Xbox Series X/S Price + Pre-Orders FINALLY CONFIRMED | BIG Xbox Game Pass News & Xbox All Access

After confirming the Xbox Series S Price, Microsoft finally confirmed the Xbox Series X Price, Pre-Orders and the Release Date and dropped some big Xbox Game Pass and Xbox All Access News

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100+ komentarze:

Rand al Thor 19
Rand al Thor 19:
How do you feel about Xbox Series X being priced at $499?
I’m about to go find those “it’s gonna be 700” comments and call them out 😂
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm:
Please don’t ever change you’re intro ❤️
Jacob Everhart
Jacob Everhart:
Series X day one for hard-core gamers like me. Series S is a steal tho.
Julian A Molina Jr
Julian A Molina Jr:
Rumor: PS Now will be joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 👀

Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas:
All those bombs dropped on the Playstation Anniversary savage Ms 🤣🤣
Jo12dan James
Jo12dan James:
Xbox game pass with ea play, brings the total up to 335 games, not including the ea preview games...

also forgot to add pc only games... and you get this all on xcloud?! Wow
Jason Lucero
Jason Lucero:
Man the series s is insane with the price. The series x is a definite buy at least for me along with game pass ultimate that gives free ea access. I am so hyped for the next console generation especially on the xbox side.
Josh Tarpley
Josh Tarpley:
Was holding off on the AC Valhalla pre-order...but then they gave it a week of breathing room from Cyberpunk and confirmed the 4k/60. I'm treating Valhalla as my Series X launch title :)
Low Distortion
Low Distortion:
But.. But.. Crapgamer said it wasn't real!
I’m sooo not going to get any work done on the 22nd. Just sitting there refreshing the page so I can get my pre-order.
Talion Gravewalker
Talion Gravewalker:
Sony it's your move now if you dare!!!!!!!!
It's only £450 for me in England what a absolute bargain. Can't wait I'm so hyped
Jared beasley
Jared beasley:
Finally thank you Jesus. Will be pre ordering a X and S in the 22nd
The real Jesus
The real Jesus:
Finally! It’s about damn time they revealed the price for the series x!
Niko Love
Niko Love:
I forgot about xcloud lol 😂 so much stuff
wilnelia burns
wilnelia burns:
Do you know assassin's Creed Valhalla is November 10th the same day as the Xbox series x and the s
Boris Orumwense
Boris Orumwense:
Thank you Microsoft! Finally
When Estimated Retail Pricing is said, this indicates a bid war with Sony likely.
creakwood liege
creakwood liege:
Dude i thought I had a high gamerscore man ur is insane
So we're not gonna mention how Randal actually predicted EA play on gamepass?!
The Pops
The Pops:
Very impressed with Microsoft’s marketing of its new hardware. The Series X is a go for me.
Thanks alot brother, I can't wait to pre order this monstrous of a console, thanks again bro?!!
Vindication finally , I'm glad you were right but I had no doubt in my mind. Day one for me Series X as long as I can get my pre-order in time
Reign Of The Third Eye
Reign Of The Third Eye:
What’s that background music? It’s awesome!
Deon Northcutt
Deon Northcutt:
Wasn't Sony's big announcement today? Lol. 😂. What happened? Lol. 😂
The Jubilee Diaries
The Jubilee Diaries:
Yeah I’m in love with the price .
I made a video on it too 😂😂
I cant wait. let hope I can cash out on my stocks by then. :) I want to get thee X for my self since I have a 4k tv and the S for the kids room.
Major Balls
Major Balls:
This is great news, I love that we can finally get all access in Norway. I will definitely subscribe to the series x version. Great video mate 👍😊👍
Michael Kahn-way
Michael Kahn-way:
LG CX I'm all over it bro!
Cyrus Askarisedeh
Cyrus Askarisedeh:
Great thumbnail my guy! It's the little things that count
Thanks for the great news I've been waiting for this and you're the main person I follow
This awesome price, power and game pass boost with ea makes play station irrelevant
Denis Portaro
Denis Portaro:
I feel great about the price, already preordered it at Gamestop here in Italy.
Just a question for you, do you know if the LGB9 does support 120hz 4K HDR?
I am told it doesn't, but I also read on the internet that the TV has been updated and so it should support it.
(It has almost all the right specs for the series X)
Owen Deatrick
Owen Deatrick:
This news came at a great time! TODAY!
Nelson Morales
Nelson Morales:
About DAMN time! Wooooo!!
I have to say, it's getting pretty old (already) to keep hearing people say that Series S is for "casuals" . I don't consider myself a "casual" gamer. And while I also might not classify myself as a "gamer" gamer, I am still a hard-core gaming enthusiast. I've been playing games and owning consoles/gaming PC's for 30+ years. And what it comes down to is personal value. I simply do not value higher frame-rate. It isn't worth paying more for. So if 1440p upscaled to 4K looks good enough and visuals can maintain close parity with Series X, then Series S becomes a very appealing product for me. It will guarantee that I can play everything coming to Xbox for the next 5-7 years and can continue to access Game Pass in my living room.

