honestly waiting for Halo: Infinite to get an XBOX. Would still like to see a comparison though if it's not too much for y'all.
Dudu Lins
Dudu Lins:
The SSD cost as much as the Series S! You should do the conversion when the console gets here in Brazil. I can assure you the Series S will cost about U$600 and the Series X will cost about U$1.000,00
derka der
derka der:
King Wes7
King Wes7:
Im definitely getting the Series X. Most of my 3rd party games are on Xbox. I'm fine there are no exclusives if it's not ready yet. Plus the console releases before Cyberpunk 2077 releases so very excited!
Going tp pre order Xbox Series X. Big step up for me, I’m still running Day One edition of Xbox One.
Connor Meyer
Connor Meyer:
Btw I would like both, I’m planning on getting an s since my monitor can run 4k😂
gaming govern
gaming govern:
Hmmmm, is sony going to compete we will see with the price.
Crap! I was planning on getting a switch for my kid but now I need a series x...gonna be an expensive Christmas
Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan:
Love how Joe and the Gang skip over the SSD upgrade for the Series S puts it over the price of the Series X. Might as well spend the extra money from jump and get the Series X
Lion Savage
Lion Savage:
Thanks for the news brother I will preorder mines right away, by the way, I watched Bill and Ted loved it thanks 👍
Yun 06
Yun 06:
Did not get a notification for this even tho I have it on "all".
Erik Ask
Erik Ask:
Iam more interesting in how the series S will preform, so please do a review of that one please!
rolo francia
rolo francia:
EA: EA Acess will be free with gamepass users

EA 2 months later: Due to recent circumstances we will be charging $2 to access EA access via gamepass with a $3 user fee.
Louie DFN
Louie DFN:
I’m getting the series x. But my friend is in big financial struggle so I’m just curious at how well they compare and how it looks
4K is mainstream where I live. I don't know one person, that I know of, that still has a 1080p TV as their main TV.
Albert Zapien
Albert Zapien:
Joe, I would love to know your opinion on BOTH consoles.(series S and X) I love your videos and keep up the great work.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Hey angry Joe! It would be helpful if you could do a review of both the Xbox series X and serried S, will make it easier for me to decide which one to get
breaking mega
breaking mega:
Your move Sony. Even though I'm not getting either, I still love following the news.
I’ve been with PlayStation since PS1. The Series S looks very enticing to me...
Moose Alberto
Moose Alberto:
just review the most expensive one you rich boy;)
Cordy Cat
Cordy Cat:
longest hair I've ever seen on Joes XD
Definitely getting the S.
angel chang
angel chang:
Bruh... Their leaks are better advertising, than their actual presentations xD
Push Play
Push Play:
EA: where does the arcade coin slot go?
Ding Dong
Ding Dong:
who is Sandy Shores? why are they ripping stuff off AngryJoeShow
I would honestly love to see the difference between both consoles.
So yes, get both
Chicha Rones
Chicha Rones:
These console will for sure break street date. Can't wait to see early footage from people.
Hermit Card
Hermit Card:
EA Play free? IT'S A TRAP!!!!
I am going to buy the series s. I am on a budget and dont care about the 4k yet. So this is Amazing fit for me and my friends
Taunt Titan
Taunt Titan:
Don't care I'm sticking to Nintendo ans PlayStation
Kha Lee
Kha Lee:
I've never switched console because of all the time placed into my account. Really the only reason.
Rainbow Spice
Rainbow Spice:
imma get a gaming pc... MY FIRST! So excited!
mark cla
mark cla:
"X" going to give it to You!!🔥
Counterpoint Crossplatformer
Counterpoint Crossplatformer:
"112GB".... You mean 512GB.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson:
In South Africa, XBX was confirmed at R12000 which is equivalent to USD720... :(
Splicer Zero
Splicer Zero:
Well,for the most part Australian physical games cost $50-$58 usd.Though some can be $72 usd on Steam and PSN.
Greg Morton
Greg Morton:
Hey Joe! Please review all Xbox series consoles. I'd like to see what my options are.
Q Ahmad
Q Ahmad:
Me: I'll never buy a game by EA
Microsoft: Yes.