Zbigniew Preisner - Reqeuiem for my friend

Zbigniew Preisner: Requiem for my friend (1998)

Composer: Zbigniew Preisner
Orchestra: Sinfonia Varsovia & Varsov Chamber Choir
Ilustrations: Gustave Doré "Milton's Paradise Lost".

(0:00:00) 01. Officium
(0:03:45) 02. Kyrie Eleison
(0:09:58) 03. Dies Irae
(0:14:49) 04. Offertorium
(0:18:08) 05. Sanctus
(0:20:58) 06. Dies Irae
(0:22:47) 07. Lux Aeterna
(0:24:44) 08. Lacrimosa
(0:28:07) 09. Epitaphium
(0:31:09) 10. Meeting
(0:36:27) 11. Discovering The World
(0:39:16) 12. Love
(0:41:39) 13. Kai Kairos
(0:51:22) 14. Ascende Huc
(0:53:38) 15. Veni Et Vidi
(0:56:23) 16. Qui Erat Et Qui Est
(1:00:50) 17. Lacrimosa - Day Of Tears
(1:04:52) 18. Prayer

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Merci beaucoup
alex tapia
alex tapia:

(0:00:00) 01. Officium
(0:03:45) 02. Kyrie Eleison
(0:09:58) 03. Dies Irae
(0:14:49) 04. Offertorium
(0:18:08) 05. Sanctus
(0:20:58) 06. Dies Irae
(0:22:47) 07. Lux Aeterna
(0:24:44) 08. Lacrimosa
(0:28:07) 09. Epitaphium
(0:31:09) 10. Meeting
(0:36:27) 11. Discovering The World
(0:39:16) 12. Love
(0:41:39) 13. Kai Kairos
(0:51:22) 14. Ascende Huc
(0:53:38) 15. Veni Et Vidi
(0:56:23) 16. Qui Erat Et Qui Est
(1:00:50) 17. Lacrimosa - Day Of Tears
(1:04:52) 18. Prayer
This was my soundtrack when i walked the streets of Rome at night. Devine combo!
Alice the LOLita
Alice the LOLita:
Maybe I will be banal... But since my words muddy this Sound Structure, I limit myself to mentioning how Preisner is one of the very rare contemporaries still alive, who in the next millennia of humanity, will be remembered as such and which to the greatest composers of all times. We will have a little bit of judgment as what we have today between Wagner and Handel, so distant yet so immortal. One day Preisner and Beethoven could be archived and listened to as equals, and this Requiem for My Friend will be his 9th Symphony.
I can't say anything else that this is my contemporary composition, together only with Penderecki's 7th Symphony (Seven Gates of Jerusalem), which is at the top of all the history of music. He personally rules among the great and the eternal of universal western culture.
This is in fact one of those universal works; archetypal communications; of transcendental harmony, and of psychoemotional hierophany. It has something similar to what Antonio Moresco is in literature (the most cosmic and innovative writer ever, like people like Dante or Joyce, but still alive).
Only that symphony by Penderecki, for me, can match (and perhaps even surpass this Requiem). Speaking of course of composers still alive... Yet such an already "classical" as well as comprehensive sound magniloquence, even if they were even more important and brilliant, not even sacred monsters like Ligeti, Cage, Berio, Stockhausen, etc... It has in itself something much more modern and totalizing... (a sort of Symphony "Of a Thousand" of the 21st century).
I also love John Tavener, Arvo Pärt, Cacciapaglia, Karl Jenkins, Pelecis, Edgerton, Subotnick, Fulvio Caldini and the Roomful of Teeth (on a very personal level💕) of living contemporaries of a similar level.
Oh well, btw, I talked too much..!!
(or something similar, having also been used in one of the most sublime scenes ever made, in that equally high masterpiece which is The Tree of Life, similar as a philosophical and evocative combination with 2001 by Kubrick, who used the Requiem of Ligeti)🙅🏼‍♀️

