ZZ Top Legend Dusty Hill Passes Away

ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill has passed away at the age of 72. ZZ Top recently revealed that Dusty Hill was slated to undergo a hip procedure, though it's unclear if that is related to his passing. #zztop

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100+ komentarze:

Legends never die, they live on in the hearts of those they’ve inspired!!! \m/
Rest easy Mike, Joey and now Dusty…
teeh56 spencer
teeh56 spencer:
Being in my mid 60's this type of sad news in the music world keeps coming on like a freight train and hits even harder. Thanks Dusty Hill for everything you gave us fans.
Nobody could sing “Tush” or “I got the Six, Give me your nine” like Dusty. RIP, what a great voice and a great loss.
Man, way too many badass musicians are dying lately! I was raised on ZZ Top, this is the end of an era. RIP DUSTY! ❤
"Heros are remembered but legends never die" -Sandlot, Even when the trio is gone their amazing music will always live on strong.
Corine Robillard
Corine Robillard:
My condolances to everyone that knows him he will be greatly missed around the world 😪 RIP Dusty may God bless your soul.
Midnite hauler-USAF combat vet
Midnite hauler-USAF combat vet:
Lord Jesus..MTV was my introduction to ZZ Top ……we are losing some of the most iconic musicians ever.. real rockers who played real music without the computer aided crap nowadays. RIP Mr Hill.
Derek Stocker
Derek Stocker:
RIP Dusty, you gave us some of the finest sounds of the 21st Century and will always be remembered as a great bass player and performer.
Jermaine Guillory
Jermaine Guillory:
R.I.P. Mike Howe
R.I.P. Joey Jordison
R.I.P. Dusty Hill

This is a sad week for Rock and Metal
Even though he was 72, it still feels too early. He was an amazing musician and a such a cool dude. RIP my guy.
coyote poet
coyote poet:
these guys remind me when i was a kid in late 80's. Years later friends and I would cruise and talk about engines and cars while listening to ZZtop... To this day i still listen to them, good stuff guys..
Jork Red
Jork Red:
I was never a huge ZZ top fan, but I always enjoyed their music. This makes me genuinely really sad. R.I.P. Dusty see you in the great big gig in the sky 🤘
Wherever you now may be, Dusty, may you continue to rock the blues away!! Love you Dusty, as well as love to Frank and Billy!!
“Getting Old Sucks “. What my grandma told me along time ago. At her funeral all these people said I figured there would be more people there. My mother said she outlived them all. ZZTop will always Rock. As long as there is vinyl/metal records the music will be timeless
Colin Sherritt
Colin Sherritt:
Everyone loves ZZ Top. This is heartbreaking. RIP, Dusty.
Perfectly Normal
Perfectly Normal:
I remember when I was in my early 20's I had an elderly neighbor who once told me that the hardest part about growing old is everyone around you starts dying. I've never forgotten that because now I am also old....and it's so true.
He will be greatly missed . He was a rock legend . RIP .
Rays Metal Tracks
Rays Metal Tracks:
You are the coolest Dusty - thank you for the great tunes and countless drives playing your music. Rest in peace brother.
We are losing so many legends. Rest in peace ❤️
Douglas Henry
Douglas Henry:
RIP Dusty Hill. I'm sure that he'll be hellraising and heartbreaking through eternity. 🎸
Colonel Gilbert
Colonel Gilbert:
RIP Dusty. I want to "Thank You" for all the memories. Love that song and so MANY more. One of the greatest blues bass player singer to ever live.
F.B.I wannabe
F.B.I wannabe:
ZZ TOP literally is me and my dad's favorite band, this was definitely a loss for both of us.
Bradley Harrell
Bradley Harrell:
Dooood no. Sharp dressed man has such memories for me and my father as a kid.
Damn. ZZ was one of the first rock bands I listed to as a kid and had a huge impact on getting me into music. 2021 is turning out to be just as bad as 2020 was! RIP Mr. Hill!
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones:
So sad to hear, Rest in Peace Dusty!! Another great music legend has left us.
K L:
This dude was a true great! Now he is playing on the biggest stage of em all, Rock On Dusty, Missed but not forgotten!
