Zlatan's departure leaves MLS without a star who can grab headlines - Hislop | Major League Soccer

ESPN FC's Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Gab Marcotti break down Zlatan Ibrahimovic's departure from MLS after scoring 52 goals in two seasons with LA Galaxy, the most by any player in MLS history in two seasons. Burley says Ibrahimovic "brought the aura of the man himself" despite his demeanor and Marcotti thinks agent Mino Raiola will go on a "Zlatan roadshow" to pitch interested clubs. Laurens believes Italy is a good destination for Ibrahimovic while Hislop feels MLS is losing a star who can keep the conversation going on and off the field.


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David Noriega
David Noriega:
Man is 38 years old and he still scores like crazy!
Shubh Maheshwari
Shubh Maheshwari:
*Most of us forget that he is 38 yrs. Old!*
*Respect him!*
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
56 games played - 53 Goals scored ... Zlatan: You are welcome Galaxy.. What a legend.
That guy is a Legend and his speech is always hilarious!!
He'll be missed indeed. What a player!
New slogan of L.A. Galaxy: Zlatan was here.
18 May 2017
18 May 2017:
One question his agent should ask before he signs anywhere is how's your team defense? We forgot to ask that at his last place.
Elliot McClafferty
Elliot McClafferty:
What an absolute unit of a man...
Like him or not, he always showed up and delivered
Johnny G
Johnny G:
Ima miss zlatan it feels like just the other day I was shouting for zlatan to play his first game in mls and score from half field 😥
Sean Finn
Sean Finn:
I don't care what Zlatan says; I'm not watching baseball.
Jake Modi
Jake Modi:
Zlatan is legitimately underrated. He hit his peak whilst playing for the wrong clubs. Had he played for juve, real, chelsea, moved to barca after pep left or even played for atletico Madrid or United between 28-34 he would probably have received more recognition than he has and could have competed with Ronaldo for greater prestige for a few years. Instead he scored 35/40 goals per season for psg who did not deserve to have a prime zlatan during his best years. Despite his phenomenal goal scoring record now he didn't quite find the golden touch until he was later on in life than most and by then he had already spent time at some of the largest clubs in Europe and flattered to deceive at times. He was a young man at juve and whilst showing flashes of brilliance he wasn't regarded in the same way as trezaguet or del piero, he left inter the year before they won the champions league for big money which took the gloss off his time there and although he was world class there at times and began to show what he was really capable of under mourinho he was eclipsed by Adriano during his time at inter, we all know what happened at Barca and then he moved to ac milan. Which is where he first truly fulfilled his potential consistently. He won a league title at ac and for the 1 season that they signed him on a permanent deal he had finally transformed into the goal scoring machine he would continue to be for the next 4 years. A.c. milan were not the great team under they were in the 90s or early 00s then though. Gone were players like costacurta, gullit, maldini, cafu, kaka and many more. Sure beckham came in on loan for a little while and ronaldinho put in a few highlight reel cameo performances but they were a team on a downward trajectory at that point. When he moved to psg and continued to be a phenom his goal scoring prowess was downplayed due to the quality of the French league and his lack of a champions league winners medal during his time there. When the truth is that the psg team he played in never had the necessary quality to compete with Barca or Madrid during that time or Bayern for that matter who claimed 4 champions league's between alongside a solitary Chelsea success story. Psg did not deserve him at that stage. Zlatan played for the right clubs at the wrong times. Imagine him playing for contes juventus or Ferguson's United or mourinhos Chelsea within mourinhos second Chelsea stint or under ancelotti at Madrid or Chelsea I suppose or seeing zlatan play under jupp heynckes at Bayern. Ibrahimovic had a magnificent career and will go down (in my opinion)as one of the best 20 players this decade alongside players like silva, robben, suarez etc. However had he played for a different team during his prime you could have made the argument that he would have gone down as one of the best 3-5 players this decade. Still I hope he does not retire yet. Something tells me he still has the desire to prove a point or two for whoever signs him in January.
The tweet 😂😂😂 ... what a legend ! 😂🔥 welcome back to real football Zlatan.
Jdye Xaashi
Jdye Xaashi:
The guy is king, living legend and professional 👍he can continue until age 50..no matter what 👍❤️🇸🇴
Mahabub Zihad
Mahabub Zihad:
To be honest I used to follow MLS only and only for him. Nowwew, I don't know if I feel the same about following MLS
Forever Gooner
Forever Gooner:
What a legend!!!
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar:
I dont really watch baseball but if Zlatan says so I must do it.
Zlatan ,lo mas espectacular en football...The great Zlatan,.....!!!
S L:
Zlatan was the reason i watch MLS...
Will Hull
Will Hull:
Zlatan is a legend, coming back to the premier to United would be blockbuster, great player, love the ego and everything as to many talk the talk but can't walk the walk and zlatan does that brilliantly.
