Zenon Plech DVD Trailer

Welcome to this preview of our double-disc set titled IN CONVERSATION WITH . . . ZENON PLECH.
An in-depth, never-before-seen exclusive interview with the former Poland and Hackney racer, who was runner-up in the 1979 World Championship and third in 1973.
Popular 'Plechy' is Poland's most decorated rider of the 'upright' era.
A thrill merchant who never gave less than 100 per cent whenever he raced, Zenon takes Retro Speedway's Tony Mac (a self-confessed Hackney Hawks fan as a boy) to the Gdansk speedway club's mini track and it's in the community building named in his honour that Zenon looks back over his illustrious career for club and country.
This four-hour package features footage of more than 30 races,. including Zenon in action at Hackney, Eastbourne, Wimbledon, Ipswich and on some of the biggest international arenas, at Wembley, Katowice and Gothenburg, plus Vojens and Eskilstuna.

RETRO SPEEDWAY . . . Keeping great memories alive!

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See zenon ride at Hackney a few times , good rider in his day
Hello there! Plech is organizing his memorial/jubilee in Gdansk on March 24th. Let him know you remember, phone him, come and see Poland :)
Przemysław Surdyk
Przemysław Surdyk:
Super ZenonThe Great
Stevie D
Stevie D:
Nice touch that you included Zenon in your recent sent emails to customers.
The Golden Age of Speedway for sure.
Stevie in Fife.
Mr Jinx
Mr Jinx:
RIP Legend
Tenerife Red Dog
Tenerife Red Dog:
R.I.P Zenon💐💐
Nervo 63
Nervo 63:
In top 5 most exciting riders to watch ever, nice guy too.