RIP Dusty. I have my memories from the many concerts I had the joy attending and your music will last forever. Stay strong Billy and Frank; my thoughts go out to you both for losing an old friend.
You didn't have to play it like you did, but you did, but you did and I thank you.
Marianna Nemeth
Marianna Nemeth:
I'm in shock, just heard the sad news. RIP Dusty Hill. You'll be greatly missed.
Cthulhu Awaken
Cthulhu Awaken:
This sucks man, I have literally no words left. This is the end of the journey for ZZ Top I'm afraid.
alida flus
alida flus:
Man, way too many badass musicians are dying lately! I was raised on ZZ Top, this is the end of an era. RIP DUSTY! ❤
D Clark
D Clark:
May Mike Howe, Joey Jordison and Dusty Hill rest in paradise. My condolences to their families, God bless them all.
Toby Gilliland
Toby Gilliland:
Thoughts, love, and prayers for him, his family, and friends!! Thanks for the music and you'll be missed my friend. Fly high and rest easy 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Brian Gisler
Brian Gisler:
This is so, so, so sad. I love every single song ZZ Top ever wrote. RIP Dusty.
Condolences to his family, friends and fans. I’ve always loved this band and what they brought to my life. RIP Dusty.
the psyc_one
the psyc_one:
This man will always be rocking in the heavens. Thank you for giving your gift to us all.
Oh my god, two legends gone in 2 days, Rest in Peace, Dusty and Joey
"Heros are remembered but legends never die" -Sandlot, Even when the trio is gone their amazing music will always live on strong.
R.I.P. Dusty. You were the 'Real Deal' a true Rocker who will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. The most bad-ass sounding bass player ever to grace the stage.
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn:
Breaks my heart. All the bands I grew up listening too are passing away. And as George Jones so famously said, "Who's gonna fill their shoes"?
Walter Dean
Walter Dean:
Deepest condolences to the family and band, You will live forever in our hearts Dusty!
SheIsntReal 0_0
SheIsntReal 0_0:
R.I.P. Dusty....you will ALWAYS be a legend!! 😥🖤❤️
Sherry Keel
Sherry Keel:
My heart is broken. Love this group
My thoughts and prayers are sent to his family. Never get tired of their music never will
Being a huge ZZ Top fan, This just doesn't set well !! R.I.P. Dusty
Dinarte Freitas
Dinarte Freitas:
Rest in peace, Dusty Hill. ZZ TOP is one of my favorite bands ever. Dusty give the groove and Billy paint on it. Forever Will be inspiration for all.
a grown man of 58, and I had a tear in my eye all day long Thursday. thank you Dusty for all the good times! and thank you for supporting our boys in camouflage!
Aditya Salian
Aditya Salian:
I recently became obsessed with ZZ top music. It's hard to imagine this. May his sole Rest in peace.
ZZ Top was a very important part of my life growing up....so many wonderful memories. Thank you for all you shared with us all, RIP Dusty, we will miss you greatly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.
MarksArk 1
MarksArk 1:
Your music will live on and keep your spirit alive with those of us left behind. RIP Dusty ✝️.
Jeff Musgrave
Jeff Musgrave:
When you're getting old and all the Legends and great musicians that brought you great memories great times passes on just like this man right here rest in peace and the band that's in heaven has to be awesome RIP DUSTY😭✌
Chris Millinix
Chris Millinix:
Rip sir you'll never be forgotten grew up listening to ZZ Top great rock and roll🙏😎🙏
James Gabioud
James Gabioud:
Rest in Paradise Mr. Hill you will truly be missed. Thank You for all the rockin blues you gave us.
God will give him all his lovin'.
R.I.P. Dusty Hill 1949-2021.
May he be jamming for God and Jesus. Let's face it, even God loves ZZ TOP!
Luc Droid
Luc Droid:
RIP Dusty. Among the others bass players you've been the reason I love to struggle to play bass guitar. You're gonna be missed so much in this world with less and less genuine musicians. Sincerely condolences to the Hill family, ZZ Top family, friends and fans all over the world. Me voy a tomar una tequila! 👊🏻🤘🏻🎼🎵🎶🎸Sharp dressed man with cheap sunglasses, beer drinker & hell raisers 'till La Grange is gonna Give it up.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
A Texas blues / rock legend. My dad has seen zz top 6 times. R.I.P. brother!