Soccer Family
Soccer Family:
I never really cared to watch MLS before but when Zlatan came, it was amazing. Thank you until lasted but I do agree with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Good bye MLS.
Zlatan is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.
What a legend
Mikael Petersson
Mikael Petersson:
38 years young. what a athlete he is
Radio Vegas
Radio Vegas:
Am I the only one who’s heart dropped? He is Jordan of soccer.
Ladale Lee
Ladale Lee:
Brings into perspective how much quality’s in European football vs the young MLS league
The true question is can he still do what he did here in the mls vs European competition, as a galaxy fan I honestly don’t think he can. I would hate for him to go to a big league and realize he can’t be a factor anymore due to age and basically just age, he’s a beast in every factor but against elite defenses he’ll struggle. Anybody else think different?
Zlatan:I came, I saw, I conquered. Thank you @lagalaxy for making me feel alive again. To the Galaxy fans - You wanted Zlatan i gave you Zlatan. You are welcome. The story continues...Now go back to watch baseball
Bro 38 years old... Jesus what a beast he is 🥶
Zlatan can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.
Paul Coffield
Paul Coffield:
If money really isn't an issue for him, would love to have him for 12-18 months at Celtic. Hopefully Henrik will be put in a good word.
joshua mbesh
joshua mbesh:
i have to say if it wasn't for Zlatan i could have never know about MLS even excited back here in Africa the European football has a massive following which dilutes interest in other football from other continents. Thank Your Zlatan for showing us MLS.
Dino Dino
Dino Dino:
The Zlatan should go to Ajax that'd be cool..
Sandra Del Rio
Sandra Del Rio:
exciting watching him play live. zlatan the lion!
I get that Zlatan is a footballing legend and brought a lot of attention to MLS but you can't expect a league founded in the 90s to be as big, popular, talented or profitable as anything in Europe, or even anything in the US for that matter (the NFL is celebrating it's 100th season, after all)
Super Jay
Super Jay:
The guy is 38 and scores goals as he ages he scores more! Defying the ages of football. He brings teams that are missing in the goal department to get them one or two. Who could use a goal scoring magician?
sander herrera
sander herrera:
I’d like to see him at Inter Miami. Then again don’t think he’d wait till March to play again... maybe when he’s 40
Zlatan grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own fury.
Luis Del Aguila
Luis Del Aguila:
He gave us very nice goals!
Too bad he is leaving!
The "conquered" portion of the tweet is slightly inappropriate. Although his goal-scoring feats in the league more than make up for it.
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
Zlatan doesn’t know me but I feel like he has been my long distant Uncle!
its like zlatan said, i wont remember or care much for the mls now that hes gone, it was fun while it lasted
Levi Thakuri
Levi Thakuri:
He came, he saw, he conquered...
Now 40 Still top scorer ac Milan. Legend
When Zlatan left his home at the age of 6 he turned around and said to his father: „you‘re the man in the house now“
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes:
I started to watch MLS cause of zlatan now is back to european futbol
Classic Zlatan. In all honesty I think MLS need to focus more on local younger players, like Pulisic. Football is one of the sports where 16yo teenagers could become superstars right away. If Galaxy (arguably the most funded NA club) has proper academy, it could jumpstart the system that is over reliance on veterans.
Let’s go Zlatan u the GOAT
Zlatan did his job, his team failed him for 2 seasons not only in terms of other offensive players not even somewhat keeping up with his goal scoring but the biggest fault is on the defense. It was their worst opponent. If you look at the amount of goals allowed over these 2 seasons I wouldn't be surprised if the Galaxy defenders are to blame for more goals conceded that goals conceded where they played well but got beat by even better attacks. Yet despite the obvious they went with strenghtening the offense which is like turning up the water pressure before fixing the leak first...
Zlatan will definitely be missed. I enjoy following MLS here in the states but with how Red Bull came into my local club and changed the name to New York even though the team plays in New Jersey and still does, I just don't really have a club I want to get behind along with the fact that I don't like how the schedule and table are all set up.
Mike Rietow
Mike Rietow:
Should've signed ZLAtan at all costs
Pigielok 832
Pigielok 832:
I would love to have Zlatan back to AcMilan, having a player like him was be so good and we need a strong leader
Chip Lawler
Chip Lawler:
He conquered the prem like he conquered the Champions league 😂😂 God where would this man be without his ego
"Now go back to watch baseball"
Zlatan I.
He wants to travel the world. Don't blame him.
abdul khave Shaik
abdul khave Shaik:
Probably I could watch MLS up to December 2019. But Zlatan should have a send off game against LAFC
could you imagine ATL signing him. Unlikely, but the thought
Great Zlatan, wellcome to Milan....!!!!!!
AllHail Seek
AllHail Seek:
Remember the MLS when it was good for 2 years...