I just see it as potentially the better day one console. And in two years or so, I might upgrade my PC to something like an RTX 3080 Super or my Series S to a Series X2.

But, I think that Series S can potentially still be a machine for gamers, rather than just casuals.
Was up Playa
Was up Playa:
Wait till I get that stimulus lol or my taxes lol depends how stimulus I feel
gus ramirez
gus ramirez:
Amazing review! Thanks a lot, i better pre-order mine.
I'm gonna buy an XSS just to stand my SX on😎
Jimmy Harrison
Jimmy Harrison:
Dam good video Rand, alot of good information and my momey is set aside for both systems. Thanks brother!
Both of these systems look amazing!
country livin
country livin:
Yep that's what I did I bought the 55-in LG CX for the series x.. TV is incredible especially with AMD freesync premium!
Ty Spicer
Ty Spicer:
Will Pre-orders go live at Midnight, or will there be a specific time during the day on the 22nd? Great name btw that is my favorite book series.
Troyski G
Troyski G:
Christmas is coming early in my house this year!
I was going to buy the Series X but once I saw the Series S and the price I was like I’m buying that instead
When are we gonna find out the damage-cost of the Seagate 1TB drives?
Croyt CH
Croyt CH:
And EA play in Gamepass U. Perfect 👌
nick C
nick C:
I got a lg cx coming tomorrow. I'm Ready. I'm Ready. I'm Ready
Eternal Embra
Eternal Embra:
MAJOR W's left and right today for Xbox. Great pricing with the pre-order info for both the Series X and S, great structuring for All Access to get those less fortunate into the ecosystem as well as Game Pass Ultimate adding EA Play to it for no extra charge to us and becoming even more stellar.

It would be insane not to own an Xbox going forward honestly.
I was always stating that both consoles would be at $550 (tax included)
I am so tempted to get Series X if my work program to New Zealand in March isn’t postpone where I’ll be gone for 1 year. $500 is a solid good price for the quality the series x will bring
M Russo
M Russo:
Is it going to be available to pre order at 12:00 am on the 22nd?
Good times ahead Rand :)
Istvan Zadori
Istvan Zadori:
Finally :)
Ali Line
Ali Line:
Loving that All Access is coming to UK. I'll be getting a Series X via that. Absolute no brainer decision for me at that pricing level.
MrLionBlood 1977
MrLionBlood 1977:
I just ordered the Sony
65 inch x900h like 2 days ago. Man I can't wait to play the series x on that. Man gonna be a great holiday
Mister Negative
Mister Negative:
I think I’ll be getting this series s for my smaller tv in the bedroom
im now tempted for both. but can only get one. i may do the xbox all access.
Can't find My will to live
Can't find My will to live:
What I want to see is how those limited edition will look
Manga Ki
Manga Ki:
Spot on brother! Great video.
Mr Orange
Mr Orange:
Plan to use the tax return to buy both the XSX and XSS. I have the LG CX and my son has the TCL 6. It’s perfect.
Rand, wait next year for the LG C11! It’ll be the same price you would pay this year with better tech and better picture!
M 66
M 66:
Holy Schnikes! Woo Hoo! Great news 👏 👍
Fernando Andrade Lira
Fernando Andrade Lira:
YOOOOO! Such good news!!!
Nate Barnes
Nate Barnes:
Mocha Smiley
Mocha Smiley:
Great job Rand, great job sir!!
Ger Xiong
Ger Xiong:
12 t flops though!
i hope ps5 comes out at the same time as im getting it for my birthday probably and that 9nth november!
Caroline Federico
Caroline Federico:
Amazing! 🏆🏆🏆
Rayz Gaming
Rayz Gaming:
I can't wait to watch MBG and see what he says about this
lololololololzsjfjrben 474828
lololololololzsjfjrben 474828:
Ill he getting xbox and ps5. Im 22 and for the first time i have the mony to buy both for myself. Demon souls sold me on ps5, tbh that was the best move by sony.... dark souls fans will understand lmao
sam torres
sam torres:
This is it. Its about a month later than I wanted to know it, but here we are. Dam glad you believed in Xbox. Step up and here is next gen.
Maxton Erickson
Maxton Erickson:
Ill be preordering on the 22nd for sure👍
After the year we’ve all had be nice to cuddle up to a great next gen console ps and Xbox the heat from these too machines will keep me warm
Estimated Retail Price. Which says to me they still have room to move depending on what Sony does... hehe...
Chris Wade
Chris Wade:
"That's right... MEE!" 👈