Browns Fan
Browns Fan:
RIP Dusty!! Thank you for all the great music!
I've been to many concerts in my life and ZZ Top stands at the top of 'em all. This list even includes Elvis, Alabama, and Boston. "GODSPEED" Dusty Hill
Mario Bergermann
Mario Bergermann:
R.I.P Mr. Dusty Hill...and thank you for the Music, you'll never be forgotten! ❤
Hans Peter Beck
Hans Peter Beck:
R. I. P. Dusty. You will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for all the good times combined with your music. ZZ Top is part of the soundtrack of my life. Adios amigo...
Doug Quaid
Doug Quaid:
Thanks for making such brilliant music, you and the rest of zz top made growing up in the 80s a wonderful time.... RIP much love
Energy Asylum
Energy Asylum:
Rest In Peace Mr Hill. My condolences to the other two band members and Dustys friends and family.
Terry Roberson
Terry Roberson:
Rest in Peace Dusty. ZZ TOP was one of my favorite bands. My prayers go out to your family. All the Rock Lengends, that's just so sad.😭😎
Kenny Caligula
Kenny Caligula:
Man. That’s awful, but man he rocked hard all the way to 72. Legendary
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell:
Wow, this one hurts. RIP Dusty, you were truly one of the great ones. ZZ Top was so much a part of blues based rock established in the 70s. This band has a massive foundation of just simply great songs over the years and will be missed by millions of fans worldwide. You were truly bad and Nationwide my brother and thank you for your great legacy with the Little ol band from Texas.
Chuck Kennedy
Chuck Kennedy:
R.I.P. Dusty. I started listening to them in the late 1970's. Had the privilege to see them in concert in the early 80's. They were awesome. True legends.
This particularly hits me hard. :( RIP Dusty - We'll miss you man. I'll blast ZZ Top in honor, man.
David Iverson
David Iverson:
Absolutely great rock star whose music will live on. Thanks for the great music. I have seen ZZ Top live a number of times and they are one of my favorite bands. Even my Mother saw them in Phoenix and liked them. He will be really missed by many people.
Carrie Sharrow
Carrie Sharrow:
OMG I’m heart broken. I have always been a ZZ Top fan. My dad raised me right on the classic music and it hurts to know we lost another great iconic member of the music community. RIP my heart goes out to all. 💋💕😍😘
Man..... what sad news . Ive been listening to ZZ Top my whole life. Saw them in concert a few times and own just about everything they ever recorded. One of the best 4 man bands of all time.
RIP Dusty ....Godspeed.
dean woolston
dean woolston:
Why do the good, always die before their time. Rest in peace Dusty, and thank you for help making Rock and Roll, what it should be. A blast!
travis ware
travis ware:
Rip Dusty I grew up listening to these guys so many good memories wrap around the custom sounds of the beards brothers.... my condolences go out to the family and friends of a rock legend..... 😔
Pamela R
Pamela R:
ZZ TOP was my very first concert!!! I was 16 years old! Oh the memories!!!!!
RIP my friend.🙏
Paul L.
Paul L.:
Saw the play live twice. They raised the roof. Superb trio. RIP DUSTY thanks for the tunes and good memories.
I’m 60, and since I was about 15, ZZTop was my favorite band. My first concert was at Anaheim stadium with their Texas Tour and that giant stage with rattlers and other animals. I went on to see them about 10 times over the years, the most recent about 5 years ago at the Greek when Jeff Beck opened for them. Just heard the news about Dusty, and after a moment of shock, found myself crying. ZZTop, and the cool guys they are, have never faded. Billy’s souls may not blister like they did in the 70’s, but his licks are still the coolest. ZZ Top CLOSES guitar festivals. But throughout the 50 years, Dusty’s booming base lines and that incredible blues voice...like Billy said, he provided the bottom to their top...tears flowing...

God bless Dusty, Frank and Billy. Thanks for a lifetime of memories and for just being the coolest rock band in history. 46 years a huge fan. Definitely listening to Nasty a dogs and Funky Kings, Heard it on the Z, Waitin for the Bus...all the best of Dusty...
