"You" live on Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Hosted by Miley Cyrus & Pete Davidson on NBC

A New Year’s gift from me to YOU

#MileyCyrus​​ performs "You" live at Miley's New Year's Eve Party on NBC

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Vocals By Cyrus ♪
Vocals By Cyrus ♪:
Brand new song yes we stan, the songwriting, the raspiness, the high notes. A VOCALIST.
Noah Tolentino
Noah Tolentino:
this song is already so classic that I tried to google this song looking for the original and not realizing it’s her own. the talent is astronomical
If she releases this song right away, people will just listen to it over and over until they are sick of it.
Unreleased, it stays magical.
Felipe Santana
Felipe Santana:
THIS IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS EVER! The melody, the lyrics, how it explodes near the end. This song is pure perfection, I can't believe! Miley, please, release it soon!
miley singing a happy ballad just hits different... it's such a raw, rarely seen side of her. and don't get me wrong i adore her savage side, but there's a very special sort of intimacy in this performance. she's so vulnerably, *roughly* happy rn that it's contagious.
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale:
She can sing any song. Her voice is one of the best. And we're alive at the same time as her. Insanity!
There will never be another Miley.
at first, i thought this was a cover but to see the growth in her music, lyrics, and VOICE! I loved this song so much. i can’t wait to see what we are going to get from Miley in this next era! This sounds like straight from the 80’s with miley’s touch 😻 this will be a classic.
Muriel Villanueva
Muriel Villanueva:
Miley has demonstrated through the years what an awesome performer she is. Her vocals, energy and presence on the stage = AMAZING. We are really lucky to enjoy this masterpiece. She deserves much more credit.
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo:
It sounds like a classic already
Roselle S.
Roselle S.:
It’s such a privilege to be alive in the same time as Miley Cyrus as she graces us her undeniably, amazing talents! Slay Queen, slay! 🔥🎵👸🏼🎤🤘🏼❤️
Katie Gottfried
Katie Gottfried:
I love performances like this she is truly becoming the artist she was meant to be and I love what she expresses
I can’t stop listening to this. So so beautiful. I love how she always sings in the moment as if she’s singing it for the first time to the person she wrote it for
A-L Oden
A-L Oden:
I recently discovered Miley. Omg! What a voice and woman! Fan for life.
honest opinion
honest opinion:
The only song I've listened today was this Masterpiece and I can't get enough!!! On repeat for months and years. Miley's new music becoming soooo legendary.
Tricia Cherie
Tricia Cherie:
I'm embarrassed 😳 that at first I thought this had to be a cover song. WOW this song is next level. Such a fun special 💕 I hope she does it again when the pandemic finally puts it's hand off our mouths
FAIRY /AKA- @bam_._Margera @Fairy_Bongmother ON iG
FAIRY /AKA- @bam_._Margera @Fairy_Bongmother ON iG:
I wasn't much of a fan in the Disney days .. I was just a tad older then that "scene" and just was "growing up"...but as Miley's music career has progressed it's hard NOT TO fall in utter love with this powerhouse of a voice!!!!
David T
David T:
God Bless Miley! She's the best thing to come out of the pandemic. Everybody, I'm talking all artists, from hip hop to country to heavy metal are thrilled to have Miley cover their songs. Her godmother Dolly approves!
Sara Byrne
Sara Byrne:
How can her voice just keep getting more and more amazing?
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith:
Omggg her best performance, the uniqueness of her sound, raspy voice, her runs, no screaming-the depth in her voice-the richness. I wish she would make an album with this new harnessed sound. Perfection. I’m watching this again!!! Love her voice, especially like this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Randy Ray
Randy Ray:
So awesome.. because my wife and I separated a couple months ago. This hit me hard. Miley, It’s amazing how you speak for others (like me) when you share your feelings.
Ollie Walrus
Ollie Walrus:
This song is exquisite! Miley you show how unbelievably talented you are, yet again!
Kari Woodward
Kari Woodward:
One of my favorite performances Miley!! Much love 😘😘
Mau Oliveira
Mau Oliveira:
This song is very powerful and strong in a sad way, i loved it.
Roy Nelson
Roy Nelson:
Miley Cyrus's will always be one of my all-time favorite artist she has so many great songs a superstar for sure❤👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🥰
Lisa Kay
Lisa Kay:
Rarely do I love a song the very first time I hear it. This one is perfect.