Steve D
Steve D:
That's absolutely crazy how EA pass is included in the Game Pass subscription. Now, just focus on more AAA games to go into GamePass and you'll have a top deal subscription that probably is the Gaming Netflix. That's big!

Microsoft, they're really wanting to attract the most customers at the moment and they're doing just that.
o Girly x
o Girly x:
I can't wait to preorder the world's most powerful console, Xbox Series X 💚🖤💚🖤
We give you Two Thumbs Up Rand al Thor for giving us the information we can rely on.
That's why we follow you. 👍👍
Cory Tucker
Cory Tucker:
60fps on valhalla makes me so happy esp after everyone kept saying it was because the series x couldn't do it.
This is a very well done video. Thank you.
MuayThai forever
MuayThai forever:
A long 2 weeks, a exciting 2 weeks, to hopefully get the ability to pick up the series x! I can’t wait to get my hands on this console. I wonder if trade ins are going to be a thing this time? Best Buy is open but places like GameStop may not be. Should be interesting to see
Patrizio Pastore
Patrizio Pastore:
Superb 499$... and Series S really an amazing system
🥴 what do I do with my One X
Reclaimer 117
Reclaimer 117:
AC: Valhalla confirmed 4k/60 on the sx. The L's keep coming for the fraudstation5.
Do you notice how the tweet said (ERP) expected retail price... that leaves the door open to undercut PS5, bravo
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel Alvarez:
It doesn't matter I'm still going to be playing overwatch lol
and maybe a game or two on gamepass.
K' the Barbarian
K' the Barbarian:
With the XSS plan you're only saving $60 over 2 years. That's literally saving $2.50 a month ($600 vs $660)...

With the XSX plan you're only saving $20 over 2 years ($840 vs $860). That's less than a savings of .84 cents a month.

These plans are great for those that don't have the upfront cost, but this isn't saving any real money. It's a cool way for MS to boost/ inflate Gamepass numbers for the foreseeable future however. If you were going to get GP Ultimate anyway, then it's a great way to jump in, especially now that EA Play is thrown in.

I might even hop in on one with that type of convenience.
rayburr80: one!
ben cullimore
ben cullimore:
Is the series s gonna last the whole generation or will I have to buy a different one half way through cos if I will have to buy another one half way through then I will save up for series x and get it in like a year
The Real Deemz
The Real Deemz:
Hey Thor do you know exactly what time the pre orders will drop? Because I really want a pre order
R J:
Day 1! How can you turn down this offer? It's crazy.
Vincent Clark
Vincent Clark:
I hope I can get AC valhalla with xbox series x
edward z
edward z:
Thanks for the video the information is very helpful 👍. My favorite YouTube channel now 😀
Certified Cheater Goldigger
Certified Cheater Goldigger:
Go Sony! Drop in $399 lol
Wolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack:
Hey Rand al, You should wait for next year 2021 new TV’s line up. There will be better gaming TV’s with full HDMI 2.1 capacities. I was gonna jump on the LG CX but decided to sit back and wait around longer till next year and wait for a better gaming TV especially from LG.
Brandon Hardin
Brandon Hardin:
Great day for us Xbox gamers... now I’m praying I can get my hands on both day of
Drew Williams
Drew Williams:
I’m play my ps5