Both Joey and Dusty went in their sleep. As awful and heartbreaking as it is losing them, atleast in your sleep would be the kindest way to go. Rock in peace 🤘🙏
A big lost, my all time favorit band, 3 live concert’s and all the records, and lot’s of memory.
Thank you so much for all the good music Dusty and may your soul rest in peace!
Mario The Devil
Mario The Devil:
First Neil, then Eddie, then Joey, now Dusty?
God forbid we lose anybody else. Rest well, Dusty.
David Teague
David Teague:
Man what a legend!!!! You will be so missed. Prayers to the family.
Jake Crib
Jake Crib:
Poor Dusty, My God, I'm gonna miss him !
Eric Kelly
Eric Kelly:
I still remember Dusty on King of the Hill. Such a great episode and you could tell he had a ball doing the VO work. Rest well Dusty.
Damn! Our legends are slowly dwindling away! Soon all we'll have are our memories. Seems like with each passing a little of us goes with them.
21st Century Metal
21st Century Metal:
What a rough week for all of us fans, band mates and family members . RIP Greats
Alan Powell
Alan Powell:
Damn it! I shed so many tears recently for people I've never meet but loved them all the same. Rock n roll may never die but, it's sons and do. Rock In peace Dusty
Stacy Stracener
Stacy Stracener:
Wow, can’t believed he’s gone. Such a great guy and fantastic musician! Houston is mourning him. Tres Hombres ♾
Rest in peace Dusty one of the best music artist I listen to thank you so much for your music you will be missed
Bringing back memories as a kid MTV n zztop videos, along with hearing my dad playing them on the radio. RIP Dusty

Edit: spelling
Pamela Nutgrass
Pamela Nutgrass:
Dusty went the way we all should go in our sleep.May he rest in peace and God Bless him and his family and friends and fans.
Got into them back when I was a little kid. I remember buying their tape album "antenna" and would listen to it over and over. Got to see them live back in the late 2000s. So grateful I got to see them live. R.i.p.
I took my son to see them in 2016. It was his first concert, and Top is the perfect band for it. RIP Dusty, one of the world's best blues bassists.
Ken Quinn
Ken Quinn:
One of the bands I never missed when they came my way, RIP Dusty.
odell daniel
odell daniel:
I turn 50 this year, one of the things that bothers me the most is knowing that my favorite rock stars are all getting way up there, we are losing some of the greatest songwriters and performers to ever grace this Earth. RIP Dusty, I'll be at the ticket booth in heaven waiting to see another great performance.
Robert Walter
Robert Walter:
RIP. His music lives on 🎼🎼🎼
burt smith
burt smith:
I miss him. A Major loss in the Blues and rock world. RIP Dusty Hill. Long live Rock and Roll!
Steve Wheat
Steve Wheat:
R.I.P Dusty Hill.... millions will miss you and thank you for all the great music you left us.... 😎
My older brothers bought every ZZTop Album that came out. I was too young to attend their first concert tour that came through our town, but they went, and came back blown away, talking about it non-stop. Evidently ZZTop's stage show included a few huge buzzards... I've seen them many times in concert since, but no buzzards. I've enjoyed their music from the start, that booming bass, those drums, that guitar. It was all they needed to make you feel like rocking. RIP Dusty, thanks for the music.
dennis n
dennis n:
I jammed out on more zz top than any other covers. One my favorite bands of all time. I'm very saddened by the loss of dusty. But i have great memories and there's lots of great footage of the band on youtube. A toast to one the best 3 piece bands to ever grace the stage.
Kim Kochel
Kim Kochel:
RIP Dusty 🙏 your music will live on forever 🎸🎸😇🦋 ZZ TOP is the best music to clean house with. My
deepest condolences to Dustys family,the band and their fans. 🇨🇦 A Canadian fan.
Emo Rose
Emo Rose:
RIP Dusty man. I'm still trying to process Joey's loss
Shannon Bennett
Shannon Bennett:
Another fixture of my life gone. Rest in peace Mr. Man. You're a music legend. Thank you for the music.
Oh man. Thanks for the memories Dusty! R.I.P. You were a great singer, entertainer,.and key member of one the greatest, tightest rock'n'roll bands ever. My life was better for your having been here.