Courtney R
Courtney R:
I hope this song is on her new album. It's dynamite💯
She's been my fav, my idol since I was 9, and I grew up with her. Everytime she's back, it feels like first time
Victoria Easyrider
Victoria Easyrider:
stunning performance she's unstoppable
Angela Bonoso
Angela Bonoso:
Stunning! Thank you for this gift. Miley is a wonderful songwriter, in fact a complete artist!
This was a beautiful song and the rendition was amazing.. Love Miley
Mia 🤳 _ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Mia 🤳 _ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me:
What a performer Miley is, just brilliant!!
Will pazmiño
Will pazmiño:
OMG! I love it so much. I really appreciate how soft and raspy are her vocals here. Her talent is undeniable. This is my favorite performance of this first day of the 2022.
that's one of her best songs actually, wow.
B Bradley
B Bradley:
She is a national treasure.
Anny & the Bärs
Anny & the Bärs:
Miley is the world's most iconic and talented singer and artist in my eyes.
Francis Hernandez
Francis Hernandez:
Happy new year Miley! Cant wait to have this on repeat on Spotify !!!
Karen Stanley
Karen Stanley:
Miley Cyrus!!!! Oh yeah!!!! You go girl!!! You got this!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
such a beautiful song 🥺 really hoping she releases it soon!
Heather Maxwell
Heather Maxwell:
Love this gal. Watched this New. Years. Party.. I'm amazed at her talent..how she owns it... Let's get her a talk/music nite time. Weekly. Or daily Show... Shed Ace it.
J N:
Awesome woman blows me away every time
Felix Brantner
Felix Brantner:
I'm dying for the studio version 😭 This performance gives me chills, and fills me with warmth.
Danny Tedford
Danny Tedford:
Such a great song. What a voice. Love her
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera:
only miley’s team would have her perform a brand new song on her own new years special where the world is watching and not fucking release the song on streaming platforms. like what’s not clicking?!
J Silverstrand
J Silverstrand:
I’m so glad to hear this is a new Miley song! The amount of time I spent last night googling different verses and losing my mind when no results on google came up 😂😅😭
Maria Tameiros
Maria Tameiros:
I need this on my Spotify ASAP
Richard Fiedler
Richard Fiedler:
Miley Cyrus as always perfection awesome performer and extremely funny host. However Pete Davidson I expected a lot more for someone of his caliber. Almost like he is full of himself and we were privileged to have him as a host. MILEY CYRUS DEFINITELY CARRIED HIM THROUGH THE WHOLE SHOW.
Virginia Tabora
Virginia Tabora:
Miley... you are so amazing! You are an inspiration! Just watching you singing is a joy to me! I lost my husband and still grieving, but just listening to your music and watching you perform give me the thought that there's still life ahead of me. Continue to be an inspiration to all! Take care always and all the best to you!
Colton Magallanes
Colton Magallanes:
Saw this live, i absolutely adored it!!
Amazing performance wow 🤩😍 Perfection and Miley looks absolutely beautiful ❤️‍🔥
Xavier Frosth
Xavier Frosth:
Love the outfit plus the new song rendition too, great job Miley.
Miley, girl, you just get better and better as you age. Love it.

(Also, who else hears the lyrics and think Miley must be a hoot to hang out with. Haha.)
Tung Chau
Tung Chau:
I'm listening to a perfect brand new song and I don't even know that. Great job, Miley 😂
Stephen N
Stephen N:
No one compares to Mileys sublime vocal diversity.♥️
Rachel Marie Smith
Rachel Marie Smith:
Such an amazing song and performance. Thank you Miley! 🥰
Len Drury
Len Drury:
The strength and versatility of her voice is outstanding and her delivery and phrasing are great
Eli Martin
Eli Martin:
Your vocals are amazing queen!
Corey Parker
Corey Parker:
AMAZING is an understatement. You are pure TALENT! ❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez:
I saw her singing this song live! And I was 100% confident that this was a cover. To know now that this her song makes me so excited for this new era !!!
Lety Celeste
Lety Celeste:
This is completely stunning preformance😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale:
It was beautiful to see how few phones were up at the beginning. Felt like people really watched her performance instead of rushing to share that they were there with everyone else.
ron freeman
ron freeman:
What a performer Miley is, just brilliant!!