What do you mean MLS without a super star? Carlos Vela disagrees 😂
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson:
Zlatan brought some new fans to LA probably but he didn't have the impact everyone wants to claim. No one has brought new fans to MLS like Beckham, since Beckham. The average American has never heard of Zlatan and doesn't care. Only Messi or Ronaldo coming will bring new fans like Beckham did. None of my coworkers watch soccer but they know Beckham still. Nobody knows Zlatan. Some people know Messi and/or Ronaldo.
Michael thapa
Michael thapa:
People's- U are 38 yrs old
Zlatan- Age is just a number 🤴
Pilo P
Pilo P:
MLS need Zlatan, not Zlatan need MLS
Matt C
Matt C:
I don't find that this is a huge loss for the MLS. Im North American and a die hard fan so I'm a bit biased, but with Beckham starting with Inter Miami in 2020, There may be some solid attention still. I really hope he comes back to AC Milan though 🤘
Henk Vrijhoeven
Henk Vrijhoeven:
He said: go back to watching baseball.. So he did say he's leaving MLS
Ww Kk
Ww Kk:
Zlatan is worth more than the entire MLS
Popw wrestling
Popw wrestling:
I think the fact the media kept making the idiotic comparison between him and Vela insulted him. Well he is right. Now that he leaves the Media will not make any more stupid comparisons and insult his legacy.
Mike Ringer
Mike Ringer:
I think that is the MLS biggest problem. Nobody really knows anyone playing there except for some legends over 35 ready to retire. If only a couple of teams thought bigger and traded for bigger names with interesting marketing throughout the season, the mls would get a worldwide audience.
I wouldn't mind watching NYC vs LA with some household names.
Greetings from Bayern
Zlatan is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
Denis SsSsS
Denis SsSsS:
His age is amazing!
Go back and watch baseball😂😂😂
He should also come to India and tell people to go back and watch cricket....
Zlatan never ceases to amaze me.
Joseph Muyunda
Joseph Muyunda:
" Now go Back to Watch Baseball" hahahhahaha classic
Griten Goyary
Griten Goyary:
That's Zlatan for You.
Test Plus
Test Plus:
He came. He saw. He failed at just about everything he said he was going to do. Lol.
Official Nik The King
Official Nik The King:
Y’all forgetting that zlatan is the most “loyal” player in history. He gonna joint fuckin LAFC to troll y’all
Nadine Pa
Nadine Pa:
MLS didn’t want Zlatan!
Zlatan can slam a revolving door.
The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Zlatan has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood, sweat, and tears.
Javier Torres
Javier Torres:
Honestly who cares about headlines? MLS teams should be signing good players that perform great every two years at the U17 and U20 World Cup.
Hahahahaha is this a huge loss for MLS really? its hilarious!!!
John Doe
John Doe:
mls needs more big name superstar strikers
Benny Godinez
Benny Godinez:
Wait a minute does this mean he ditching the galaxy for the dodgers?? 🤔
I never watched baseball before! Now i will
Oh man what do we do now no one telling us how awful mls is now every week!
Kermit D Frog
Kermit D Frog:
He was totally right about what he said regarding the league. Of course MLS acts like they know better. Meanwhile USA can't even beat Trinidad
_Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog
_Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog:
He should go to Bayern
Jules got it right...he moved to ac milan and uplifted them back to the ucl😐
Paul Craven
Paul Craven:
Nice to see that he hasn't lost the Messiah complex. Next flight to Manchester please.!!!
Oh no, will the MLS have to improve their quality on the pitch to remain a viable league? Or will they just get Cristiano Ronaldo and use his gravity to eke out an acceptable profit for their owners?
Yep. No more reason to watch MLS.

No Pirlo, No party
No Zlatan, No League
perfect llorente replacement for spurs
Adrian Elias
Adrian Elias:
We need Ronaldo and Messi. I want them both for Sacramento Republic FC. I can dream.
But what about the superstar Vela? What about all of his pull?
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
MLS doesnt need a single star anymore. Not for a few years. The game in the US has already been elevated both in quality and fan viewership since Beckham, villa, Henry and now with young stars like Martinez or Pavon.
dayo ademoye
dayo ademoye:
56 games, 52 goals with 17 assists, wow! Man U is a big fool for letting him go for all the clowns they put there now.
Alaistar Cook
Alaistar Cook:
If Drogba Can Play EPL in 38 Then Why Not zlatan
The Jokers Grin
The Jokers Grin:
Are you fucking kidding me zlatan is 38 and was a one dimensional player. Great scorer but trust this is not a huge loss for MLS. I'm a Galaxy fan and hurts to see him go but I'm also excited to see who will be our new forward.
Thanks Zlatan!
Barry Adams
Barry Adams:
didn't "achieve all that he wanted here?" So....what did he achieve? MLS Cup? no. Supporters Shield? no. Golden Boot? no. El Trafico? no (3-3 under his tenure). Western conference Champions? no. The unabashed man-crushing from MLS talking heads? Sure, but not so much conquered as accepted their unconditional surrender. The only other thing he truly achieved was an ego too big or anyone not named Messi or Ronaldo.