Zmarzlik holds his nerve in Gorzow! | FIM Speedway Grand Prix

The world champ kept his cool under IMMENSE pressure from Jason Doyle to claim his second #SpeedwayGP win in Gorzow! 🏆

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The toughest 60 seconds in motorsport! 15 permanent riders representing nine different nations battle it out for World Championship points on 500cc bikes with a single fixed gear and no brakes!

17 komentarze:

Dawid Skiba
Dawid Skiba:
Zmarzlik the World Champion 2020👏😀🏅
Peter Rooke
Peter Rooke:
Doyle pressures Zmarzlik to show us his best. Well done by both riders. Zmarzlik the Great!
Ewa Michalczyk
Ewa Michalczyk:
Brawo Bartek Mistrz jest tylko jeden Udowodniles wszystkim ze kochasz to co robisz Życzę Tobie abys jutro pokazal kto jest Mistrzem Powodzenia 👍👍👍
Christum Ferens
Christum Ferens:
Watch out for Lindgren, the only rider to have made it to the final on each occasion, and with different riders dominating on every track he could well come out on top this year
Blue 777
Blue 777:
Bartek kocurze 😆👍
Brawo 👏👏👏
Mandy Branch
Mandy Branch:
Throughly Deserved 👍👍👍
Sviatoslav Nesteruk
Sviatoslav Nesteruk:
Most emotional and beautiful racing sports of all! Greatings from Ukrainian fan. Congratulations 🎉🍾
Gib Son
Gib Son:
Thanks for that spoil the result and show us 1min 40secs.
Jakub Widlarz
Jakub Widlarz:
He could be a 6-time champion you know.
Marcin Kalbara
Marcin Kalbara:
Awesome speedway👍💪💕
Александр Повалихин
Александр Повалихин:
Today was my birthday. Thanks to riders for that battle and Bartek Zmarzlik's win! Congratulations for the podium conquerors. I hope everything is good with Patryk Dudek. Once again thanks to Speedway GP for emotions.
Thomas Kloock
Thomas Kloock:
Ich liebe diese Fahrer
Barge Arse
Barge Arse:
I’m a Doyle fan! But that was a great race.
This sport needs better management and marketing. This craps all over F1 and NASCAR.
Top stuff.
Adam Slowik
Adam Slowik:
Wczoraj ok. południa przejeżdżałem przez Gorzów Wlkp i stawiali jakiś pomnik obok jednego z dużych rond. Z daleka nie za bardzo widziałem.......CHYBA ZMARZLIK ✌️🇵🇱
SportsTV Channel
SportsTV Channel:
Zmarzlik the champions