Juan Martin Vargas
Juan Martin Vargas:
Miley is easily the most versatile singer actually 😍
LY always
LY always:
I can't wait for when she releases this song for streaming!! I want it in my ears aaaaaaall the time 😍
This new song is phenomenal!!!! Raw and beautiful. I can't wait to listen to her new music. Her New Year's Show was so entertaining and fun, I hope it comes on every year.
Pamela Brancca
Pamela Brancca:
Your songwriting has always been amazing, but you slayed ths is one queen ♥ im crying and totally in love with your music
Anne Gabrielle
Anne Gabrielle:
Beautiful song!! I need this on spotify!!!
andrew nunes
andrew nunes:
WHAT A GREAT SINGER! love from brazil miley ♥️
Augusto Peres
Augusto Peres:
Amazing song. Loved the lyrics
Percival Winterburn
Percival Winterburn:
A mature sounding voice.
You could put her on different decades and it still would look absolutely suitable and fabulous. A great artist for sure, a real singer!
Berlyn Compton
Berlyn Compton:
So good! MIley is Amazing!
Livia Cret
Livia Cret:
Goosebumps all the way through. GOD you are amazing.
Julieta Puccinelli
Julieta Puccinelli:
this song deserves more appreciation, cause it's just perfect
So much respect for you Miley! ♥
Salvo Firrincieli
Salvo Firrincieli:
The raspy voice, the outfit, the liryc, the vocal raange... just Miley.
Thank you queen, i will always love you <3
*How to start 2022 in a right way*
Elizabeth Fetter
Elizabeth Fetter:
Thank you so much for making beautiful heart felt music. You are a magical special person 😭🥺🥰😍 in love with this song and lyrics.
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez:
It was amazing being able to experience this live ❤️
Princesswarrior 777👑 Dena Montgomery gray
Princesswarrior 777👑 Dena Montgomery gray:
SHE CAN SING !!!!!! You can feel her passion I love Miley she’s on my prayer list I would love her to sing praise music and I want her in heaven with me we definitely do need Jesus but I love watching her grow up and I pray that she gets a taste of the Holy Spirit and that she will be with me and haven’t seen for eternity on God‘s great dance floor hallelujah I prophesied this in the name of Jesus amen!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖✝️
Patrícia Sarmento
Patrícia Sarmento:
This is so fucking amazing!!!!!!! It will be a classic for sure! 😱😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩
I’m listening to this in loop. Hope she recodes it soon❤️
Eliane Pellegrino
Eliane Pellegrino:
Another beautiful song, loved the lyric
Antonio Batun
Antonio Batun:
Excelente canción que interpretación
King Akira
King Akira:
This performance was amazing ❤️
I think I just lived the best moment of my life listening to such greatness
Giovanna Volpi
Giovanna Volpi:
You’re amazing! No matter the song, everything stay perfect in your voice. My inspiration. Happy 2022! 💖
Jackie Oliver
Jackie Oliver:
I have always loved her music especially this one
Angelie Charette
Angelie Charette:
Absoluetly love this song!
Carol Hagerty
Carol Hagerty:
Love her vocal tone.
Nicole Reynolds
Nicole Reynolds:
I’ve listened to this about 50x today alone. Lol. Officially obsessed! 😍💜
Timo Ngairu
Timo Ngairu:
Good music 🎵🎶 love the energy 💯🔥
Jessica Mills
Jessica Mills:
Love this song! My new favorite! ❤❤
Julie Raymond
Julie Raymond:
You will forever be the love of my life. This song is so beautiful and touched my heart. Happy new year Miley ❤️
Robert St Don
Robert St Don:
She threw the best party ever .
Thomas Dominguez
Thomas Dominguez:
Juan Marquez
Juan Marquez:
Standing ovation for this performance wow
evelin montaño
evelin montaño:
Whhhoooo se nota su evolución en el escenario 🤘✌️
sunny beach
sunny beach:
Amy Knox
Amy Knox:
I want her to release this right now it’s so beautiful
Ahhh thank you tons for posting this Miley!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!! I tried to Shazam it and was like omg this has to be the first time performing this song!!! It's so beautiful 😭😍🥰