Love.... 1:03..... beautiful ending for the masterpiece!!!
Zluka Zluka
Zluka Zluka:
The woman is over 60 years old but her voice is very clean and youg. Magnificent
Ahmed Abouelkomsan
Ahmed Abouelkomsan:
A masterpiece of modern music.
Christian Bautista
Christian Bautista:
Sue Langmead
Sue Langmead:
I have loved this for years
borna alikhani
borna alikhani:
This is absolute genius. I have carried it with me through nearly 20 years now.
Lodewijk Koppenaal
Lodewijk Koppenaal:
Me encanta !!!
Elzbieta Towarnicka hooked me completely in this one. Fabulous!
Chris Vits
Chris Vits:
aetsa. esta musica, la guarde en mi memoria. la escucho devez en cuando...
Music of my life ... I love ...
Leslie Brenner
Leslie Brenner:
Unbelievably beautiful.Unlike most requiems that are so starkly morose and just drag you down into the depths ," Requiem for a friend" offers the listener an uplifting experience ; rays of light,happy remembrances and hope.
Pablito Gwizdek
Pablito Gwizdek:
Preisner, Doré, Milton constitute some great combo...great job Stribogh, cheers
Eric Gmeinder
Eric Gmeinder:
Love the pictures you selected!!
Russell Collins
Russell Collins:
spellbinding, haunting music that takes you to another place - Preisner at his best - Elzbieta Towarnicka - fantastic vocal one of the best
Mateusz Kowalski
Mateusz Kowalski:
Tak jak powiedział Dostojewski. Rolą sztuki jest zbliżanie człowieka ku Bogu. Ta muzyka to czyni. Niestety dzisiaj wszyscy wolą słuchać Popka czy Quenobafide czy jakoś tak. A koledzy w szkole i nawet nauczycielka na języku polskim ( która nie znała ani Kieślowskiego, ani Preisnera) śmieli się,że czegoś takiego słucham. No cóż...
bb discus
bb discus:
Zbigniew Preisner is for me the modern contemporain bach or mozart. not only it is good, his music have a substance that 's transmitting a powerful energy. its a masterpiece. that an achievement . our sensations is energy, colors are energy, feeling can be felt or can be explain by color. color is feeling, music is feeling.. thats all energy . this music is perfect it goes to the the prime source of our powerful energie wich is our deepest feellings.. something like that )
Marcel Severin
Marcel Severin:
Unglaublich schön!
marketa medas
marketa medas:
25:00 love
Ya Rebbî çi straneke xweş e yaw peh peh -ji bismili Zeko têm- akslal
bearded MO Celtic
bearded MO Celtic:
Damn this are good
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder:
Brak słów. Wybitne Requiem, być może najlepsze jakie powstało.
BR 103
BR 103:
That´s epic! Thanx for uploading :-)
Jean Michel
Jean Michel:
Fantastique !
Jean-François UNG
Jean-François UNG:
Les images sont magnifiques!!
Urek Mazino
Urek Mazino:
It is shameful that so few orchestra's play Zbigniew Preisner's incredible works.
Krzysztof U.
Krzysztof U.:
Obcowanie z Pana twórczością Panie Zbigniewie zaliczam do "Tych Najzacniejszych Chwil" dla których warto żyć. Słowa uznania...Dziękuję bardzo!
black horse
black horse:
Kieślowski był MISTRZEM !
Jean Michel
Jean Michel:
Mala Mi
Mala Mi:
Dagobert Paul
Dagobert Paul:
Pe. Douglas Metran
Pe. Douglas Metran:
kaza youkali
kaza youkali:
Trop de pub pendant l'écoute
A C:
Just right...
Jean Michel
Jean Michel:
aura aguilar
aura aguilar:
Why cant i find this album anywhere? Only CD? But i dont have a cd player.
Nikolai Preisner
Nikolai Preisner:
He have my Name but i dont know him 😕
Аня Антонова
Аня Антонова:
Ktoś wie jakie ma na imię śpiewaczka? Dziękuję na przód 😊🙏
Jose Alfredo Cardona Serrano
Jose Alfredo Cardona Serrano:
excelsa music...
jiji pacificateur
jiji pacificateur:
hello, could you tell me who these scrolling paintings are, please?
Jose Alfredo Cardona Serrano
Jose Alfredo Cardona Serrano:
gloriosas pinturas que enmarcan esta obra ...y el significado apocaliptico del bien con el mal.
kaza youkali
kaza youkali:
Trop de pub
Aleph Antonio H
Aleph Antonio H:
Please, where can I see the lyrics that the choir sings? Oh! Preisner elevates the soul to the highest peaks of the constellations ...
Patxi Xabier Ribera Sagardia
Patxi Xabier Ribera Sagardia:
Musika honek sentsazio ezberdin asko igorritzen dizkizu. Ederra benetan.... Mila esker...!!!
It is a music that transmits many sensations. Wonderful .... Thank you very much...!!!
Fernando ivan diaz villamil
Fernando ivan diaz villamil:
Ese umbral nebuloso entre la vida y la muerte invoca al errante meditabundo divagando
Luis Eduardo Schroeder Soto
Luis Eduardo Schroeder Soto:
¡Horrible! ¡Doloroso! ¿A quién se le ocurre asociar la bellísima música del Reqeuim de Preisner a su amigo, con seres y monstruos alados como demonios? Hace unos 10 o más años que un amigo mío me obsequiara el CD con tan maravilloso tesoro musical, y desde entonces, cada vez que lo escucho, en verdad vuela mi espíritu a un paraíso, producto de esa música en mí, que me deleita indescriptiblemente. De pronto, la misma orquesta, las mismas voces, los mismos efectos, sin consideración alguna, sin ningún permiso, me trasladan a cuevas, sierras y nubes repletas de figuras dantescas. ¿De dónde semejante insulto?
One of most boring things I made myself to listen.